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The Littlest Queen of Narnia

Chapter 1

"I'm not sure you've really been listening Lu," the condescending way that her brother had spoken to her had rattled Lucy's already thin temper.

"No, you're not listening. Or have you forgotten who really defeated the White Witch, Peter?" Lucy knew that her tone had been hard but she was sick of being treated like a child and before the war council as well well if it could be called a war council.

The others had all left the room some time ago leaving only the brother and sisters behind.

Lucy knew better than to question the High King before his subjects so she had bided her time, keeping quiet until everyone had left the room to perform their tasks.

She gave each of her siblings a good glance up and down and she felt a tightness come to her chest and useless tears prick at the corner of her eyes eyes that were far more mature for a nine year old.

There her siblings were, tall and adult. The beard that Peter had had when they had left had even returned. Susan was tall and slim, while Edmund was nearly as tall as Peter was.

They had all insisted on being treated as adults when they had returned home, getting angry and resentful when they weren't and yet they were acting more like children now than they ever had and through their actions back home had been labelled 'children' more than once.

But why hadn't she been returned to her old body. Lucy thought wistfully about the old her. She had grown tall, but not as tall as Susan...actually by anybody's standards but her own she was pretty short. She had been slim as well, even slimmer than Susan but that had just been because of her height. She remembered the dress that she had pulled from her trunk at Cair Paravel and sighed.

She had been sixteen when they had left Narnia, old enough to begin courting.

Why hadn't she been returned to that?

Not even one inch had been added to her height since her return. Even her battle armour wouldn't fit her despite the fact that it had straps to fix it in place.

Perhaps it was punishment. It was her fault after all that they had left Narnia. She was the one that had led them all back through the wardrobe. It was her fault. She was the one who had led them into abandoning their kingdom. Abandoning Narnia...

But even if she wasn't in her old body she deserved more respect from her sibling than what she was getting. She still had all of the knowledge and the memories from those years. All of the fighting skills and the memories of battle tactics...memories of the help that Aslan had given them when needed.

She had shed as much blood as any of them. She had gone into battle along with them. They hadn't been happy about it but she had held her own and yet now they were treating her like a little toddler.

Lucy's temper finally bubbled over. She had had enough. She had enough of Peter's doubts, enough of the looks her sister kept throwing Caspian, enough of that creepy little dwarf who she really didn't trust and enough of Peter thinking that it was like the old days. IT WASN'T.

Her siblings all had selfish motives behind what they were doing. Peter wanted to prove that he was right and better than Caspian, Susan supported Caspian because she was attracted to him (Lucy wasn't stupid she knew her sister too well and what she had been like before they had fallen back through the wardrobe). Edmund...oh Edmund, he only wanted to show his support to his brother. Lucy knew that after what had happened with Jadis Edmund was willing to do anything to show that he was willing to defend his land.

"You're a fool," she growled out at her brother.

High King or not, she was going to be heard.

The air became frigid as Peter slowly turned from where he had been speaking with Edmund over a rudimentary map of the castle they were planning on attacking.

Peter's face turned white and Lucy knew that he was beyond angry but then so was she. He was risking the lives of their people...her people. She vaguely remembered the last time she had questioned his judgment, he had erupted like a volcano.

"Pardon?" he ground out.

Lucy unfolded herself from her position on the broken stone table and slid of, standing as tall as she could before her older brother. She looked up at him, her anger boiling just as strong and as fast as his.

"You heard me Peter. You are a fool. We are not in the Narnia we knew Peter. Our people do not fill every mile. These are our people," she gestured wildly around her taking in the now empty space that had been filled with Narnians only a few minutes before.

"These are the ones who are left and you are risking their lives with this stupid plan of yours," she hissed angrily.

"And what for, just for some kind of masculine game play between you and Caspian,"

At any other time the sight of a small child acting in such a serious way and saying such things towards a grown man would have been almost comical, but not now, right now, they were a king and queen arguing each one over what they thought was for the best.

Peter rolled his eyes and laughed humourlessly.

"What would you know about stupid plans?" he scoffed.

Lucy saw Edmund move forward just out of the corner of her eye.

This would be so much easier if I was an adult again.

"Pete, now see here-" her brother started before she rose her hand to cut him off.

Edmund immediately stopped and left her to it, no doubt remembering that she was more than capable of matching their elder brother's sharp tongue.

She took one step closer to her eldest brother, her eyes cold and flashing an icy blue with her anger.

"Remember this brother," she snarled, her childish voice lacking the depth she wished for but carrying her anger well.

"I may look like a child but I have just as much experience as you. I have shed blood for Narnia just the same as any of you three. I have my right to speak here. You know we need Aslan, you will waste lives doing this. Lives that our people are willing to sacrifice...do not waste that gift that they give us brother. Their lives are too valuable," her voice lost its strength as images of battles fought long ago assaulted her mind. There was only so much her vile of healing liquid could do. She could not bring back the dead, she could only fan the faintest flame of life, not light it from nothing.

He brother just stared at her and she knew before he even spoke that she had lost the fight before she had even uttered a word. Peter was too stubborn for his own good.

"As I said Lu, I think we have waited for Aslan long enough," his voice was firm and his tone telling everyone there was no argument.

She shook her head sadly after meeting the eyes of her other siblings. Both of them would stick with their elder brother whither they agreed with him or not and she knew that that was what made them both weak.

"Then let it be on your head," she whispered hoarsely.

"But I will not support this madness," her voice broke as she stormed from the room, her dress billowing about her.

Lucy walked rapidly along the corridors leading from the chamber far under the ground to the sunlight above.

She walked past countless creatures paying them no mind in her desperation to vent her anger, not seeing their concerned glances or hearing their worried words.

Walking through the make shift forge she tightened the belt that held her dagger around her waist and picked up a belt filled with throwing knives from the corner of the cave that had been designated the armoury.

She continued in her steady movement. Knowing what she was going to do. She was going to return to Cair Paravel and she was going to find Aslan alone. She did not care what her sibling thought. She would try her best to end the bloodshed before it began...

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