Title: The Forgotten Time

By: Metamorcy

Rating: M

Pairing: RebornXTsuna R27

Summary: An incident with the 10-year bazooka leaves Tsuna stuck in the past…what's he gonna to do now?

Disclaimer: don't own and if I did then the whole world would be filled with yaoi

N/A: This is my first time writing a R27, hope it works out.

Edit: Here's the edited version of this story.

This has been beta'd by tokyomewmewlvr. Rebeta'd by WhiteAngel128

Chapter 1: Time travel

When Tsuna started a day, it started the same way every morning and ended the same way every night. It was a routine that he was starting to get used to even with all the craziness that happened each day with his family and friends. There was hardly anything new happening besides the usual ever since the incident with the future with Byakuran. Even with all the yelling, arguments, explosives, and torment he was put through, it was strangely peaceful, but Tsuna knew better. He was all too familiar with this type of silence and the phrase 'the calm before the storm' since he had experienced it far too many times before to remain relaxed.

Tsuna knew that with the changes that were occurring rapidly in his life, there could be nothing too peaceful and he was hoping that whatever was coming his way wasn't too big or major. That and he didn't want to deal with another mafia famiglia; he didn't want to get any deeper into that world and wanted to avoid it as much as possible, especially considering the fact that he had been killed ten years later even though it had been done with a purpose. Anything with them just caused him pain, injuries, and headaches, and he knew for a fact that it would one day be the death of him. He wanted to live, thank you very much.

"Time to wake up, Dame-Tsuna." A voice called out to the teenager before he was barely even aware of his surroundings, echoing forebodingly in the brunet's subconscious mind. Despite his hyper intuition going haywire over the threat, Tsuna remained fast asleep, snuggling deeper into the blankets and pillow and let out a deep sigh in content.

Of course, Tsuna should have learned by now that this hyper intuition was always right. A sharp kick to his stomach jolted him wide awake, he let out a pained cry, and before he realized it, he was kicked again, this time from the other side. He felt his body soaring through the air, the areas that had been hit going numb, and slammed into the wall on the other side of the bed before skidding down, collapsing onto the floor with his back first. He twitched in pain, groaning to himself, and tried to adjust himself from the awkward position that he had landed into. His honey-colored eyes peered up at the only person that would hit him like that and so willingly. "Reborn! You didn't have to kick me like that!"

Slowly, he rolled over to glare up at his sadistic tutor, though it looked more of a pout, and winced when one of his books that was on the floor bumped into the bruise. He resisted from hissing at it, knowing that he would only be punished more, and held himself by his elbows. His spiky caramel-colored hair was ragged and needed to be brushed to look more presentable and his night clothes were all wrinkled from sleeping.

The hitman just stared back with those large black eyes, a smirk on his lips with his hands in his pockets, looking quite smug at what he had done. Leon, meanwhile, shifted slightly on Reborn's fedora, that wide apathetic gaze staring into the distance, and he flicked his tongue soon after. Sighing in defeat, Tsuna knew better then to try something with his demonic tutor from hell and lifted himself up further so that he was on his bottom with his back against the wall, rubbing his sides where he had been hit with his hands. This time he winced, the numbness settling back into pain, and hesitated in pulling up his shirt to take a look. Years of bullying told him that these two spots were going to bruise later on, definitely considering Reborn's crazy strength. Getting onto his feet, the brunet looked around for the time, not sure if he really wanted to take a look.

His eyes widened when he found his blinking clock and screamed. "Hiiieee! I'm going to be late! Hibari-san is going to bite me to death!"

Those horrible terrifying numbers continued to flash on and off at him hauntingly; he only had fifteen minutes before school started. That shitty luck of his continued its run of horror on his life.

"Then you better hurry, Dame-Tsuna." Reborn smirked, tilting his fedora downward to cover his face, watching in amusement as his student panicked.


