Title: The Forgotten Time

Summary: An incident with the 10-year bazooka leaves Tsuna stuck in the past… what's he gonna to do?

Pairing: RebornXTsuna R27, there are others as well like X27, Fon27, others

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Chapter 30

Tsuna's discharge from the hospital was a happy day, he was finally leaving the accursed place. It wasn't just Tsuna who was pleased about leaving though, his friends, as well as the hospital staff, were too. Apparently, the hospital staff did not appreciate the racket Tsuna's friends had made, if their continuous banishing was anything to go by. By the end of the week, the entire hospital work force was already so tired of him and his companions that they had decided it was too much of a pain to keep bothering with them.

Still, at the end of the day, many of Tsuna's friends were there to congratulate him, glad to see the brunet out of the white hospital bed at long last. They said their varying goodbyes - the hospital staff especially glad - as he exited the building in a wheelchair before hopping into a car to be driven back home. Nana was tearing up in happiness, pleased to see her darling son coming home safe and sound. She never did like seeing her him harmed.

For Tsuna, he was just glad to be in a familiar setting and not surrounded by white and dreary walls. Home was by far much more comforting, it was easier to rest in as well. The constant checking in and reading of his vital signs got annoying after a while, especially since it would always be around midnight and four in the morning. Still, with Reborn by his side, he had nothing to really fear even for his own health. He was confident that the hitman would be able to take care of it for him or at least help him towards to the end. It was the one thing he knew Reborn would do for him no matter what.

Still, there was no doubt that Tsuna, during his time alone in the hospital, still questioned what had happened to cause the entire memory mess. No one had remembered him and most still didn't. He had originally expected it with the whole time involvement, but for memories to be replaced and reorganized? That was different and completely unexpected. Tsuna went through the multiple names that had a possibility of being involved with the mess but none seemed to strike him as the type who would do something like this. Not to mention, he knew of no one who had that kind of power. And here he thought he had seen all his crazy mafia-filled life had to offer.

Tsuna slowly made his way up the stairs in his house the moment he got back, wanting nothing more than to get into his own bed - something he sorely missed. A hospital bed was nice but having his own was the best, one which he knew would be considerably more peaceful compared to before. He settled in it immediately, pulling the sheets over his shoulders and relaxed, barely listening to the voices that were going on behind the door. The curtains were wide open, letting the sunlight in, and he could hear the sounds of animals outside in the trees and on the grass. The only one still with him was Reborn, everyone else was gone. The hitman remained settled against his shoulder, despite being in bed, almost as if watching him, not wanting to leave the premises any time soon. It was a cute in its own way.

Reborn placed his fedora against the nightstand along with Leon and hopped up onto the window frame, looking out into the distance as if searching for something. Tsuna stared at him from his spot on the bed, wondering what was going on in his lover's mind, however, he kept his mouth shut, simply content to watch. He couldn't help but enjoy seeing the light of the sun reflecting in those dark onyx eyes. It was almost as if it created a sentimental hue in them. It was a pleasant, soothing reflection. However, after about ten or so minutes, the brunet began to grow impatient from the unusual silence and spoke, "Reborn, what are you doing?"

"I'm waiting. I want to talk to the Arcobaleno who remember and see if they have any new ideas. We also need to help the others remember, too. There's always a chance something like this can happen again and I want to prevent that."

Tsuna just smiled along, knowing that Reborn didn't want to forget their newfound memories anytime soon. "Alright, but I think I play an important part in everything since it's connected to me, after all."

"True." Reborn huffed, turning away from the window to gaze at the brunet. Possessiveness quickly flashed through his eyes, almost like he was saying he didn't want to share the brunet with anyone. Tsuna almost laughed; pleased to see Reborn's jealousy was making itself know. It was cute with Reborn in his tiny form, but he would never admit such a thing to the hitman's face. The adult would probably take it as Tsuna attempting to be domineering. However, Tsuna still wouldn't mind, he liked Reborn's possessiveness. "Hmm, perhaps I'll go meet them. You still need to get some rest to fully recover. Your stitches are still in and I don't want you pulling them any time soon. I'll have Shamal take them out for you later this week once they've healed up nicely."

The brunet just continued to beam. "I'll be good. I'd rather recover than remain trapped in bed. Maybe you can tell them to head downstairs, perhaps? I heard that Lambo and I-pin are going out with Haru and Kyoko later today. Oh, and Mom is heading out with some friends. It'll make things easier if you have the meeting there."

"That's a good idea," Reborn muttered under his breath, rubbing the bottom of his chin. It would enable him to keep an eye on the brunet as well. Tsuna was known for frequently getting into trouble at the worst of times, if not always. "I'll tell them that. We need to formulate a plan to get things situated and you need to be included."


