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Oh yes.

Excitement. That was the sole word the woman would use to express the addictive feeling surging throughout her body, though gratification and lust played a sizeable role as well – for both, she was sure. From the rough tug of her body up his own form, to the relentless kissing of his lips as he only stopped to get air; it was all highly euphoric, watching her usually calm and collected Commander Shepard appear to be very rapidly losing all his control. After another passionate push of his sweet lips against hers, he reluctantly broke away from her once more only to flip their bodies. Miranda, hearing the clink of toppling glasses and the splash of wine as he lay above her, tsked from his impatience. "Addy…" She chuckled breathlessly, enjoying the press of his deliciously hard body against hers now that she was beneath him, "You're making a mes – ahhh…" Her sentence could not be completed as a sharp gasp left her while his teeth danced upon her neck, his hot tongue soothing the bites before claiming her clavicle while the brunette shivered from the wonderful equilibrium between pleasure and pain.

"Wrap...your arms around my neck."

Tilting her head back instinctively for more while closing her eyes, he began to furiously kiss the offered flesh there: she felt no need to distract him with words as she quickly acquiesced with his order before feeling her entire weight succumb to yet another strong tug as she hung close to his body. A second gasp was ripped from her lips when he seized her bottom; an area the man seemed to enjoy quite a bit. Miranda not waiting for an invitation as she wrapped her legs securely around his hips while he stumbled around almost drunkenly, before a small grunt left her when she slammed her back into a wall. "De…ja…vu…" She huskily purred each syllable out while slipping a hand underneath his shirt and forcefully raking her nails against his strong chest, mind now absolutely buzzing; all the wine in the world could not replicate the dizzying state he could so easily bring to her.


The combination of his ministrations to her earlobe and hearing her nickname moaned so made her squirm with pure delight, losing herself in his never-ending kisses; there was a sudden and unexplained pause, however, and the woman whined from the lost of his touch, reluctantly opening her eyes to find the cause of this recess only to see him staring hungrily at her, trying, with what seemed to be all his might, to form a coherent sentence.

"You're...you're so..."

"Amazing? Wonderful? Perfect?" She could not stop the grin that spread on her now unoccupied lips from her playful guesses, relishing the obvious battle he was having with patience and control as his hand balled the thin fabric of her white shirt tightly, breaths fast and labored, "Any of those adjectives will do, Adrian. Though, the last one is preferred." He looked away from her then, again giving amazing focus to her neck while he nipped and licked there, making her moan this time from the attention to the already wonderfully abused flesh.

"Let me... make love to you, Miri..."

Making love.

The man didn't remember ever thinking of the act as such or using those words with any woman in the past. He'd had sex with his share of women, he'd even fucked a few; never had he made love to anyone.

When his hoarse whisper reached her ears, Miranda could not stop another shiver from wreaking havoc against her spine, the hoarse, if not desperate tone combined with his previously rough action making her entire abdomen now burn with arousal while her heart saw fit to beat right out of her chest from the obvious sentiment of his words. Slipping the back of her free hand down his cheek, she lifted his head to her when her fingers rested underneath her chin, needing to see his stormy-blue eyes clouded so very much with need for her. "Request accepted, Commander." Her lips slid unhurriedly against his own, still tasting the lingering flavor of the peaches he had eaten not long before. "Take me…" Emphasizing her demand with a needy thrust of her hips to move him toward their new destination, the brunette began to glow as all the occupants, still residing from their dinner on the blanket, levitated into the air only to be tossed haphazardly across the room in different directions.

Shepard felt his heart flutter as the woman in his arms left no room for interpretation: she wanted this just as much as he did. Her words and the deliberate, soft touch of her full lips calmed the selfish beast inside him somewhat. Every single bit of the desire and the need burned ever so brightly within him, perhaps even more so now; except now he gained a measure of control back. He was determined to make this night decidedly different from their almost desperate moment of passion in the engine room a few days prior; which, while incredible, and something he'd never want to do differently, had still been more about two people desperately needing to feel the touch of another, wanting to feel alive before facing near certain death, than it had been about love. He fully intended to indulge the primal need to 'take her' as she put it in a whisper against his lips, but he would never succumb and do what the brutish animal inside wanted him to do, roaring for him to do something about the nearly painful erection straining his pants, willing him to use her for his own release. No, this would be a night to remember for both of them.

"If...I were to be taken in return, then you've got yourself a deal." He stumbled backwards slightly as she shifted her weight to push him towards her desired destination, he couldn't help but laugh as the woman once again used her biotics in a situation like this; the wine bottle she so adamantly had insisted that they finally drink shattering against the wall as she cleared the blanket for them. They could worry about cleaning up the mess in the morning. He steadied himself and stopped before she sent them tumbling back down on the floor. "You know...if you...keep using your...biotics like this then...I'm going to eventually...get turned on whenever...you use them in battle." He managed to get out between kisses. He broke away from her mouth far enough to see her eyes and shook his head slightly. "Not here, though; not tonight." Returning his attention to the irresistible puffs of flesh, he walked towards the door, trying to balance between the intoxicating taste and sensation of her lips and his need to see where he was going. Miranda helped him in his task, reaching blindly backwards with one hand, she managed to hit the button to open the door as he carried her out of the observatory.

Pausing every now and then to steady their entangled forms by leaning the brunette against a wall as he grabbed a firmer grip on her, he slowly moved them through the ship's corridors towards their destination, never breaking the contact of his lips with her flesh; if their lips weren't locked together, he was lavishing attention to the tender skin of her neck or trailing kisses along her jawline. Finally reaching their goal, having completely ignored the dumbfounded pilot sitting at the crew's dinner table, his mouth agape as he stared at the scene unfolding in front of him, Shepard smashed his fist against the button to open the door to Miranda's cabin and leaned her back against the wall when on the other side, right next to the panel which allowed the door's locking mechanism to be programmed. Nibbling and sucking on her earlobe, his other hand now freely roamed underneath her shirt when it was no longer necessary for supporting her weight, needing to touch her bare skin. "What's...how do I...lock this fucking thing? What's...the code?"

The several stuttered attempts the man made to voice his question on getting her door locked were amusing, at the very least, as an entertained, albeit lazy smile spread across her lips, but amusement quickly melted away to raging desire as he pushed her hard against the wall (a seemingly favored action: she decided she would have to, later, return the favor…), fingers furiously roaming underneath her shirt now, the calloused digits touching stomach, back, and even teasing the hint of her breasts in the most enticing manner. Combined with the fact that he also claimed her earlobe and was nibbling and sucking on the flesh mercilessly, Miranda could now empathize with his brain's unwillingness to properly communicate his thoughts as hers was quickly being stunted by pleasure. "It's…five…five, two, sev-" She grunted as he gave a markedly harder bite to her lobe, his hand now on top of her right breast while grasping slightly; she glared at him, though it could barely seem lethal as she couldn't focus on the action – especially when catching his small smirk, "Dammit, Adrian…Do you want…this door locked…or not?"

Reaching her arm out to her left side, her hand dragged against the smooth surface until feeling the console, fingers remembering the feel of it as she expertly imputed the code, a satisfying beep signaling it had been properly locked greeting both of them. "It's done…" The brunette assured as her lips darted to his jaw line, making a trail of stinging bites and kisses all her own. She wished to tear his clothes off long before they had reached her room, but the urge was stronger now – almost to the point of being unbearable, though…she understood he had something to prove to her – especially after their rather dramatic admissions of love – and, because of this, ignored her body's cries and willingly gave control while her blue eyes urgently sought his, "…What now?" Her tone was made hoarse with the longing she now attempted to quell.

The woman's darkened topaz eyes and breathy voice sent shivers throughout Shepard's body, still amazed over how she somehow managed to arouse him even further when he already felt like he might explode. Staring intently into her eyes, he took steady, determined steps forward until he stopped at the edge of her bed on the other side of the room. "Let go." He gently demanded as he tapped the side of her thigh to clarify what he meant.

Miranda was more than hesitant to pry her intimately wrapped body from his, but complied anyway, reminding herself once more that this was his show…until she could no longer take it, anyway; then, heaven help him if it got to that point. Her regret was immediate, coinciding perfectly to when her feet hit the ground: she already felt colder while away from his touch.

Luckily, her wait was not long as his warm hands seized the hem of her shirt and eagerly peeled it upward while she lifted her arms to endorse the action, giving light kisses to indiscriminate areas on her face before and after pulling the unnecessary article of clothing over her head and tossing it to some insignificant corner; the brunette smirked. "A bold start, Commander: you've taken care of that pesky article of clothing, haven't you?" She winked, smirk now sinful. "And now…Well, the possibilities are endless, really…"

Ever so slowly, his mouth made its way down Miranda's body, softly kissing the spots on her neck and clavicle and being rewarded by her mouth releasing a small gasp followed by a cooing sound as the flesh there was so delicate that his every move caused her nerves to jump and tingle in absolute delight. Continuing down to her ample bosom, he worshipped every bit of skin he found that wasn't covered by the thin fabric of her bra, while simultaneously bringing one hand up to gently knead and caress one breast. As his mouth trailed down in a close to torturous pace, the woman bit back the moan pushing at her lips when his own finally met the top of her chest, one of her hand's resting on his head before dragging her nails down to his neck, needing to feel some part of him. Like before, he devoted all of his focus to the sensitive area and made her cry out in pleasure as his hand simultaneously kneaded her right breast, her form unconsciously pushing into his touch as the added combination of his warmth and the cloth of her lacy bra was breathtaking.

Kneeling down in front of her, he leisurely traced a path across her firm stomach with his tongue in a similar fashion as she had done to him earlier, making sure to look up at her almost constantly, both to gauge her reactions and simply because of a need to see his lover's face; reveling in the involuntary twitches and tightening of her muscles as he hit particularly sensitive spots, his hands now massaging her lower back and bottom. Barely grazing around edges of her navel with the very tip of his tongue before continuing his journey downward, the man finally reached an obstacle in the edge of her pants. Miranda could not stop the long shiver that ran through her body as she watched him kneel before her, the look in his desire filled orbs intoxicating as he looked up to her from her stomach. "Addy…" She called out softly, restraining from saying the rest as she promised herself she would not disrupt his pace; he was so close now…to the place where she ached for him so very desperately.

He made quick work of the buttons before roughly pulling the pants midway down her thighs with a grin and then pushing her backward with his hands on her hips, he had her sit on the edge of the bed, his roguish grin making her chuckle. "Feeling accomplished, dear?" Stretching out her half undressed legs with a devious look, she wrapped her calves around his lower torso to drag him near. "You'll feel even more if you just get closer…"

His grin grew from her obvious fervor as he resumed his journey, unhurriedly kissing, nipping and licking his way down her right leg while peeling away the cloth as he went; constantly massaging either her thigh, calf or foot. Finally freeing one smooth leg from the confines of her pants, he removed her sock as well before starting to trace his way back up her leg, stopping for a moment to lift the limb high enough to grant his lips access to the sensitive skin of the back of her knee, tracing the tip of his tongue around the delicate area. After giving the same treatment to her other leg, he made his way back up her abdomen before pulling her head down into a passionate kiss while still kneeling on the floor between her legs; reclaiming the lips that had seemed to be absent from his own for far too long. He loved her body and wished to show her how much he adored every part of it – she understood that; however, said body was becoming extremely needy and intolerant as his actions only further reminded it of the loss it experienced back in his room earlier. His mouth again at her stomach put a pause to her mental battle as she writhed, but his lips once more pressing against hers was a godsend: the brunette forced her eagerness into their kiss, capturing his tongue when it broke through the easy barrier she presented while forcing his head down. Moaning into his mouth as he recalled control and began to battle her tongue, she whined with dissatisfaction when he pulled away, the kiss ending too soon, always too soon.

Finally pulling away, still gently sucking on the tip of her soft tongue until it slipped out from the prison of his lips, he let an affectionate smile grace his features as released a low whisper. "Your turn."

Opening her eyes when he declared he was done, she witnessed the warm smile his face held, it making her quickly forget her loss, the simple expression telling marvels on how much he loved her and wished to please her – her heart burning with the same love for the selfless act. Draping her arms around his neck, Miranda returned his tender smile as she began to stand, motioning for him to come up with her. "Adrian…thank you. I couldn't be happier that you wished to show me how much you love every part of me then by doing what you did." She placed another soft, lingering kiss on his lips. "And while I appreciate your efforts, as you said…" The woman slowly began to turn them both around as her smile grew mischievous, "it's my turn now."

Latching onto his body again as he instinctively supported her weight with hands at her bottom, Shepard stumbled back only slightly from the unexpected move, but a swift thrust of her hips made sure that they both collapsed on top of her bed. "No more games;" Her hands snatched at his beater and tugged it over his head, "no more teasing;" She scraped her nails down his now bare chest until reaching the hem of his pants, popping the button effortlessly before tugging the zipper down, "no more waiting." Planting a hand to the mattress, she used the leverage to flip the two of them over so he was on top, grinning up at him as excitement and gratification flowed through her veins and increased the arousal that throbbed incessantly in her abdomen. "As you can see, I'm not the patient sort, Commander. I know what I want – and I get it. And I don't settle for less…Right now," Her lips captured his bottom one as her fingers infiltrated through the barrier of his underwear and grasped his strong erection, "what I want is you." Miranda gave an appreciative squeeze to emphasis her point. "I need you inside, Addy…Make love to me…"

Feeling Miranda's hand firmly grasp and squeeze his hardness almost made Shepard lose control; the beast dwelling within him in a state of frenzy, demanding that he take her; fuck her. Hearing her express out loud exactly what he wanted to do ever so badly made him throb - almost painfully so - in her grasp, he needed to feel her envelop him; and soon. He did have something to accomplish before that, however; a craving to give in to that had been building for some time. He broke away from her lips for a moment so he could look her in the eyes once more. "I am making love to you, Miri...I promise to make it worth your while if you hold on to that thought just a little while longer."

He reclaimed her lips, reuniting their tongues as they duelled for dominance; his hand moving down between their bodies to finally touch her sex for the first time in days, rubbing her through the thin fabric of her panties, the damp spot he found there telling him just how aroused the brunette was. Reluctantly disengaging himself from her lips once more, the man made his way down her torso again, though not as torturously slowly as he had earlier. Reaching under her back while kissing her clavicle, he pulled her up from the mattress far enough to be able to unhook her bra; quickly getting rid of the meddling undergarment. Being presented with her bare breasts, he couldn't help himself: swooping down, he devoured every bit of soft, porcelain flesh he found; sucking a rosy nipple into his mouth he rolled his tongue around and caressed the hardening bud and grazed it ever so slightly with his teeth before giving similar attention to its twin. Remembering her insistence on 'no more teasing', he moved further down and wordlessly peeled down the last article of clothing adorning her body; blindly tossing the panties away into some corner. For the first time, he truly took in the sight before him: Miranda Lawson, the woman he loved was fully naked beneath him, every single curve was perfect to him, her breathing slightly labored, cheeks flushed and topaz eyes darkened with desire. "You're...gorgeous." The word was the only thing he could think of that would even come close to describing what he saw. Finally, he reached his goal as he brought his face down close enough to feel the heat radiating from her center as he spread her legs to grant himself access.

Looking up into her eyes, he couldn't resist giving her teasing kisses along her inner thighs and working his way around the outer edges of her lips, even though he knew how much she wanted the teasing to stop. One hand holding her by the hip, he brought the other to join his mouth as he slowly spread her moist lips with his fingers; exploring her folds as his mouth worked its way around the peripheral area. He soon replaced the exploring fingers with his mouth, moaning into her heat as he tasted her for the first time; running his tongue from bottom to top before kissing all around her clit, just close enough to stimulate without actually touching the sensitive bud. Reaching out with the hand at her hip to take her hand in his, he enveloped her tiny bud and a good portion of her folds with his lips, applying the most gentle of suction to the area as he lapped at her with his tongue. Looking up at her, listening to her gasps and moans, feeling how she moved her hips and squeezed his hand, he let her guide his mouth and tongue on her. Finding a motion to which she reacted very strongly, hips pushing into him forcefully; he kept at it, wanting desperately to give his lover the release she craved. With his free hand, he inserted a single finger into her wetness, gently probing before inserting a second as his mouth never ceased its motion. He applied a firm pressure, massaging her inner walls with the two digits, feeling her tighten around them even further. Her breathing was quickly becoming more ragged and her moans intensified; he turned his fingers inside her to face upward and started making a deliberate 'come hither' motion with them, hoping to send her over the edge. It didn't take long before he felt her fingernails dig into his scalp and his hand, her entire body tensing up as she spasmed uncontrollably around his fingers in the throes of her climax. Finally, after letting her calm down for a moment, he moved up her body to meet her eyes once more and couldn't help but smile broadly at this wonderful woman lying beneath him. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself."

Eyelids fluttering lightly from the only now diminishing waves of pure bliss that simply overtook her entire body, Miranda sighed in contentment as she languidly cupped his cheek. "All right…" She had to breathe once more – how she adored that he made her breathless, "I'll forgive your rebelliousness – just once." She smiled at the man hovering above her looking at her so adoringly; the woman was so comfortable with him, even stark naked as she was with his ravenous orbs devouring her form: she felt like the most beautiful creature in the galaxy under the commander's gaze – for once, not solely because of her genetic modifications, but simply for being who she was. Rising up slightly to wrap a hand around his neck, the brunette cemented her lips firmly against his, wanting to convey her appreciation as she again indulged herself in his sweet taste and the taste of herself that now lingered there, a hand trailing down his body to find its way beneath his underwear to gently secure his erection in her grasp once more. Her smile easily transformed into a satisfied smirk as a pleasured grunt escaped his mouth. "About not being able to help yourself, however…" She slowly began to move her hand up and down its thick base, his member trembling at her every touch, "I feel I can empathize. I also feel you deserve your own reward."

Placing one more kiss upon his lips, Miranda seductively slid down his body, making sure that her caressing hand never once disengaged, stopped only when her mouth was at his hips: the woman nipped at the skin there, using suction to pull the taunt flesh of his abdomen up only to nip at it again, her free hand tugging the dark pants down until it was no longer an obstruction. Her hand's pace began to quicken as she looked up at him, wanting to see every effect she had on him while they happened; giving him the naughtiest of grins, the woman lowered her head to deliver an experimental flick of her tongue against his length's bulbous head, a budding drop of precum emerging soon after as she was rewarded with a deep groan and the man involuntarily jerking his hips forward. "Mmm…Well aren't you eager, Commander?" And she found herself eager as well. It was not often that she rewarded past lovers with this treat, but she very much enjoyed the act when she found a man that was worthy – and who worthier than Shepard? She gave another explorative lick, capturing the drop and spreading it around in a circular motion before lingering at his split; Miranda decided to voice her thoughts. "Not that you don't deserve it: your patience is astounding – especially when pleasing me." Deft fingers deliberately tip-toed down his rigid manhood until reaching his sack, lightly teasing the sensitive skin there. "I'm frankly amazed you managed to hold out as you did when exploring my body so very thoroughly…despite it being almost torturously slow. You weren't…" Her topaz orbs snapped up to his, mischief mingling with lust as she suddenly gave a slightly rougher tug, "doing that purposely were you? Attempting to make me go mad with lust?"

Shepard released another low groan at the brunette's rough tug of his shaft; if he had managed to make her mad with desire, she was most certainly returning the favor. The man chuckled as he met her mischievous gaze, he loved how the playful rapport they had begun to recently fall into quite often seemed to extend into the bedroom as well.

"I just...I've wanted to do that for a long time; if it drove you crazy then I swear it wasn't intentional, although a rather pleasant bonus to know I can have that effect on you." He ran a hand through her dark locks. "I just wanted to...please you." The woman's warm breath on his hardness combined with the sultry look she was giving him made him throb and involuntarily twitch in her tight grip; her full lips were so tantalizingly close...


"I see…No more stalling then." His implored "please" made her melt, though combined with his fingers gliding soothingly through her hair while he explained that her pleasure was at the forefront of his mind, Miranda could only smile at his sincerity, feeling the strong pulse of desire in regard to ultimately please this man spring up yet again. "I will strive to be just as selfless with this body of yours – and adore every second of it." Lightly stroking his length's responsive head with her pointer finger during her ardent declaration, the woman was done with conversation for now as she once again lowered herself, tongue replacing the spot where her fingers once laid before wrapping it around his quivering erection. Spotting a prominent vein, she lavished special attention to her find as she trailed it entirety down his base before working up just as slowly, littering the organ that opened her body up to such ecstasy only a few days earlier with soft kisses. Her hand continued to fondle his balls when her lips reached his tip again, a quick flick of her long hair behind her neck signaling her intentions as the puffs of flesh opened and she engulfed him; moving several inches down while her other hand's grip on his manhood tightened around his base before unhurriedly traveling back up, she eagerly enjoyed the full taste of him.

The brunette bobbed back down, tongue still caressing his member as she slightly increased her pace; not, for a second, letting either of her hands go to waste as they continued to caress and stroke, Miranda began to time her prolonged sucks with the repetitive up and down motion of her hand, using the undeniably sexy sounds that left his mouth as rhythm while taking in almost all of him as her wrapped fingers ground against his base. Making a show of leisurely letting him loose from her lips after repeating her actions for several minutes, the brunette smirked as she watched his now unattended hardness twitch again with need, no doubt missing her mouth's warmth. "You taste wonderful, Addy…Far better than peaches, though, not a bit less addictive." The woman commented huskily and, while not giving him that direct desire, she did clasp both of her hands on his manhood before gently grinding each one in different directions, the added lubrication of her saliva making the task easy and no doubt pleasurable if his grunts were anything to go by.

"But now I need to know how far along you are." She gave a few more teasing licks to that sensitive head of his while she continued her slow strokes, "While incredibly tempting to have you explode right here, solely from my influence…" The brunette trailed, finally locking her half laden eyes with his glazed orbs, feeling her heart swell from the love that battled the yearning there. "I want you inside when you come." She had felt his member expand while she sucked on it and could not help but picture that same feeling a little lower – how indescribably earth shattering it would all be, riding him to a second orgasm, "I have no intention of stopping until you're at the edge, however – I want…to satisfy you completely." One of her hands left his member to trail a small scar on his right thigh to show she would do the very same explorations he did for her if he truly wished it, her heat feeling even more damp from increasing need as her body no longer needed a reprieve, so turned on just by giving him this satisfaction – never feeling such a way before. It was no longer a wonder on how he was able to endure his maddening investigation of her body, the high was simply stunning.

