Don't Own iC or My Chem. if only x]

I decided to make a song fic one shot, I might make it a prologue to a real story I create later but depends on the time on my hands.

The magical song I use is My Chemical Romance, Disenchanted.

Well I was there on the day
They sold the cause for the queen,
And when the lights all went out
We watched our lives on the screen.
I hate the ending myself,
But it started with an alright scene.

"Okay, as our last goodbye from iCarly," Carly sobbed.

"A video," Sam said holding back the tears. "Nub,"

Without bothering to retort I started the clips.

It was the roar of the crowd
That gave me heartache to sing.

I realised I had a good voice and I started a band, but I told no one I dropped out of school. I was in California and Carly and Sam were states away so I was able to escape from my perfect world with time.

It was a lie when they smiled
And said, "you won't feel a thing"

"Kali, are you sure?" I asked scared, I looked up at my new best friends, Kali, Jake and Jessica.

"Don't worry," She smirked injected the needle into my arm.

And as we ran from the cops
We laughed so hard it would sting

We ran down the dark alleys with the cops at our ankles, our shadows danced in the low moonlight as we laughed forgetting about reality.

If I'm so wrong (so wrong, so wrong)
How can you listen all night long? (night long, night long)
Now will it matter after I'm gone?

Because you never learn a goddamned thing.

"Freddie open the door," Sam screeched.

I laughed at her desperate cries and jumped out the window and into the night.

You're just a sad song with nothing to say
About a life long wait for a hospital stay
And if you think that I'm wrong,
This never meant nothing to ya

Sam and Carly hung their heads low as they looked at the figure in front of them, wondering how it went wrong

I spent my high school career
Spit on and shoved to agree

"Sam stop it," I yelled as she pushed me into a locker.

"Nerd," she punched my arm and left me in the empty hallway.

I jolted awake, stupid memories.

So I could watch all my heroes
Sell a car on tv

I came to Jake's 'home' and just sat on the couch watching all the old shows wondering if life was ever that easy.

Bring out the old guillotine
We'll show 'em what we all mean.

I danced around Jake as I held the blade in my hand; he stood in the middle waiting for my next move.

So go, go away, just go, run away.
But where did you run to? And where did you hide?
Go find another way, price you pay

I cried and ran into the streets as I heard the screams from behind me, from all my new friends, old friends and everything I wanted to leave behind.

I just was listening to the song so I thought whatever lets write a story, I love My Chem. X]


Oh! Should I write like a real story for this song fic, Message me or something

Peace V