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Chapter 17- The Truth Is In The Telling

"So you're saying...?"

I sighed, of course he wouldn't just tell me that he loved me instantly. "I'm saying I had a dream, about you and you . . . you liked me." I told him again, swallowing hard.

Was my mouth getting a little dry or something?

Chad shook his head quickly, looking a little frustrated. "Come to my dressing room," he ordered quickly, pacing off quickly.

I followed blindly behind him, having to jog a little to catch up with him.

Was he going to take me to his dressing room, hold me in his arm and tell me that he liked me, too?

I hoped so.

With that thought my pace increased, as well as my smile as it grew bigger and wider.

It was only a few corridors away and instead of waiting for me like I'd hoped, he stormed inside and slammed the door behind him.

Okay . . .

Maybe no kissing then . . .

As I reached the door I halted, sighing at my dilemma.

Do I wait outside and make him more mad when he comes to get me?

OR . . .

Do I barge in and get told to get out?

Well he did say the words: "Come to my dressing room".

Hmm . . .

"Sonny? Are you coming in or not?"


I followed him inside, taking in the plasma-screen TV, the smoothie maker, the endless photos of him plastered to the walls and the several cardboard cut-outs of him.

Wow! Was that a chicken roaster?

"Sonny, will you focus?" came an agitated voice from behind me.

Why was he being so mean?

I spun around, trying and failing to stop myself from pouting. "What's your problem? Would it kill you to say that you don't like me? I'm a big girl; I can handle it."

Chad looked a little flabbergasted, his eyes widened, he rose one eyebrow. "You think that I don't like you?" His arms were folded across his chest in a defensive manner, and his voice was filled with soft insecurity.

"Do you?" I shot back quickly, eyebrows raised.

He didn't answer.

He turned and strutted off towards a nearby desk.

I watched him curiously as he pulled out a desk, a little too roughly, and searched adamantly through it.

"Do you want me to leave?" I asked quietly, hoping he'd beg me not to go.

Of course he ignored me, using my little quiet cutesy voice didn't work on him in the real world.

Instead he got down on his knees, throwing paper out of the drawer and not even looking back to see if I had gone.

Didn't I feel loved?

"Aha!" He grinned, satisfied as he pulled a little red book out from the side of the drawer.

He turned, shrugging off his leather jacket so he was just in a light blue shirt, then he approached me, book in hand and a smirk on his face.

I reached forward for the book, curious, but he swiped it away and behind his back before I had the chance.

"Sonny, I need you to tell me. What did you think about that dream?" a determined Chad asked, his eyes wide and serious.

I think that you should ask me out now, idiot.

But no . . .

Instead he's just gonna make me admit it, then he'll laugh and run off, then probably write what I said in that book so he can quote it word-for-word in his blog.

I shrugged, trying to act cool. "What about the dream?"

Chad rolled his eyes a little in a 'she so knows what I'm talking about' way. "Did you like it . . . did you like it when we were together?"


It made me feel all jittery and happy and . . .

Boy, was I in love with him.

Dream or no dream.

"Yes," I said softly, letting out a breath I didn't know I'd been holding.

He gave a small smile, not a smirk, but a smile as he looked down to the book, flicking forward a dozen or so pages until he found the right one.

"The 23rd April 2010. Today I got a call. A call from Tawni Hart nonetheless, of course I was going to ignore it like the sensible person I am. But for some—"

"You keep a diary?" I asked, surprised.

Chad nodded, a little annoyed at the interruption. "Of course. Where do you think I got all that info for 'Chad Dylan Cooper: The Chad Dylan Cooper Story'?"

I arched an eyebrow. "Your diary must be wrong then, because I never said any of those things in your film."

Chad chuckled. "That was just to get you riled up. Plus, I sorta . . . you know . . . wanted . . ."

He sorta wanted it to happen?

For me to say meeting him was the biggest dream of all?

Okay, calm down! He might mean something totally different!


Too late, I was BEYOND excited!

"Sonny, are you okay?" he asked, looking a tiny bit concerned as my smile took over my face.

"Yes, yes! I'm good! Great in fact. Carry on, carry on," I encouraged, beaming.

He swallowed, looking slightly nervous. "Right, uhm. Where was I?" He scanned the page quickly before he found the right spot. "But for some strange reason, I answered. Blondie told me that Sonny had been in an accident. And I swore my heart stopped right there."

His heart STOPPED?


His words tumbled out of his mouth, totally cool and casual. Well, that's an actor for you.

"I rang the hospital right away and they told me she was unstable. I've never felt worse in my entire life. Something clicked and I just had to see if she was okay. Of course, they wouldn't really give me much information. But even when I begged the producers to let me go, I knew it was impossible."

Feeling a little startled, I numbly made my way over to his swivel chair. He kept his face buried in his diary, reading as if he was reading an article in magazine.

"So I didn't see her. At all. I sent some stupid photo of myself to her with Bart and didn't even go and see her. I officially suck. Peace, Chad Dylan Cooper."

I took a little time to digest the words, while he, looking a little sheepish, gave a small smile as he locked away his diary again.

There was an awkward silence as he closed the drawer shut and stood a few paces away from me in the chair.

"So," he injected into the silence, rocking on his heels.

"So, you like me?" I asked, a small smile playing at my lips.

He gulped, not denying it but not admitting it either.

"Your heart stopped huh? That's sweet, Chad." I grinned, giving him a smile. "Come sit by me," I encouraged, patting the chair next to me.

Looking a little lost, he was actually obedient, casually pacing over and waiting for me to shuffle up so he could sit next to me.

As soon as I felt the weight on the chair next to me I had to stop myself from jumping on top of him and kissing him right there and then.

Oh, the impulse.

The impulse to run my hands gently through his soft blonde locks.

The impulse to trace his jaw with my thumb.

The impulse to press my lips against his, our lips finally connecting.

And yet, here we were, sitting awkwardly, side-by-side.

"I like you." I blurted out suddenly.

I didn't know whether or not to regret it.

Yeah, sure, I said in the hospital I wasn't gonna chicken out. And I didn't chicken out. But now I was just sitting here, hanging on for any kind of response.

"Sonny, I—"

"Chad! There you are!" A silken voice cooed from the doorway.


I jumped up from the swivel chair, feeling a little nervous.

Chad didn't seem fazed by the fact his girlfriend just walked in on us sitting so closely.

Emma, brows furrowed, looked me up and down. "Sonny," she acknowledged, I swore I heard a little bitterness in her voice. "What are you doing here?"

I opened my mouth to respond, but nothing came out.

Luckily Chad casually hauled himself up and stood in front of me. "She was just running some lines with me."


Emma, twirling her hair around her finger, looked to me for reassurance. "Is that true, Sonny?"

I nodded half-heartedly.

Chad clicked his tongue in mock disappointment. "How could you doubt me, Ella?"

"Emma." I reminded him quietly.

Emma grinned, blushing slightly. "I'm sorry, baby." She sidled her way over to Chad and pressed a chaste kiss to his cheek. "Let's go back to the party."

"Nah, you go. Sonny and I are almost done."

You got that right Chad, we are done.

Stupid dream.

Stupid Emma.

Stupid Chad.

Why can't women be the only gender on the planet? Oh, if only we could reproduce asexually!

Emma, suddenly not as stupid as she looked shrugged. "I can wait, you and Sonny carry on with your lines."

My eyes widened. Was I supposed to pretend to read lines?

Chad gave a suggestive smile. "Come on, baby, you know I don't like mixing business and pleasure."


"I have to go," I said suddenly.

For the first time since Emma has bustled through the door, he didn't look so cool and collected.

"W-Wait!" Chad quickly grabbed my arm as I advanced a step forward.

Emma's brows knitted tightly together as she looked down at Chad holding my arm.

"The truth is, we weren't running lines. I like Sonny." Chad said quietly, not looking Emma in the eyes.

Hold the phone.

He likes me?


Emma scoffed. "Sonny . . . ? As in . . . her?"

Chad gave a quick nod. "Correct."

"And . . . you like him, too?" she asked curiously.

Chad's arm was holding mine a little more tightly in his grip. "Yes," I affirmed.

Emma let out a long laugh.

Wait . . .

Why was she laughing?

Chad seemed to be thinking the same thing, eyebrow arched, he looked at me.

"Why are you laughing?" I asked.

Was the thought of Chad Dylan Cooper and me liking each other so crazy?

"Guys, you can come in!" She yelled, throwing a glance at the door.

Chad's arm dropped to his side, letting go of my arm to see what surprise awaited us.

A flash of blonde hair and I knew that it belonged to Tawni Hart.

"Blondie?" Chad asked, scoffing.

Following behind her was a guilty-looking Lucy, biting her lip.

"LUCE?" I choked out.

A host of people filtered into the room.








"What's going on?" I asked hoarsely.

Oh crap.

Did they just hear me admit I liked Chad?


"This is Emma Cole." Tawni introduced, throwing an arm around Emma.

"Cole?" Chad asked incredulously. "You told me your last name was Hunt!"

Emma laughed. "My real name's Emma Cole, I just told you that so you didn't research me on the internet or anything."

"W-Why?" I asked timidly. I wasn't liking where this was going.

The girl boldly laughed, throwing her silky hair over her shoulder. "You can still call me Emma if you like."

I groaned. "I'll call you something if you don't explain to me what is going on!"

Chad chuckled. "Calm down, Sonny."

"I will not calm down!" I wheezed, my voice going high.

"Sonny, you okay?" Lucy rushed over and patted my back.

I coughed a few times, letting Lucy rub my back until I could stand again.

"Tell me?" I asked, being pouty.

"We're sick of you two, that's what's going on." Portlyn's voice came from behind me.

"Agreed," they all cheered simultaneously.

