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A Stable Ever After

So I say why don't you and I get together

Take on the world and be together forever

Heads we will, tails we'll try again

Why Don't You And I ~ Nickelback

Chapter 1


I stood in a bathroom trying to wake up as I brushed my hair. I caught a glimpse of my ring and smiled to myself. Reluctantly I took it off and put it in a dish by the sink. I was terrified to wear it out to the barn. There was a risk of damaging it or worse, losing it. I was paranoid about anything happening to it. However after several weeks of wearing it my finger felt naked without it.

Edward was still in bed when I exited the bathroom. "Get your ass up bum." I grinned at him and ducked the pillow he tossed. Edward stuck his tongue out. I did the same back at him.

"Love, why don't you wear your ring to the barn?"

I was surprised he hadn't asked sooner. "Because I'm afraid of losing it or damaging it. I hate not wearing it, but I don't want to risk anything bad happening to it."

"That's what I thought. Come here." Edward beckoned to me and I took his hand. Reaching over in the nightstand drawer he brought out a small black box.

"Now what have you been up too?"

Edward just smiled and handed me the box. I opened it to find a lovely silver chain necklace. "Now you can have your ring at the barn, if you want."

"Of course I want." I pulled the chain out grinning. "Thank you sweetie." I ran into the bathroom and grabbed my ring to thread onto the chain. Edward followed me and stood in the doorway watching with a smirk. Once I had the chain fastened I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly.

"You're welcome love. Now go feed, I'll be right behind you."

I winked at him. "I like it when you are right behind me." Edward chuckled and smacked my butt as I left.

It was damp and chilly this morning as I walked out to the barn. There was a low fog that had left a film of dew over everything. I walked in the office and turned the heat on to get it warmed up. Newton appeared out of the hay barn and ran in there before I shut the door. That was the only evidence we ever got that he had some intelligence. Aston had heard me in the office and whinnied at me from his stall. I stepped out and could see him watching me. "Yes Aston. I'm working on it." Masen poked his head out and let out a low nicker. It was cold enough I could see his breath.

"Well hello Masen. That's a first. Are you going to start talking to me too?" Masen nudged my hand as I rubbed his nose. I grabbed their feed and dished out everyone's breakfast. The barn filled with the sounds of rattling feed buckets and the munching of hay.

Edward appeared and brought me my coffee. "Everyone good?"

"Yep. Oh and Masen nickered at me."

Edward smiled. "Really? That's good. He's getting more relaxed every day. He likes you."

"I have to admit. I made me really happy."

Edward set his coffee down and wrapped his arms around me. "As it should. It's a big deal." He kissed me lightly before he let me go and we got started on our usual routine.

I was halfway through cleaning Mimosa's stall when my cell rang. It was Alice. I was tempted not to answer. She had been pushing me ever since the engagement to start planning the wedding. Edward told me last night as we lay there in the dark that I needed to stop putting it off. You know Alice. The longer you put it off, the worse she will get. Better to lay things on the line early. Time to face the music.

"Hey Alice, what's up?"

"My God, you answered. Don't think I don't know that you have been avoiding me intentionally."

I sighed. "I wanted to enjoy being engaged for awhile Alice. I don't want to plan anything yet."

"But Bella, you need to start booking places now if you want to get the location you want." There was a hint of a whine in her voice now.

"Alice, I want to make this clear. Again. We don't want anything big or fancy. We don't want a wedding with hundreds of guests in some ball room. That's not us."

Alice let out a noise of exasperation. "Bella, I know, I understand. But we still need to start talking about what you guys do want. I have accepted this is smaller scale event. I plan those too you know. I don't just do ball rooms and chandeliers. I also do backyards, parks, you name it.

I felt a little bad. "Sorry Alice. I just know how enthusiastic you get about this."

"Listen, why don't I come over tonight with some ideas for you to look over? I won't want a decision tonight. I just want a better idea of what you are thinking."

"Okay sounds good."

"Yay! I'll be there at seven. Is that okay?"

"That's fine. I'll see you tonight Alice." I hung up the phone and rubbed my forehead.

Edward was sitting on Remington, watching me from the arena gate. "My sister?"

"Yes. She's coming over to start discussing wedding things tonight."

"Well I think I need to go out for a beer with Jake then."

I pointed at him with the stall fork. "Edward Cullen. Don't you dare leave me alone with your sister tonight. I may need your help."

Edward laughed. "Kidding love. I'll be there, just in case I have to drag Alice out the front door to get her to leave."

Later we were inside eating lunch. I looked over at Edward. "Do you want to help make wedding decisions Edward, or do you want to stay out of it?"

Edward thought for a moment. "Well obviously I want say in what I wear and where we have it. I don't care about what flowers you will carry. I won't be looking at them at all when I see you."

I smiled. "Okay. I just would like you to have some input. I don't want to make all the decisions myself."

Edward nodded. "No cummerbunds."

I giggled.

"I'm serious. Vests are good. I don't want the traditional penguin suit. That is my first opinion."

"Okay duly noted."

Edward watched me for a second before he grinned. "Oh, will you exercise Mimosa for me today? I'd like her to get some light work a few times a week. Things will be getting busier with Remington for me, so I may need your help with her."

This was news to me. "Why are things going to get busier with Remington?"

Edward sighed. "Well it's time I sold him. He's got enough training now for an experienced rider to continue with him. We need to make room to bring in new projects. Not to mention room for Mimosa's foal."

"Oh." I knew Edward sold the horses he trained. I just conveniently forgot that little detail. Or at least tried to ignore it.

Edward reached over and took my hand when he saw the expression on my face. "This is one of the hardest parts of the job Bella. But I can't keep everything I train."

"I know. What about Masen? Will you sell him eventually?"

Edward was quick to shake his head. "No. He's like Aston. He's here permanently. Sparty isn't quite ready to go up for sale. Neither is Gunner, plus he's best buddies with Masen. Now would not be a good time to stress Masen."

"Okay." I was relieved Masen wasn't going anywhere. "What about Mimosa's foal?"

Edward kissed the back of my hand. "That's the other reason I need to sell a couple horses. Mimosa's first foal will most likely be the next show horse for one of us."

"One of us?"

Edward stood up and took our plates to the sink. "Sure. Depends on what Masen is up to by then. Aston will definitely be no longer showing. I'm only pulling him from retirement to give you a good showing experiences your first season out. Mimosa's foal won't be showing for five years or so. Other horses will come in. You may be showing Masen by then."

"Wait." I interrupted Edward. "You plan on me showing Masen?"

"Sure. You have a strong bond with him. Reminds me of Aston and myself. I figured you will at least start riding him some this summer. Depending on how things go, you might take him to some schooling shows. If not this summer then definitely next summer. I just want him to have some mileage before you start riding him. And I want you to have more time on Aston and probably Gunner."

I sat there speechless for a few moments. This was the most we had talked recently about my riding future. I had no idea the extent to which Edward really did believe in what I would be able to do in the future.

I must've been quiet longer than I realized. Edward reached out and shook my hand a little. "Earth to Bella. Are you okay?"

I glanced over. "Yes fine. Just in shock a little I guess."

Edward looked confused. "Why?"

"I guess I didn't realize how much you believed in my abilities."

Edward frowned. He pulled me over to sit on him. "Bella. You are very talented. You do have a lot to learn, but you have a lot of natural skill too. Not to mention you learn faster than anyone I have ever taught. Of course I believe in you. There is nothing you can't do, especially with my help." He grinned at me when I rolled my eyes at his last sentence.

"You and your ego, I swear."

Edward winked at me. "Well I just know what I'm good at."

I hopped off his lap. "Oh so do I." I raised an eyebrow at him and left for the barn, hearing him laugh behind me.

I had a good ride on both Aston and Mimosa. Mimosa was very happy to be out for a ride. I kept laughing at her because she kept trying to pick up the canter when we were supposed to be walking. Edward finally gave the okay to let her canter lightly. After a few circles both directions at the canter, Mimosa settled down and was willing to take things slower.

Once my ride was finished we walked over to where Edward was sitting on Sparty. "Apparently pregnancy agrees with her," he laughed.

"I guess so, silly girl." I patted Mimosa's neck. Edward and I rode the horses around the arena side by side, cooling them out. I always loved riding with Edward. I missed our trail rides. The weather just hadn't been nice enough to really take any.

That night I was just showered and changed when Alice showed up. Edward hollered from downstairs. "Bella, the wedding planning demon is here." I heard a smack and Edward swear. "I mean Alice, the all knowing planner is here."

I found the two of them in a semi wrestling match in the kitchen. Edward had Alice in a head lock, trying to give her a noogie. Alice was squirming and attempting to hit Edward. I cleared my throat and adopted my sternest voice.

"Do I need to separate you two? Put you in different corners?"

Edward chuckled and freed Alice. She glared at him before she bounced over to me. Edward headed up the stairs. Halfway up he turned and called back, "Love, I'll be loading the tranquilizer gun if you need me to control the pixie."

I laughed and Alice stuck her tongue out at Edward. I shook my head at Alice. "God you two must've been fun on road trips."

Alice giggled. "Um, so much fun Dad only tried it once. We almost gave him an aneurysm I think with our bickering."

We sat at the kitchen table and Alice started pulling binders out of her enormous bag. I felt a little twinge of nerves. Was I really planning my wedding? I played with the ring on my finger.

"Okay Bella. I am going to suggest five places. Hopefully one of them will strike you the right way."

"And Edward. He has a vote in some things."

"Okay. Edward too." Alice laid out information on the locations for me. There was one that instantly drew me and I picked up the brochure.

Alice smiled. "I knew you would like the Robinswood House."

"It's beautiful. And simple." Alice nodded.

Alice had me put the locations in order from my least to most favorite. She set that aside and started quizzing me on other details. Did we want a full meal or just hors d'oeuvres and cake. What about music? I gave her my preferences and she kept nodding and taking notes.

Finally after hearing her say I knew it for the sixth time, I stared at her. "You are freaky sometimes. You are aware of this?"

Alice laughed knowingly as she pulled out bridal magazines. I looked at the clock and realized we'd been at this for almost two hours. That was when Edward wandered down to check in on our progress. Alice shrieked and hid the bridal magazines. Edward came over and rubbed my shoulders. I reached over and patted her leg. "Easy Alice. We hadn't really started looking yet. He didn't see anything."

Alice looked up at Edward suspiciously. "And he's not going to. No seeing the dress until the day of the wedding. But as long as you're down here Bella can get your opinion on a few things."

Edward and I sat and talked while Alice excused herself to the bathroom. He also loved the Robinswood House. Well one thing decided, probably a thousand to go. He and I agreed we didn't want to go to the extent of the formal dinner. He got a funny little smile on his face after he told me that.

"Why are you smiling like that?"

Edward leaned over so he could speak quietly in my ear. "Because once we are married, I will want to get you out of the reception as soon as possible."

I raised an eyebrow at him. "Really? I like the sound of that."

I yawned as Alice came back in the room. I filled her in on the few things that were decided. Alice took down the date we were hoping to get married. She was going to contact the Robinswood staff right away in the morning. Edward stood behind me and played with my hair while Alice and I chatted. She left the bridal magazines for me to look through.

"Bella, just go through these and mark what you like. Hair, flowers, dresses, jewelry, whatever. Oh and if there are any tuxedos or suits you like, show them to Edward. Edward you need to help out with that."

Edward rolled his eyes. "I already told Bella I would."

"Good." Alice grabbed the rest of her stuff. "Bella don't forget you promised to help me cake taste test for Rosalie. Can you go a week from this Saturday?"

"Yes I can go."

"Excellent! We can go over more ideas for you then. I'll pick you up at ten." Alice hugged us both and left to go home.

I leaned my head back into Edward's hands as he rubbed my scalp. "Damn she is a force of nature."

Edward sat down next to me and pulled me over to sit on his lap. "Yes she is. But do you like her ideas?"

"I do. She has pulled thing that are exactly what we want. No wonder her planning business is growing so fast. She has a real good feel for her clients. It helps that she knows us so well too." I snuggled into Edward's chest and he rubbed my back. "I still can't believe it sometimes."

"What?" He murmured into my hair.

"That you want to marry me. It feels like I stumbled into someone else's dream." I still worried I'd wake up and none of this would be real.

Edward sat me up so he could look at me. "I assure you, this isn't a dream. I love you more than anything. And I can't wait to marry you. I'll call you Mrs. Cullen until you are sick of it."

I smiled as I circled my arms around his neck. "That isn't going to happen."

Later we were lying in bed together. Edward was wrapped around me, his chest pressed to my back. "Love?" He whispered in my ear.


"I had a suggestion for our honeymoon."

We hadn't discussed that yet. I rolled so that I could look at him. "Well do share Mr. Cullen."

"You and I share a common place that we have always wanted to go. I'm sure you remember when you told me about it on our first trail ride. I just didn't tell you I had the same wish. So I think we should go there."

My jaw dropped a little because I remembered exactly what he was talking about. "Ireland?"

Edward nodded. "Ireland."

"You've always wanted to go there too?"

"Yes. For the same reasons you want to. What do you think the future Mrs. Cullen?"

I launched into Edward and knocked him onto his back. "You are brilliant. That's what I think."

Edward gave me his crooked smile that I could see even in the dim light of the room.

"But Edward. That's going to be expensive. Can we afford that? We are doing the World Equestrian Games and with showing costs…."
Edward put one finger on my lips. "We can afford part. My parents have already told me they will contribute money towards wherever we want to go as a wedding present. I gave them a vague amount and they agreed. They don't know the location though. I wanted to tell you first."

"Oh my God. This is so exciting. Now I must marry you." I grinned and winked at Edward.

"Well I guess I should tell you I was kidding. We are actually going to a small town in Nebraska for our honeymoon."

"Ha ha, very funny."

Edward chuckled and pinched my butt. "I thought it was. You really like the idea?"

"I love it. There are so many places I want to see there." I moved up a little closer and draped my arms over Edward's shoulders.

"We will have to sit down and make a list. I'm assuming the Irish National Stud Farm is on that list?"

"Besides you, that is the only type of stud I will want to see in Ireland."

Edward rubbed my back. "Mmm, you flatter me, soon to be Mrs. Cullen."

"I only speak the truth." Edward rolled us onto our sides. "Ooh. Can we stay the night in a haunted castle?"

Edward looked at me like I was a little crazy. "Seriously?"

"Why not? If I have you there to protect me it's all good. You aren't scared are you?"

"Maybe. What if I need you to protect me?"

"We can protect each other." I yawned and Edward kissed my nose.

"Love, we can go wherever you want. Now get some sleep."

As I drifted off I thought since Edward had fulfilled so many of my dreams, it was time to bring one of his to life. I wasn't sure I could pull it off, but I was going to sure try.


Bella slept next to me, a little smile on her face. I was so happy she loved the honeymoon idea. I couldn't think of anything better than traveling Ireland with Bella.

I was so proud of her development as a rider too. She had come so far in a short time. I knew I had surprised her by telling her she would ride Masen at some point. I meant it too. I had no doubt it would happen. Sometimes I forgot to tell her how much she impressed me. I had to do better about not letting that happen.

I had enjoyed hearing her and Alice giggle and debate over wedding plans. It made me smile to remember that by the end of the summer Bella would be my wife. I eventually fell asleep like Bella, smiling.

The next few days were the normal routine. I could tell Bella was up to something though. At least I thought she was. Finally I just attributed her sidelong glances and cryptic smiles to wedding plans. It seemed to happen in the evening while she would sit across from me on the couch, marking pages in the bridal magazines. I had promised her I wouldn't touch the magazines and peek at what she dog-eared.

One evening she tore out and handed me several pages with men's tuxedos and suits. We debated what we liked and didn't. I narrowed it down to two designs. We decided we wanted to get Alice's opinion before I made the final call.

I watched Bella flip through pages. Her eyes would light up when she saw something she liked. She looked up and caught me staring. "What?"

"Just watching your face. I can tell when you see something you like."

"Oh." Bella paused for a moment. "Edward, do you have any opinion on my dress choice. I mean is there anything you don't want to see?"

"Well I suppose if your dress was black I would find that disconcerting." Bella rolled her eyes at me. "Love, you look stunning in everything. If the dress you choose makes you happy, then I know I will love it. You in a white wedding dress is all I want to see."

Bella grinned. "Okay. Just making sure."

"Actually I will be more interested in what I'll find under the dress that evening."

Bella laughed. "I'm sure you will be. I'll make sure it will be something you'll love."

Saturday Bella wandered down to the barn before Angela left to check with her about her availability on a few days she knew we'd be gone in the near future. I saw Angela leave but Bella didn't return. After about twenty minutes I wondered what was going on and why Bella hadn't come back up. I glanced at my cell to make sure I hadn't missed a text or call. Then I spotted her cell on the kitchen table. I growled a little in frustration. She was usually better at remembering to take her cell with her. James may be dead, but since his attack I harbored a lingering fear of Bella getting hurt. Finally I decided to walk out there to make sure she was okay.

As I entered the aisle way there was no sign of Bella. "Love are you still down here?"

"Yes Edward. I'm down in Aston's stall."

I strode down towards Aston's stall quickly, concerned something was wrong. But her voice didn't sound worried or upset. I pulled open Aston's door and froze. Bella was standing there with one arm draped over Aston's back. My gaze started at her feet, taking in the black boots she wore. Covering her legs were a pair of black fishnet stockings. My eyes continued traveling up over her black satin boy shorts and bustier. I knew when I finally met her eyes, my mouth was hanging open. "Bella?"

"Yes Edward." She gave Aston a pat and started walking slowly towards me.

"Aren't you freezing?" It was the only thing I could think to ask. All my blood had left my brain and headed south.

"Actually, I feel rather warm." Bella licked her lips as she approached me. I saw her eyes flick down to gaze at my obvious erection. The predatory look she was giving me now just made me harder. My heart felt like it might pound out of my chest.