Tsuna got dressed in record time, something he had learned after years of waking up late, and tossed all his school materials into his backpack before running out the door. He didn't even bother eating breakfast, knowing that there was no time to stop, and passed by his family that were in the kitchen without sparing a word. Slamming the front door behind him, he kept his pace, hoping to get to school before the bell rang to his demise. To the people he went by, he looked nothing more than a blur that was racing down the streets and leaving a cloud of dust in his wake.

Reborn, sitting in the bedroom window, watched in amusement as his charge ran around in panic and sipped on a cup of espresso. He savored the taste on his lips, letting it linger on his taste buds before swallowing. Chuckling darkly to himself, it was always amusing to see the brunet in a mess like that and the expressions that followed. It always seemed to make his day. As he thought that, he reached up for a moment to pet Leon on the head.

Luckily for Tsuna, he made it in on time just as he heard the bell ringing. He slumped against the wall to catch his breath, using the frame to hold himself up. Some of his classmates looked up at him and a few laughed at his appearance which made it obvious what had happened. Using his last bit of strength, he wobbled towards his desk and collapsed onto it, groaning, and fell face forward onto his desk. He buried his head into his arms, wanting to go back to sleep. He was just so tired. All that running in the morning wasn't good for him, he knew that, or thought that, but it couldn't be helped. He'd rather not think about what would happen if Hibari found out that he had been skipping school rather than being late. Tsuna shuddered at the thought.

Reborn was at fault, too; he wasn't making things any easier.

'What's up with Reborn? Does he really have to wake me up like that? It'd be nice if he'd just wake me up like a normal person…I'd rather not start my day with a hammer being slammed against my head.' Tsuna sighed in dismay and looked around his classroom while it was in session, the teacher was talking about some random thing he didn't care about in the front of the room, writing something on the blackboard. He just didn't feel like paying attention. It was the same boring stuff as usual to him. Nothing new. His honey-colored eyes glanced at Gokudera and Yamamoto, who were quietly bickering with each other, and turned away to see the teacher now making a fuss at some poor student that made a remark against him.

The door sliding open caught his attention when his mind wandered around, imagining about anything but school. He lifted his head up slightly to peer at the late students that were just coming in and took in their condition. Grimacing at the sight, he knew very well what had happened to them since he had been in their position plenty of times. Hibari had obviously gotten to them. Bruises on their skin, faces especially, were starting to swell up and turn purple and their clothes were all torn apart, some starting to fall off the students' shoulders. Blood was still fresh, dripping from their wounds, and some of their clothes were darkening at the added color. No one had gotten away, meeting the terrible fate by tonfa.

Tsuna couldn't be any happier that he had managed to arrive to school on time; he didn't want to be in his fellow classmate's position. He was already well acquainted with Hibari's hits; he didn't need any more of them. After that, things in class continued the way it always did like a record. As usual, he would get called on by the teacher to answer some question on the board or to read something in English and soon after, he would be laughed at, teased, and ridiculed for getting it wrong. It was something he was familiar with. After the laughter calmed down, by habit, he would grab onto Gokudera to force the storm guardian not to blow anyone up. Tsuna always wondered why no one ever ran from the sight of the dynamites, he wondered if everyone here was just plain crazy or dense.

'I can't really get a peaceful day. Probably never will…Does it have to always be this crazy?' Tsuna groaned silently to himself, knowing he would never get that wish. Ever since Reborn came into his life, nothing had ever been normal, but he couldn't deny there was some good in it despite the madness. For once, he had friends, true friends that would protect him and come to his aid. It was nice compared to the usual bullying day to day. But even with all that, the insanity won out. 'My life is so screwed up.'

Staring out the window, Tsuna watched as the white clouds in the sky went by, slowly edging across the great blue like a snail. A bird or two would enter and leave his vision and class continued on as usual. Before he realized it, a bell rang alerting him that the day ended. He blinked in surprise, wondering if he had wasted his entire day staring out the window, shook his head to get his thoughts together. Pulling his stuff together and into his backpack, he stood up from his seat, listening to his chair screeching back, and turned to his two friends, who were waiting right next to him. Tsuna immediately smiled, slowly making his way around the classroom towards the door, his two best friends in toll.

However, they didn't get very far before the fangirls started trailing after them, or, the two other teens. They were all batched up together, looking like a giant mass of black with glowing eyes peering over the group like hungry predators ready to strike at any moment.

"Looks like our fans are following us." Yamamoto laughed, rubbing the back of his head as he peered back at the girls.

"Tch, who needs them," Gokudera grumbled, glaring, before looking at Tsuna. "Juudaime! I'm really sorry about this. I can take care of them right away for you! I can blow them up!"

Before the brunet could say anything in response, the rain guardian did. "Are you going to use those fireworks? I think the girls would be happier if you did."

"They're not fireworks, asshole!"

"Guys…" Tsuna sighed, shaking his head at his friends' usual antics, and chuckled softly. Though, he couldn't help but twitch in surprise when he noticed the girls shifting closer to them. In all honesty, he'd rather have this type of affection than the kind he normally got. He got a little disheartened that he would never have anyone to follow him around except for Haru and the people that wanted him dead. The latter he could really do without. It was something that he would have to blame Reborn for occurring and at the rate this was going, he would never die a normal death. Tsuna shrunk fearfully at the thought that, more than likely, he would die a long painful death.

Despite the abnormality in his world, he couldn't help but wish that there was one person somewhere out there in this crazy world that would understand him the most, someone that had some sense, and he wished that maybe, just maybe, that person would be the one for him. So far only Kyoko seemed to stand out.

'Ah…but that's just a dream. I'm not that lucky,' Tsuna sighed, 'I'm more likely to get someone just as crazy as Reborn.'

"Juudaime!" Gokudera called out, still irritated that half of the female population of the school was still trailing after them. He wanted to send the annoyances away, they were disturbing his beloved boss and no one was allowed to. If only Tsuna wouldn't stop him from pulling out his dynamites, then he would have gotten rid of them long ago. "Is everything going well for you at home? I'll blow anyone up if they're causing you any trouble! And Juudaime, aren't these idiotic women annoying to you? Please let me get rid of them!"

"Hiiiieeee! Gokudera-kun, don't! Everything is okay! Perfectly fine! Nothing out of the ordinary!" Tsuna quickly replied, paling at the thought of destruction that his friend could cause. 'If you blow anything up, I'll be the one in trouble!'

"Maa, ma, Gokudera, you don't mean that. You're just going to throw those fireworks of yours around, right?" Yamamoto as usual misunderstood.

"How many times do I have to tell you that they're not fireworks?!"

The two started to bicker again, Gokudera yelling at the top of his lungs to try and get his point across while Yamamoto would just stand there and take it without batting an eye. It was starting to become almost a routine to them and Tsuna was finding it easier and easier to tune them out. He knew that they wouldn't hurt each other, but he couldn't help but react whenever Gokudera pulled out his weapons.

As his two friends fought, they were suddenly engulfed by the female mob, this time disappearing into it. Tsuna watched as the two still continued to fight despite the pushing and shoving of the female population and the brunet could only stand at the side, watching the entire time not sure if he should go in or not to help them. Those girls looked ferocious, ready for blood, and he immediately backed down, wondering if he would be killed by them. Girls could get really scary if they wanted to.

'I think it'd be best if I just…go home,' As he thought that, the mob of girls started to dissipate around the corner, but even as the crowd faded, his friends were nowhere in sight, probably having snuck away to hide. Tsuna sighed, looked like he'd be walking home by himself. Well, at least it'd be quiet for once. Just as he saw the top of his house, the familiar patched up roof that had been repaired multiple times over the years in view, he heard a sharp cry that caught his attention and recognized it instantly. Tsuna simply groaned, shoulders slumping downward. 'Ah, spoke too soon.'

The screaming got louder and he blinked his eyes, glancing up at the fence to see a child in cow print come crashing down in front of him. Tsuna flinched at the sound, taking a step back in shock. At the crash site, a puff of dust covered the small area, hiding the site from view, and as some of the dust floated over to him, he tilted his head to the side to cough. 'Ahhhh, again? Does Lambo ever learn?' He sighed as the dust died down and mentally smacked himself at the sight in front of him before heading over to help the five-year-old.

"Lambo…are you alright?" Tsuna leaned over the crater at the center to peer inside and sighed once more when he came upon the five-year old. Crying reached his ears immediately and he could see the kid sitting on the ground brawling. Regardless of any comforting words Tsuna spoke in an effort to calm Lambo, the lightning guardian continued to cry, rubbing his eyes in response to wipe the tears aside. "Hey, don't cry."

Lambo, of course, didn't listen to him. That wasn't anything new.

Tsuna rubbed the back of his head in frustration before letting his eyes trail to the familiar weapon that was lying next to the kid, the thing that always seemed to cause a lot of trouble every time it was used, the ten-year bazooka. He didn't want it to be anywhere near him, much less used. It brought more headaches than remedy. Tsuna shook his head at his thoughts and stepped closer, knowing that he would have to be the one to bring Lambo home to be treated. Considering everyone else, Tsuna was probably one of the few that could tolerate Lambo when he got like this, but that didn't mean that he wanted to. During the time Tsuna traveled down the crater to help, a few sparks flickered around the bazooka, but he paid no attention to it, focused on his lightning guardian.

Lambo continued to cry, letting his tears dirty his little outfit, and rolled in the dirt turning that once white color into a gray. He kicked up dust in his little fit and screamed out words that didn't make any sense and some in a different language that Tsuna didn't understand. If he had to guess, it was probably Italian.

Rubbing the back of his head, Tusna kneeled down beside Lambo and reached out to pat the child on the head, hoping that it would help calm down the smaller kid. "There, there, no need to cry. Everything is okay now," Lambo went down to some sniffs, now focused on the brunet instead of the pain. It was an improvement compared to before. "Come on, let's get you inside. I bet Mama has something good for you to eat. You want to eat something good, right?"

"Y-Yeah…" The crying seemed to die down and Tsuna helped Lambo up to stand, noting the large bruise on the cow child. But before Lambo could completely go back to his normal whiny self, he suddenly jumped up to grab the bazooka, pointing it towards himself.

'Oh great, here comes ten-years later Lambo,' Tsuna sighed for the hundredth time today. This was something that was starting to become a regular occurrence. He should have seen it coming even before it did. By experience, the current Lambo would disappear and then adult Lambo would appear to take his place in his glory, probably looking worse for wear.

However, something unexpected occurred instead. Just as Lambo was about to pull the trigger, I-Pin came jumping out from the sky, following the falling pattern of the previous child. Instead of landing on the ground, she smacked into the five-year-old, Lambo falling under the force. The surprise caused Lambo to collapse to the ground and shifted the direction to the weapon. Instead of pointing it towards the user, it was now turned to…


The brunet's honey-colored eyes widened during that split moment, shock apparent by his expression, and he unconsciously raised his arms up to defend himself. But he should have known deep within his mind that nothing would save him. "W-Wait a second! Lambo!"

But it was too late, the trigger had already been pulled. Tsuna saw the missile come at him before the color pink covered his vision. A puff of smoke surrounded the area that he had been standing at, covering everything from view. The two kids glanced at each other for a moment, wondering what would happen, but neither decided to hang around. They turned tail and ran away towards the house, hoping that no one would know what wrong they had committed.

As the smoke cleared, all there was left was emptiness.

Tsuna wasn't sure what happened, his eyes were closed shut to prevent them from stinging from the smoke and he coughed wildly as he inhaled the gas. His lungs burned and he coughed louder to clear them, desperately trying to breathe in clear air. Peeking his eyes open for a moment, he immediately closed them back, pain overwhelming him.

'Why me…? Why does this always happen to me…?' he grumbled mentally, stilling his coughing, and waited for the air to clear up, not wanting to try and wander around in an area he wasn't familiar with. He hoped that he hadn't been transported into something dangerous, he would be so dead.

Tsuna refused to let himself relax, preparing himself for anything that might occur, and as the strong scent of smoke started to die down, another scent came slipping in. It made his nose twitch in irritation and felt like the need to throw up. It was terrible, like something was rotting.

His eyes peeked open once more, wanting to know what was going in, and found himself able to see only the pink smoke. It was slowly clearing up, patches of the surrounding scenery revealing itself. But he wished that he hadn't seen anything. The place he had landed into was almost completely dark, sounds rattling around him. The air was dense and thick and it made it hard to breathe. The limited lighting, which was almost none, slipped in through the cracks of the covered windows and broken splinters of wood on the walls and roof. It wasn't a place where he wanted to be.

Taking a step forward, he felt his shoes splashing into something and blinked in response to it. Peering down, he squinted his eyes to try and make it out, but it looked like some sort of liquid that was dark in color or maybe that perception was because there was no light to reveal the color. Familiar sounds of chains rattling and gears turning were picked up, but regardless of those sounds, it was dead quiet. If he listened carefully enough, he could hear some sort of dripping, like water was falling, not too far ahead and he went towards it since there was nowhere else for him to go. The rotting odor that had been weak due to the smoke previously was much stronger than before and there was another smell that was mixed in, copper. As his eyes adjusted to the lighting, he took his time in figuring out why that last scent was so familiar, he knew deep within that it was something he didn't like, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Then he realized it. It was blood.

An accustomed click echoed close to his head.

Tsuna immediately froze. His eyes widened in shock and fear and he shivered as something ice-cold was pressed against his back where the spinal cord and shoulders met. The end grinded into his bone and he couldn't help but wince at the pain.

Then a huff of breath from behind alerted Tsuna that there was someone standing behind him. But when had someone managed to sneak up on him when there was water around? Surely the footsteps would be heard, right?

At that moment, his eyes finally adjusted to the darkness…and he wish he hadn't. His large honey eyes widened at the sight before him, the smells all coming to him at once, and it took every ounce of control to not throw up. His facial skin color paled to a sheer white and his body trembled terribly, a cold sweat running down his body.

Right there before him were bodies among bodies piled up just before his feet, many looking rotted from the thick air. Holes were all over the bodies and he was certain there was more, but he couldn't tell as blood covered everything, but the holes in the dead center of a couple of foreheads were too obvious. He had seen a lot of terrible things from his involvement with Vongola but this…this had to be the worst of it.

Blood was still oozing out from the corpses and many of the bodies looked like they had been killed just recently. Realization occurred to his mind as he thought of something. Wasn't he stepping in something? His eyes immediately trailed down to his shoes where a puddle of something surrounded it and knew it could only be one thing. Tsuna swallowed thickly, fear pulsing though his very being, wondering in the back of his mind if he would become one of those bodies. He didn't want to die…not like this. Gathering what courage he had left, he carefully turned around shakily and stared up at the gun that was pointing towards his chest, right at his heart that thumped deep inside his rib cage.

His honey-colored eyes stared at the barrel of the gun, noting the model that he normally saw used in Vongala, and trailed upwards toward the hands. They were rough and much bigger looking than his own and he then went to the jacket the man was wearing. It appeared to be some suit that looked so neat, it could have been ironed just a few moments ago, but Tsuna knew it wasn't possible, not here anyway. When he came to the face that was covered by the shadow of the fedora, he blinked for a second, taking in the features. The man looked…way too familiar. But how was that possible? Tsuna was certain he had never seen this person before.

