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Déjà Vu

Jax Teller banged the gavel on the carved wooden table, signaling the end of the meeting.

"Alright guys, we gotta make sure we do that first thing tomorrow or it'll be our heads mounted on the wall," he said over the scraping of chairs as everyone left the table.

When all the other guys had gone, Jax slumped back in his chair at the head of the table. It had been a difficult meeting, with everyone having a different view on what should be done about the unfortunate and bloody 'hunting accident' which had ended in three Mayans shot as dead as their namesake. Hopefully, though, the decision they'd arrived at would smooth everything over.

Glancing up at the clock, Jax realised that the meeting had ended much earlier than he'd anticipated, despite the magnitude of the problem. He had time to go for a good long ride before returning home. The cold shock of the night air in his face followed by a large helping of Tara's lasagne should calm his nerves, ready for tomorrow.

Jax went outside, brushing aside Opie's offer of a cigarette. Tara had been nagging him to quit his habit, lecturing him on what smoking did to his body as only someone with medical training could. Jax had laughed at her, until she'd reluctantly played the 'you-won't-live-to-see-Abel-patched-in' card.

Jax reached the area where everyone parked their bikes and stopped short when he realised that his Harley wasn't there. He stood there for a moment, struck dumb by disbelief, staring at the empty spot where it should have leaned.

"Where the FUCK is my bike?!" he shouted when he returned to his senses.

"Eh?" Opie asked as he came up behind Jax.

"My bike has fucking disappeared!" Jax yelled, his disbelief rapidly melting to anger.

"You didn't park it somewhere else?" Opie asked tentatively.

"You think I'm a fucking moron or something, Op?" Jax hollered. "It was RIGHT HERE!"

"Well, I can't imagine that anyone would be stupid enough to steal your bike," Opie said. "There's probably a perfectly logical explanation."

Jax took his phone out of his pocket and flicked it open. "There had better be a logical explanation," he muttered darkly as he punched in a number.


Abel Teller grinned as the wind stung his eyes and whipped through his long blond hair. If his dad found out about this, he'd get the living shit beaten out of him. Abel didn't care though. He had never experienced anything like this unbelievable rush before. He felt free, more free than he'd ever felt. Not even the thought of his dad's fury could dampen his exhilaration. His dad wouldn't find out though. He was chairing a meeting about some murdered Mayans or something. Abel knew that those SAMCRO guys could talk forever about small things like protection runs. A meeting about preventing all-out gang warfare would go on all night. Abel would have his old man's Harley back at the garage safe and sound long before his dad missed it.

Abel pulled up outside a small house and revved the engine to announce his presence. The front door opened and a girl with long red hair ran down the steps. She stopped dead at the sight of Abel perched on the bike.

"Oh my God," she exclaimed.

"Pretty cool, huh Keryn?" Abel said smugly.

"Holy shit. You got your own bike?" his girlfriend replied.

"Nah, not yet. It's Dad's. I'm borrowing it for tonight."

Keryn looked impressed. "He really let you?"

Abel grinned, the same devilish grin his father possessed. "Nope. He doesn't know I've got it. He's in a meeting; he won't know it's gone."

"Oh, you rebel," Keryn purred as she hopped on behind Abel. She put on the helmet he offered her – his dad's helmet – then wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Go, Abel. Fast. Real fast." She whispered in his ear.

Abel turned and grinned at her before kicking the bike into life and roaring away down the street.


"I don't think you realize how goddamn serious this is, Abel!" Jax scolded. "There is a reason Tara won't let you have a bike of your own yet! You could have crashed, you could have been killed! What would I have told Keryn's parents if you'd cracked her head open, huh?"

Abel sat on the couch, looking every inch the sullen seventeen-year-old. His grandma was sitting on the opposite couch and Tara was leaning against the doorframe. Both of them were watching his dad give him an earful.

"I know how to ride a bike, Dad!" he said. "Besides, Keryn was wearing a helmet."

"Yeah, meaning you weren't, 'cause my helmet was the only one you had! It could have been your brain splattered all over the road!"

"I wasn't going to crash! I know how to ride a bike! And I've seen you ride without a helmet," Abel retaliated.

"I've been riding for nearly thirty years, whereas you've only ever been shown the basics. When you've got a license to ride a bike, then I'll believe that you won't splatter yourself all along the tar seal." Jax said. "Besides, this isn't just about the danger you put yourself and Keryn in. You took my bike, without permission, thinking you could get away with it! I mean, what the fuck were you thinking?" Jax was obviously getting exasperated.

Abel didn't answer. After a minute of silence, Tara spoke.

"Answer your father, Abel," she said softy. She didn't even admonish Jax for his language, as she normally did around Abel.

Abel sighed and slumped against the back of the couch. "I dunno. I guess I just wanted to impress Keryn," he admitted quietly.

"By stealing your old man's Harley. Honestly, Abel, sometimes I think you've got a hole in your head, not your heart." Jax shook his head. "Go to your room. And stay there."

Abel sighed again as he picked himself up and dragged himself off to his room. All in all, it hadn't been too bad, although he very much doubted that his dad was finished with him. Grandma and Tara would probably have something to say to him too. It had been worth it though. He'd sure as hell impressed Keryn.

Once Abel had left the room and Tara had gone off to have a shower, Gemma turned to Jax.

"You know, that's almost the exact same lecture your dad gave you when you stole his bike to take Tara out on a date," she said with a smile on her face. "And you were only sixteen then."

Jax grinned and nodded. 'Yeah, I know. I probably would have delivered a pretty shitty telling-off without taking his words. I'm not too good at the whole discipline thing."

"I've noticed," Gemma laughed. "You're lucky I'm here to keep him in line."

"Oh, yeah, thanks Supernanny," Jax scoffed. Gemma gave him a punch on the arm as she headed for the door.

"You'd better convince Tara to let him have his own bike soon, or he'll be riding yours more than you are," she called over her shoulder. "He's been bitten by the bug. I saw the same thing happen to you. All the Tellers seem to be highly susceptible to the Harley addiction."

"Yeah, like father, like son, huh?" Jax smiled.

"Oh, you're telling me," Gemma remarked, closing the door behind her.