AN: So I've always been interested in the whole mind-reading thing. I mean, when you sit there slagging people off in your head don't you just want to know what people think about you? So therefore this story was created. I don't think it's my best work, but there's certainly some Channy fluff at the end. I got inspired for this by a little film called 'What girls want', or what a girl wants or something (I watched it ages ago and it's an older film so it's not the one with Amanda Bynes in, I'm certain of that). So that's what's up with the whole hairdryer thing.

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Have you ever wondered what people really think about you? Do they like you? Do they secretly think you have bad breath? Do they want you to take a long walk off a small pier? Don't you wanna find out?

Well, I, Sonny Monroe did just that.

And what I heard, was ... surprising to say the least.

It all happened two weeks ago...

*Two Weeks Ago*

"Night Tawni. Hope you have a Happy Tuesday." I said cheerfully, picking up my jacket and strolling out of the room.

"Yeah sure, whatever." Tawni dismissed, going back to checking herself out.

Well that was nice of her! I love Tawni but sometimes it's tiring to have someone so self-obsessed around.

I sauntered through the corridors, taking the familiar route out of the Studio, when I saw Nico stumbling his way out of his and Grady's dressing room.

"Oh, hey Sonny!"

"Hey Nico." I acknowledged.

"You on your way home?" He asked casually, closing the door.

"Yeah, yeah. It's almost six and my Mom keeps nagging me for working late."

Nico nodded in understanding. "Tell me about it! Bitterman keeps giving us so much homework I'm running out of excuses. My Ma keeps nagging me about Bitterman calling her."

I laughed. "You tried the 'My Mum vacuumed my homework'?"

Nico grins. "Nice one Sonny." He held out his fist and I touched my knuckles to his.

"You wanna walk and talk?" I asked him, motioning to the corridor.

"Sorry Sonny, I gotta get some things before I leave. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay! Happy Tuesday!"

He chuckled. "You too Sonny."

I liked Nico, it's a shame he hadn't got a girlfriend. I never understood how pigs like Chad Dylan Cooper could go through reams of girlfriends, never once treating them right, but Nico hardly ever had anyone. The same went for Grady too. Sometimes this world was just not right.

When I reached the Parking lot the sun was starting to set, a cool breeze blew my hair across my face. Only a few more cars remained, one being Chad Dylan Cooper's 'Baby'. And just for the record, I do not check to see if Chad has left everyday. The only reason I even know it's his car is because Zora filled the car with Elephant manure. It was quite amusing how many times Chad actually had that washed, cleaned and dried the car. So that's why I just happened to notice it was his, okay?

I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I spun around to see ... Chad?

"Hey Sonny." Wow, that was pretty polite for Chad.

"Chad, you nearly gave me a fright!"

Chad chuckled. "I gave you a fright?" And there the politeness goes...

He could be such an obnoxious cow sometimes! "Yes, you did. So if you'll excuse me..." I had decided earlier that day that I was too mature to keep fighting back with such an immature idiot, the best thing to do was to just walk away. I began to march away when-

"Oh come on Sonny, don't be such a girl."

I frowned. "Chad, newsflash! I am a girl."

Chad shook his head. "No... You're not."

"Are you saying I look like a boy?" Way to offend me Chad.

"No, no. That's not it. What I'm saying is ... you're not a normal girl."

"So now I'm weird? Thanks Chad! Thanks." Okay, I was so not listening to his insults for much longer. This time I did march away, ignoring his whiny protests of 'Sonny that's not what I meant! Come back here and do our fine fine good good fight with me!'

I wrenched the door of my Mum's car open and sat in there sulkily, yanking my seatbelt down and around me.

"What's up sweetheart?" Mum asked me, turning down the radio and twisting towards me.

"Chad Dylan Cooper." I said through gritted teeth.

Mum rolled her eyes. "When is it ever not him? What did he do this time?"

"Well first he laughed at me for saying 'you gave me a fright'. What is so wrong with saying that? Then he called me a boy and then he called me weird!"

Mum laughed. "You kids."

"Normally I would've fought back. But I've decided I'm just gonna rise above it."

She patted my head affectionately. "Now, that's my girl. Right, now let's go."

I glanced through the window, pouting as Mum pulled out of the Parking lot.

There was Chad chatting animatedly to Chastity. Oh, so he could be nice to her couldn't he? But with me it was nothing but bitterness and hatred.

I sighed a loud, long sigh.

"Is that boy sighing?" Mum asked, her eyes on the road.

"Psh, no!" I was most definitely not boy sighing about Chad!

"Is this about Mackenzie?" Urgh, I knew she watched Mackenzie Falls when I was at work!

"No it's not about Mackenzie and it's most definitely not about Chad!"

