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Chapter 1: A family talk!

Little Nao was only a few seasons old as he lay down in the straw bedding that made for a good place to burrow himself. The village was under attack again and Sango was already knocking the living daylights out of the rather weak frog demon. Katsu was covered in mud and the blood of the lesser demon. He was far older. Being nine seasons old he was able to fight quite well with his clawed hands. He also had no qualms cheering Sango on, in his mind, the more bloody the fight the better it was. Inuyasha wasn't worried about his son's actions telling Kagome constantly that the boy would grow out of it in time.

After the demon was killed Nao was still under the straw as he whimpered for his mother. She quickly came too his aid and pulled the small boy into her lap. Nao was no bigger that Shippo was when he was only a kit and in a sense she was reminded of the fear the small fox had when he used to find her lap for the same reasons. She sighed lightly as she hummed a little tune to the small pup in her lap as he shook seemingly uncontrollably.

"Nao, it's dead you don't need to be afraid anymore." Kagome said stroking the long silver mane that would one day be as long and beautiful as his fathers. The two dog ears on his head also resembled his father as they twitched because of the sensations. One golden eye opened, then another as he peered at the door, his mother still humming her gentle tune.

"It may be dead, but the others aren't." The child whimpered as he buried himself onto his mother's kimono. "The humans are angry. I smell them, they don't like me." He ruffled his fur as his claws poked tiny holes into the fabric of the clothes his mother had on. "I small hate." He mewled as he started to shed tears.

Inuyasha had smelt his sons distress from a distance, bounding through the door he immediately looked for the cause of the fear he smelt. Blood was thick in the air for his sensitive nose, he also smelt death meaning what ever it was, he was sure Sango took care of it. Releasing a sigh he sat next to Kagome and picked the small lad up by his scruff.

"Relax pup, Sango killed what ever it is. No need to cry." The father of the boy said as he placed his pup on the floor. His son was becoming too fearful of the humans and even if his kind were hated, his son had to learn to defend himself. He too had to become proud of the demonic blood in him. "The hate you smell is hate for the thing that's dead. Not you so calm the hell down." Inuyasha said bluntly, his words were softened by the scratch behind his son's ear. That was his rare show of affection. Rarely could he be gentle with them, rarely could he baby them like a human parent could do. No, he had to be the strong protector and teach his children what his father could not, what a human mother would never understand.

He sighed as he remembered when Nao asked him what the term half-breed meant. It was the very term that he had asked his own mother so very long ago. She had cried then, and he as a small child had no idea why. When the boy went to his father on the matter, it was all Inuyasha could do not to show emotion. Not to break down at the hateful words spoken too his son, the very words that had spoken too him. Nao had been teased by the other children, the adults did nothing to stop the rude actions, and often times showed little care towards Inuyasha's pups. "Kagome, I need to speak with you outside. Lets go." He voiced curtly as he left his still quivering son to fend on his own for a moment.

Kagome followed and Sango saw the couple pass by. She knew of the ways half demons raised their children. It was normal for a child to be alone for a few moments even at a very young age, even so her motherly instinct as a human won over and she went to see the very fearful child. She saw him as a nephew, even if not by blood and cared about the little pup dearly.

On the hill Inuyasha stood looking over the waterfall near the village. He sighed as he took in the scents around him, all of the tension of the moment wafting through his mind. "Kagome… You can't baby him forever. He has to fight for himself. Just like I did he has to learn." Inuyasha spoke with a slight growl, he hated himself for saying it. "It's like I told you before, no matter what Kagome, When you're a half demon it's always your fault. Nobody else cares about you. He's luckily he has us, but that doesn't mean you can spoil him. You can't, you don't have the luxury." His growl became more fierce at the pain in his words.

"Inuyasha." The miko spoke his name in a bare whisper, he had told her that once before, when she was still a teenager he had said that. She had remembered the day well. "What can I do about it then. I know your afraid for him, but you'll still be here when I'm gone." Kagome said simply.

"It doesn't matter about that!" He said as he barked slightly at her inability to grasp his meaning. "It doesn't matter if I'm hear or not, daddy can't always fight demons for him, and you will be gone when he's still a pup." He sighed, this was the one issue with being in love with a human, one day Kagome would pass on into the afterlife leaving him and his sons on this earth alone. It was the way of life, unlike the folk lore that many spoke of, very few demons had the power to pass on their life force through blood or mating, dog demons didn't have that blessing, if they had, then his own mother would still be alive..

