Since I cannot write at the moment thanks to a vile slump, I'll be trying to update these insane works of insanity.

It is a beautiful morning at the Myouren Temple when Byakuren; a woman with light-brown hair that turns purple at the top and wears a black and white dress with a black and red cape; casually walks to the Palanquin, where Minamitsu; a girl with short black hair who wears a white and teal sailor's suit; is waiting for her so they can search for Byakuren's shadow self.

On the way to the ship she is met by Nazrin; a mouse youkai with short grey hair who wears a dark brown dress; who stares on a little saddened, bows and says "good luck, lady Hijiri."

Byakuren smiles, bends down and kisses Nazrin's forehead, making her bush a little, then says "thank you, Nazrin. If all should go well we'll be back really soon."

Nazrin smiles, and then steps away. A little farther ahead Nue; a girl with short hair that dresses in a short-skirted black dress and has odd wings; and Ichirin and Unzan; a hooded girl with light-blue hair that dresses in white and her pink cloud-man ally; wave at her with sad faces.

Byakuren giggles and says "don't look so sad! It's not like we're leaving forever!"

Nue quickly says "but the temple without you doesn't feel like home, Hijiri!"

Byakuren can't help but giggle, then says "don't feel like that. The temple is your home, no matter what."

Nue lets a small smile escape, and then says "come back in one piece!" Ichirin then sighs and says "if you need any help at all send for us, ok nee-san?"

Byakuren bows her head with a smile, then says "everything will be fine, but I promise, if anything happens, I'll call for you."

The saintly woman waves at them, then continues her way, but stops and asks "oh... where's Shou? I was sure she was going to be here."

Ichirin gets a little irritated and says "she couldn't sleep at all last night, so I'm guessing she's asleep now."

Byakuren looks a little disappointed and says "oh. And I really needed to talk to her too. She might get upset. Oh well." She then signals the girls to her and when they get close enough, the Youkhrist smiles and says "please, tell her I couldn't wait for her to wake up, and tell her I said 'see you soon'."

Both girls nod with smiles on their faces, making Byakuren smile along.

Meanwhile, inside the temple, in Shou's room, Toramaru; who has orangey-yellow hair with black stripes; sleeps contently while holding on tightly to her pillow while sleeping sideways, snoring and sporting a pretty big nose bubble.

She starts to mumble softly, then smiles, chuckles, and says "lady Hijiri~"

Inside the Palanquin's dining room, on the tall but small square table, Byakuren and Minamitsu sit in front of one-another on the wooden chairs and discuss about their shadow hunt.

Byakuren calmly says "alright, do you have any clue as to what my shadow might be like?"

Minamitsu thinks hard and after placing her hands under the table she says "well, you are kind, so your shadow should be mean. Also, she might have bad breath, seeing as your breath smells like fresh mint, and it's also VERY possible she doesn't bathe at all, seeing as you DO take regular baths."

Byakuren sweats; her eyes hide behind a light dark shadow, and some strands of hair coil around above her head. Minamitsu continues "ah, maybe she has HUGE manly muscles and a crooked pointy nose... green skin, AND she's probably naked too. You like clothes, right? Maybe she doesn't."

The gradient-haired woman stares awestruck at the captain for some time, and after stuttering a little she manages to say "maybe you're giving it too much thought."

Minamitsu lifts a magazine from under the table and says "no, no, it's right here on this magazine I found!"

On the article, there is a picture of a large grotesque-looking monster, and beside it the word "SHADOW" is written in huge black letters.

Byakuren recovers her usual look and stares curiously at the article, and then asks "so it's an article on shadows?" Minamitsu quickly replies "yup; all about shadows. Says here some can have two genders, and will occasionally try to eat vampires after squishing jelly off honeycombs."

The Youkhrist smiles and says "can I see that?"

The ship ghost hands the magazine, and after Byakuren flips a few pages she places the magazine on the table and presses her hand on it, looks straight at Minamitsu, then says "it says here, my lucky numbers are 5 and 78."

Minamitsu stares back, then smiles and says "and my horoscope predicts heavy rains on sunny skies!"

It's late noon, and Minamitsu is driving the Palanquin manually, whistling a tune as she does.

Byakuren is at the farthest end of the deck, throwing a few glances over the safety rails, hoping to see her shadow somewhere down on the ground.

The ship ghost lets go of the helm for a moment after seeing a lose board, bends down and says "ah, someone might trip on this. I better fix it."

She walks inside the ship, forgetting to set the controls to auto-pilot, and a light gust of wind blows across the ship's deck, causing the wheel to move, and the entire ship turns very violently.

Byakuren is looking over the rails when the ship turns and quickly finds herself falling through the clouds.

While falling to the ground, she smiles nervously, flaps her arms rapidly, and then shouts "HELP, I CAN'T SWIM~!"

Minamitsu comes running from the inside of the ship, looking terrified as she jumps on the helm and grasps the wheel tight, then stabilizes the ship.

After settling it down, the captain swipes her forehead with her forearm and says "phew! That was clumsy of me. Someone could have fallen overboard."

It's early morning when Byakuren walks out of the ship and stands on the deck, next to the ship's helm.

She stretches her arms above her head and groans contently, and then notices the empty helm.

She looks around suspiciously and says to herself "she won't mind. Besides, I'm just helping. She's probably exhausted from yesterday, so I have decided; I'm going to drive today. Yes, I'm sure she'll appreciate it."

When she approaches the helm she realizes that beside it there's a very advanced looking panel with a few shining buttons and a big dome above the buttons.

Right now, the dome is blinking yellow, then Byakuren says to herself "ah, it's on auto-pilot. Hmm, let's see here..." She bends down and places her left hand on her thigh while poking her lower lip with her right hand, then says "ah, it's the green one!" She pushes a small green button, but nothing happens.

Inside the captain's quarters, Minamitsu is sound asleep on a small bunk bed when the pair of metal shackles that hold the bed in place are released, making a loud "clank", which make the captain moan for a moment, but quickly stops and continues sleeping.

Back on deck, Byakuren smiles as she covers her eyes with her left hand and points her finger at random buttons, then stops.

She stares at the yellow button her finger points to, then presses it. There is a quick buzzing sound and the blinking yellow light goes off.

The happy woman celebrates and says "Yay~ I did it!" She forgets to grab the wooden wheel and a quick gust violently turns the ship around.

Inside Minamitsu's room, the sudden turn sends the bed straight toward the round window that's covered with white curtains.

The cute ship ghost wakes up with a scream and finds herself falling through the window with terror on her face as she shouts "Captain OVERBOARD~~!"

It is now late noon.

Minamitsu has a few cuts and bruises on her face and one barely-opened black eye. She puffs a bit of air from her mouth as she stares annoyed in front of her.

Byakuren finishes mopping the deck and places the mop inside it's bucket, then sighs and says "I'm really sorry, Captain Murasa. I just wanted to help."

Said captain sighs, then smiles and says "I know, I understand. Please, just be a bit more careful lady Hijiri."

The saintly woman smiles back angelically, salutes her captain, and then says "no problem" then picks up the mop and bucket.

Minamitsu sighs and says "guess we better get inside. Geez, I hope the fairies haven't destroyed the place."

After pressing the yellow button and leaving the ship on auto-pilot, Minamitsu takes one step and yelps after slipping. Luckily, she is able to hold on the helm before falling.

Byakuren smiles weakly and says "be careful, I just finished waxing these floors."

Terrorized, Minamitsu yelps "WHAT?" The Youkhrist continues "so be very careful not to slip."

Just as she finishes saying those words, she slips, drops the mop and the bucket, then slides all the way across to the left side of the ship and falls over the rails shouting "oh no, not again~!"

Minamitsu manages to rush to Byakuren's aid without slipping, but after placing her hands on the rails she starts to tremble.

From down below, Byakuren shouts "I waxed the rails too~!" and just as she shouts that, Murasa's hands slip, her left foot slips, then she falls over the rails, screaming "WOMEN OVERBOAAAAARD~~~!"

The next morning, Byakuren and Minamitsu decide to stay inside the ship while letting some fairies do random checks over the ship's deck.

The girls are sitting in front of each other on the square table. Byakuren takes a bite off a piece of bread, while Minamitsu reads the Bunbunmaru Newspaper.

She stretches her hand and grabs a small cup of coffee from the table, pulls the paper away from her face, takes a sip, and after placing it back on its small plate she says "it seems those shadows are causing a lot of trouble down below... but there's still no mention of your own shadow, Lady Hijiri."

The gradient-haired woman finishes nibbling on her bread and says "that doesn't mean we're going to stop looking. We must be diligent and stay focused."

Minamitsu nods while still looking into the paper, then asks "but what if you didn't get a shadow copy?"

Byakuren stares confused at Minamitsu. The youkai pulls the paper away from her face to look at the woman and says "think about it; someone as pure as you shouldn't even have a shadow."

The Youkhrist gasps and smiles as she says "I'm flattered you think so highly of me, but that's just not true! Every single one of us has some darkness inside!"

The captain stares into Byakuren's eyes, then casually shrugs and says "well, if you say so."

Said woman sighs, and drops the subject, then takes another small nibble off her piece of bread.

From a small gap on the floor, a small mouse, probably one of Nazrin's friends; sneaks its way up Minamitsu's leg.

The ship ghost throws the paper in the air and springs on her feet while banging hard on the table with her hands and looking embarrassed and surprised at Byakuren, then says "L-Lady Hijiri, that's very inappropriate!"

Hijiri stares confusedly back at Captain Murasa, who realizes Byakuren isn't doing anything. The little mouse squeaks, and the black-haired girl suddenly panics and thrashes around, shouting "it's a mouse! A mouse in my pants! Get it off, GET IT OFF!"

Byakuren lifts her hand, wanting to tell Minamitsu to calm down, but the sound of clothes stripping signals her it's no use anymore, so she just covers her eyes with her left hand as that crazy spirit shouts "you little CREEP! Look what you made me do! ...AHH, I'm naked!"

There's the sound of a barrel being moved, and then silence.

The gradient-haired woman peeks through a small gap between her fingers and asks "can I look now?"

Minamitsu shouts "I'm sorry lady Hijiri! I panicked!"

Byakuren merely giggles and says "it's alright. Here, get dressed." She picks up the captain's clothes and finds the mouse under the pants, enjoying half of a cracker.

The Youkhrist sighs and says "well, it seems someone has been pigging out during the nights."

Murasa blushes with embarrassment and while getting dressed inside the barrel she says "i-it was just a snack!"

That night, Minamitsu stands on the ship's bathroom scale with a towel wrapped around. She stares at the scale for a moment, then slumps and sighs, and then says "no more mid-night snacks."

Late morning on the next day; Byakuren walks out to the deck of the ship, stretching and enjoying the warm rays of the sun above her on her body.

Minamitsu is navigating the ship with a smile on her face when she hears Hijiri shouting "it's my shadow!"

Murasa lets go of the helm and magically summons a large anchor to her right hand and shouts "where!? WHERE!?" to which Byakuren bravely points right in front of herself and starts shooting mercilessly, then Minamitsu follows by throwing her anchor and some droplet danmaku bullets for good measure.

When the dust settles, they realize they have made a large hole on the deck.

The captain walks closer and looks inside the hole with a depressing smile on her face, then asks "what did she look like!?"

The Youkhrist calmly says "tall, very shaggy-looking, VERY dark and she had no eyes or mouth!" She then pokes her lower lip with her right hand's finger and looks up as she thinks and asks "I wonder how she eats?"

Minamitsu's eyes hide under a black shadow and some sweat drops fall all around her head. She trembles and stutters, then asks "Hi-Hijiri...? Doesn't that sound like... your shadow?"

The woman says "yes, that's exactly what I mean. That was my shadow!"

