Summary: A case-fic, but since it's more about how a case affects the team-members, it's more a relationship fic. Relationship being friendship, family. No pairings. It is set in season three, shortly after Rossi joined the BAU - more precisely between "Penelope" and "True Night", so our dear Garcia does not appear, because let's face it, if she did, they'd have solved this case in five minutes.

Warning: References to Catholic religion. I hope I do not offend anyone, if I do, I apologize upfront.

Sins of the Fathers


It was a rainy winter night near Washington D.C. The overcast sky prevented any moonlight shining into the cemetery and a man dressed in black robes considered it his blessing. He needed to do this, it was imperative. If he didn't, his soul would be forever marred by a deadly sin.

He carried a heavy body wrapped in a white cloth. Normally the cloth would stand out in the darkness of night, but amidst the rain and gloom and between the tall cemetery trees, the man believed he would not be seen. Only the tree branches creaking in the wind made his heart jump out of his chest. Only trees, no humans, no one to point a finger at him.

The chapel door was open as before. It screeched and the man stopped. He was scared and tired; the body was heavy. He had come this far though, so he had to keep going, he had to fulfill this last service to a dead boy. He laid the body on the floor before the altar and crossed the boy's arms over his chest, pulled out the small box and wetted his gloved finger in the holy oil. He shouldn't be wearing gloves for this, he really shouldn't. It pained him to have this barrier between his skin and the dead man's skin, knowing that the service was not as it should be, but he had no choice. He was well aware of what a single fingerprint could do to him.

He made a cross on the boy's forehead, whispering the words of the prayer, "Through this holy anointing may the Lord in his love and mercy help you with the grace of the Holy Spirit", and then touched his hands, saying, "May the Lord who frees you from sin save you and raise you up."

The squealing pitch of the wind behind the closed door of the chapel announced the beginning of the soul's journey to its Father.