Jennifer smiled to herself as she walked through the silent corridor and back to her room. She had left the rest of the group behind at the last corridor t-junction arguing over the pros and cons of Walt Disney. When she had left Rodney was all for attempting to re-calibrate the gate in an attempt to make it into a time machine and popping off Disney.

She giggled to herself as she swiped her palm across the sensor and her bedroom door opened smoothly and shut behind her with a soft thud.

She began to lay out the clothes she would need for the next day, shaking her head with a smile as she remembered the conversation that had followed Rodney's 'suggestion'.

"Rodney, you would not be-able to come back," John had helpfully pointed out, earning a scowl from the team's leading scientist. Apparently the theory of time travel through the gate had been...explored (although not entirely on purpose it would seem). And it was not all good news that had come from the experiment.

"It would be worth it," Rodney had grumbled, scuffing his shoes childishly along the floor before raising his head and glaring at John. "I would be saving future generations from years of torture,"

His voice, so filled with conviction, had trailed off as she had stolen away from the stationary group.

She stripped herself of her clothes, pulled her nightshirt over her head and quickly laid out the cloths that she would need for the next day. She glad that she had taken a shower before leaving for movie night because she had no energy to have one now and climbed into bed, sighing happily as the cool sheets hit her warm skin.

Was this what it felt like to 'fit in'?She thought to herself, feeling slightly sad that she did not actually know the answer to it. And yet a spark of hope flickered somewhere in the back of her mind. After years of always being on the outside of any group because of her age she felt a warmth in her chest at the idea of maybe, finally, belonging somewhere. Belonging to a bunch of people... Having someone other than her father care for her and watch out for her.

Tonight had been a good night, she decided, curling up on her side and hugging her pillow tightly to her chest. Her father always found it funny how she slept curled up into herself with her arms and head at a weird angle as she cuddled the pillow under her head to her.

Jennifer missed her father. He was always worried that she never had any friends and never got out. She would make sure to tell him about tonight in the next letter that got sent out on the Deadolus. Maybe that would set his mind at ease a little. Her father - she had often observed - was a born worrier. She had wondered occasionally ift he death of her mother had made him that way... But she guessed she would never know.

The film that Ronon had chosen had not been quite as painful to sit through as she had thought it would be. But how the big tough alien worrier had managed to pick Mary Poppins to watch was beyond her. How Marry Poppins was even available on the base was another mystery entirely. She thought he would be more likely to go for action, blood, guts and gore. Maybe a bit of 'Alien' or 'Chain-saw Massacre' or even a good John Wayne. Not...well...Mary Poppins. Maybe alien men were wired differently.

It had been highly amusing to watch the faces around her. Some of them lighting up with the joys of childhood memories and others cringing as they shrank further into their seats - personally Jennifer just thought that they didn't want to lose face by showing how much they liked the film. After all, if it was that bad there was nothing making them sit and watch it.

"Is that really what earth child care is like?" Tayla had asked her brows creased in concentration as the end credits began to roll and the 'audience' started to shift.

Jennifer giggled and shook her head as a reply, while Rodney looked like he wanted to throw up at the very suggestion that a singing nanny EVER had anything to do with his upbringing and mental growth.

Jennifer sighed happily and relaxed into the mattress. Maybe movie night wasn't too bad after all.

(Some hours later)

She felt as though she had only just dosed off in the comfort of her nice bed when the panicked voice of one of the staff nurses had come crackling through her radio.

The fogginess clouding her mind lifted immediately as she reached for the radio, going straight into doctor mode.

"Keller here," she announced croakily into the mouth piece, coughing to clear the sleep from her voice.

"You are needed in the infirmary doctor,"

Jennifer threw the covers from her body and quickly changed, all the while listening to the nurse who was saying something about one of the teams coming back with serious injuries.

"I am on my way,"

She dashed through the dark, silent halls the rubber of her shoes squeaking on the floor as she turned corners nearly crashing into walls and doors in her rush to reach the infirmary.

Pandemonium greeted her as the infirmary door slid open noiselessly. Nurse fluttered about the room, their arms filled with bandages and one was even brandishing a syringe like she had never used one before. Several beds were occupied by bloodied - but breathing - bodies.

"Oh Doctor Keller, thank goodness," a staff nurse gushed, coming to her side.

Jennifer headed straight for a sink and scrubbed viciously at her hands, until they were pink and stinging before snapping on a pair of gloves.

And to think that the night had started off so well.

"What's happened Kate," Jennifer tried to stay calm when all she wanted to do was bash together several heads and send the present nurses back on the first available flight - hostile or otherwise - to earth. And where was Carson. She knew he was busy with the research but he was supposed to be available for emergencies - his quarters were nearer to the infirmary for that very reason.

"It is SGA - 7,"

So not the team that where actually due back that evening. The nurse followed her over to the sink as she scrubbed up and snapped on a pair of gloves.

"The planet they were scouting was supposed to be lifeless. Only vegetation. But the animal life didn't take kindly to the intrusion,"

"Who is the most injured,"

"Doctor Keller to the gate room please! Medical team required,"

So, it was going to be one of those nights was it.

Ronons POV

Ronon woke to the sound of someone running through the hall outside his room and his senses immediately flared as he glanced at the flashing numbers on the clock beside his bed. Despite Atlantis always being busy it took something unusual for someone to be racing through the halls at 2.15 in the morning.

He rolled out of the bed and threw on his clothes, he was awake now so he might as well go and see what was happening. Besides he knew that he had no chance of getting back to sleep.

He made his way quickly and silently through the dimly, night lit corridors, heading for the control room. Nothing happened in the city without the control room knowing about it and on the way he could swing via the gate room.

The echo of footsteps behind him alerted him to the company of another.

"Hey! Ronon,"

He continued to walk but turned his head to nod at Sheppard.

"Got called over the radio from Elizabeth. A team ran into a bit more trouble that was expected,"

Ronon nodded his head before pausing.

"Thought that all off world missions were to non-inhabited planets,"

"People weren't the trouble; it was the wild-life. Didn't take too nicely to people walking around on their planet,"

Ronon chuckled humourlessly at the information. They were so used to being on the lookout for weapon waving natives that the animal of a planet had never been considered.

Sounds were travelling down the corridor, panicked voices and rattling. They were just rounding the corner to the gate room when a panicked nurse in scrubs clashed into them, Sheppard grabbed the woman's arms, keeping her upright.

"Jane, what's wrong?"

"Emergency," the woman panted before pulling away from John and dashing off towards the infirmary.

The rattling drew nearer and they both moved to the walls as an army of nurses came rushing from the gate room a gurney being pulled along between them. Ronon was shocked to see the small frame of Jennifer Keller straddling the broken and bleeding soldier as she pressed on his chest issuing orders and spouting medical jargon to the nurses and aids as she worked. They moved so quickly that he couldn't see what she was doing and he continued to stare as the group rounded the corner.

"I think we should stop referring to any mission as 'routine'," John mumbled.

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