The ship ghost places both hands on Byakuren's shoulders and forces a big smile, even though she is furious, then says "that shadow we just blasted... was your shadow from the SUNLIGHT!"

Hijiri closes her eyes and giggles nervously, then looks at her captain with glassy sad eyes, sticks out her tongue, then says "umm... sowwy~."

Minamitsu sighs loudly, then slumps and says "it's fine, it's ok. I'll just patch it."

A soft gust of wind blows through the ship's deck, then the ships turns violently to the right, knocking Byakuren off her feet and over the rails, but this time, Captain Murasa grabs her cape before she's out of reach.

The sailor girl angrily says "dammit, I forgot the auto-pilot again!"

Byakuren smiles as she looks up and says "well, just pull me up and..."

A ripping sound unsettles the two girls, so Minamitsu pulls her saintly woman up with all her might, and when she finally manages to get her up, she opens her eyes and realizes she has the woman's black upper garments, while Byakuren herself falls to the ground again, this time in her white undergarments only.

She places one arm over her chest, and the other holding her skirt from lifting up, and while she falls she smiles and shouts "kyaa~~! This is embarrassing~~!"

The next day at noon Minamitsu walks out of the ship, looking bored and yawning.

She looks to the ship's deck and spots Byakuren with an angelical smile, kneeling and cooing at something. She decides to get closer, walking casually with both hands behind her head.

She stands next to the Youkhrist and kneels beside her, and then curiously asks "lady Hijiri, what are you doing there by yourself?"

The sweet woman smiles angelically and says "I found this squeaking little bird over here. He's so cute!" Byakuren moves away slightly to reveal an ordinary rubber duck with an additional multi-colored feather head-piece.

Minamitsu stares at it in disbelief, then says "l-lady Hijiri, you realize that's a rubber duck, right?"

Byakuren twitches and opens her eyes wide in surprise, then grabs it and squeaks is twice, then looks at Minamitsu and says "no wonder it didn't move much."

Down by the Youkai Forest, Nitori; a kappa with blue hair in twintails who wears a light-blue outfit; searches the ground diligently for something.

A black-haired kappa approaches Nitori and asks "what are you looking for?"

The blue-haired girl sounds a little worried when she replies "my latest invention. Right now, it's on a very delicate state and if someone were to squeak it, it'll set off a time bomb in it."

The black-haired kappa girl gasps and covers her mouth, then says "Nitori, that's dangerous. But why would you put a bomb in a rubber duck?"

Said girl casually answers "it's supposed to make him shoot a few sparks in the air, but I placed too much energy in the prototype I was using."

A very loud explosion from the sky makes both Nitori and her friend yelp with fright, and after everything settles the blue-haired girl shrugs and casually says "ah well. Let's move on to the next project."

On the Palanquin's deck, Byakuren and Minamitsu stand awestruck on top of a large burn mark; pretty burned up on the front themselves.

Murasa coughs and says "r-ru-rubber..." Hijiri looks at the ship ghost and shouts "DUCK!" then quickly crouches.

Minamitsu stares at Byakuren with curiosity, then is knocked from behind by Mystia; a cute girl with pink hair wearing a brown dress; who flies by too fast to stop in time.

The night sparrow falls on her face on the deck, while the captain falls over the rail and down to the ground, shouting "this is getting annoying~~!"

Byakuren runs to the rails, but is unable to catch Minamitsu on time, and then Mystia casually walks next to Byakuren and asks "did I just hit something?"

Hijiri smiles at Mystia and quickly embraces her, and squeaks "what a cute little youkai~! What's your name!?"

While Byakuren rubs her smiling face on the sparrow's shirt, accidentally, but effectively cleaning all the smudge off her face, Mystia panics and tries to fly away but is unable to break free.

The next morning, Minamitsu is flying around inside the ship, looking a little unsettled.

A fairy passes by, so the ghost girl stops and asks "hey, have you seen lady Hijiri?"

The fairy closes her eyes and shakes her little head, then says "there was some commotion by the common quarters a little earlier."

Minamitsu smiles and says "thank you very much" while rubbing the fairy's head, making her smile and blush contently.

At the common quarters, Byakuren walks out one of the rooms, dragging a black wiggling bag.

Murasa lands behind her and ask "lady Hijiri, what's that you got there?"

Byakuren swipes some sweat from her forehead and says "it's a shadow! Saw her lurking around, so I chased her and trapped her!"

From behind the Youkhrist, Minamitsu says "great! Open the bag so we can get a better look!"

Byakuren smiles and says "alright then" and pulls the bag open. Byakuren is extremely shocked after seeing who was in there. Her eyes turn round and white and she's unable to close her mouth.

After being freed from inside the bag; her hair messed up and her clothes completely wrinkled; Minamitsu punches the ground and asks "what the HELL just happened!?"

The extremely distressed Byakuren stutters "bu-bu-but... behind me... just now..." while pointing behind her with her thumb.

Late at noon, Minamitsu finishes nailing down a wooden board, and then dusts her hand after exhaling.

She steps back, looks up and says "no more falling off THIS ship!"

She admires the 6 foot tall wooden wall she installed on the ship's rails. She pushes the last board to make certain it's sturdy enough, and then says "now we can safely continue our search."

Without Minamitsu ever even noticing, Byakuren stands on the far edge of the ship and admires the tall wall, then says "wow, this looks safe enough."

Captain Murasa proudly crosses her arms around her chest and says "of course! I installed this thinking about YOUR safely, lady Hijiri. Now, we should land soon before we run out of-" Byakuren screams "kyaa~~! I'm falling again~~!"

Minamitsu trembles as she stares with great surprise toward the spot where Byakuren was. Not one of the boards looks unsettled or broken.

She trembles some more while her eyes turn round and white, then weakly points forward and says "but... but... 6 feet tall, and still..."

It is nighttime.

Minamitsu walks out of her room wearing a white sleeping robe tied up by a white lace. She flies further inside the dimly lit ship then lands next to a row or windows and stares outside.

She sighs and says "the sky looks so beautiful."

Byakuren lands behind her, wearing a silky-looking black sleeping robe tied by a white lace on the waist.

After she lands, Murasa asks "you can't sleep either lady Hijiri?"

The gorgeous woman smiles and says "actually, no. But when I heard you come out of your room I came to see if you were alright."

Minamitsu turns around with a smile and looks at Byakuren, then says "oh, I'm alright. I just wanted to see the sky tonight. It's so beautiful; so many stars."

Byakuren giggles and says "yes. Nights like these should be enjoyed to their fullest."

Both looks at each other, then smile, and for a few hours they sit on the floor and watch the night sky through the windows.

Lady Hijiri falls asleep on the floor, so the captain thinks of carrying her back to her room, but she notices a shooting star that seems to land on top of a large yellow star.

She is fascinated by this and walks toward the window for a closer look. She sighs and says "so beautiful."

When she turns around, there is a big eye above a large tongue on an eggplant-colored umbrella right in front of her face, and a girl's voice shouts "URAMESHIYA~!"

Minamitsu jumps back so suddenly, she breaks a hole on the ship, but is so shocked by the surprise, she falls and is unable to scream.

Kogasa, a girl with short turquoise hair who wears a turquoise and light blue outfit, looks out the hole with her cute red and blue eyes, and says "wow, I really scared her."

From behind, Byakuren asks "Kogasa, is that you?"

The karakasa ghost gets surprised and jumps out the window with fright, then falls down, letting go of her umbrella while shouting "kyan~!"

Byakuren looks outside the hole, sweats while smiling sheepishly, and then says to herself "really; somebody's going to get hurt with these gags."

At morning, Minamitsu finishes removing the useless wall of wooden boards from the railings and decides to take a bath.

At that same moment, Byakuren is enjoying a bath, humming to herself as she enjoys the warm water on her skin.

She looks inside the tub and says "oh my! I need to do something with these nails."

A few minutes after, Murasa enters the small changing room before the bathroom, wearing a towel wrapped around her body and one on her head, and notices Byakuren's clothes on a basket next to the small sink.

She twitches and blushes, then thinks "I better not interrupt" then turns around to leave.

Byakuren exits the bathroom with a towel wrapped all around her body. She smiles and asks "oh, are you taking a bath too?"

Minamitsu takes a deep breath of relief when she realizes she won't have to wait for her bath, smiles, and then says "yes. I just finished removing those large boards off the railing and though I'd take a quick bath."

Byakuren walks to her fresh set of clothes while the ship ghost heads inside the bathroom, then the woman yelps, so Minamitsu instinctively turns around, only to get shocked and surprised out of her wits.

Hijiri angrily says "silly mouse, you startled me. Geez, I even dropped my towel. That's so un-lady-like!"

Minamitsu faints and falls on her back while a powerful stream of blood gushes out her nose. She lies on the bathroom floor with a smile on her face, twitching occasionally while the gradient-haired woman concernedly asks "Mini-chan!? Mini-chan, are you alright!?"

With her eyes hidden by a dark shadow, her cheeks bright red, and with a smile on her face, Minamitsu asks "who's... Mini-chan?"

Byakuren sighs with relief and says "that's you, silly."

The captain struggles to lift her arm and flip her thumb up, and before finally blacking out from seeing the naked saint, she says "I... approve."

It's late noon and Byakuren is resting her elbows on the ship's railing while Minamitsu manually drives the ship and whistling a tune.

The gradient-haired woman sighs and says "what a beautiful afternoon. The sky is gold, the clouds look like sweet sugar puffs, and everything's just so calm and quiet. Oh, how I wish every moment were like this. Don't you agree, Mini-chan?"

The black-haired girl smiles back and says "that's right lady Hijiri. It should always be like this."

She looks away from the woman, changing her expression to depressing concern and thinks "it's still way too quiet. Something's gonna happen soon I just know it."

There is a loud crash and the entire ship rocks violently; Minamitsu presses the auto-pilot button, shrugs with a defeated smile and thinks "right on time. Ah well, time to pick up lady Hijiri from the ground again."

She looks at Byakuren, who' still standing by the railing and asks "Mini-chan, what was that!?"

Murasa looks shocked and asks "wait, you didn't fall off?", then from the ship's entrance, Marisa; a blonde witch dressed in black and white; bursts out the door, shouting "HEY~ EVERYONE!"

Byakuren smiles widely and says "why Miss Marisa, hello! What a lovely surprise!"

Minamitsu trembles and points at Byakuren, but stutters nonsensically. Marisa smiles widely and says "sorry about that hole, I couldn't stop on time, ze!"

Hijiri replies "ah~, accidents happen;" and then approaches Marisa and asks "to what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?"

The witch rubs the back of her head with her right hand, and while smiling sheepishly she asks "I came to borrow some books, but I can't find them."

Byakuren claps softly and tilts her head with a happy angelical smile and says "oh my, here, I'll take you to them."

The sweet woman leads the slightly surprised thief inside, saying "this way, please." The blond grins and says "wow, you really are a nice person."

Meanwhile, Minamitsu stands completely awestruck while pointing at Byakuren and stuttering some more.

After Marisa and Byakuren enter the ship, Minamitsu walks to the rails and looks down.

She confirms lady Hijiri really didn't fall. She starts to tremble violently, then jumps over the railing, and while laughing she shouts "I'm REALLY getting use to this~~!"

The next morning, at the dining room, Minamitsu and Byakuren glare at each other from across the small table, neither one blinking.

The saintly woman smirks and something under them clacks.

The ghost captain sweats as she glares back and softly growls.

Hijiri sits back with a triumphant stare, making Minamitsu tremble.

Murasa looks under her, sweating more each passing moment, but she suddenly gasps and there are more clacking sounds coming from under her.

Byakuren moans in defeat and says "you cheated!"

