True love Never Fades



Disclaimer: I dont own the Twilight Saga, the brilliant Stephenie Meyer does.

Summary: Since 1866, Edward tortured himself over the death of his love. The year is 2005 and somehow, she is back in his life. What will it take for history to not repeat itself?

True Love Never Fades

Chapter 1: Too Little, Too Late

October 15th, 1866

Edward was sitting in the trees watching the most beautiful woman he had ever known sit on the porch talking with guests at a party she was attending. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress with dark blue flowers sewn into the bodice. Her long, curly brown hair was pulled back a little with the rest of her hair flowing around her shoulders.

He would smile when she would smile her true, serene smile with her friends. It made him feel more at peace knowing that she was happy once more. It also pained him, because he knew that her pain was because of him. The fact he had 'disappeared' six years prior to this evening.

It was only a small news clipping in the newspaper 'Doctor and Son Missing'. The search lasted only a few weeks, but Edward's lovely Bella didn't stop searching for a year. Her family believed they had convinced her that Edward was dead, but he knew that she felt it wasn't true. Edward would sit outside her window and would watch as she would look over the photograph she had of him that was taken at their engagement party.

As much as it pained Edward, he could not go to the love of his life. He watched as she mourned over his 'death'. He was there when she met her husband and married him, but he knew from the look in her eyes that the intensity of her love for her husband wasn't as strong as it was for him. Edward looked in on her after she gave birth to her son four years ago. It pained him to see her living on with her life, but even if he was dead, it would have happened as he wanted. He wanted his beloved Bella to love someone, to have a family, to be happy.

Over the course of these six years were torturous for Edward. His father had insisted that they move to a new home to keep their identities hidden, but he refused to leave his Bella.

Isabella Swan-Hunt was standing outside talking to her friend, Ruth. "Mama!" a voice called. She looked over and a smile appeared on her face.

"Hello," she greeted as she lifted her four-year-old son up from the ground.

She kissed his forehead gently. "Aren't you supposed to be in bed?" she asked. He shook his head slowly, making her laugh softly. "I will be back, I have to put him to bed," she informed.

"Take your time," Ruth assured her.

Bella smiled as she took her son upstairs to bed.

Afterwards, the young woman walked downstairs and bumped into her brother. "I'm sorry Charles," she murmured.

"It is quite alright," Charles answered.

He kissed his sister's forehead. "What a lovely party," he told her.

"Thank you," she answered.

Bella let out a deep breath as she left the house when she saw her husband talking with his friends. "Richard," she called walking over to him.

"Yes my dear?" he answered smiling.

"I have to travel to town tomorrow, could you take me?" she asked.

"What for?" he asked curiously.

"I need to buy a new jacket for Thomas, he ripped another one," she replied.

Richard chuckled lightly before kissing his wife's cheek. "Of course, of course," he replied. Bella smiled a little before walking back to their guests.

The next day, Bella had bought the jacket that Thomas needed and was supposed to meet with her husband by the dress shop. She tapped her foot lightly on the ground as she waited for her husband and her child.

Edward had gone on a hunt, he hadn't hunted in days and he needed to control his thirst again before he went to watch over Bella again.

Bella sighed irritably as she looked at the clock that hung in the dress shop. "Where could he be?" she queried. Richard was never late. She bit her lower lip as she put her box on the windowsill of the dress shop and ventured out to find her husband.

The one part she did not like was the fact New York was extremely dark at night, except for the street lamps that were on and the very few stores that were open. "Richard?" she called. She continued down the dark streets when she saw what looked like a person lying in an alley. Hurrying through the narrow walls, she immediately recognized the person. "Richard!" she gasped. She turned her husband over and covered her mouth with a scream. His eyes were open but lifeless and his skin was pale and cold.

Standing up, she went to run when she saw someone standing there. She let out a gasp and felt her heart start to speed up as fast as it could in her chest. "Don't worry…" the person commented. His bright red eyes bore into her brown eyes. He grabbed her around her throat and shoved her backwards into the wall a little harder, making her cry out in pain. "This'll hurt just a little," he sneered.

"SOMEONE HELP ME!" she screamed before he cut off her air supply.

Edward was walking down the streets when he spotted the box still sitting on the windowsill of the dress show. He lifted it up and Bella's scent reached his nose. "SOMEONE HELP ME!" he suddenly heard her scream.

"No!" he exclaimed.

He dropped the box and ran vampire speed towards where the scream came from.

Finding the alley, Edward stopped dead in his tracks at what he saw. Two lifeless bodies, but the second lifeless body is what broke him. "No, no, no!" he hissed running over to her. He dropped to his knees as he looked at Bella's lifeless body. "Bella…no…no," he insisted as he lifted her up in his arms. His hand shook as he rested it against her cheek, her skin was still a little warm. "Bella no, please don't be dead please," he whispered.

He placed her back down on the ground and closed his eyes as he tried to listen or her heartbeat. No heartbeat reached his ears. "No, no," he murmured brokenly as he picked her back up in his arms. He sat back against the wall as his body started to shake. "Please come back, Bella please," he begged hugging her tight, but not enough where it would break her body. He gripped her hair, burying his face into the dark brown tresses, trying to savor what scent she had left. "Please don't leave me," he begged. Dry sobs took over his body as he rocked back and forth with Bella in his arms. "ISABELLA!" he shouted at the top of his lungs.

Edward looked up when he heard people coming his way. "I heard the scream from here," a person informed. The vampire placed the lifeless girl back on the ground.

"Forgive me Isabella, my love, I'm sorry I didn't save you," he whispered.

He closed her eyes and kissed her cold, dead lips. "I love you," he whispered. He looked at her neck to find her engagement ring that he had given her hanging around her neck.

"This way!" a voice called.

Edward ripped the chain from her neck and jumped up onto the roof, running as fast as he could back home.

During the funeral, it was raining and around the two graves stood the mourners all covered by black umbrellas. Edward was standing under the trees not too far away watching and listening to the service. If he hadn't felt empty before, he surely felt empty at that very moment. He looked into his hand at the ring that was staring back at him. He would fix the clasp and wear it with him always. "Son?" Carlisle called gently to his son. He stood behind Edward, his hand resting on his arm.

"I failed her," he said quietly.

He watched as the crowd dispersed, leaving to go back to the Hunt home. Swallowing hard, Edward waited until they were inside again before he took the bouquet of freesias he had in his hand and walked over to Bella's grave. Kneeling down in front of the freshly buried grave, he placed the freesias in front of the headstone. "I am sorry love," he whispered. He ran his fingers over the engraving. "I am sorry I failed you," he whispered. Carlisle walked over and helped his son up from the ground, trying his best to comfort him the only way a father would know how to comfort his grief-stricken son.

After what felt like an eternity, Edward left the graves leaving New York with his father, never to return.