by Benderine

"I can't believe Fry would just…abandon us like that. And for a terrible TV and three classical music records no less!"

"Eh, whatever."

"Don't you care even a little that he just left us?"

"Sure I care but there's nothing we can do about it. Besides, it's not like we need him."

"Bender, he's your friend."


"A Friend is someone that you're supposed to care about."

"Really?" Bender asked, honestly surprised. "Isn't a friend someone that you drink with and then make him pay for everything?"

"Wait a second... If that's what you thought friends were for, how come you paid for the drinks we had a few hours ago?"

"T-those drinks weren't paid for! I, uh, stole them…Don't go getting any ideas that I think you're my friend!" the robot stuttered. "Let's go see if Fry's wants to come back!"

Before Leela could say anything, Bender quickly walked out of the room.

"Whatever you say, Bender. Whatever you say…"


AN: that was so short XD This happens in the episode "A fishful of dollars". It supposed to take place during the time Fry is obsessed with his 20th century stuff and forgets about Leela And Bender :3

FFFFFU- it's so short XD