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~Chapter 2~

"No! Now, can you at least be somewhat serious about this?" I was answering Charlie's unserious questions about those people that had arrived not too long ago. He had just asked me if they were wearing funny hats shaped like dogs.

"I am being serious. I want to know more about them and what kind of hats they wear!" I frowned at this unserious remark.

"Think, Charlie! They asked for a soda! This island is probably sooooo different from where they used to live," I paused to catch my breath. I never knew it was this hard explaining something to a kid. "They probably didn't even have to do any work before they moved here!"

I thought about myself and how I had been just like them: Having fun, no work, all sorts of stuff. But surely I wasn't as snobby as them! And, when I moved to Island of Happiness, my life changed. I had many tasks to do and I fulfilled them. But, I could tell that the teenagers that just moved here weren't going to budge.

"Wow. Lucky them! I mean I'm just a kid but I still have to do chores n' stuff," Charlie said, amazed. Suddenly he sighed and didn't look as happy or goofy as he did before. In fact, this was the first time I'd seen him like this: frowning, a little upset, not joking around.

I patted him on the back. I didn't feel like asking him what was wrong or else that might just give him more bad thoughts, so I decided to cheer him up. "Actually, they were hamsters," I said as a second answer to his question earlier.


I repeated myself 'cause he didn't seem to understand. "The hats they were wearing. They were shaped like hamsters, not dogs."

"Oh. Okay," was all I got in reply to that. He looked reeeeaaally upset now. Usually, he would be upset about people liking hamsters better than dogs, except he would be upset because they were wearing hamster-shaped hats instead of dog-shaped ones. And, the sadness would wear off in a couple of seconds. But this, this was different.

When I was starting to feel guilty for no reason, I did what had to be done. " know if there's anything wrong you can tell me, right?" I asked as I fiddled with my shirt.

Charlie nodded slowly and held himself together for just a couple seconds longer then he broke out bawling, tears rolling down his face and onto his neck.

I took up all the courage in the world to say this 'cause I didn't really want to know. "C'mon Charles," I called him by his nickname, "You can tell me."

"K-Kalyna..." he started as he lifted his head up and revealed his tear-stained face. He grasped my arm and explained. "Before I moved here, I was hard-working and absolutely serious," he said as he let go of my arm. He continued, "No fun, unlike I am these days..." Woah! I could so NOT imagine Charlie like that.I mean, he was just a kid. Kids were supposed to watch TV or play outside, not do homework and chores 24/7. Well, in the city at least.

"So I pretty much didn't have any friends," Charlie went on, tears drying. "I got bullied and teased for being such a dork."

Charlie sniffled and looked up at me. "And when I said the teenagers that just moved here were lucky because they didn't have chores, it reminded me of the past. The sad, sad past." I sighed with complete sympathy for him. "You know one thing people always say?" Charlie rolled his eyes at me. "Yeah, yeah. You can't change the past, but you can change the future," he groaned. I smiled a wee little smile. "Exactly."

"So forget it all and just try and make your future better. But it seems that you have changed a lot since then." Charlie grinned and said, "Race you to the beach!" He ran out of Chen's shop. Ahhh...Charlie snapped out of his serious mode and is back. I ran after him, knowing that he would totally get to the beach first.

La di da da...What a beayootiful day!

For some reason I was all happy today. Perhaps it was the fact that me and Charlie got closer, or maybe it was just one of those days where nothing could bring down your mood. Well, whatever it was, I was happy as ever. Actually, correction: Something could bring down my mood that day. And this thing happened around noon.

I had just come from E. Town and I was walking back to my farm. That was when I saw them. Yes, them. The evil teenagers. Well, I didn't think they were actually evil, maybe just snobby and self-centered. Anyways, I saw them come out of a shack-looking house with mad faces.

I stood behind a tree and watched what they did. They went to see Gannon and they complained that there was no air conditioning. Wow. They so needed a personality makeover. Gannon was listening to their complaints, but all he said in reply was, "Landon, Brooklyn, Blake, I'm sorry. I will try to get it fixed as soon as possible." Ooohhh. Those were their names! Landon (or who I thought was Landon) said, "You better." As soon as Landon, Brooklyn, and Blake walked away, Gannon's smile faded and he looked annoyed.

I got out from my hiding spot and went to go see Gannon. When I reached him, he said, "Aye! They've got to learn!" He shook his head. "Do ya know that they're only here 'cause their parents were sick of 'em?" Oh. That makes so much more sense. Except, why would their parents trust them being by themselves on a big island? I thought.

"Daddy!" A little voice called from inside Gannon's shop. "Oh! That's Eliza. Gotta go. And remember: come to me when you want something built!" At that, Gannon headed towards his shop.

Hmph. If Landon, Brooklyn, and Blake are only here because their parents wanted them of their backs, they must be pretty bad kids, I thought, shivering at the thought.

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