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Chapter 1

Doctor Carson Beckett slumped back onto his bed and sighed.

As far as days went in the Pegasus Galaxy the day had been pretty tame. No alien takeover, no wraith attacks. Nope it had been a nice calm day and he had managed to get some of the paper work done that had been sitting on his desk for weeks.

He could really do with another doctor on the base though. There were nurses galore but no actual doctors and it would be good to have someone to share the load with. In fact Elizabeth had dropped the hint a few months ago but he had been fixed against it...but now he wasn't too sure. And, if he took her up on the offer he would be able to go on more away missions.

He closed his eyes and breathed deeply more than ready to let sleep take him despite the early hour - until his door chimed, telling him that someone was at the other side.

He rubbed a weary hand over his face and heaved himself from the bed.

He waved his hand over the sensor and the door whooshed open revealing the smiling face of one of the Daedalus crew-members. He had forgotten that they were due.

"Hey doc, got a delivery for you," the younger man told him cheerily while he rooted around in the cart he used.

"Ahh here we go," he held out a couple of envelopes and a few packages to him.

"Thanks lad, safe journey back now," he smiled stepping back into his room.

"Try my best doc," the man's voice laughed as he walked away from the door and onto his next stop.

Carson dropped the stuff onto his bed and lay back against the headboard working his way methodically through the packages and letters.

There was a text book he had requested from Stargate command, a CD he had wanted for who knew what reason but it must have made sense at the time and a jar of coffee hah he would love rubbing that one in Rodney's face when he saw him next.

He sat the stuff aside and moved onto the letters. He recognised the hand writing of one immediately and ripped the envelope open without even glancing at the rest.

July 19th

Dear Uncle Carson,

Hey you. I don't know where you have been hiding yourself but no news is good news right so I am assuming you are still alive.

Dad is fine. He is still having problems with his heart but you know what it's like trying to stop him from doing stuff I might as well be talking to a stone wall, same goes for trying to get him to eat salad.

Kitty is doing well honestly couldn't you have thought of a more imaginative name to call your cat when you got it for Pete's sake, whenever I go to call her in at night I expect every cat in the neighbourhood to come swarming to the door. She is adorable though and nothing calms me down more than to sit with her purring in my lap.

Umm, ok, so I think that's me.

Love you loads.

Dr J. Keller.

Carson stopped breathing as the letter fell from his hand and drifted to the bed.

He quickly recovered and picked it back up re-reading the last line.

Dr J. Keller

(Pause for effect ;-))

Carson rolled his eyes and laughed at that extra line it was just like her.

So, have you picked yourself of the floor yet?

I did it. You are now talking to (well...not exactly but you get what I mean) the youngest Dr on planet earth. Of course I'm also socially backwards and don't know how to communicate with people my own age but hey, I think I can deal with that.

Now it is a case of trying to find a job. Do you know how hard that part is? Well, yeah I suppose you do...

I mean even with being imaginative about how old I am they take one look at me and treat me like a child. And I have really perfected the hair, dress and make-up thing to make me look older (I look really sophisticated)

I can't believe that I managed to get through college and my intern ship without anyone thinking I was young and then as soon as I'm finished and have proven myself they all think I'm a baby. Uh it isn't fare.

I'm sorry, I didn't write this letter to complain.

How are you anyway?

Dad says that it doesn't matter how many questions I ask you, you can only answer some questions.

So I'll ask you some yes/no questions how about that?

1. Is it dangerous where you are and what you are doing - I'd go with yes for that one.

2. Have you got yourself a girlfriend - yet probably not, you know it really isn't fare for you to try and bully me into getting out there if you don't.

3. Are you in the US - I'll go with no but knowing would be nice anyway.

I can't really think of any more straight forwards questions other than that you had better be looking after yourself because if you're not you'll have me to answer to the next time I see you.

Love you lots


P.S - Dad gave me the 'packaged one year in advance' birthday present and thank you I loved it. Everyone else gets me grown up stuff (I have medical journals coming out of my ears) so gift cards for normal books and music was the best. :)

Carson couldn't swipe the ridiculous grim from his face as he re-read the letter.

She had done it. His genius of an adoptive niece had reached her goal of becoming a doctor. He couldn't be prouder of her if she was related to him by blood.

Pride oozed from every pore as he scanned the letter for the third time.

The youngest doctor on planet earth. And she wasn't kidding either. At seventeen she was the youngest. She had a level intelligence to give Rodney a run for his money any day and if he could remember correctly she was fluent in several languages...Now what were they again...? But it didn't matter. The fact was Rodney would be livid.

It was a shame though that she could not find employment. He knew what she was talking about when she mentioned faking her age, he after all had been the one to help her with that writing her references, but he had lost track of time and had forgotten that she would be coming close to the end of it all.

"Wait a minute,"

Carson slapped his head; he couldn't believe he had been so stupid.

A job. The extra doctor Elizabeth wanted him to take on.

He leapt from the bed and ran to the door, running his hand over the pad he raced down the corridor ignoring the strange looks that he was receiving from various expedition members.

His mind raced.

Jennifer was a smart lass, she wouldn't be too shock or terrified by the idea of aliens and galaxies and the like. She could compose herself like an adult and cope under pressure. True, she hadn't been lying about the lack of communication and socialising skills but she had never been one for making friends...but they could work on that. Shepherd was like a big kid half of the time anyway, Rodney was the whiney one,Teyla was the mother figure and Ronon...he was just there.

No, he couldn't see her having problems with any of the team if she came and Elizabeth was accepting of any new talent while the rest of the expedition just kept their heads down and followed SGA 1's lead.

He just needed to convince Elizabeth and then he would be able to convince Jennifer. But he had to get it done tonight. The Daedalus would be leaving in the morning and either he or a letter needed to be on it. The ship would take a month to reach earth, a weeks or maybe less to gather supplies, and them another month to return.

Now if he went, chances would be that he would come back the month before she did, so he was looking at a four month wait either way. One month for him to get to earth, one month to return, another month for the Daedalus to return to earth and then another month for Jennifer to arrive.

He stopped running and knocked on the door to Elizabeth's office.

Yip, he had it all planned.

Now he just had to convince her.

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