Minamitsu smirks triumphantly and says "you know the drill. King me!"

On the table lies a checkered game board with round black and red playing pieces. Byakuren growls, and while pouting she says "the game isn't over yet!"

Later that day, inside the ship, Minamitsu kneels on the floor, scrubbing it with a small brush.

She drops the brush inside the bucket, swipes the sweat off her forehead and says "phew; almost done."

Byakuren speeds by; having tied two scrubbing brushes on her feet and using them to skate around with great agility and making the cleaning look easy.

The captain sweats and looks worriedly at the woman, then says "oy! Be careful. You might get hurt."

Byakuren continues to gain speed while skating with the brushes and says "aww, come on! We're safe inside!"

Minamitsu shouts "lady Hijiri, the hole that witch made! LOOK OUT!"

The Youkhrist looks ahead of her and realizes she's heading straight toward the hole Marisa made when she crashed into the ship.

She tries to stop herself, but she is going too fast to stop in time.

Murasa runs after her, hoping to catch her before she actually falls, but even she knows that's impossible; however that doesn't stop her from trying.

Byakuren is just mere feet away from the hole, then a golden washtub falls on her head, successfully stopping her from falling through the hole, however she's knocked out.

The black haired youkai reaches the gradient-haired woman and looks into her swirling eyes and dazed smile.

She turns her attention to the washtub on the floor next to Byakuren, bends up and picks it up, and in a sudden rage, she throws the washtub through the hole and shouts "WHAT IS IT WITH THESE GAGS!?"

At night, Byakuren, who now has a bandage around her head, sits in front of Minamitsu at the small square table, and looking serious she says "I believe it's time we headed back, Mini-chan!"

Murasa stares back at Hijiri with determination and says "agreed. All we've managed to do is fall over the ship and hurt ourselves over and over."

The voluptuous woman nods and says "so we rest at the temple, then continue the search on foot."

The captain nods and says "then it's decided. Let's head home!"

Byakuren notices Minamitsu has her hands under the table then smiles and asks "ah, you got another magazine there?"

The ship ghost lifts her hand and pulls out a rubber duck, surprising even herself.

The Youkhrist panics and shouts "RUBBER DUCK!" then runs away and jumps inside an empty barrel.

Minamitsu quietly stares at the rubber duck and asks herself "what am I doing with this?"

At the Youkai Forest, Nitori searches frantically around while wearing a pair of night-vision goggles.

She stomps the ground hard with her foot and angrily says "that's the SECOND one already! I'm not this careless! Someone must be stealing them."

There's an explosion in the sky and Nitori sighs with an irritated expression on her face, and then says "great, I'm going to have to start from scratch again."

The next morning, looking exhausted, Byakuren and Minamitsu leave the ship as soon as it lands.

As they walk back to the temple, the woman says "Mini-chan, I don't think we're cut out to hunt shadows."

Murasa sighs and says "we just had a bit of bad luck back there. Maybe we'll fare better down on the ground."

Byakuren sighs and says "I sure hope you're right."

There's a bit of silence between them as they walk to the temple, then Hijiri suddenly giggles and says "the girls are going to be so happy when they realize we're back."

The captain shrugs and says "maybe... I know I'd be."

A large silver washtub falls on their heads and knocks both in an instant.

With swirling eyes and vacant smiles, they lie on the ground while everyone else is unaware of their return.

From the ship's deck, there is a small flash, and a shadowy figure jumps over the rails and flies away.

Aya, a tengu girl with short black hair who wears a white shirt and black skirt, with a glint in her eyes and a wide crescent smile on her face, says to herself "uh-fu fu fu. I, the beautiful Aya Shameimaru, age 17 (huge lie), have found the greatest story for all times. I'll call it 'Endless Mishaps of the Holy Vessel'."

She flies away towards the Hakurei Shrine with a sense of accomplishment and a crescent smile on her face.

The End (It must never end)

Characters, spell cards & scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

JAN 29 2010 (updated on JUN 11 2014)

Written by

Willie G.R.