"You look…….damn." I backed out of the doorway and Bella stepped out, closing the door behind her.

"Hmm." She ran one finger down my jaw. "Follow me please." Bella started walking down the aisle. The sway of her hips was hypnotic to watch. I adjusted my jeans as I trailed after her.

Bella opened the door to my office and gestured for me to enter before her. I walked in, noticing she'd obviously turned the heat on earlier. It was nice and warm in here. The office door clicked shut behind me. I turned to face Bella, who was leaning with her back against the door. She pushed off the door and walked towards me. That's when she brought the riding crop out from behind her back and tapped it on her palm.

"What are you planning on doing with that?" I hadn't seen her pick that up. But honestly I hadn't been looking at her hands either.

"Me? Nothing." Bella smiled and set the crop on my desk. "It's more for effect. Why? Do you need a spanking?" Bella arched one eyebrow at me before she circled behind me. I felt her hands caress over my ass before she lightly smacked me. I chuckled and heard her growl a little.

"If you are going to laugh Edward, maybe I need the crop." Bella spun me around and then pushed me down into my desk chair.

"I'm sorry." I gave her an apologetic look, playing along. "It won't happen again."

"Better not." Bella put one hand on her hip and looked down at me. "Take your shirt off."

"We're doing this here?"

Bella gave me a very naughty smile. "Yes. Do you have a problem with that?"

I ripped my shirt off and tossed it to the floor in answer to her question. Bella giggled.

"I didn't think you did. Jeans next please."

I stood up and stripped off my shoes and jeans. Bella came over and ran her fingers up and down my chest. "Edward…." She whispered as she traced a finger around one nipple.

"Yes." I was breathing faster and Bella had barely touched me.

"What do you want to do with me?" Her voice was husky. Bella gazed up at me with her dark chocolate eyes boring into mine.

Oh what a loaded question that was. I wrapped my arms around her and brought her hips to mine. "Everything please."

"I like the sound of that." Bella slid her hand in between us and stroked my erection through my boxers. I gasped and closed my eyes.

Bella stood up on her tiptoes so she could murmur in my ear. "Do you want to fuck me?"

Jesus Christ. I growled and walked her backwards until she was up against the wall. Any control I had vanished the moment those words left Bella's lips. "Yes I do."

Our eyes locked again and I pressed my body up against Bella's. She moaned when I rubbed my erection against her. "Do you want that? Do you want me to fuck you?" I was sure how things were about to proceed, but I wanted to hear her say it.

Bella gripped my hips in her hands. "Take me Edward, now. We can do sweet and slow later." Her voice was gritty with desire. As she bit her lower lip Bella yanked my boxers down and let them drop to the floor. "I want you. I need you."

I eyed the conveniently placed zipper on the front of her bustier. As I stepped out of my boxers I peeled it down, watching her breasts spill free. Bella threw her top to the floor. In one move she pulled off her boyshorts, revealing the fact that her stockings were crotchless. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Bella knew the effect her remaining outfit was having on me. She tilted her head at me. "Do you want me to leave the boots and fishnets on?"

I leaned down and picked her up. Bella wrapped her legs around my waist. She gave me a little grin. "I guess you do. I remember the last time you had me up against a wall."

I grinned back. "So do I, vividly." I rubbed the head of my cock at her entrance. "Damn you're wet for me."

"Mmm hmm." Bella scraped her teeth over her lower lip as she watched me. "Always."

I brought my lips to Bella's as I slid inside her. Our moans were muffled by our kiss. The moment we connected things just exploded. Bella's fingernails dug into my shoulders. Her legs clamped even harder around me and she ground her hips against mine. I broke the kiss and we both took a loud breath.

"God I love you." I was trying to have some restraint but the sounds Bella was making quickly destroyed that idea. I thrust into her hard and Bella arched off the wall and into me.

"I love you, Edward, I love you. Fuck you feel good." Bella's eyes shut as her forehead fell to my shoulder. I could hear her panting and moaning in my ear. Her breasts were molded against my chest.

Things were quickly building to a fever pitch. Bella's nails were scraping along my shoulders. We were both getting sweaty fast, Bella's skin slippery under my fingertips. A momentary worry about dropping her crossed my mind, but quickly vanished. I couldn't even think anymore, my other senses had taken over completely. I kept wanting more. I wanted to go harder and faster. When I did Bella seemed to just become more ramped up. We were feeding off each other's energy.

"More, Edward. Oh God…….so close."

