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The Way it Was

Chapter 2: Sasukesexual

Naruto again!

I woke up before Sasuke for once, he's a little tired after- …uh, we played Twister. Lots and lots of Twister. Mmmm… Twister…. OH DEAR GOD- IGNORE THAT. ANYWAY. Uh… Teme is horrible at that game so uh he got tired and uh… um….

Moving on!

I kind of feel like we only skimmed the kiss yesterday, so I'll review! Sasuke and I kissed for the first time, and it wasn't like those stupid corny love novels you find nowadays where it's bang schwoop instant love. No, it was actually kind of…. Well… very unexpected. I was too shocked to really register it at first, and when I did, he had already pulled away. My natural reaction was to spit and gag once I had figured it out, and then when I got to contemplating it later… Yeah, his taste lingered. His lips were soft and perfect and delicious…. I'm not gay! I'm… Sasukesexual? I mean look at him! He is sex on legs! I would never tell him this if he was up, but I really, really lo-








"Naruto! Just tell me what you were going to say!"

"…Sasuke, can we please just do this documentary thing? Please?"


Where did we leave off yesterday? The kissing… Sakura nearly kissing me… Right, let's move on to Kakashi's training…

"Naruto, just let me do it for now, alright? Go get something to eat, it looks like you haven't eaten yet."

"…Thanks…. Teme."

"…Hn. Just go, usuratonkachi."

Something is seriously wrong with that usuratonkachi. I'll figure it out, too. Later, though. First- the training.

Oh the joy.

He had told us not to eat. So I didn't. Simple as that, right? First day of training as a real ninja, you just have to listen to your sensei, right?

Yeah, at the time, I didn't know how much of an asshole Kakashi was.

Ah, yes… the romance bit of this. Well, before that- the butt technique Kakashi used on Naruto!

I swear on my parents' grave that I will one day tear up that mask, take a picture, and send it to everyone in the village- and then castrate him for deflowering my dobe.

Jesus that looked like it hurt, though. I'm gentle with Naruto because of that.


…Moving on.

I really would have helped Naruto down from that tree had I not been so consumed with becoming a real ninja. There are just some things money can't buy- and being dubbed a ninja is one of them. Therefore, bells first, saving damsel in distress later. Besides, he could save himself, right? And I was perfectly fine with fighting Kakashi on my own, wasn't I?

We proceeded to fail miserably- and Naruto got himself tied to a log. (BONDAGE: Naruto: 2 Sasuke: 1.)

Wonderful team, aren't we?

By that time I had realized my mistake- and on some sheer ungodly whim I decided to offer my lunch to Naruto- but got thwarted and outshined by that slut Sakura, go figure.

This was yet another step in our relationship, a part you wouldn't know about. After we had all left him tied to the log, eventually Kakashi sent me back to untie the loud-mouthed idiot. I happily obliged, just another chance to tease him. When I got there, he was staring at his stomach with such concentration that I thought he was going to have an aneurysm of some sort. It turns out he was trying to 'focus on his hunger so that he would forget about it.'

That was his exact logic, word for word.

Don't even say it, I already know.

Anyway- I went to hack off the ropes with a kunai when all of a sudden he just… flopped over, all limp and such. It was funny to watch, really- I'm sadistic, sue me. I forced a few rice balls down his throat after that, but he wouldn't wake up.

So I had to carry him home.

How, you may ask?

Bridal style, of course!

There's no better way to feminize a boy than to cart him around in your arms like a newlywed!

Here comes the fun part though, I didn't take him to his house straightaway. There just wasn't going to be another opportunity like this- not in a lifetime. I had been curious lately. From that kiss, to the seething jealousy, to the wanting to feed him despite the chance of getting failed by Kakashi- Naruto perplexed me, in more ways than one.

So I laid the dobe on my bed, watched him for a few moments- he's adorable when he sleeps, you know?- and then I opened his jumpsuit and-

"Teme, what are you talking about?"

"Ah! Nothing, Naruto. Just about to get to our first real mission."

"Oh! Oh! Let me tell that one!"

"Fine, but only if you enlighten me on what was wrong earlier."

"...We're out of ramen."

"Liar. What was wrong?"

"I'm not telling and you can't make me!"

"Alright folks, tune in next time when I, Uchiha Sasuke, master of all arts and of Naruto's anatomy, inform you of the happenings in Team 7 when we embarked on our very first intense mission- the escort to the Mist! See you then!"

"…Who are you talking to? And WHERE ARE YOU PUTTING YOUR HANDS-?!"



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