"Nngh...you are satisfying me." The commander's voice trembled with desire; feeling Miranda do things to him with her mouth that he had before only fantasized about her doing, combined with the overwhelming feeling of adoration for this woman made her stopping almost unbearable. "I'll tell you if I get too close..." He bucked his hips upward as her lips were still so close he could feel the warmth he was being deprived of on his tip. "Please, Miri..." The man released a low chuckle as he realized that he was begging, desperate for her to continue - That desperation only intensifying from the unconditional love he felt as she gently traced an old scar he'd gotten years ago from a stray piece of shrapnel with the tip of her finger. "Please don't stop just yet...I want to be inside you just as much as...just...a little more? It feels so good..."

She raised an intrigued brow. "Oh?" The woman's fingers left the scar on his thigh to trail back up to his pulsing member, dragging a slow hand down it before giving another long stroke with her tongue. "If you're going to beg…" Miranda trailed off with a naughty grin as her other hand's fingers teased his sack once more, having her way with the patch of flesh; her mouth engulfed him again, moving down his shaft and swallowing the entirety of it as she suppressed her gag reflex, only to come back up and repeat the process. Head bobbing up and down as she once again relished the feel of him inside of her – while not exactly the 'inside' her own craving body wished – it was enough that he gained such contentment from it. The brunette changed the pace of her sucks, sometimes speedily increasing her ministrations, uninterrupted until she suddenly slowed to suck against a certain point of his length or to wrap her tongue around its tip while caressing the base of it with unyielding fingers. Taking all of his length in again, she felt him twitch and thrust into her strong suction and release an almost primal grunt of pleasure as she indolently dragged her lips all the way back up his manhood before releasing him with a smile as her thumb rubbed against his frenulum. Not denying the validity of his words when he told her she was properly satisfying him, Miranda still wanted it to be an undeniable fact as she gave strong licks once more; starting at the head she delivered fast flicks against him before detaching completely, going all the way down to the base and licking a smoldering trail up, repeating her actions, but licking a different side of his manhood every time as she continued to rub her thumb against him harshly.

He had lost himself in the exquisite, sweet torture of trying to withstand the pleasure that the relentless assault of her mouth and exploring hands brought; being reduced to mere unintelligible moans and grunts; so he was almost caught by surprise by his own body's reaction as he felt the telltale signs of an imminent orgasm: his balls tightened as he could feel the pressure building and felt his shaft swell even further in her tight grasp, as impossible as that seemed - he was only seconds away from exploding. "St-stop! Oh God Miri, I'm gonna...stop stop stop!" He tried to pull away without much success, as he was laying on the bed with her form hovering over his, a mischievous glint in her eyes as she made no move to halt the movement of her hands and tongue. Desperately, the commander reached down to forcefully pull her hands away from his shaft and held them as far away as he could in an iron grip, taking deep breaths to try to avoid disaster as he closed his eyes; he did not need any stimuli at the moment, most certainly not the visual of a naked Miranda Lawson in the position she was in. His cock was twitching uncontrollably as he forced himself to calm down, trying to ignore the fact that while he had gotten rid of her hands, she was still teasing him by blowing puffs of cool air and flicking the very tip of her tongue over his length. After several agonizing moments at the very edge, he finally managed to calm himself down enough to dare open his eyes to look at the brunette.

A saucy smile graced her features, the woman clearly enjoying the effect she was having on him. "Having issues, Commander?"

Shepard loosened the grip he had on her wrists while pulling her up to fuse their lips together once more, the jolts of electricity coursing through his body were just as potent as if it were their first kiss; he couldn't get over how badly he wanted her, a desire that was so much more potent than mere carnal lust. Wrapping his arms around her slender form, he pulled her as close as possible, marveling over just how good her curves and soft skin felt pressed against him. As their tongues danced in unison, he let one hand travel down over her ass, and further until his fingers were teasingly exploring her sensitive, wet folds. Breaking away from her lips for a moment, he finally smiled back at her and found his voice once more. "I'm good - though I'm starting to wonder if I bit off more than I can chew when I fell in love with you."

"Mmm...There's always the possibility..." The woman trailed, her words laced with breathless desire as he fingered and teased the exact place she ached even more desperately now after witnessing him stray so very close to the edge…The sudden attention sent shiver-inducing tingles up her spine only to come crashing wondrously back down to the V between her legs. Miranda could not help but bite her bottom lip as she instinctively pushed down on those pleasure releasing digits of his, her body shamelessly wanting – needing, more. "Not...that it should be surprising, of course..." Another inadvertent pause accompanied with a soft moan as she closed her eyes, attempting to fight through the breathtaking haze he always managed to cultivate within her mind, "It seems to be more habitat..." Her breath hitched as he purposely switched to a more forceful thrust, the corner of her lips curling upward at his cheek, "than chance." The brunette leaned forward against his chest, her mouth claiming the lobe of his ear while her teeth grated against it gently as if claiming a victory for successfully wording her thoughts.

Releasing a throaty chuckle, Shepard couldn't help but feel a certain pride over making the normally unflappable, eloquent and undoubtedly beautiful woman in his arms seem to have difficulty in expressing her thoughts. Is not knowing without a doubt that you are giving the person you love incredible pleasure one of the most wonderful and arousing feelings in existence? Nevertheless, as selfless as he had been up until this point, and as amazing as it would be to bring the woman he loved to orgasm once more with only her pleasure in mind: his patience was waning and he was becoming more and more desperate to finally feel her heat envelop him. Not that that could truly be considered a purely selfish desire, per se; Miranda was most certainly ready as well, as her exceedingly damp walls squeezed down on the two fingers that he had inside her, making his ever erect shaft twitch in arousal and anticipation. Her faltering reply did make him curious, as it had been rather difficult for him to decipher. Perhaps he could delay what he so badly wanted for just a moment longer.

Gently extracting his fingers from her center to a moan of disapproval, he grabbed a firm hold of her and flipped their bodies around once more, positioning himself on top. Trailing a series of light kisses down her neck and over her collarbone before claiming a pebbled nipple with his mouth, he simultaneously circled around the very outer edges of her clit with a single finger, never truly making contact with the bundle of nerves, very deliberate in his teasing. As it was necessary if he wanted to speak, he rather reluctantly released the nipple from his mouth after a moment, making sure to immediately replace the presence of his lips and tongue with the caresses of his free hand. He was unable to prevent the boyish grin that spread across his face when she arched her back, her full breast pressing even more firmly into his palm. "Care to be a little less cryptic?" He finally managed to word his query.

Miranda saw that damnable grin of his and put forth her very best attempt to a glare at the man, knowing she failed while even in the motions. He was only to blame, of course, inflicting these mind halting pleasures on her body - fingering, kissing, sucking: it was all becoming too much and yet never enough, her body betraying her even as she fought for some semblance of control. Even now, she felt the sluggish query drag through her consciousness, wondering exactly when it was the man above her gained such mastery over both her mind and form...Before it was forcibly burned away as the commander gently pinched her one of her hard nipples, hips bucking forward as he circled her very essence, fingers deftly avoiding nerves that would surely bring her over the edge yet again – teasing her. Feeling her pride wage war with an almost overwhelming lust, the brunette pressed further into his hand only to rise up and crash into his lips in a heated kiss, unrelenting until her head began to swim and oxygen was needed, nipping as his bottom lip in succession with each necessary pant. "Better...?" Miranda pushed the answer out spiritedly, a new gleam now residing in her eyes as she dragged a hand down his torso, making sure her nails put the slightest bit more pressure on his skin before she captured his manhood yet again, thumb rubbing against the head of it harshly before it began stroking its base. The sharp, if not surprised groan he released into the air along with his eagerly pulsing member made the brunette smirk with approval. "Surprisingly, it's far easier to be less cryptic when a certain someone isn't allowed to have his way with you." She tsked, "And what has this galaxy come to when our roles are reversed? I tease you to the point of frenzy, Commander – not the other way around – not unless you earn it..." While not completely free of his intoxicating hold on her, for now, it would have to do that she could properly string two words together to form coherent sentences.

Her hot breath tickling his lips as she spoke while stroking him made Shepard curse his own determination to get an explanation of her earlier statement out of her. He wanted so desperately to bury himself deep inside her; nothing else mattered at that moment. If he could spend the rest of his life confined to this bed making love to this amazing woman until death took him, he would die far happier than he could've ever hoped of being before meeting her. But at the same time, the little game they had going of prolonging the inevitable was absolutely exhilarating, even if it did mean temporarily denying himself his deepest desires. He did recognize that he was fast approaching the breaking point of his self control, but he was not going down without a fight. Capturing her lips in yet another searing kiss, he increased the intensity of his caressing digits at her center as he roughly claimed her mouth as his. Two fingers thrusting into her, the commander continued expertly teasing around her clit with the pad of his thumb before finally flicking directly over the tiny bundle of nerves as he simultaneously pinched her nipple - hard. Being rewarded with the woman practically jumping off the bed, rapidly quickening breathing and intensifying moans, the man suddenly stopped completely. Breaking their heated kiss, he promptly removed both his hands from their places of worship as he spoke in a low whisper while slowly starting to move away from his position on top of her form. "If that's the case, if it really is much easier to ease up on the cryptic-ness when a 'certain someone' isn't having his way with you, maybe I should just stop?"

"Ass…" His gravely tone was horribly infectious as her own insult had dropped another octave, her sex absolutely screaming for him now, cries so insistent as she was SO close - so damn close – and the bastard had taken it all away…Merely labeling him as a 'ass' felt increasingly merciful; "Every action…" A long leg shot out to seize the retreating man, "qualifies another." Wrapping the limb around and clutching his strong lower back with her thigh, Miranda brought him forward as her lips curled into a haughty smile. "You aren't the only one used to winning – don't forget that." Such a juxtaposition of emotion as she latched onto his neck, body moving fluidly as something primal now took over while she left a burning trail: exhilaration and dissatisfaction; the maddening desire for him to continue while just as unalterably wanting him to stop and relinquish what she demanded of him. She reversed their positions yet again, wild, long tresses draping his face. "Stop." The word was simple, but held all the confidence of a woman who knew its receiver could not resist its implication. "If you can – if it's so effortless." Her last word flung the challenge at her lover, forcing him to recognize it as her topaz orbs claimed his own deep blue depths. "Would you really? After all this…effort?" Miranda ground her hips into his, relishing the damp trail her folds left against his erect manhood. "Personally; I don't know if I could manage it: being without you right now…I'm not even sure if it wouldn't kill me." Unexpected. It was surprising that the admission did not sting – it felt only natural, as every real truth should. In all of her former sexual encounters, never once was there a loss in control; it was always there, neatly in grasp, for when she needed it…but now the woman could feel only the vertigo of facing a wide abyss, teetering along the edge of intense pleasure and white hot indignation while, despite it all, wanting more. She gazed at the face of her soldier, experienced his every heartbeat beneath his skin, and felt something inside oblige. Something she could not name declare 'worthy' as she pressed her body as intimately as she could against him.

Shepard wondered how such a simple thing as the comfortable weight of another's body on top of him and the warmth of that person's bare skin could be so...exhilarating. And yet, extremely soothing at the same time. Exciting, yet he was calm. Intoxicating, yet he was sober. Arousal, yet love. Love...that's what had been missing before, hadn't it? All the women in his past, every single time he had slept with someone before; it had been...different from this. Of course he had been aroused with them as well, and the sex had been good - great, even. But love had never been part of it, this indescribable feeling that was a million different emotions rolled into one, yet unique. For all her physical beauty, the fact that he truly loved Miranda was the real reason she was able to push his buttons as effectively as she did - able to make his heart flutter and cause goosebumps to appear along his arm simply by looking into his eyes, able to arouse him more than anyone else could possibly hope to, making him hunger for her.