Mum laughed. "He knows how to push your buttons doesn't he?"

"Now that is true. He has this deep hatred of me and feels the need to show it to me every chance he gets."

"Well, I think he has a little thing for you Allison."

I scoffed. "Mum, he hates me and my cast."

"Haven't you ever heard that boys do mean things to the girls they like?"

I gave a long fake laugh. "Ha-ha Mum, funny! That's what happens in fourth grade. He should have grown up by now, therefore he does not like me."

Turning a sharp corner, Mum chuckled. "Well you two do have your fourth grade 'good good fine fine' fights."

I blushed. "Mum! How do you know about our fights?"

"I can hear you two on the phone nearly every day!"

"Psh, he starts them..." I sunk even further into my seat.

Mum grinned. "You give as good as you get, don't you though Sonny?"

Luckily my Mum pulled into the Parking Lot next to our apartment before I had to reply. And luckily Chad Dylan Cooper was not mentioned again for the rest of the night.


That night something strange happened.

I stepped out of the bath, pulling out the plug and letting the water swirl down the plug slowly.

"Sonny? Are you finished in there?" Mum's voice came through from the door.

"Nearly Mum just gotta dry my hair." I grabbed my hairdryer off the side, plugged it into the wall and dried my hair, the hot air burning my scalp. I sang 'Must Have Done Something Right' by Relient K (AN: Love that song so much, and it's perky and happy so Sonny would totally sing it. Listen to it if you have the time!) loudly, and out of tune, to myself over the noise of the hairdryer. The bath was half-empty by then, the plug taking it's time to swallow the water.

What I didn't notice was the large puddle of water I'd made from being dripping wet and not drying myself properly. So when I turned suddenly, making my debut with my hairdryer, I could feel myself falling backwards in slow motion towards the bath, the electrical appliance still in hand. All I could think was what my Mum taught me 'Electricity and Water don't mix', a shock went through my body violently and suddenly everything went black.


As I came back to consciousness, I left my eyes closed. The last thing I could remember was singing loudly (and badly) to myself, the next ... I was lying down in a bed?

I opened my eyes groggily.


I blinked into awareness. "Mum?"

"Oh thank God Sonny!" Mum pulled me into a hug. "Thank God you're alright!"

"Wh-what happened Mum?" She let go of me, smiling at me fondly.

"You were passed out in the bath, with your hairdryer in your hand! Sonny, what have I told you about water and electricity not mixing."

I gave a rusty laugh. "Yeah, pretty ironic that that's the last thing I thought about isn't it?"

Mum didn't look amused. "Sonny, you could have died!" It was just like your Dad all over again.

"Mum, that's a little harsh don't you think?" How dare she bring my Dad into this! I'm pretty sure he didn't die of electrocution.

"Harsh she says! Harsh!? When my daughter almost kills herself, you think I'm being harsh when I tell her off?"

"That bit wasn't the harsh bit!" The harsh bit was when she brought up my Dad.

Mum rolled her eyes. "Get some rest Sonny. We'll talk this through in the Morning." She told me harshly.

I sighed and flounced back on the bed; letting sleep claim me.


"Sonny! Breakfasts ready!" My Mum screeched at me through the door.

"Coming ... I'm coming." I mumbled, shutting my eyes and engulfing myself in darkness once more.

That was until ... SLAM

"Sleeping beauty! Wakey-Wakey!" Ugh, there's only one thing more obnoxiously happy than me and that is ... my Mum in the morning.

Kicking the duvet away from me I swung my legs around to the edge of the bed. "I'm up, I'm up. No need to sing the wake up song."

Mum grinned. "How are you feeling sweetheart?" Gosh I hope she feels up to going to the Studio. I'm not sure I can take much more time off work.

Charming! "Don't worry, you don't have to take any time off work, I'm fine."

Mum chuckled. "You read my mind sometimes Sonny."

Okay, so that was weird. How did I read her mind when she just said it out loud?


"Are you sure you're up to going into work?" Mum asked me for the billionth time. I hope she doesn't pass out at work!

"Mum I'm fine!" I insisted, gosh it was just a freak accident and now she was acting like I had a terminal illness.

"No, no. I'm coming with you, I'm gonna have a word with Marshall to make sure he looks after you."

I opened my car door, stepping out into the morning sunshine. "Mum, I'm not five!"

I wish you were five, it was so much easier back then. "Sonny, we're doing this."

Is it just me or did her mouth not move when she was saying the first bit?

Something weird was going on.

Mum marched towards the Studios, intent on going to Marshall's office.

I followed blindly, caring more about my Mum embarasing me then the weird thing going on.

As soon as we got there Mum knocked Marshall's office impatiently.

"Come in." Came Marshall's friendly voice from inside.

Mum swung the door open quickly, I stalked behind her, embarrassed.

"Hello Marshall." That guy is always so flustered whenever I come here. He must fear Mothers or something.

That was a bit rude for my Mum to say out loud...was I hearing things?

"Mrs Monroe! How nice to see you." Marshall looked sweaty and loosened his collar. Uh-oh, Mums mean trouble!

"Don't worry Marshall, this isn't about Sonny's grades." Mum told him, her face still solemn and unsmiling.

Oh thank God! Sonny is probably our biggest audience puller. "So what is it Mrs Monroe?"

How did he say I'm an audience puller without moving his mouth!? Is this some kind of prank? It better not be Zora and her stupid 'Prank'd' show!

"Sonny had an accident last night-"

Marshall stood-up worried. Not Sonny! We have a show to rehearse for! "Oh my! What happened? Are you okay Sonny? Do you need the day off because I can-"

He can be so annoying sometimes. "Marshall calm down! She's fine." Mum told him, rolling her eyes at his dramatics.

I had to be insane, was this national ventriloquist day? "Is this some kind of prank?" I asked, looking around the room for hidden cameras. Nope, not in this plant pot, nope not under this desk-

"Sonny! Don't be so rude. What's the matter with you?" Mum hollered at me. I hope she's not delirious after what happened.

Marshall looked at me nervously. "She's fine, she's fine. So what happened?" I hope Sonny doesn't find my secret chocolate stash.

That cheater! "Marshall! You're supposed to be on a diet." I crossed my arms to emphasise my glare. "Where's your chocolate stash?"

Marshall loosened his collar. Oh great, two angry Monroes in one room. "So Mrs Monroe, what happened with dear Sonny?"

Was I hearing peoples thoughts? If I was on msn right now my face would so be a ':S'

"Well Sonny was stupidly hair-drying her hair in the bathroom, then fell back into the bath and got electrocuted."

Marshall gasped.

"It's a good job the bath was nearly empty too or she could of drowned!" Then who would I have left?

Okay, now I was feeling two things. The first was guilt, I mean I'd made out my Mum was completely over-reacting when really she was just trying to hold onto the only thing she had left. The second was ... confusion. Why was I hearing peoples thoughts!? I needed to see Tawni as soon as this was over.

Marshall looked at me disapprovingly. I wonder if Sonny's Mum is dating anyone, I'll have to ask Sonny.

"WHAT!?" I screamed, Marshall and my Mum? My Mum and Marshall!? That was completely insane!

Mum and Marshall looked at me with raised eyebrows.

"Um, I mean .... WHAT ... colour Skittle do you like?" Okay, that was the worst cover-up ever.

"Red." They both answered simultaneously, looking at each other in shock.

Mum blushed. "Anyway I was hoping you'd keep an eye on her today, I don't want her passing out or anything."

Marshall nodded, not looking her in the eye. "Of course, I'll ring you cell if anything happens." She likes red skittles too!? It's a shame Sonny wouldn't approve or I would be in there like a shot.

Oh My God. Marshall so did not just say that!

Mum nodded her thanks. "Um, yeah ... thanks. I have to-to go to work. See you." Calm yourself down Connie, it's just dorky Marshall ... no need to get nervous.

I was so freaking out right now.

I followed behind Mum as she stumbled nervously out the door.

"What was all that about Mum?" I asked nonchalantly.

"What about?" She turned to face me. Please don't say Marshall, please don't say Marshall.

"Marshall." I said with a grin. "You two have a little something-something going on?"

"Psh, no!" Haha, that's the technique I use so I knew she was lying.

Fortunately for her, she didn't have to continue denying it because a certain jerk-throb just happened to amble past.

"Oh hey Sonny." He acknowledged politely, probably because my Mum was standing right there.

"Chad." I bit out sarcastically.

He gave his most charming smile and looked to my Mum. "And you must be Sonny's sister." Holding out his hand to shake hers.

What a sleaze!

Mum blushed, shaking hands with the proffered hand from Chad. "Actually I'm Sonny's Mother."

Yeah I'm not stupid lady, Sonny is wa-ay younger than you! "Well I'd never have guessed. What is your lovely self doing here this morning?" He asked charmingly.

Mum's cheeks tinted pink. "Oh, my poor Sonny had an accident last night so I just came to ask Marshall to-"

"Mum, don't tell Chad!" The bath incident was so embarrassing but Mum just had to tell him, if Chad kept using his Mackenzie-charm then Mum would end up telling him every embarrassing story about me! And then all the stupid-embarrasing stories would most definitely end up in Tween Weekly and his stupid blog that keeps saying I'm in love with him!

An accident? I hope she wasn't hurt. "Oh how so Mrs Monroe?"

Mum blushed. "Call me Connie." If only I were 15 years younger...

