A/N: This is an AU story. Some of the timing of cannon events may be changed and I made up some of the back stories for our characters. S/J ship J/D friendship/father son fic. I do not own Stargate the movie or Stargate SG1 the TV show.

This is my first multi-chapter fanfic, so it's my baby. I left an opening for a sequel or rather a prequel and have decided to do a bit of editing before I endeavor to write it. You may have read this before; I'm just tweaking it a bit.

I would not consider this a discipline fic, but to be fair there are a couple of swats in chapter 10. I upset a reader because there wasn't an adequate warning of spanking, so feel warned ;) It was a plot devise that makes sense in context, and that is the extent of it. Sooooo, on with the story…

That Which Changes Everything

The evening started out as most of their free weekends do, with the team all together. This was becoming a ritual. Whenever they had a few days of down time they met up at Jack's house for team night. It started out as pizza and movies then led to pizza, movies and beer. Eventually leading to pizza, movies, beer and talking. Tonight was more of the same, finding Daniel asleep on the couch and Jack, Sam and Teal'c playing truth or dare. Lately Teal'c seemed to be leaving earlier and tonight was no different. First Teal'c helped Daniel to his room. It's uncertain when it stopped being the guest room and became just Daniel's room. Sure, he had his own apartment but even Daniel considered Jack's house 'home'. Teal'c left Sam and Jack sitting on the couch closer than regulations should allow. With all that had happened between the two of them it was getting harder and harder to fight their feelings for one another.

It was Jack's turn to issue the question. "Truth or dare?" Even knowing that they should stop before things got too far along they continued to play.

Sam answered, "Truth."

Jack smiled and said, "Tell me something you have never told anyone else before."

Sam just blinked. This was her moment, she could tell him this. It was something on the tip of her tongue every time the two of them were alone. Thinking back to the day the event that affected her so profoundly, her mind quickly recalled how she had hallucinated when the ship she was on was attacked. It left her feeling alone and stranded in a bubble of gas cloud with only her imagination and a little girl to get her and the crew back to safety. (₁) She gave a mental shake of her head and focused again on what she wanted to say.

Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, she looked into Jack's dark brown eyes and began, "When I was alone on the Prometheus, there was a little girl that came to me. You know that part and you know how I talked with people before I figured out what was going on with the bubble.(₁) What I have never told anyone is that I always thought the little girl, Grace, was somehow my daughter." Glancing down, she told herself that she could do this. She was still focused on her lap when she whispered, "Our daughter."

Jack should have been shocked at this revelation but somehow it felt right. 'Our daughter,' he repeated in his head as he leaned forward towards Sam. She met him half way there and they began to kiss. Slowly at first then it turned deeper. He lifted his hand up to cup her face and Sam reached around to hold his side. They slowly ended the kiss, still leaning forward, foreheads almost touching, looking into the other's eyes. The silence wore on but it wasn't awkward. It was a comfortable stillness as they gazed at each other.

Before either of them could speak they heard someone cry out. Jack was on his feet and running towards Daniel's room before Sam could even figure out what was going on. She slowly trailed behind and watched from a distance. Jack was waking and soothing Daniel from the nightmare. They all knew Daniel suffered from terrible dreams. It was hard not to notice when camping out on another world. Sam gave a small knowing smile. Feeling like a voyeur during this moment she walked back to the living room and sat down on the couch.

A few minutes passed before Jack walked back to the room. He jerked his thumb over his shoulder saying, "Sorry about that," as he sat back down next to Sam.

She reached her hand out to place it just above his knee and said, "You are so good with him."

Jack gave a deprecating grin and quietly said, "Well, I owe him more than I can repay."

They again sat in silence until Sam finally broke it saying, "Ok, one last time, truth or dare?"

Jack barely hesitated when he said, "Truth."

He knew what she was going to say before it left her mouth and was proven correct when she smiled widely and said, "Tell me something you have never told anyone else."

He was still thinking about Daniel and now reflected on their first time on Abydos.(₂) He laced his fingers through Sam's and held her hand. He began by saying, "You know when Daniel and I went to Abydos it was supposed to be a one way mission. See, after Charlie died," he couldn't bring himself to discuss the accident. Even after all these years, the death of his son Charlie affected too strongly to discuss it. "I felt it was my fault. Not just because it was my gun that…"(₂) He trailed off, and then took a deep breath before continuing. "It was my fault that he died. My son was taken from me because I gave the other son away." His eyes never left hers, searching for understanding.

Sam scrunched her eyebrows in confusion, lost one son… ok that was Charlie, but what did he mean gave the other away? Before she could voice the question he looked away again.

He didn't know why he was sharing this with her. He could have told her anything, but somehow he wanted her to know. This time his voice barely above a whisper when he said, "Things were pretty tough at home after my dad died. I wasn't dealing with things appropriately and the money situation, well just wasn't good." He shook his head at the thoughts of his life when he was seventeen. "I did an early enlistment into the Air Force while I was still in high school. A few weeks later my girlfriend discovered she was pregnant. We had no idea what we were going to do. I was leaving and she was only 16 years old. We hid the pregnancy in the beginning until her parents found out. They sat us both down and talked with us. Ultimately we decided to give the baby up for adoption."

Sam could hardly believe what she was hearing. How did she not know about this?

Jack saw the question in her eyes and said, "No one knew. I never told anyone that she was pregnant." He blushed as he said, "I never even told my mom. And now there is no one that knows."

Sam held back her smile, she had never seen the Colonel look sheepish and there was just no other way to describe his expression. She thought she should interject a little humor into the situation and said, "Well, no one but her and her parents." She was smiling but stopped when she saw Jack pale. She gripped his hand firmer and asked, "What?"

He looked back into her eyes and began to explain, "I was already at boot camp when she went into labor. Her parents drove her to the hospital but before they made it there, they were in a horrible accident. Both her parents died at the scene. She was rushed to the hospital where she gave birth to our little boy and then she died shortly afterwards."

Sam could see his eyes glisten with unshed tears. She wanted to reach out and pull him into a hug but he continued, "Since we had already filled out all the paperwork I suppose they placed him immediately with his adoptive parents."

Now she had to ask, "Do you know who adopted him?"

He sadly shook his head. "No, he was already gone by the time I made it to the hospital. I didn't look any further; I never really felt I had the right to know. I may have helped give him life but I gave him up." He just hung his head. Silence filled the room but unlike before it was not a comfortable quiet. The tension and the unasked questions floated heavily in the air.

Finally Jack stood and started to pick up the pizza boxes and glasses. Sam quietly helped clean up with him and then said, "I guess it is time for me to go. I…" she didn't know what to say next. She looked into his eyes, their earlier moment of tender kissing completely gone, which was just as well. They did have regulations to follow. "I had a good time," she replied lamely. She stared a moment longer then turned to leave.

Jack called to her retreating form, "Sam…"

She paused and turned to face him.

He searched for words to make this all better. "Drive safe," was all he could come up with.

She gave him a small smile, showing him that nothing between them would change from this new discovery. Nodding said, "I will." With that she left him standing in the living room and drove home.


(₁)This is referring back to the episode "Grace" during season 7 (episode 13).

(₂)This refers back to the original Stargate movie.

Bonus Fact: Jack's son Charlie uncovered his father's handgun and fatally shot himself inside their home. The impact of Charlie's death sent Jack into deep depression. He was deactivated from duty until he was informed that he had been brought back into active service for what became Stargate Command.