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5k Run



My wife turned in our bed sheets, the Egyptian cotton wrapping around her nearly bare body, her lips emitting a most delicious sound, making the soldier down there do a-ten-hut. I watched from the threshold of our bedroom, removing my scrubs after coming from a long day at the hospital.

It had been one of those days.

Never have I had such a hellish day since I was doing residency at Chicago. With the combination of the long hours and busy city life, I am glad to have settled in Seattle. It was less hectic. Thankfully, if ever I was homesick, my beautiful Bella was there to start some kind of commotion. Especially now.

She hit her second trimester and was incredibly horny with bouts of anger. She had a four second rebound rate where one moment she wanted to kill me and the other jump my bones. It was both extremely adorable and a turn on.

Which is why I stand here, right now, staring at my pregnant wife move in her sleep. Moaning.

I almost feel guilty for pulling a late shift, but there was an emergency Caesarean that I could not get out of.

After a quick shower to get the smell of hospital food and latex off from my body, I returned to see Bella in the same, lusty state. I crawled into bed, pulling her warm body to mine, noticing a thin sheen of sweat glistening from her body. I skimmed her slightly curved stomach downwards, tenderly kissing the crook of her neck. She writhed and squirmed against me, her legs moving softly, almost kicking.


Grinning, I left a trail of kisses from her ear to the base of her throat, pressing my lips more urgently on her skin, suckling and nibbling on the flesh of her collarbone.

"So close," she whined, her arms pawing at the sheets, heavily panting in her sleep.

Deciding she had been waiting long enough, I turned her in my arms, pressing my mouth upon hers with heady lust. I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her body to lay on top of mine, grinding my lower half into hers.

Slowly, her eyes opened, blinking at what was happening. She stared down at me, confused, before frowning and pushing away from me. "Edward!"

"Baby, what's wrong?"

"Ugh, Edward, I was so close!" Bella growled, climbing off of me and curling in a ball.

"I—I know...I thought it would be better to have the real thing..."

"Damnit, Edward. We both know that I cannot run a 5k in twenty-minutes...I was almost to the finish line and—" She turned around, pouting, pressing her lips into a hard, thin line.

I watched in disbelief as she rose from the bed, stripping herself from her black boy shorts and matching camisole, complaining of sweat. Sadly, I stared down at my boxers, dropping back on the bed.

At ease, soldier.