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K. Since this is the first chapter I guess I should explain why I wrote this. Well, as most of you know, I love SasuNaru with a burning passion- and that mixed with watching all of the Naruto episodes again equals this fic! It's because this is my first time watching all of it as a yaoi fangirl, and I keep finding subtle hints of SasuNaru (that I probably imagine) and here and there I just throw in some of my own stuff.

Enjoy, I guess.

The Way it Was

Chapter 1: The Kiss

It started after we formed our teams, essentially. Hm, no… maybe a little before. Ok, maybe a lot before. But that's unnecessary information! The point is, something had begun to… happen- between Sasuke and I, when we kissed, of course.

No matter what he says- it STARTED with that kiss! And I was so not the one to initiate it! Well, yeah, it was kind of my fault but he enjoyed it!

"I did not! I specifically told you that I'd kill you when it happened."

"Denial, Sasuke-teme. Denial."

"Whatever. Just shut up and continue."

After the kiss, well, I started to realize the feelings of hate that bubbled up inside me every time I so much as saw the prick weren't really… hatred. But I had been young and stupid back then-

"You're still stupid."

-and didn't know the difference! So, I kept to my crush on Sakura. Which resulted in me attacking the totally unprepared Sasuke- who got his butt handed to him, may I add-

"You were an absolute imbecile! I was just surprised! Jesus, how many times do I have to-?!"

-and thus the first time I ever saw little teme in bondage.

"…keep those things to yourself."

Anyway, later, after following through with my ever-so-clever and perfectly-executed plan, I was with Sakura, wooing her to my heart's content. This is when Sakura leaned in to kiss me, it felt… wrong, I guess. Sure, the stomach pains were from that rotten milk I had drank that morning, but I was also nervous and well… from today's point of view I guess… I kinda sorta didn't want her lips to touch mine after Sasuke's. I don't know… I could still taste him, and I wanted it to linger- it was all so confusing at the time, so I decided to blame the rancid milk. Of course, it was still the milk's fault anyway but that's not the point I'm trying to make! The point is, it started from the kiss, and continued with another- almost- kiss.

"In your opinion."

"You choose to comment on that and not on any of the sappy stuff I just said? I'm shocked."

"You are the biggest dweeb ever. My taste? I know I taste good, but you sound like a fangirl."

"There it is!"

"Right, let me tell my side of this."

"If it gets you to stop making fun of me…"

"Hn. Fat chance."

I hated Naruto.


"I said hated, you ignorant dolt. Past tense, dobe."

But I had realized long before he had that there was something brewing between us- even before that kiss. I, being the young and imperfect genius that I was-

"Meaning you didn't know either."

-couldn't differentiate between my feelings for Naruto. It was a mix of intense… like, and boiling hatred. Then, the kiss. Which didn't change anything whatsoever for me, by the way.


"Shut up."


Then when Naruto unfairly jumped me while I was eating no less, I didn't feel anything. Especially when he tied me up. Well, I felt something- but it was mostly, 'if I see him I'll kill him.'

"He was aroused."

"I was not aroused! I don't have weird kinks like someone I know. Not that I'm complaining, really. But wasn't the whip last night a bit too-"



After escaping the ropes easily, I pursued Naruto, in hopes of kicking the ever-loving crap out of him. Hey, never said I wasn't abusive.

"He is."

Unbeknown to him, I had seen the whole nearly-kissing-Sakura sequence, and that's when it started for me. For some unexplained reason, this insane homicidal feeling coursed through me, because I did not want that woman kissing what was mine- what I had kissed only what, an hour or two ago? To say the least, I am an insanely jealous person- but I thought that I now liked Sakura, go figure.

"Seriously!? You never told me any of this!"

But when she started bashing Naruto's way of life or whatever the hell she was doing, I wanted nothing more than to curl my fingers around her neck and-


I mean, take a kunai and shove it down her-


What I meant was, burn her completely and-


"Interrupt me one more time, usuratonkachi. You'll regret it."


Needless to say, I wanted to kill someone. Still, I was unable to grasp the fact that I might possibly feel something more than friendly for dead-last here.


I'd also like to add that Naruto pouncing at me every chance he got (aka, right out of the bathroom) reminded me of a fangirl.


And the way he didn't just disperse all of his clones when he needed to use the bathroom was far beyond any acts of stupidity that I had witnessed before that.

"THAT'S IT TEM—Wait, what are you doing, Sasuke?! SASUKE UWAAH!"

"You asked for it!"


"I told you not to interrupt!"

"B-BU- AHAHAHA! Mmph!"


"Mmmm… Sasuke…"

"Wait one second, Naruto."


"Sorry, we'll have to continue this tomorrow, Naruto and I have business to attend to, so, Naruto, bed or cou-?"



Yeah, the whole thing is that they're making a documentary of their long-lived and complex relationship. I'll try not to rush it but I'm horrible with that. Thanks for reading. c: