Charleston Chew
by Benderine

"Hey, Red? You awake?"

Fry opened his eyes to find Roberto staring at him. Oh god, what did he want now? Hadn't he had enough with almost stabbing him to death?

"Hey, Red…How come you're not cowering anymore? Huh?!"

"I'm too tired…Leave me alone…"

Roberto watched as Fry closed his eyes and cuddled against the cold wall.

"Hey, Red!"


"My footcup is touching something…and I don't like it!"

Fry looked down to find Roberto's left footcup squished against his tummy. Fry was suddenly reminded of the lack of human food he'd had in the past few days.

"I'm so hungry…" he muttered, moving Roberto's footcup.

"Here, Red!"

Fry looked up to find Roberto handing him a Charleston Chew.

"F-For me?"

"Yeaah, Red. I found this human food and since you're a freaky robot, you might like it or maybe…It'll kill you…so you don't squeal!" the robot finished, laughing maniacally.

Fry quickly took the food and wolfed it down. He then closed his eyes and got ready to sleep.

"Thanks, Roberto"


AN: don't you love the fact that in futurama, you can pair anyone with anyone and still pull it off?

By the way, I'd like to mention that THIS IS SO FRIGGIN SHORT IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY D: