Title: Enough.

Rating: PG

Author: bbvc

Disclaimer: Completely fictional and does not belong to me whatsoever.

Summary: Short drabble that I attempted to do just to get me back into writing… Don't expect too much.

It was snowing outside as you looked out the window, you sighed at the sight wishing you were out there enjoying the first snow, and now in here listening to Mr. Dimitri droning on about the beauty and importance of poetry. It's not like you didn't like poetry, it's just that you don't appreciate someone tell you which ones are good and which are bad.

Turning your head to the side, you saw your friend Tad sleeping on his folded arms. He was wearing his varsity jacket and you wondered if it was even enough to keep him warm. But nevertheless, even if it meant to freeze in the weather, he'd probably still wear that thing since it's like a man's pride and glory to be wearing their school's varsity jacket… something you would never understand he keeps telling you.

You focused on the clock and wished that the second hand would move even the slightest bit faster, but the more you observe, the more you believe that the second hand was shifting slower than it should be. You were positive because it felt more like five minutes had passed since you started looking at the clock, but in reality, only 2 minutes had passed. Sighing quietly, you dropped your head down to your book and started idly doodling, wondering why on earth you continued to attend school when it bored the life out of you.

Out of the blue, you heard the shrill ringing of the bell go off and students slamming their books shut and the scratching of numerous chairs being slid into the desk. The bell had gone off, and you wondered what you could have possibly been doing in the past 20 minutes for time to have flown by so quickly, you peered down at what you thought was doodling only too see an image all too familiar to you - it was incomplete, but you could recognise her immediately anyways.

Almost on cue, you heard that voice… the voice that belonged to your friend. She wasn't just any friend though.. She was the reason why you came to school everyday, and she was also the owner of the face that is staring right back at you on your notebook. You smiled to yourself, carefully closed your book and slid it into your messenger bag before you turned around to meet the real life version of that image you and drawn.

"You ready?" she asked quietly. So quietly that if it weren't for the relatively empty and now silent room, you might've missed her question.

"Yep." You smiled back at her, "Let's get out of here."

You walked up to her and hooked your arm into hers limply and started dragging her past the sea of students in the hallways. Once you were both out the door, you took a deep breath and sighed a contented sigh and you looked at your friend. She smiled at your weirdness and you didn't mind one bit.

Even if it wasn't much, for just one hour out of the long school day you get to see her, it was enough. It was enough for you to be perfectly content with your life and it was certainly enough of a reason for you to bother dragging yourself to school.


A/N: Er… yes, so I've been gone for a bit (more specifically 10 months). But hey, here's my attempt at getting back into writing again. I don't want to guarantee too much because I don't wanna get anyone's hopes up. I will try, but no guarantees at anything, however, I do hope and wish that I will at least be able to complete my fanfics one day. So yea. Hope you liked this short drabble.