"Who are you?" The person asked, black eyes narrowing dangerously from below the hat, and pushed the gun harder into the soft fleshy skin of Tsuna's chest. The coldness from both the gun and the voice made the poor teen shiver in fright, noting that this man was probably the cause of all the death around him. But despite his running thoughts, he stared in a mixture of confusion towards the other, not understanding the words. It sounded something Gokudera would talk in. Was it Italian?

'But what did he say?' Tsuna managed to think, his eyes wide. "H-H-Huh?"

The man raised an eyebrow and changed languages. This time it was English, something Tsuna could make out from school. He never thought that those terrible classes would finally come in handy and this wasn't the best way. "Name."

"N-Name? O-Oh, I-I'm Sawada T-T-Tsunayoshi…," the sky guardian stuttered in Japanese, not sure if he should try answering back in broken English, which probably wasn't the best idea. His eyes glanced down at his watch, waiting for the five minutes to be up so he could get out of here. Just what was his future-self doing in such a place? He knew he would never get that answer, not like this. Regardless, he needed time to go faster, he wanted to get out of here alive, and head back to his own time alive!

The man blinked at the phrase, not understanding it for a moment, before narrowing his eyes at the information once he translated the words in his head to a different language. He examined the teen before him intently before snorting. "You speak Japanese…" he muttered under his breath before pressing the gun harder without care. "Doesn't matter who you are, I need you to tell the truth about your identity. I'm not a very patient man and I don't like lies. Try anything and you'll find a bullet lodged into your chest. Hmmm, looks like your survival doesn't appear all that high right now."

"W-What? But it's true! Please don't shoot me!" Tsuna shifted back a little to get some distance away from the man and more importantly the gun. His feet splashed through the blood below, creating rips in the once calm liquid, and scattered more of it onto his shoes. Even though terror was running through his veins, he continued to examine the dangerous person and suddenly recognized the familiar fedora hat. He could only think of one person that wore that, but he was only a baby, right?

Still the name slipped out from his lips. "R-Reborn?"

And with that one name, the atmosphere shifted and not in a good way. The man pulled the trigger and a bullet shot right beside Tsuna's head, just glazing his right cheek. A thin red line burned on the skin and a drop of blood fell down, coloring his pale complexion. The bullet went further behind and slammed into a corpse, splattering more blood onto the wall and other bodies, deepening the color. Blood fell from the little hole, pooling out to join the rest that was already on the ground. But Tsuna didn't pay any attention to that, he had more things to worry about…like the glare the killer was giving him. It had darkened considerably and the threat of his life was getting stronger, Tsuna would be a dead man very soon if he didn't shut his trap. "How do you know my name? Answer me or else the next bullet will be in your skull."

"W-Wait!" Tsuna's head was spinning at actually being right, his arms flapping wildly before him to protect himself. He hadn't expected this person to actually be Reborn. That didn't make any sense. Reborn was only a baby, there was no way he would be able to grow up so fast in ten years and look like that. 'How is this even possible?!' he screamed in his head, tempted to pull at his hair in frustration. Then why didn't Reborn recognize him? The hitman should be able to since ten years in the future shouldn't make this much difference… 'Wait… Wasn't the ten-year bazooka sparking after it fallen down with Lambo? Could that have caused the problem? Then anything could have happened. I could be further in the future or I might even have gone backwards… Ahhhh! There are just so many possibilities.' As his mind was rampaging within, he took note of the time, still aware of the burning gaze that was one him. Five minutes had already passed and they were starting to reach twenty at this moment.

'This…This can't be… I'm not trapped here, am I?' Tsuna panicked, staring up at the scary adult-version of Reborn. The hitman was more serious and dangerous looking then when he had been a baby; a fact he was right now terribly missing. In all honesty, he'd rather have the one that loved to torture him, but at the same time, help him grow rather than the one before him that was about to put a bullet in his forehead. Tsuna knew from experience with the baby-version that there was no doubt in his mind that this Reborn wouldn't hesitate to kill him, the proof was the very gun pointed directly at him.

