Chapter One: Defeat of the Dark Lord

Lily and James Potter were ecstatic, it was nearing the end of July and they would soon be bringing home their precious son. Some might think that having a child in the middle of a war is foolish, but for most, it was a symbol of hope. It gave people something to fight for, and for the Potter's their son was even more important, for Albus Dumbledore leader of The Order of the Phoenix had heard a prophecy that could forever affect their child's life.

Lily had gone into labor at seven pm on July 30th. She had already been in labor for five hours when the healer finally told her it wouldn't be too much longer before she could start pushing. James was beside her holding her hand and his two best friends Sirius Black and Remus Lupin-Black (they had gotten married shortly after Lily and James) were pacing around the room like expectant fathers.

When Lily could breathe again she laughed. "You would think that you two are expecting a child instead of James and me."

Remus looked at the women on the bed who he considered to be his sister. "He may not be our son, but he is our god-son, and you're my sister. I can't help that I'm anxious."

James laughed. "And you Sirius?"

"What my amazing mate said." Sirius grinned.

Lily turned to door when it opened again. "Sev, I'm so glad you're here."

Severus Snape looked at the Marauders and ignoring James and Sirius walked to Lily's side. "Of course I'm here, you're my sister, and Remy practically my brother and," he paused looking at Remus, "I think he might be in worse condition then you." He laughed.

Though James and Sirius still didn't like Severus, they loved Lily and Remus and tolerated the man for him.

It was nearing eleven thirty when the doctor came back in and told Lily it was time to push. He ushered everyone but James out and soon Lily was struggling to bring her son into the world. At twelve thirty-one on July 31st, Evan Ignotus Potter was born. The healers were cleaning Lily up when her stomach began to ripple with another contraction. The healer was shocked, and needless to say so were the Potter's and when the healer ordered Lily to push, to everyone's surprise another son was born.

Severus, Sirius, and Remus were ushered back into Lily's room around one thirty and were quite shocked to see both James and Lily holding bundled blue blankets. "Is there something you forgot to tell us sister dear?" Severus asked.

James laughed, "No, more like our little Harry was playing hide and seek. This is Evan's twin brother Harry James." He said presenting the somewhat smaller bundle to Severus.

The boys looked exactly alike but for their hair and eyes, and of course their size, Harry was only about five pounds, while Evan was nearly eight. Evan had a more reddish tint to his few tufts of hair, while Harry seemed to have his father's dark raven locks. And while it looked like Harry was definitely going to inherit his mothers amazing emerald eyes, Evan's looked like they would likely take after his father's hazel ones.

Lily handed Evan to Sirius and Remus to see and turned to Severus. "Sev, James and I would like to ask you to be our little surprises god father since Evan has Sirius and Remus. Would you please?" She asked.

Severus looked at his honorary sister with suspiciously wet eyes. "I would be most honored."

A few weeks later the Potters went into hiding.


It was October 31, 1981, when Lucius Malfoy made his way to Albus Dumbledore warning him that the Potter's secret keeper Peter Pettigrew had told Voldemort where to find the family. "Regulus and I were called in to hear of the plans, Reg went to find his brother and Remus, and I came here to warn you. We don't have much time he's going after the Potter's tonight.

Godric's Hollow

James Potter was blasted off his feet and hit the wall behind him. "You traitor," he shouted at Peter, "how could you, I trusted you with my family's life."

"Well I guess you shouldn't have then." Peter laughed and shot another curse at James causing him to smash into a decorative table and black out when his head hit the floor with a loud thud.

"Pity," Lord Voldemort said, "I thought he would be more of a challenge." Tom Riddle shook his head in mock pity, "Pettigrew return to the manor, I will take care of the woman and children."After Pettigrew bowed and left Voldemort then turned and swept up the stairs to find the nursery. He found Lily Potter standing in front of crib holding her wand in her hand. "Step aside you silly woman, and I won't kill you."

