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#1: Air

Each kiss leaves her breathless, stealing the air from her lungs.

#2: Apples

"You smell like apples," she murmurs, her face pressed into his neck.

#3: Beginning

The gentle brush of his hand against hers tells her that this is the only start of something worth it.

#4: Bugs

JJ thought Hotch was unflappable until she had to rescue him from the ladybird on the windowsill.

#5: Coffee

Hotch smirks, thinking that the least he can do after keeping her up all night is feed her caffeine supply.

#6: Dark

"I don't want to close my eyes," she whispers into the darkness, clinging onto him, "in case I wake up and you're gone."

#7: Despair

He finds her sitting in the dark, tears staining her cheeks, and does nothing but lift her into his lap and let her cry.

#8: Doors

JJ is a castle – he never knows which door to unlock, and which to keep closed.

#9: Drink

Hotch has never been a big fan of alcohol until it gives him the courage to ask her to dinner.

#10: Duty

"Will was a good man," he says quietly, pressing the golden badge into her shaking hand.

#11: Earth

At night, he pushes her to the edge and then watches as the Earth shatters around her.

#12: End

Hotch watches as she walks away and tries to remember where they fell apart.

#13: Fall

When she joined the BAU seven years ago, she never meant to end up head over in heelsin love with Aaron Hotchner.

#14: Fire

It was hard and fast, clothes torn from heated bodies until it was finally fingers burning a path over every inch of sweaty skin available.

#15: Flexible

Hotch is grateful for the years she spent as an athlete that have left her supple and pliant beneath his fingertips.

#16: Flying

Even though they're on the jet at least twice a week, it never makes her any happier about being in the air.

#17: Food

Aaron will never understand how she eats so much and still stays so small.

#18: Foot

"Uncle!" she cries, pulling her foot away and breathing a sigh of relief as he stops tickling her.

#19: Grave

He knows JJ is waiting in the car, and is grateful for that as he traces his fingers over her name and whispers, "I'm moving on, Hailey."

#20: Green

Watching him attract more than his fair share of admirers, JJ realizes she's never felt this jealous before.

#21: Head

It always astounds her how even the back of his head can make feel warm and fuzzy.

#22: Hollow

"You could have told me," he says and then walks away with her heart in tow.

#23: Honor

Hotch thinks honor is wearing a badge; JJ knows honor is the gold band circling her finger.

#24: Hope

The simple feel of her hand sliding into his reassures Hotch that there's always light at the end of the tunnel.

#25: Light

The smile she sends him across the room is brighter than any torch or light bulb.

#26: Lost

She hugs him tighter and tells him that she doesn't know what she'd do without him.

#27: Metal

JJ squirms as the cold bracelets close around her wrists, the handcuffs tying her arms to each of the bedposts.

#28: New

"I didn't know you could do that," he says breathlessly, feeling her satisfied smirk against his chest.

#29: Old

JJ stares at her reflection in the mirror and wonders when she started to look so old.

#30: Wood

It's an irrational fear but every case, Hotch touches her hand and leads her further between the trees just so she knows he's still there.

#31: Poison

He listens to her tell Will she loves him and wonders if saying the words hurts as much as hearing them.

#32: Pretty

It's one of the first things he notices: JJ isn't just plain pretty, she's beautiful.

#33: Rain

The droplets are running down her face and plastering her clothes to her body and all he can hear above the rain is her voice shouting 'I love you'.

#34: Regret

When JJ tells him it should never have happened, Hotch feels another piece of his heart crumble away.

#35: Roses

She's never liked huge bouquets of flowers; the single red rose he leaves on her desk is perfect.

#36: Secret

They sneak around for months, neither of them wanting to admit that as soon as it stops being a secret, it becomes real.

#37: Snakes

"It's not funny!" JJ protests, holstering her weapon and watching the creature slither back into the bushes.

#38: Snow

He stands at the window and watches her playing outside with Henry and Jack and thanks God for his own personal snow angel.

#39: Solid

Hotch hears her breath catch as she runs her hands over the firm muscles in his chest and is thankful for the trips to the gym with Morgan.

#40: Spring

"Somebody got lucky last night," Morgan mutters when Hotch walks in with an extra spring in his step.

#41: Stable

They take things slow from the very start because it's too important to screw up, and their children need security.

#42: Strange

With the small diamond ring sitting comfortably on her finger, JJ finally works out the reason for his weird behaviour.

#43: Summer

August is his favorite month because he gets to see her in a tiny red bikini.

#44: Taboo

Their relationship is forbidden from the start, but it does not make it any less brilliant.

#45: Ugly

Hotch thinks the scars Foyet left are ugly; JJ traces them with her fingers and tells him she disagrees.

#46: War

"You're going down," he growls, covered in flour and jelly and crumbs from the chocolate muffin she threw at him.

#47: Water

He never tells her that he turned the hose on her just to see her t-shirt clinging to her body.

#48: Welcome

"You're welcome," he replies when she thanks him for loving her.

#49: Winter

Hotch will never forget how JJ kept him warm when they were snowed in for two days.

#50: Peace

JJ tucks her head under his chin and pulls the sheets up to their chins then wonders how something so simple can be so calm.

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