They're Just Words.

A/N: Hey all you guys and gals. I'm back with a new fiction. A vary important friend has asked me to do an Inuyasha Fan Fiction. When he told me why, I just couldn't refuse. This Fan Fiction holds a dear significance because of the meaning behind it. Without further delay I present to you chapter one of the Fan Fiction "They're Just Words."



Kagome sat on the ground watching the day pass her by. The smell of cooking deer meat over a fire. The soft crinkling of soil under her body as she adjusted her form. The laughter of children could be heard in the distance as the suns rays beat down from the afternoon sky. She could see the fields being plowed by the men and many homes were under repair. The sounds of the tools were not of modern times. This was her home now, it had been for a very long time.

She was a grown woman now, Naraku had long since been disposed of and life in the Feudal Era was more or less peaceful as far as her life was concerned. No longer were they traveling the world in search of jewel shards or to slay demons. She was far too busy chasing kids all day for that to happen. She was a mother of two and a wife to Inuyasha, a half-demon. Now her days consisted of being a normal housewife, tending to the food, watching the children, and living as a priestess. This was her truth now and the normal way of life. Well normal for the Era's standards anyway. The well had somehow survived through the constant combat, and her children often visited the place Kagome once called home.

Much had changed in the years that had passed. Inuyasha found himself as a slayer meaning he was off working for many days at a time. It was hard but the pay was good, the downside in all of it was that Kagome was often left to raise the children by herself. She had two half demon sons to raise, and lord knew that often meant trouble for the village. The boys weren't always bad, however they did seem to pick up Inuyasha's less redeeming qualities. The eldest, and most troublesome Katsu, seemed to not only inherit the bad attitude, but his use of terminology left much to be desired. If the boy wasn't picking a fight, he was tormenting the villagers. He never cause bodily harm mind you, yet it seemed as if nothing could get him to tone down his reactions. The other child, Nao, was far younger and fearful of the villagers. Given his bloodline it wasn't a surprise. He was very antisocial to anyone from outside of the odd family that had been built around him.

Kagome had grown used to the amount of bigoted views of the past, hell it was five hundred years from her own time. It was simple fact for her by now, humans and demons rarely got along. Never mind the different views one could have as far as race was concerned in her time. That had long since been dealt with. In the Warring States Era it's a far different story. In her time demons didn't exist, all it could be was simple folklore. In this time however demons were killed by humans, and vice versa. There was very little tolerance for each other as far as living went. Humans were weak in the eyes of a demons. Humans saw demons as monsters that should be disposed of. There could be no peace as far as that type of thing went.

However there was only one type of life form that was hated even more. Half-demons were not accepted by humans or demons. They never really belonged anywhere. They had to make a place for themselves and often grew up orphaned or jaded by the ways of the world. Seeking either vengeance or fighting for their lives, the life of a half demon could rarely be accepted among a large group of people. Inuyasha had been betrayed by people and demons alike. Even Naraku, also a half demon, wished Inuyasha's demise. Very few really knew what he was like behind the overly gruff exterior, that entire number he could count on both of his hands and feet. That was a small number compared to the countless amount who had attempted to harm him. Of that small number consisted of the ones who they had traveled with, among them, a lecherous monk, and a woman who once came from a proud village that trained in arts of war, a demon fox, and a few other people in his life that seemed to come and go when ever they pleased.

Speaking of the female demon slayer and monk, Sango and Miroku had married as well. With twin daughters, and one very perverse son, Sango was kept busy enough as it was. Their son seemed to take his fathers mannerisms at a very young age, often chasing the village girls around. Sango no longer worked as a slayer for money, although she saw plenty of action fighting the weaker demons that seemed to like to come around when Inuyasha had to travel for work. Sango felt a strong need to pass down her proud heritage too her children, it's what her father would have wanted if he were still alive. Her one daughter Aki, and son Kazuo, found that the skills came naturally, just as it had for their mother. The other daughter Mayu, found herself struggling with the art of fighting anything and her overly gentle nature made it hard for Sango to train her in using a weapon properly. The child reminded Sango of her brother so many years ago.

Kohaku was gentle and very afraid of battle. If Naraku hadn't gotten too him she was sure that the boy would have put down his weapon for good after his encounter at the castle. Her brother had found his own path after being freed from Naraku's grasp. Rin was older now and spent her days with the boy. They seemed to be happy together, and wanted to see much of the world. The two of them were developing a relationships of sorts, but no one could really prove it.

The two in question were often trailed by Sesshomaru. Inuyasha's older brother, and a full blooded demon. He hated humans, and even felt angry at his own father, a proud dog demon lord for finding a human as a companion. His father died shortly after Inuyasha was born and with the events of the past simply that, he had gained a sort of acceptance for some humans. He didn't like them, and would still not hesitate to kill one if they got in his way. When Rin was a small child he learned just how sick the humans were, even casting aside their own kind. The child needed him and with reluctance he allowed her to follow him. Over time he grew to love her as if she were his own offspring, yet he never spoke words of a devoted parent. He was cold and very quiet. Never speaking unless he needed to provide words of guidance. he was a proud demon of power. One day he would be a lord just as his father once was, but for now, he was content to watch Rin grow up. For demons, and half demons alike, a hundred years was nothing but a drop in the hat. He could watch the human girl live her life until the day she would depart from the living world and still have a great many years left to live himself, and that's exactly how he wanted it. He wanted to protect her, the loyalty in his blood made him want to see her have protection, and there was no better person than he himself.

There were others from their journeys that had come and gone, some married and also started families, others returned to their homes. For Kagome and her family, it was different. Well, now it was different, if one looked back several years into the past, you would note the anxiety in her eyes. They killed Naraku and she went back too her time for three years. That in it's self is a long story, one that had already been told time and time again.

No, lets not go back to the past that had already been foretold. Instead lets look at the story that brought Kagome and her family where they are today. Lets look back at the days when it was still an uphill climb, perhaps not because of an evil demon, but the pains of the past. Old scars and even older memories may fade in time, but the don't fully go away. As Kagome listened to the would around her this was her simple truth. It was a normal world in her eyes, even if others didn't see it that way. This is her story, or rather this is their story.