"I'm waiting…" Reborn pulled the trigger to shoot another bullet, his patience getting thinner by the second. This time the shot went the other side of Tsuna's cheek, gazing the skin once more, but this time it was much deeper than before. Blood fell easier, trailing down in a line, and a couple pieces of hair flew away, scattering to the ground where the pool of blood was at. This little warning snapped Tsuna back into reality. If he didn't answer back soon, his life would definitely be endangered.

"P-P-Please d-don't do that!" Tsuna cried out, backing further away, and reached up to tenderly rub his new bleeding spot before squeezing his eyes shut in fear of the outcome. The cut hurt like hell, it was almost like a paper cut, but worse, and he could feel the warm liquid get onto his hands, still trying to stop the bleeding. This situation was…hopeless, Reborn was going to kill him and that would be it. Goodbye life, had a nice run while it lasted. Still his fear made him continue talking. "And even if I told you, you won't believe me! It sounds so stupid."

Amusingly, the gun lowered slightly, but those dark eyes continued to glare, watching every move to make sure that nothing would happen to him. When he no longer felt the high amount of danger, Tsuna carefully opened his eyes to stare up at the man in disbelief, wondering if it was all just a joke to make him talk.

But Reborn just stood there, still glaring underneath the fedora. "Try me."

The sky guardian blinked in surprise, he was getting a chance? That didn't…sound like the Reborn he knew. The Reborn he knew was terrifying and shot at him until he got the answer he wanted. This was…just odd. Maybe this wasn't Reborn? But those curls and those dark eyes…it had to be.

Just as he opened his mouth to question the man, he was suddenly stopped by shouting occurring in the distance. The voices seemed to echo in the hallway, bouncing off the metal like a flash of light. Tsuna turned toward the direction he had believed he had heard them from, his spiky hair twirling at the force, eyes wide in shock. "Wha…"

Reborn let out a 'tsk', eyes narrowing dangerously, and lifted his gun back up. 'Guess they found the bodies. It won't be long before they come here to investigate.' His black eyes trailed around the room, identifying his escape route, and then finally came back to the kid… He growled at himself for what he was about to do, why was he doing this in the first place? He never let anyone who knew his identity stay alive and it would be so simple to leave that child with the rest of the bodies with a hole in his forehead.

But…there were still a lot of things he needed to ask the other, like the way the kid appeared. That puff of pink smoke was definitely not normal. Reborn had never seen an entrance like that before and it had honestly surprised him. And if he wanted to get his answers, he would need to take the kid with him and keep him alive. Ah, what a pain. Still, shouldn't be too hard to do all those things with his skills. Not going further into it, he reached down, grabbing Tsuna's shirt, and yanked the teen close to his body. Tsuna's honey-colored eyes just stared dumbly, blinking for a moment, not sure what was going on. His mind was still racing from Reborn's appearance. "We're getting out of here and you're coming with me. If you try to escape, I will shoot you."

Tsuna swallowed thickly, shivering again at the cruelty in the tone, and knew full well that Reborn wouldn't hesitate to kill him. The brunet wanted to cry so badly right then and there if the glare didn't make him hold still in fear. He was scared, so scared, but he forced his feet to move and nodded his head in compliance. It was better to guess follow along willingly than dragged. "I won't…I promise."

Reborn, who had stepped away for a moment to check the area, glanced back towards him, eyebrows rising upward. Soon after, he reached up to pull his hat down to cover his expression. He had to admit his curiosity towards this…this boy was growing stronger. It wasn't as if this happened regularly, not that he wanted it to. "You're a…strange kid."

The brunet, who had been expecting an insulting response, was surprised. Maybe this wasn't Reborn. No, this was definitely the same hitman, just bigger and taller and everything, but even with all that, this man before him was one and the same. Tsuna smiled weakly in reply, knowing that that phrase was the truth of his life. "I know, you don't need to tell me that."

The black-haired man huffed, "Let's go."

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