I groaned feeling her body tighten around me. "Fuck you are getting tighter, love it."

"Edward." Bella's voice was so low I almost couldn't hear it.

I kissed along her neck, tasting the mixture of sweat and sweetness on her skin. Bella returned the favor. Her lips were hot and wet as she drug them along my skin.

"I'm going to, oh shit Edward." I thrust into Bella hard and deep, grinding my hips up against hers. Bella gasped and yelled out my name before she bit down on my neck.

The combination of her calling out my name, her teeth, her nails, and the way her body writhed against mine as her orgasm took over. I was gone. I drove into her a few times fast before my release hammered into me.

"Oh God Bella." I let out a long guttural moan as intense pleasure shot through me.

I was shaking a little as I came back to reality. Bella was limp and relaxed against me. Carefully I made sure I had a good hold on her before I pulled her off the wall. Backing up I found my chair and collapsed into it. We sat there wrapped around each other trying to catch our breath. Finally I found my voice again.

"Damn woman."

Bella giggled breathlessly against my shoulder. "Liked that huh?"

"Liked is not a strong enough word." My eyes were still closed. My other senses were still overwhelmed. I felt like every nerve ending in my body had been used to their limit.

"I agree." Bella snuggled into me a little more and I smiled when I heard her sigh. "I think we need that once a month at least."

"Need what love? We definitely have sex more than once a month."

Bella sat back and looked at me with a little glint in her eye. "No not sex in general. The tear off my panties, pin me against the wall, fuck my brains out kind of sex."

"Oh. I think I can handle that request. As often as you would like. There are lots of walls around here." I brushed a lone strand of hair back over her shoulder. My fingers stroked down and toyed with her nipple.

Bella's eyes darkened and she rolled her hips against mine. I smiled at her. "I could sit here all day like this love."

"Me too Edward." Bella leaned forward and ran her fingers up the back of my neck.

"Shall we throw enough clothes on to get inside? You said something about slow and sweet later. It's later."

Bella laughed. "So it is. Yes let's go." She got up off me and handed me my jeans. That was when I noticed her regular clothes in a neat stack in the corner of the office. While she changed I picked up our underwear that was strewn about.

As we left the office Bella took my hand in hers. Her fingers entwined with mine and I could feel her engagement ring. I was a very happy and very grateful man.

We were still pretty sweaty when we got back into the house. We decided we both needed a shower. Bella got there first so I decided just to join her. She gave me a big smile when I slid the shower door open. I stepped in and turned to shut us in.

"Holy shit! Did I do that?" Bella sounded horrified.

I faced her but she made me turn back around again. I felt her fingertips trace over my shoulders.

"Do what?" I had no idea what she was talking about.

"I scratched the crap out of you Edward." She pulled me back into the spray and I felt a slight sting. That was when I remembered what Bella had done with her fingernails earlier in the office.

"Oh, that. It doesn't hurt." It really didn't. Bella lathered up her hands and gently washed the area. The warm water and her caresses felt nice.

"Doesn't hurt my ass. I almost made you bleed Edward." Bella was clearly pissed at herself. I heard her continue to mutter under her breath as she rinsed me off.

I turned around and took Bella in my arms. She stiffened a bit and refused to look at me. "Bella." She just leaned her forehead into my chest. "Bella, you are overreacting."

Bella eyes blazed up at mine. Her fingers probed where her teeth had left a mark on my neck. "Overreacting? I left track marks on your back and bruised your neck. Didn't you notice?"

"At the time, yes I felt it. I liked it." Bella's eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open. "I'm not saying I desire lots of pain. But to me it just meant I had made you lose control completely." I pulled Bella tightly into me. "You have no idea how hot it is when you go wild like that."

"Really?" Bella still looked unsure.

"Put it this way. You liked it when I spanked you?"

Bella blushed and then nodded.

"Sometimes pleasure with a touch of pain is okay Bella. You liked the spanking. I liked feeling your nails dig into me. The street goes both ways."

"Oh." Bella looked thoughtful.

"I would tell you if you were gripping me too hard. Just like you would not let me accidentally hurt you."

"True." Bella still looked a little disconcerted that she had gone that far out of her normal bounds of control.

"Love, I promise. I'm okay."

Bella nodded and wet her hair again. I could tell we needed to talk about this more, but I was going to drop it for now. "Here let me." I grabbed some shampoo and began to wash her hair. Bella instantly relaxed and sighed as I massaged her scalp.

Bella left the shower ahead of me. After I changed into some sweats I found her in the den. She was curled up in the papasan asleep. I had a feeling that was how I'd find her. I pulled the remote from Bella's hand and she stirred, her eyes fluttering open. She patted the chair. "Join me."