"Then what do you intend we do?" Kagome sighed as she embraced her lover, he was upset by the way his life had turned out when he was a pup. She knew his concern was for them not having to end up like he did. Yet the way they would live life would most likely be much like Inuyasha had. The only difference would be he would need to sit back and watch it happen.

"We tell them." he said, the cloth of the fire rat blew in the wind as he caught the smell of food being made. "We go back to the village, sit down and tell them what happened, what type of life we lead before settling down here. Miroku thinks it's time for his children to hear it as well." Inuyasha said as he grabbed Kagome's hand and started walking towards the village.

"You mean after the three years I was away?" Kagome asked slightly worried. She received a one syllable response as a "Keh." Meaning something to the effect of a smart ass version of yes.

When they got there, the children gathered. Sango, Miroku and a much taller Shippo joined them with their families. Shippo had found a mate and one very small infant kit whom he held protectively in his arms. He was now as tall as Kagome's midriff and he would not grow any taller as a fox demon, even if he was rather young still in age. After everyone started to eat, Kagome began to speak while the children became quiet.

"Lets play pretend for a moment. Lets say I was a normal school girl. Lets say I had normal friends, and a normally boring life. That's how I'm supposed to live right? I guess you'd say yes, that is how everyone should live. Go to school, get a good education, Get a good job, fall in love, and raise a family. That is normal… That is what life should be by normal standards. I however am not normal, I don't live by the standards that most people do." Kagome said as she began to speak as if she were back in her own time.

"What the friggin' hell mom? You been near the fire too long I think, the scents of smoke are making you talk like an idiot." Katsu said in his normal fashion. Yep, far too much like his father for his own good. Again, Inuyasha didn't do anything, in his eyes his son was doing the right thing using crass words and a rude demeanor, it would prove useful if he could scare others away with big talk and less bite until he was older.

"That may be true in your eyes, but I'm telling you what's happened to us a long time ago. What I had just said were the words I told your grandmother when I returned for a visit." Kagome said as she plopped Nao into her lap before he fell off of his perch on her shoulder. The small pup simply let a small wine of frustration out from between his lips. He preferred to be higher up. "Anyway, like I was saying. I wasn't a normal school girl. When I came back through the well a lot had changed before my eyes. I felt like I had missed so much. I felt lost, as did all of us for one reason or another. I guess that feeling of being lost is what cause us to all ban together once again."

"How did it happen?" This was from a daughter of Sango, little Mayu. She asked as she too found a lap to sit on. She favored her mother's lap, while the far more outgoing Aki found that she liked to lean herself on Katsu rather than cling near her parents. Kazuo just found a place to lay on the ground. His head was propped on his folded arms as he kicked his feet in front of him. The log he had part of his back on kept him from laying flat as he faced Kagome for the story. His father and mother were both sitting on the a fore mentioned log.

"Well if your really quiet, and listen carefully, I'll tell you." Kagome said as a sort of far off look graced her features. She smiled slightly as the memories came pouring in. The sounds of the wind fluttered past her ears and she felt at peace just like she did at the end when she was younger, after she learned to find peace within herself.

"In this time, many hate half demons, and Inuyasha is no exception to the rule. I remember seeing him with his eyes so full of hate, fear, sadness. Yet no matter what I did I couldn't get him out of my mind. This half demon, he should be hated. Yet even if he did act like a jerk sometimes, I loved him. Back then peace had come to many because the jewel was no longer causing the suffering of many. Life was simple for Inuyasha and the others who sit here with you now. If I hadn't come back, life would have remained simple. Your father would have married a demon like himself, and you would not have had me, a human, as your mother. Sango and Miroku would have continued their life not worrying about me, and your Uncle Sesshomaru would have continued to live a wandering soul with Rin at his side." Kagome said as she carefully looked to each parent, and nodded her head to the ground.

Playing with some of the soil in her hands the grins fell between her fingers as she continued. "After we killed Naraku, the demon that had cursed all of us in some way or another, I returned home in my own time. I had a chance to live a normal life, yet I came back here and the day I did, I laid eyes on the woman that Inuyasha once loved, Kikyo, and that's where it all started." Kagome said as she prepared to unleash a lock all of the parents had placed on their hearts, what happened too them, it could have torn them all apart for good.