His arms had instinctively wrapped around her once more when she pressed against him, holding her as close as possible as he reveled in every sensation and the emotions she awoke deep within him. They lay there in silence, foreheads pressed together intimately as he occasionally brushed his lips to hers ever so slightly; silently hoping that every single touch he made to her skin would convey what words could not, even 'I love you' somehow seemed inadequate to truly encompass every single thing he felt. When the man finally spoke, his low voice was but a whisper as he attempted to voice his thoughts. "I don't think I can stop, not really. I hope you know just how much I love you, Miri. When I...when I say that I do? I mean that with every fiber of my being, but still...it doesn't seem enough." The incessant throbbing of his rigid length pressed so tightly to her heated sex was becoming almost painful. God, how he wanted her - how he loved her. "Let me...let me show you. You can get me back for teasing you later - just...let me love you. Make love to you. No more teasing."

Her lips reflexively produced a warm smile when he was finally able to convey that he would not be able to meet her challenge, though the expression had only grown from their hushed moments of perfect intimacy – and there – there it was again: that alien depth; that…indescribable squeeze in her chest which so deftly skirted pain's domain. Certainly, it was painful in a way: being so close to this man, proximity peeling back her every layer until there was nothing, and she was left bare and dreadfully vulnerable…But then there was a beauty to it, simultaneous with its pulsing warmth as it overloaded her senses with the sole feeling that was him. It was no less daunting – terrifying – than before, but now she dared to touch it, fully accept what it had to offer and that feeling – that release…It was sublime. She loved this man. She loved him so much…And he loved her, matched the stirring inside as well as caused it. Yes; there lay the beauty of him, so intense that it was almost blinding in revelation: he gave his heart; he had given it for hers. "It's enough." She exhaled softly, her usually controlled tenor wreaked with emotion, "It's enough…" Miranda repeated, feeling a warm tear cascade down her cheek before having no idea that she was now crying. Her lips met his as she let the tear fall unhindered, wanting him to see every effect he had on her, even if there was still a small part of her that viewed it as a weakness. Shepard had shifted under her, no doubt instinctively, and she cooed from the feel of his member pressing decisively against her and broke their kiss, body immediately reminded of their nakedness and how very much she needed him with his urgent plea. "Mmm…All right: no more teasing." The tremble was all but gone from her voice, replaced seamlessly with desire and affection, "Show me." As soon as the whispered words left her, the brunette was in the process of flipping their bodies over one last time, closing her eyes briefly as she enjoyed the simple pleasure of his soft steel melting against her curves; her lashes opened only partly as two fingers caressed the side of his face, hoping that he understood the importance of her lying beneath him; submissive and willing.

"Show me everything, Addy. Love me…"

If it had somehow been possible for the man to fall even further in love with the beautiful woman now lying beneath him, he was sure he would've. For a woman like her - or rather, her specifically - for Miranda Lawson to display such trust; for her to be so open to him, both literally and figuratively... it erased any niggling doubts and insecurities he had over the possibility of an amazing woman like her ever loving him. The myriad of emotions displayed in her glistening eyes as she lay beneath him completely open - utterly his, as surely as he was hers - it quickly made him realize that this - them - was the greatest thing he'd ever accomplished or been part of. The brunette's chest barely rose anymore, she almost seemed to be holding her breath as the smooth expanse of her stomach unconsciously tightened while the tip of his rock-hard shaft hovered unbearably close to the entrance of her heated sex with a sense of finality. Shepard allowed himself to marvel at the feelings she awoke deep within him and at the sight in front of him for just a moment longer. This was no dream. No dream could ever match the beauty he saw - the beauty he felt deep within his chest as he took in the face of the woman whose legs were wrapped around him so snugly in this most intimate of embraces. Her cheeks still wet from the kind of tears that he knew he would never want to wipe away and her slightly swollen, well-kissed lips were parted as she stared into his eyes in anticipation; the same lips that had just asked him to show her what he felt for her, the same lips that had just asked him to love her.

"I do."

Shepard whispered his answer as he brushed his lips over hers once more, retreating his head far enough to be able to ensure constant eye contact as he finally ended their mutual, exquisite torture. He guided the head of his manhood to her hot, slick entrance and began pushing gently, wanting to savour every single sensation. Miranda inhaled sharply as the very tip of him entered her, joining with her little by little in a single, excruciatingly slow motion until he was finally buried to the very hilt inside the woman he loved. Her velvety walls, slick with her arousal felt almost impossibly tight around his rigid length as her inner muscles seemed to be pulling him even further into her core, even when it wasn't physically possible anymore; the sensation was indescribable. Slowly pulling back before thrusting back into her welcoming depths, the two lovers gradually fell into an almost hypnotic rhythm; the only sounds in the room made by their loving whispers of each other's names, her soft whimpers and moans against his lips and his low grunts of pleasure against hers as they surrendered everything they possibly could of themselves to the other.



And it was breathtaking. Never – never had she felt this: this…beauty; as if two bodies could ever truly become one. Never had she felt so complete then in these moments when he filled her so, with love and body, made her wonder how it was she'd gone without this. Miranda moaned as she raised and lowered her hips in time with his thrusts, their gentle rhythm, as natural as the flow and ebb of the tide, now becoming a thing more needy – more insistent as she cried out for him. His hands now instinctively grasping her hips, pulled her to him each time he came to her, each crash deeper; faster…But she was no longer her brain: fully tuned to her body moving with his, the transition was a smooth one, catching these more aggressive dips and giving them right back with strong pushes. So deep, so deep…She breathed for him now: more; more. Her nails dug into his back, hugging his body as close as humanly possible – and then, even closer. The pace of them together, their sheer fluidity, gave her a focus and she clung to it before she lost herself, even with her lover's added motions, now grinding against her every time their hips met. He was close. She was close – even despite wishing this – this moment; this fragment in time – to continue on forever… Miranda could feel it: the mounting waves of immeasurable pleasure inside that continued to climb, continued to tighten with each moment threatening to snap…All while her body released short, torturous bursts of pleasure with every push and pull.