"Of course." Bella scooted over and once I was sitting she snuggled into me. I wrapped an arm around her waist and stroked her face with my other hand. "Go back to sleep."

Bella wrapped her arms around me. I listened to her breathe and could tell she wasn't falling back asleep. Finally I asked, "What are you thinking?"

Bella shifted so that she could see me, laying her head back on the cushion. "I'm still thinking about what we talked about in the shower."

"What about it? Still bothering you?" I turned so I could see her face better.

"No. I guess I was just seeing your point. I love it when you lose all control because of something I've done to you. So I can see why you feel the same way."

I nodded. "And actually there was a very practical reason why I liked you gripping me so tightly today."

A flash of curiosity came over Bella's face. "What's that?"

"We were both so sweaty I was scared for a second I might drop you." I winked at her and Bella laughed loud. "That would've ruined the moment completely."

Bella laid her head back and smiled at me. "I love you."

"I love you too. Every intimate moment between us Bella, there is always love underneath it. The same love that is there when we take our time and build things slowly is there when I bend you over some surface and just take you. Or when you push me down and take control. It's just different types of intensity. As long as we stay open with each other about our desires, needs, and things we don't like, we'll be fine. And everything we do will be fine."

Bella was listening intently. Once I was done speaking she reached up and brushed my still damp hair off my forehead. "When did you get so damn smart?"

"When I started hanging out with you."

"Smooth Cullen. Very smooth." Bella yawned.

"Will you take a little nap now? Please. You look tired."

In answer Bella cuddled back into me. I slid my fingers under her shirt and traced them up and down her spine. Within several minutes her breathing slowed and I know she was asleep. I was a little surprised she had reacted so much to the fact that she had scratched me. It wasn't like it hadn't happened before, just not to that degree. Well at least it seemed I had reassured her that it was okay.

Even though I didn't have this extended kinky history, I still had more experience with sex in general. Bella was comfortable enough with me to push her boundaries, but sometimes the results of her spur of the moment decisions caught her off guard. Hell, she caught me off guard today. I knew I would always remember that first sight of her. Standing in the stall in that outfit. The look on her face as she watched me look her over. Bella knew exactly how much power she wielded over me in that moment. It was a power I was willing to let her have for the rest of my life.

I zoned out watching ESPN while Bella snoozed on me. After about an hour she shifted in my lap and let out a little sigh. I looked down to see her smile in her sleep. Looked like she might be dreaming, which meant she might start talking. That was always fun.

Sure enough, a few minutes later Bella murmured my name. I turned the volume down further on the television so I could hear her. Then she moaned. Not a little one either. Oh this could be really fun. I watched as she became more restless. Bella brought one hand up over her head, arching her chest upwards. "Yes, more Edward." I had a feeling I was going to enjoy this dream as much as she was.

That was when I decided to get her to the bedroom. Usually when Bella was dreaming it took a lot to wake her, so I knew I could move her. I walked back with her in my arms and lay her down gently on the bed. Sensing she had more room, Bella stretched out, whispering my name.

I lay down next to her. "Yes love."

"Mmm, touch me." Bella ran her hand down the center of her body, stopping at the waistband of her shorts.

Lightly I reached out and cupped one breast. Bella's nipple was already hard under my palm. I rubbed her and she pressed up into my hand. Carefully I pulled up the front of her t-shirt, exposing her breasts. I kissed one nipple gently and then the other. Bella moaned again as one of her hands found its way into my hair.


"Yes?" I kissed my way down her stomach, smiling when her hips tilted towards me.

"Oh God."

I sat back and admired the flush in Bella's cheeks. She was panting a little as she reached for my retreating form. It was time to wake her up. I reached down and pulled one her leg up over my hip. When I pressed my erection into her, Bella groaned and pushed back into me. I grabbed her hips, letting her rub against me as she slept. When I forced her to lie still she frowned a bit.

I kissed under her ear. "Bella? Wake up."

Bella tried to press her hips into mine again. I let her grind against me a few times before I stopped her again. I sucked one nipple into my mouth, nibbling on it a little. I released it with a kiss and looked up at her. She was almost awake.

"Bella. Wake up." Her eyes fluttered for a moment. "I want you love, wake up."

Bella's eyes finally opened and she looked slightly confused. I watched her look down and take in her naked breasts and how she was pressed into my erection. Her eyes darted back up to mine and she blushed a little.

"You've been having an interesting dream. I may have been encouraging it just a little."

