six months later.

Castiel watched as Dean taught Caelum how to throw stones with deadly accuracy at stationary targets of tin cans and plastic bottles all in a row. The angel's hands were thrust deep within his pockets as he watched them proudly, a slight smile gracing his mouth and warming his features gently. He felt pride for Dean, his lover, father of their children, showing their son normal boyhood things and pride for Caelum himself, for being just as bright and cheerful as Elisha had been at his age.

Like Elisha before him, Caelum was a fast grower, already a toddler at six months old. Castiel knew that Caelum would be a credit to them, as much as Elisha was.

"He's good with that boy, isn't he?" Bobby asked, as he wheeled to a stop beside Castiel, staring at Dean still playing with Caelum.

Castiel looked down at the hunter and smiled proudly at him.

"Yes, he is. Dean's a good father. He was, and still is with Elisha," Castiel said, gently.

"That he is, boy, that he is. You both are good fathers," Bobby said, patting Castiel's arm proudly.

"Thank you, Bobby," the angel replied, touched by his comment, not having received many like ot from the hunter before.

Bobby shrugged out a "no problem" but remained silent for a time. His eyes remained trained on Dean and Caelum, watching as the small boy giggled and knocked over every single can and bottle with every stone that he threw.

"Makes you want to have more kids, don't it?" Bobby asked, raising his eyes to meet Castiel's, who didn't bother to mask his surprise. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have made the assumption, Cas."

"No, that's fine, Bobby. I guess neither Dean nor I really thought about it," Castiel replied, surprise warming his voice as much as it startled his eyes. "If we can still have children, then I wouldn't say no to it. I know Dean wants a big family."

Bobby nodded, smiling at Dean and Caelum as they both waved at them. Castiel waved back, while Bobby nodded at them agreeably.

"That's something to think on, Cas," Bobby said, as he watched dean swing Caelum onto his shoulders and joggle him around to make him squeal. "Look how he is with that boy. I've never seen him that happy in a long time. I think he likes being a father."

"Yeah, he does like it," Castiel said, tenderly, as he watched Dean make aeroplane noises and dip and buck with Caelum still on his shoulders. "I like being a father too."

Caelum was giggling still and demanding more, arms outspread as though trying to fly. Castiel was looking misty eyed when Bobby cast a glance up at him once more.

"Just don't leave it too long, son," the hunter said, quietly, making Castiel smile down upon him gently. "Make Dean happy and have more kids."

"I always strive to make Dean happy," Castiel replied, without real rancour.

"I know you do, son. Dean would move Heaven and Earth for you, too," Bobby observed, turning away to watch Dean and Caelum comecloser.

"I know he would," Castiel replied, sounding distant, loved, loving.

"Daddy," Caelum yelled when he spied Castiel, small arms reaching for the angel from Dean's shoulders.

Castiel smiled again and reached back at Caelum, easing him from Dean's shoulders gently and allowing Caelum to wrap his arms about his neck in a tight hug, supporting the boy's eight with both arms. He looked back at Bobby who was smiling proudly at the angel, eyes glittering from beneath his ball cap with what almost could have been tears.

Dean leant in and kissed Castiel tenderly, mouth claiming Castiel's lips warmly, as Elisha trailed out, humming aimlessly as she carried mugs of steaming, fresh brewed coffee for everyone on a tray. She passed a small cup of juice to her brother, smiling at Caelum when he reached for it happily.

Castiel smiled at Elisha, and looked back at Caelum as he drank his juice. Where Elisha had taken after Castiel himself with her dark hair and blue eyes, Caelum had taken after Dean. His eyes were shimmering green, his hair dark sandy brown. His smile however, was as mysterious as Castiel's, but his giggle was pure happy childish and all his own.

Sam was the last to trail out of the house, looking down upon the family standing in among the trashed cars with Bobby and he smiled. Theirs was a picture of contentment, of a family just starting to settle into what it meant to be a family, something which Dean in particular had always wanted, despite railing against the idea of an apple pie life existence. Sam watched Bobby lead the family back to the house, huffing slightly in the heat from outside and needing the cool air of inside.

Castiel put Caelum down upon the ground, and watched him run before Bobby to run circles around his uncle Sam's feet and making Sam dizzy, yet laughingly so. The angel turned to Dean, found the hunter already watching him and they shared a nod of understanding. It was as though they both were saying without words that if the chance came up again, then neither would turn down the chance of having more children ....