A/N: Okay, everyone! Lester speaking! I'm making a little experiment involving the Nacht from Endless Frontier! Say hi, Nacht!

Nacht: …..

A/N: Err, that's not a 'hi'.

Nacht: …..

A/N: Well, anyways, I don't own Super Robot Wars, or the Alteisen Nacht. I just own my ideas. Now, on to the show!

Nacht: ….. [Translation: …Blimey, this is gonna bite.]

The Alteisen Nacht. One would thing that from its history in the "Ten-Year War" and the "Einst Incident", that it would be a frightening thing to come across. Well…You'd be right for the most part. Why 'for the most part,' you ask? It's quite simple, really: All it ever wanted to do was…(insert dramatic music and embarrassing photo of Nacht)…BALLET! Now, you must be asking yourself, "Why, in the name of God, would something so BADASS want to learn ballet!?!," no? Well, that's why I'm here. Well, we're not alone, you know. I did bring a friend. Say hello, Nacht!

Nacht: ….. [Translation: Cheerio!]

Yeah, turns out he talks like he's from London. I have my suspicions about it, though. Now, as to why Nacht wanted to learn ballet, you'd have to ask him. Nacht, if you would?

Nacht: ….. …… ….. … ……… [Translation: I'd be honored! Now, chaps, I wanted to learn ballet to see if I could dance. Sadly, I never got the chance, because then you know the story, I'll assume.]

Nacht…That was a half-ass explanation…FIX IT NOW!!!

Nacht: …… [Translation: I'm afraid that's all I know.]

(Sigh) Alright, then. Let's see our guests off!

A/N: Well, that's a wrap! Let me know how this is!