"Then I'll be right back. Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone."

"Eh? Don't you have any sort of confidence in me?"

The baby just smirked. "None whatsoever."

"That hurts, Reborn. That really does."

Later that evening, Tsuna could hear the Arcobaleno's conversation through the floor, knowing very well that it was solely about him and the remaining ignorant members. He could pick out the words clearly despite the wall between the two rooms. Still, he remained hushed, lying in bed quietly as he waited for the end results. He knew that Reborn wouldn't take long, he never did. That was just the baby's personality and Tsuna didn't mind it regardless of his protests. There were times when he was annoyed by it, but those moments were beginning to become a rarity. He liked Reborn's directness, never hiding anything too important unless there was a great reason behind it.

Tsuna smiled gently to himself, burying his face into the pillow and sighed blissfully. He could wait until Reborn was done, he wanted to get some sleep before anything happened and take this time to recover. Once the plan went into play, rest wouldn't be an option any longer. As Tsuna shifted in bed, he winced. The medicine he was taking to help with the pain only worked to an extent and he was almost due for his next dose, feeling the dull ache become a sharp stabbing.

Just as he was about to start drifting off into slumber, he heard the voices downstairs began to hush up, followed by tiny pitter-patters of footsteps heading towards his bedroom. He almost groaned, but resisted, throwing the covers over his head to prevent seeing the rest of the babies. He was still tired despite sleeping all day and he wanted nothing more than to sleep the remaining hours of it away. However, that wish was thrown out the window when Reborn slammed the door open, walking in as if he owned the place, which was probably the truth, and hopped onto the bed where he proceeded to tackle Tsuna over the head. A muffled yelp escaped through the blankets, but it all went silent when the sky guardian shifted around, trying to get comfortable despite the extra weight on his head. He grumbled and finally tilted to the side to give in, not wanting to bother with his lover. It was better to let Reborn have his way. The hitman was less abusive when he did.

"Tsuna, get up. We're including you in this conversation. I won't allow any repeats." Reborn huffed, lightly smacking the brunet through the blankets in amusement. He heard a grumble from underneath again and jumped back in time to see Tsuna sitting up, looking quite displeased.

The sky guardian glanced around the room to see only three of the Arcobaleno together and smirked, his mind reflecting back to when they had all been adults. As he sat up, he saw Reborn out of the corner of his eyes picking up his medicine bottle that had been placed on his nightstand and opening the cap. He immediately glanced over towards the clock for the time and sighed in relief, glad to be getting his next dose. Taking the offered medication, he swallowed them gratefully with some water and nodded his head in thanks, handing the near empty glass back. Reborn didn't mind and did as requested, placing the glass onto the table.

"So," Tsuna started as he smacked his lips. "What are we going to be talking about exactly? I'm certain you've finished some things, right?"

Verde was the first to speak up, stepping towards the bed with Skull right behind. He lifted his glasses further up his nose with his tiny fingers just as the purple-haired Arcobaleno closed the door behind them. "That should be obvious. We've decided that it has to be someone who interacted with us, or more importantly, you only. There are only a few people on that list, correct?"

Tsuna nodded, turning his attention towards the hitman. "I was with Reborn most of the time. I was rarely without him. Anyone I met had to have met him as well."

The sun Arcobaleno huffed, confirming that statement. "That's what I said as well. The numbers are quite low on who it could possibly be. Most we still see to this very day and we both know they don't contain those sorts of abilities. We would have already known."

Skull remained quiet in the background, unable to say anything or offer any enlightenment. Verde, however, continued to move, getting closer. The scientist leapt onto bed, staring at the two lovers before peering down at his own feet as he tried to settle comfortably on the sinking mattress. The only ones who really knew about the relationship between the two were the lovers themselves, keeping everyone else in the dark. Both knew their duties would get in the way of their relationship and with how Reborn currently was, there was no doubt there would be resulting trouble. "There is only one person who isn't here anymore."

The Arcobaleno peered at each other dejectedly, knowing exactly who Verde was talking about and went silent. Tsuna blinked, tilting his head. "Who?"

"Luce." Reborn answered for him, gazing down towards the blankets that were bunched up around him. A shadow appeared in his eyes, a flash of darkness moving through. "Though we officially tell everyone else that she disappeared, she's really…" He trailed off, looking away. His eyes clearly stated that he didn't want to talk about this subject anymore. Everyone else followed along, keeping quiet.