EWW, GROSS! Mum is thinking about Chad like that!? I'm his age and I don't like him!

Chad grinned. "How so Connie?" Come on lady, tell me what happened to Sonny!

Why was Chad so eager to find out? I bet he just wanted to blackmail me or something.

"Well she got electrocuted-"

"Electrocuted!? How? Is she okay?" Okay, that sounded an awful lot like he cared. Earth to CDC, don't sound like you care in front of Sonny!

I waved a hand in front of his face. "I am here you know. And I'm fine!" I insisted.

Oh thank God she's okay! "So what happened Connie?" I'm so glad she's okay, if something would have happened I'd have ... well what would I have done? Stop it Chad! Chad Dylan Cooper doesn't care!

Did he really just say that? This had to be some kind of joke.

Mum smiled. "Well she was blow-drying her hair when she must have slipped over and fell back in the bath. When I went inside she was passed out."

Chad tutted at me. "Sonny, Sonny, Sonny, don't you know electricity and water don't mix?"

I bristled. He was such a suck up!

She looks so cute when she's angry. Stupid cute.

Did Chad think I was cute? I couldn't help myself but grin, Chad Dylan Cooper, star of Hollywood thought Sonny Monroe from Wisconsin was cute!?

That boy so has a thing for my Sonny. "What's got you smiling Sonny?" I'd have thought she'd have been angry at that boy with his sucking up to me.

I coughed. "Erm nothing, I just ... was thinking about ..."

Chad smirked. Ha, Sonny is sooo thinking about me.

Oh so I was thinking about him was I? We'll see about that. "...Zac Efron, he is so hot."

Ha, that ought to get him.

Zac Efron! She thinks Zac Efron is hot!? How could she? "Well I-I don't-Fine!"

Aww, I kind of felt bad now. But I still said ..."Fine."

"Good." Sonny has crossed the line bringing him into it.




I thought Sonny was going to stop her 'fourth-grade fighting'. "Okay, okay. That's enough!" Mum ground out, looking at the two of us like three year-olds.

Stupid Sonny's Mum stopping our fighting.

"Hey! My Mom is not stupid!" How dare he call my Mum stupid.

"I didn't call your Mum stupid!" Chad shouts back. How the hell did she know I thought that?

Mum shook her head. "Well I'm already 20 minutes late for work so I have to go. Behave." She kissed me on the forehead and wandered down the corridor.

"So you got electrocuted in the bath? Really, Sonny? Really?"

What a Jerk face! Right there's only one thing to do to wipe that smirk of his face....

"Yeah," I said meekly, holding my hand to my forehead and breathing deeply and slowly.

"Sonny are you okay?" He asked, placing a hand on my arm for support.

Ha, I knew he cared really.

"I-I feel ... ill and I-" I blinked slowly, pretending to go out of focus.

"Sonny? Sonny!?" Oh crap, what the hell do I do now!?

He placed both hands on my shoulders, trying to shake me into focus frantically.

Now this is where my Drama lessons from Wisconsin would come in handy. Placing the back of my hand to my forehead I let myself fall back through the air like a cliché movie.

Much to my surprise I felt two strong hands wrap soundly around my waist, pulling me to him.


"Mmm, Ch-Chad?" I blinked my eyes open slowly.

Thank God she's okay! "Sonny? Come on, that's it."

Oh God, I was really starting to feel bad about this now. But still I kept on going...

"Chad I-I c-can't and y-you don't c-care and-" I stuttered, pretending to feel myself fall again.

He held me to him tighter. I pretended to struggle against him a little.

"Sonny I care okay?" Why the hell did I just say that? "Now just stay still until your dizzy spell has passed."

"So you do care Cooper?" I asked, stopping my blinking fit and grinning.

Chad jumped away from me like I'd scolded him.

"You faked that?" He asked incredulously. I'm such an idiot!

"Yup. You totally care." I grinned, flicking his nose with the tip of my index finger.

"Sonny I-I can't believe you did that!" Now she knows I care about her! That's just fantastic!

Oh now I felt just great, he thought I was passing out and was the sweetest person ever about it. And now he felt like an idiot and I felt like a jerk.

I stepped towards him nervously. "A-and just for the record. I care about you too."

A genuine grin graced Chad Dylan Cooper's face ... and it wasn't just that stupid signature smirk that was annoyingly always there.

She cares about me too!? This is SO awesome.

I didn't want to stick around to hear his gloating so I gave him a quick wink and carried on down the corridor.

"Sonny?" He called me quietly.

I turned around tentatively, just waiting to hear his gloating. "You're right. I do totally care."

Chad Dylan Cooper had just admitted that he cared about me. I thought this mind-reading thing wasn't so bad. Oh how wrong I was ...

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