"No, no you can't have my babies." Lily shouted.

"Stupid woman, stand down." Voldemort yelled. When Lily defiantly started shooting hexes at him he blasted her to the side into the wall, where she was knocked out from the impact.

Two identical faces looked to their mother who was passed out on the floor, then hazel and emerald eyes turned to look at Lord Voldemort accusingly.

Voldemort turned his wand to the two little Potter boys. "Such a pity, you would have been strong wizards, even as half-bloods. Avada Kedavra!" He shouted pointing his wand at the crib. He was startled when two strong shields blazed into existence in front of each boy; and even more surprised when they merged. Adult wizards could sometimes combine spells, but it was very difficult, and very dangerous, and these two little fifteen month old boys did it with no evident strain. Before he could contemplate this further, his killing curse hit the shield and another strange thing happened, their shield rebounded the curse and Voldemort was hit with his own killing curse.

Lily had come around in time to see the Dark Lord get hit by his own killing curse and finally die. When she was able to get to her feet, she ran to the crib to check on her children. Evan was unconscious, but Harry seemed to be fine. A few minutes later, Dumbledore came rushing in with James, Remus, Sirius, Severus, Regulus, and Lucius to find Lily holding Evan who had just started to come around. When Dumbledore asked what happened, Lily told him that she could only see a little, but that there had been an unusual shield in front of the crib and that Voldemort's killing curse had rebounded from it then hit him.

Dumbledore then assumed that since Evan had been the unconscious one, he must have thrown the shield and ended up draining his magical core. He had also based his conclusion on the fact that Evan had been showing obvious signs of very powerful and controlled magic for a baby. And while this was true, Harry had showed magic as well, as Remus pointed out. Dumbledore conceded this point, but maintained his position, and proclaimed Evan Ignotus Potter the 'Boy Who Lived'.

Word spread and soon the Wizarding World was raising their glasses in celebration to the saying thanks to Evan Potter, the Boy Who Lived.


A few years went by, and still people praised the Boy Who Lived, while poor Harry was shunted to the side, all but forgotten by most people. Everyone knew that the Potter's only had the one child, right? And while James and Lily did love both their sons, they too seemed to get caught up in Evan's fame and sometimes seemed to forget that Evan was a twin.

Severus didn't take kindly to this, Harry after all was his god-son, and after several fights, James told him he wasn't allowed near his family anymore, and Lily agreed. Sirius and Remus could see the problem, but Severus told them to keep quite so that at least they could be there to keep an eye on Harry when James and Lily forgot about him. They reluctantly agreed. Both wished to express their opinions on the treatment of Harry, but were afraid that what happened to Severus, would happen to them.

Lucius Malfoy had no problems stating his opinion, and after many nasty public fights, he gave up and just ignored the Potter's all together, trusting that Sirius and Remus would look after the boy. And as for Albus Dumbledore, it was if Harry had never been born at all. He would come and play grandfather to little Evan, while Harry was left in his room to play by himself.

Harry was a good child, though and never complained. He remained smaller than his brother by a few inches and several pounds, and because of his size (due to the fact that while in the womb Evan received more nutrients, thus making him healthier and of a good size) and somewhat more delicate health, Harry was often left behind. As the years went by and the children began to get older, he would notice that Evan always received more presents at Christmas, and on their birthday, and that Evan got to go traveling a lot. But he was the BWL, and Harry knew that it was important that Evan been seen by the wizarding people. After all he was the symbol of the light side and Harry loved him dearly.

Evan was a good child as well, he was louder than Harry, but that was to be expected with all the attention he got. Regardless of the way his parents seemed to forget his brother, Evan never did. He always shared his presents with Harry, and reminded his mother and father when they were going out that Harry needed to come to. James and Lily just smiled indulgently at him, and said that he was the kindest brother that anyone could have. But despite his best attempts to remind his parents he was a twin, they never seemed to remember.