A reader prompted me with Nikolai/Kirill and the words "ceremony" and "folly". Here's what I came up with.

Title: Stars
Author: surreysmum
Words: 263
Pairing: Nikolai/Kirill
Rating: PG-13

Of course, Kirill was excluded from Nikolai's initiation into the vory v zakone. Semyon, and only Semyon, represented Semyon's empire during that ceremony - the ceremony that resembled nothing more than a cross between a job interview and a meat inspection. But that did not mean that Kirill was uninvolved. Oh no, Kirill stuck to Nikolai like glue before they began, hugging him tight round the shoulders, poking at the stiff, naked chest, and teasing him about the fine quality of his black silk boxers. And Kirill was there as they opened the doors afterwards, the first to learn from Nikolai's grave nod that the services of the tattooist would be required.

Throughout the inking, in one of the red-velvet booths in the deserted restaurant, Kirill watched intently and impatiently, taking deep swigs from the vodka that Nikolai had abruptly declined. Nikolai feigned boredom, apparently unmoved either by the pain of needle over bone or Kirill's obtrusive presence. But he was not oblivious to either.

Eventually the tattooist bowed slightly, gathered up his tools and left. Nikolai rotated his shoulders, straightened his abused knees cautiously and stood. His arm was immediately seized by Kirill.

"It's time, Kolya! Time to show me more of your queer perversions. Hurry! You promised, my Lightning!"*

Nikolai sighed imperceptibly. "Yes, Thunder, yes I promised." Obviously it had been the greatest folly of his life to confide to this dangerously pitiable, half-lovable man that he slept willingly with both men and women.

His aching new vor stars would be pressed to the bedroom carpet for most of the night.


* In the original script, in passages that did not make it to the screen, Kirill and Nikolai tell Semyon that Nikolai is "Lightning" and Kirill is "Thunder", because Nikolai is dangerous and Kirill makes a lot of noise. In the climactic scene, Nikolai uses the affectionate nicknames to talk Kirill into surrendering the baby.