Sins of the Fathers


Leslie Garth was found alive and very, very frightened. He had been forced by Father Charles to admit that he had been ugly, dirty and sinful. Rossi hoped the boy would some day be able to forget the lesson drilled into him at a threat of losing his life. That he would one day believe none of what happened to him was his fault. That he was pure and innocent and that innocence was stolen from him by someone very, very wrong. That he would not repeat the cycle of abuse.

Rossi knew this was possible. He had seen that. He could see that every day and even though it hurt, he was glad he found out about it.

On Tuesday morning in the BAU headquatres at Quantico, Rossi looked around searching for a familiar figure of the tall, dark-skinned agent. There he was, getting himself coffee. Alone.

"Have you gotten some rest over this extended weekend?" Rossi asked reaching out for his cup.

"I hardly slept if that's what you're asking. But I'm glad Hotch gave us Monday off."

"You know Derek, this man, the priest - he was deeply hurt in his childhood or puberty. That's why he was hurting others. Maybe he didn't have the resources or the strength to grow beyond that."

"I . . ." Derek shook his head, not looking at his colleague. He sighed. "I can't bring myself to understand him, Rossi. Don't ask me to."

"I don't. What I'm saying is that I admire people who are strong enough to grow beyond their hurt. To change their pain into something good. Like Nicolas Escarra. He didn't have much chance to show it I know, before his life was caught short, but . . . what he was doing for Matthew? It counts."


"You may ask Reid for the exact statistics but I can tell you that more people who had been sexually abused grow up to be compassionate and caring than pass on the hurt they experienced. Most of them are passive in their compassion and care because even in adulthood they are afraid but there are those few unique, great people who take matters into their own hands and fight to rid the world of that hurt. Those are the heroes."

Rossi didn't want Morgan to respond to that. He knew that it was the only time they'd ever address the issue and he only wanted to say what he had in mind. Really, nothing more. He patted Morgan on the arm and left him standing there, stunned. If he felt a bit of satisfaction it was not only because he had Derek Morgan figured out.


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