"Oh, GodAddy…." Her body suddenly tensed and Miranda felt the first intense ripple of her second orgasm as she rocked against him, thrusting all she had into him now, "PleaseTogether…."

Every single thing, every action in the impenetrable cocoon the two lovers now occupied was building - leading to the end: the climax. From the exquisite sensation created by the friction of her smooth skin moving against his, every moan both soft and loud against his lips or breathlessly uttered at the base of his ear, the jolt that went through his body as her nails dug into his flesh; to the way her slick walls erratically tightened and squeezed around his sensitive manhood as she was hitting her peak. It was all too much for Shepard's strained self control. He finally let himself be taken over the edge together with the woman that had become his all, giving in to her request. With one final thrust into her that left them as close as two humans could physically be, he let go and allowed the feeling and sight of Miranda experiencing her own orgasm finally release the immense pressure that had been building in an intense orgasm that left his entire body shuddering in her embrace; the cries of utter ecstasy and love from them both muffled by the other's lips.

Face nestled firmly against Shepard's neck, Miranda gasped through the shudderings of his own release, his orgasm making hers all the more intense as she did all she could to prolong his...Until they both came crashing down onto the mattress, damp with the sweat of their exertions.

Body deliciously sated, though completely drained, a small eternity passed with just her eyes closed, the simple experience of the strong pulses of his heartbeat - the echo of her own - providing such rich intimacy. "I love you." The breathless whisper flowed from her lips with such ease. It seemed...necessary - even if he already knew, even if it had been pronounced before.

Taking a few moments longer to steady his breath against the skin of her neck, Shepard pulled back to gaze at the beauty that was the look of utter contentment and bliss on her face sent a warm tingle up his spine. The expression seeming to echo the words spoken; words that he was beginning to understand just how true they were when uttered by her; words that made him feel safe - at home. The man was absentmindedly toying with a lock of her silken hair as he studied every little nuance of the expression on her face, a lazy smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "You know, I think I'd like to get used to hearing you say that."

She could 'hear' the smile in his voice as he played with her hair, no doubt that slight lopsided line that often made her roll her eyes at him. Now...Miranda's hand snaked up his body: up his ribs, ascending his arm, and finally resting against his cheek, thumb caressing the stubbly skin. A smile slowly spread on her lips as she finally revealed blue eyes to him. "I love you..."

She raised her face to kiss a spot on his forehead. "I love you." The brunette slowly detached her lips from his skin to deliver another kiss to the spot she caressed on his cheek. Leaving once more, Miranda caught and held his gaze before delivering a final kiss to his lips, lingering there until she lacked air. Slowly backing away, she once more opened her orbs, so regularly cool and analyzing, to show everything...Everything. "I love you, Adrian Shepard."

"I..." The man found himself momentarily at a loss for words as she now repeated those three words like it was the easiest, most natural thing in the world to her when only earlier that same night she had found it so difficult to verbalize her feelings. The syllables and the gleam in her eyes hammering home with a sense of finality the reason why they were lying here fused together in the most intimate of ways: she loved him. She loved him just as surely as his heart currently beat because of her - as surely as it now beat for her. He proceeded to slowly let his lips mimic the path hers had followed: brushing over her still damp forehead and lingering at her cheek before briefly claiming said lips once more, pulling back and letting a warm smile grace his features as blue-grey met topaz. "And I love you, Miranda Lawson. More than you know."

But she did. The woman knew well how much she meant to the man lying on top of her now, forsaking all others by choosing to be here, when all the galaxy needed him. Granting her a bliss that easily could have been another woman's. She answered the call of his smile, it close to instinctive now, with her own: there had been a time when such a sense of power of any one man would have been satisfying, another support to the once foundation that she was wholly and completely self-reliant. But now, a gaze was all it took; only a gaze into those orbs of his and she felt just as helpless - just as willing.

Dropping her hand from cradling his cheek, the brunette's digits settled on his muscular back, rubbing small circles there. "Mm...You could always go about proving it. Especially if I were to have an encore of your..." Her smile curled further, "performance."

Miranda's playful tone turned Shepard's own smile into a full-blown grin once more. "Ah...that is certainly very doable, not to mention tempting. But I seem to remember that I had some terms for for this little engagement of ours - terms that have yet to be met. You were very insistent about me...taking you, and I believe I said that what I wanted in return was for you to take me. Now, I'd say that I've fulfilled my end of the bargain, but I'm still feeling very un-taken here, Ms. Lawson." The man concluded with a small peck on the tip of her nose.

The woman couldn't help but chuckle at his response, before raising a slender eyebrow as she spoke. "Well, we can't have that now can we, Commander?"

A faint blue glow and laughter filled the room as the two lovers continued to explore one another, they had all night and sleep deprivation was a small price to pay.

Neither of them were under any illusions: once this little moment of peace, joy and love was over there was still the rest of their reality to deal with. Colleagues and friends to mourn, battles to be fought and a galaxy to save. The Reapers would be arriving sooner or later, and for the two of them 'happily ever after' would at the very least have to wait. But having something so deeply personal to fight for in the coming war, to have these elusive moments of happiness and having not a place but rather someone to call home...

For now, that was more than enough.

Th-th-th-that's all, folks!