I looked around the lunch room, desperately searching for a place to sit. I used to dream that when Harper moved, I could sit with Gigi and all of her popular friends. They hadn't exactly given me an invitation to sit with them, but it never hurt to make the first move, right? But today, Harper is gone, and I have no where to sit. I can feel people staring at me and I find the exit, and bail.

I could go to the library, that's open during lunch. No, no I don't want to go there. Where else? Um, there's the gym. just no, but hell no. I hate gym with a passion. No way was I going to spend an entire lunch period in there. Outside? No, Harper and I went outside once, and they yelled at us to get inside either A) the school or B) the gym. A teacher yells at me to get out of the hallway. I pretend to need to get something out of my locker. She asumes I'm getting library books and leaves me alone. I wait for a second, and then continue walking down another hallway. Eyes, I can feel the eyes on me all over again. I've gotta get out of here. There's a door. I open it and pray I don't find myself face to face with a Health class.

The first thing I hear is laughter, followed by a 'your terrible, May' or maybe it was Shane. I don't know. I can't focous on their words.

"Don't judge my super awesome song writing skills!" one of the voice says.

"Oh, I would never-" the other voice begins, but she stops. I feel eyes again. I open my eyes.

"Who are you?" A girl with straight black hair and thick eyeliner asks. She's wearing a white T-shirt with a glittery black guitar in the middle. She has a black scarf tied around her neck.

"Fresh meat." A guy with skater black hair and a black beenie hat says. I know him. He's Shane, he's in advance Math with me. He smiles at me.

"No, no. I thought we agreed on no newbies whatsoever." A blond hair girl interferes. She has on a blue tank and simple jeans. Her eyes are glaring at me.

"Tess, shut up." A hidden voice ventures. They move out of the way to reveal a girl with wavy brown hair and tight black leather jeans, a leather jacket, and an ACDC shirt. She has a mischevious smile on her face and her eyes are playful. Her smile brightens to me. "You sing?"

"Well, um, a little…not in front of people." I mumble.

"Ohhh, mumbling. Nu-uh, that's ba-a-ad. I'd try and drop that habit right now if I were you." A guy with a high-pitched voice says. I hadn't even realized the guy sitting next to the girl with the mischevious grin. His hair is straight and he is boredly picking at his fingernails.

"Please, ignore our beloved gay friend Jase here." Mischevious Grin Girl tells me.

"Picking your nails is a bad habit to." I tell him, –Jase?- making sure that I'm not mumbling.

He looks up at me and smiles. Then he looks at the girl with the playful eyes (who is still staring at me, might I add) and says, "I like this girl. You always know, Mitch," I want to ask him what he means but he answers before I get a chance to voice my question. "The second Mitchie saw you stumble in she told me she had a feeling that you were the girl to make are group complete. I say she's in."

Mitchie's mischevious smile grows wider. "I told you."

Skater Boy stares at me. "She's cute. Definetly cute. You got a number, cutie?"

I stare at him.

"Shane, you are such a pig." The girl with straight black hair grumbles in disgust.

"Hey Pig, rember me? Your girlfriend?" Mitchie hisses, her playful eyes in a cold glare. It seemed wrong.

Shane spins around to Mitchie. "I love you baby." His tone is playful.

Mitchie rolls her eyes. "Yeah, right."

Shane walks over and kisses Mitchie's cheek. He sits on the right of her and throws his arms around her shoulders.

"So we all agree? She's in?" Mitchie clarrifies, looking around the room.

"No, we do not all agree." Tess hisses. She glares at me. "And besides, we're not all here, anyway. We're short of two people we call Nate and Caity. Remember them?"

"Ah, Nathaniel won't mind. And Caity has been on our butt's on getting another person in here." Jase says, shrugging in a 'no biggie' way.

"Don't tell her that!" Tess snaps.

"I-" I try to cut in, but I am not heard.

"Ella agrees with me, don't you?" Tess turns to the girl with the black hair.

Ella is quiet for a minute, her face blank. Then finally, she says, "Nah, something in the air is strongly telling me to ignore you, Little Tessie."

Tess makes a whiny sound and stomps her foot. "Either she goes or I go."

Mitchie shrugs. "There's the door."

Tess jaw opens and then closes a few times, then she bows her head in shame and heads over to the stage and starts tinkering with the microphone stand.

Mitchie watches her for a second and then redirects her attention to me. "So what do you say our little minion, you in?"

"I-I don't know…I can't really sing in front of people."

Mitchie opens her mouth, but Ella beats her to speaking. "So what do you say watashi no Tomodachi?"

"I – what?"

Mitchie rolls her eyes. "Ella's family is Japanese so every now and then she speaks Japanese just to confuse us. I figured she would do it to you sometime, I'm actually surprised she took this long."

They all turn and look at her, their eyes questioning. Ella shrugs. "What? I decided to give her a break, it seemed like she's had a rough day."

They nod.

"And besides," Jase says, getting back on topic, "we're not 'people' we are enlightened nomads. So you should be fine with singing in front of us."

"I, um, o-okay."

Mitchie smiles. "Welcome to the music nerds."


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