Bella wrapped her arms around me. "You have huh? Would that be why my shirt is half off?"

"Maybe." I leaned in and ran my tongue over each nipple. Bella gasped lightly and rocked into me.

"This seems better than the dream I was having though." I pushed Bella onto her back and settled between her legs. She gazed up at me and pulled at the edge of my t-shirt. I sat up and pulled it off, watching as she did the same. Kneeling over her, I slowly pulled her shorts down and dropped them to the floor. Bella sat up and placed her hand directly on my erection, grasping it lightly. "I think your sweats need to come off Edward."

I pulled my sweats off and sent them to the floor too. Bella lay back against the pillows and wiggled a finger at me. "Come here." I moved back up to where I had been, propping myself on my elbows. I rubbed the head of my cock through her moisture and Bella closed her eyes, a little groan escaping her.

I placed my lips in the hollow over her throat, slowly kissing my way up her neck. "Love you so much." I wrapped my arms underneath Bella's shoulders, bringing our bodies even closer together.

Bella spread her legs wider underneath me before she clasped them around my legs. "I love you too." I brought my lips to hers. We stayed like that for a while, every inch of our bodies pressed together, our kisses becoming more heated. Bella began to twist her body beneath mine, trying to complete our connection. She rubbed her liquid heat against me, looking for something to relieve the ache I knew we both felt.

"Do you need me love?" I whispered in her ear.

Bella's voice was husky with arousal. "You know I do."

"Where do you need me?" I sucked her earlobe into my mouth and she tried harder to arch up into me.

"Inside me. Edward, please. Fill me."

In the complete opposite of earlier, I pressed into Bella inch by torturous inch. I listened to her breathing catch when I finally was all the way inside her. We lay still for a moment. Bella started speaking low in my ear.

"So perfect. You feel so perfect. I love you so much."

"God Bella." I moved back so I could look in her eyes. "I love you. I feel so much I can't find words."

"Then show me." Bella's hands traced down my back. "Show me what you feel lover." Her body pressed eagerly up into mine and I took the hint. My movements were long and slow. I reveled in each slide back into her body. Bella moaned each time we were rejoined completely.

"More, Edward."

"Not yet." I was going to keep us at a smoldering burn for a bit.

Bella growled and gripped my back. I knelt back just a little and took her hands. I slid them up above her head and held them there with one hand. Bella's eyes burned at me, not with anger but with lust. "Not yet love."

I drove into her, pressing deep and allowing her to grind against me every few strokes. I bent down and took one of her nipples in my mouth again, nipping and pulling on it. Bella twisted underneath me, letting out a little cry when I did the same to the other nipple. "You're killing me," she gasped.

"Oh I don't think so." I crashed my lips into hers and Bella responded to the change in intensity with a deep moan. Her tongue twisted with mine as little pleading sounds came from the back of her throat. Bella's heels pulled at the backs of my thighs, trying to pull me in faster or tighter.

I gave into her pleas finally and thrust hard into her. Bella let out a deep sound of satisfaction when our bodies collided. Her body arched into mine as she pulled at her hands.

"Please, I need to touch you Edward. Please." I released her hands as I started thrusting harder but still slow. Bella moved one leg and planted her foot on the mattress, rolling her hips harder into mine. Her hands grasped my hips, trying to pull me deeper.

I wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer. I was right on the edge of my release and could feel Bella was too. Every push her muscles got a little tighter around me, holding me in her a little firmer. Bella was so tightly wound that her legs had started to shake a little.

Bella's eyes met mine and they were unfocused like they always got when she was on the verge of orgasm. "You are about to come so hard Bella, aren't you?"

That was all it took. Bella's head fell back with a sharp cry. "Oh holy Christ, Edward." I drove into her harder and Bella moaned again as she wrapped herself around me.

"I love it when you come hard around me. Fuck." I growled as my orgasm took over. I pumped into her a few more times before I collapsed against her shaking and sweaty, the aftershocks still tingling through my body. "God Bella."

"Mmm, yes baby." Bella relaxed her legs but kept her arms wrapped around me.

I was panting as Bella ran her fingers up and down my back. "Am I too heavy?"

"No. Stay here."

I turned my head and Bella looked over at me. She smiled and ran her hand through my hair. "You have definite sex hair right now Edward."

"Well I have a great stylist." Bella broke into a fit of giggles and ruffled my hair a little more.

We lay there for awhile talking quietly, with quiet pauses where we just looked at one another. That was something I loved about us. During those quiet moments, we were still communicating just as much as we were when we spoke to one another. That kind of intimacy was hard to find, and I would have Bella to share it with forever.

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