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Angels All Around the World


Charles Townsend very rarely got any surprises. He knew what was coming, he knew what to expect. He knew in advance what the upcoming dawn would bring, and he made sure to always be at least two steps ahead, of everything in his life.

Ever since he did some well played moves with the stock market he had been living high. The heritage from his wealthy father hadn't been unwelcome either and Charlie Townsend hadn't been slow on investing his money in companies and stocks that had risen even higher, and before he knew it, he was richer than he could ever have imagined. Ever since then, he had been living a life he knew well.

He had divorced from his wife during the years he was climbing up the hill. He knew he was not that type of man that settled down, and that marriage had been immature and unwisely, a very irrational decision on both their sides. They had stayed together for little more than a year though, and departed as friends, making it possible for Charlie to still met his son as much as he could.

With the wedding band out of the picture, Charles could pick and chose among the girls. He might be in his middle age, but he was wealthy and charming and that was really all it took to switch young women every week. His house stood open and they came and left just like they wanted, when they wanted.

Young ladies, big houses, private jets, big swimming pools, the mammoth yatch, butlers and fancy cars. He could afford it, and he loved every second of it. He knew what to expect – he could chose between lying in the hot tub or why not fly over to Paris for the weekend? He spent a lot of time at the theaters and movies, film premiers and he also did some acting when he was younger. He had enjoyed it, but it had not been what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

He did miss the action in the field - from the army and the police force - from time to time, it had been 12 years ago since he was involved with a case, seven years before he opened the Townsend Agency. Since then he had been working on opening up the agencies and take care of all the other companies he own or finances. He decided to open a detective agency in Paris, and he went there often to meet up with his angels. But he quickly realized how much danger they were put in when people that he had put away got out, and tried to kill his angels to get to him. They very nearly succeeded, and since then Charlie decided to only have phone contact and everything was on a business level with all his angels. He didn't want to take any chances.

His life was an endless road of parties, women and drinks, and up until now, the last years had been planned ahead. Every day passed with no major unexpected surprises.

That's why he got so shocked when he today had been sitting behind his desk in his office, his secretary knocked the door and told him there was two women outside to see him. He always let everyone in, and he did so this time too, and he almost fell out of his chair when two of his angels walked inside.

"Kelly, Kris?" Charlie asked in a high voice, surprised and confused at the same time. "How did you get here?"

"We're detectives, remember?" Kelly grinned as she and Kris walked up towards his desk.

Charlie noticed that their hands were linked together, and both of them were holding a white envelope in their hands. Charlie knew the two of them were a couple, and had stayed together since the Bill Cord drama. They had gone through so much, and Charlie was sure that after that, they were inseparable.

"How are you Kelly?" Charlie asked worried, looking at the older angel.

The side of her head was covered by about just two inches long brown hair. Her other, longer brown curls covered the most of where it had been shaved, but Charlie didn't have to see the shorter hair to know what had happened. The side of her head had been shaved as she was taken into surgery, almost 4 months ago, after she had nearly been killed by a bullet to the head. The agency had pretty much been closed since, the angels were on paid vacation. Kris couldn't concentrate on work when Kelly wasn't fresh, and Julie and Bosley couldn't handle it alone.

Kelly had recovered quite quickly, but she still got dizzy and nauseas from time to time. And she had changed. Charlie had noticed the changes in her personality and behavior, he couldn't pinpoint it, but Kelly seemed to have gone… darker. She didn't trust people anymore, she didn't trust anyone. She looked around her shoulders and she seemed nervous. Kris had called Charlie to talk about this subject once, and he had told her to talk to Kelly instead. What had happened then, he didn't know.

But even though Kelly's recovery, she didn't want to go back to work, and he understood her, he was just waiting for the resignation. She was tired of being a constant target and she had had enough. She had done enough. She had been such an amazing asset to the team and Charlie was sad to lose her. And that was for Kris too. Charlie knew that if Kelly was leaving, Kris would follow her. And of course the other way around.

He wondered how he would ever be able to replace such great detectives, but he figured it would work out. Somehow.

"I'm fine Charlie, thanks." Kelly said awkwardly.

"So…" Charlie swallowed hard. "What are you doing here?"

"We wanted to leave this." Kris said, handing over the envelope.

Charlie took them from both angels, and used a letter knife in silver to open them both. He found their resignations in the envelopes and he looked up at his angels, and nodded. He knew they both wanted out. They were so tired of this, of this danger, seeing the people in this world causing trouble to each other. They wanted to live again.

Half an hour later, Charlie watched the two angels' backs as they walked towards the door, closing it behind them. That was the last of them that he was going to see for a long time, he knew that.

They were going to discover the world.

They had their bags packed and the beige and white car was parked outside his house. They were leaving Los Angeles, they were leaving the United States and they were going to go wherever the wind would blow them, wherever their noses pointed to, and he wished them a safe and joyful trip, giving them both big bonuses that was happily welcomed.

Although he had a feeling it wouldn't all be joy and laughter. He knew that his angels had a … habit ... of getting themselves into trouble and he wondered what type of trouble they could get into during a trip around the world?

Probably a lot.