"Even me and G can see there's something going on," Nico inputted.

Marshall gulped. "Hopefully you're happy about it...?"

I frowned. "Why would you hire someone?"

Tawni stepped forward, grinning proudly. "Emma's a close friend of mine. Well, until I killed her goldfish—"

"I thought it was Becky's fish." I stated with an absent smile.

"Yeah, fish don't really like me. Which is weird. Considering they're gold."

I chuckled. "It's goldfish Tawni not—"

"If I wanted to listen to a conversation about fish I'd go watch the discovery channel," Penelope muttered.

"We have real work to do, so if you wouldn't mind hurrying this up," Chastity added.

Emma giggled. "Patience girls. Basically Chaddy," she laughed some more, approaching him and running a hand through his hair playfully, "Tawni hired me."

"You hired her?" I asked Tawni, folding my arms across my chest.

"We all did." Tawni motioned to the group and Marshall gave a small half-wave.

"All of you?" I asked, looking around them. "But . . . why?"

Chad scoffed, flouncing back on his chair. "Don't you get it, Sonny?"

"Get what?" I whined.

"WE STITCHED YOU UP!" A bunch of people screamed at me.


Chad smacked a hand to his forehead and jumped up. He grabbed me by the arms and swivelled me to look at him. "They. Hired. Emma. So. We. Would. Admit. We. Like. Each. Other," he said mockingly, slowly.

I looked to the others for confirmation and they all nodded slowly like I was the stupidest girl on earth.

"Y-You...? ALL of you? Even you, Luce?"

Lucy nodded guiltily.

"So, while I was lying, half-dead in the hospital, you guys thought it would be funny to hire an actress to mess around with me?" I asked incredulously.

Nico grimaced. "It wasn't like that, Sonny, we just saw how distraught Chad was over—"

"Save it guys. I don't want to hear it."

I wasn't really ones for dramatic exits.

And I don't know what possessed me to do it.

But I stormed out.


"Hey, Sonny."

I looked up to the vent to see Zora, head in hand, looking down at me.

"Hey, Zora," I greeted softly.

"Chad's dramatics rubbing off on you or something?"

I chuckled. "You could say that."

Zora wiggled her way out of the vent so that she was holding on to the ledge with her hands and I helped her down. "They're all outside you know."

"Is Chad?" I asked hopefully.

She looked awkwardly away. "So Bernie and I were thinking—"

"I'll take that as a no then." I laughed despite myself.

"They're all really worried about you. They've been taking turns to check if the door is open yet."

"And that's why I locked the door," I teased.

"Well next time, Sonny, you should lock the vents," Zora advised me, brushing herself down.

"I'll bear that in mind."

Zora pursed her lips. "So why did ya storm out?

"I'm sorta sick of Hollywood. It's never a simple I like you. It's, you hire an actress, make the person jealous then force them to admit it in front of everyone."

Zora shrugged. "I think boys suck. And I'm definitely not an expert on them, especially after going steady with Bruce but—"

"You went steady with—?"

"Shh! Now's not the time. Now go out there and be a man!"

"But I'm a girl!" I protested.

"Sonny..? Sonny! Open the door."



"I'm coming," I said quickly.

Zora raised an eyebrow, but quickly pulled out a ladder from behind the curtain and climbed back up to the vent.

I waited for her to get in the vent before opening the door.

"Sonny, I need you to know that I had nothing to do with this," he told me instantly, darting through the door and shutting it so that the rest of the gang couldn't here.

"Wait a sec," I put up a finger to signal him to wait a sec, then shouted up to Zora. "Go away, Zora!"

"Fine, killjoy!" came the small reply.

"Sorry about the whole, you know, storming out thing. . ."

Chad shook his head. "It's fine, I don't blame you. It was out of order for them to do that."

"It was." I nodded curtly.

"Yeah . . ." Chad added awkwardly.

"So . . ." I clapped my hands together.

"So," he echoed.

I pursed my lips together and . . . oohh look at the pretty ceiling tile!

"So I like you . . . and you like me," Chad noted quietly.

I took my eyes away from the ceiling and nodded to affirm.

"So should we do something about it . . ?" he asked in a small voice.

"I guess." I gave him a half-smile.

Come on, dude, take the hint and ask me out!

"Fine, I will."

"Fine, you should." I grinned.

Say it.

Say it.

Say it.


"Sonny, will you go out with me?"


And I think you all know what my answer was.


So there you go. What I found was very surprising to say the least. Surprising, that deep down inside I actually like (or possibly love?) Chad. Surprising that my friends all knew what I wanted deep down. Surprising that it took me getting electrocuted to realise my true feelings for him.

Sometimes, if you convince yourself hard enough, you'll believe yourself. But no one can change what's inside your heart.

Everyone has an inner-voice.

A voice that speaks from your heart.

Unfortunately my heart only has three words in its vocabulary.

And those words are, and always will be . . .

C h a d D y l a n C o o p e r

The End.


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