Tsuna immediately caught on and sighed. "I see. The sky Arcobaleno curse…"

"The sky Arcobaleno are different, they always have short lives. Luce fell to it long ago. All of a sudden, she just vanished out of nowhere, leaving behind only her bits and bobs. It was just as Yuni had done so when she revived the Arcobaleno in the future," Verde continued. "She's the only one we can't talk to."

The group fell into silence once more, the babies suffering from the loss of their old leader and companion. It was painful, no doubt, but they would move on eventually. It had been many years since that point. Tsuna kept quiet, remembering how Luce had treated him in the past despite the time's shortness, she had been so kindhearted. She really looked like an older version of Yuni, he had a feeling she would grow up to look just like her grandmother.

"Anyway," Reborn broke through the tension first, snapping everyone out of their states. "We need to have the others remember before doing anything. One of them might have seen what happened. The chances are low, but it's better than nothing at this point in time."

"True, but it could be all for naught as well! It could be pointless!" Skull grumbled soon after, earning a kick in the forehead courtesy of Reborn. The purple-haired baby went flying back towards the wall, bouncing off by the force. The hitman back flipped in midair and landed on the bed elegantly.

"I don't like that kind of talk."

"Did you really have to hit me?"


"Damn you, Reborn!"

Suddenly, the hitman tossed a half-hearted glare and the cloud Arcobaleno instantaneously went silent, hiding behind Verde in fear. Tsuna just smiled at the sight before him regardless of the violence, closing his eyes. He was tempted to get up to stop the fighting, but resisted, knowing that Reborn was just messing around.

Verde huffed, moving away from the weakest member of the group and grumbled under his breath. "Well, the first person we should go after would be either Colonello or Fong. Those two are in the area and it would probably be easier to spark something. You didn't interact with Viper or Lal as much compared to those two."

Tsuna almost wanted to retort that he had interacted with Lal more than Fong, but resisted. He remembered Fong as a kind person, always smiling and being calm despite the situation. It would be good to have someone like him around to help the problems that were constantly piling up. He nodded his head to that and smiled. "When do you think we should start then?"

"Whenever you're healed, unless we can get them over to visit." Reborn remarked.

"I see. Well, whichever comes first?" Tsuna leaned back, falling onto the bed. His head rested against the pillow and he sighed heavily as the pain from his wound and stitches went back to a dull ache. It was bearable at least. He scooted around in bed, feeling Reborn shift to the side. "If they want to come over, let them. It hasn't stopped anyone before after all."

Reborn almost smirked, folding his arms. "That's true. We do get an unusual amount of visitors."

Tsuna didn't want to remark that the visitors were because of him. Instead, he said, "So just tell Fong and Colonello to come around more often. Fong especially since I'm sure I-pin will be ecstatic." Tsuna shifted in bed once more, moving onto his side. Despite the angle, he could still see everyone in his room. Reborn almost shook his head at the sight of his lover and flopped onto the mattress, getting himself comfortable. It was clear to say that the conversation was drifting to a close, the other two Arcobaleno diving into a random subject before turning the attention to themselves. Tsuna didn't pay any attention, his mind elsewhere for the time being. As time progressed, Tsuna fell asleep and about an hour into his slumber the front door opened and closed, causing him to wake.

He blinked tiredly before budging in bed, looking around to spot Reborn beside him as usual. Tsuna smiled and listened as the person downstairs came rushing up. He thought for a moment that it might be Gokudera considering the speed. However, when the door slammed open, Tsuna blinked in shock.

"Reborn, love!"

Tsuna almost flinched, but resisted at the last second. His eyes darted to the pink-haired teenager, the one who, just like him, was in love with Reborn. He remained still, not wanting to react, and simply watched the proceedings. Bianchi beamed brilliantly at the sight of her beloved and came dashing forward, getting down onto her knees as she stared at the baby. The rest of the Arcobaleno were pushed aside by her, glaring at the back of Bianchi's head.

"Reborn! It's good to see you again! I've missed you so much," Bianchi chuckled, flicking her long hair back. "You haven't been home for a long time."

The hitman didn't reveal an ounce of emotion, he simply stared. "Ah, good timing. I need to talk to you about something important."

Tsuna blinked at that and raised his head curiously. He caught the look from Reborn and immediately went quiet, understanding the hidden meaning. He sighed and collapsed back down in bed as he closed his eyes. Shrugging his shoulders, he could only watch as Reborn lead Bianchi out the door with his fedora in hand, letting her know that he wanted to go out for a quick walk. His honey-colored eyes rested on the baby's form, watching as his bedroom door shut with a loud click. The two other Arcobaleno simply watched curiously, looking a little disgusted.

"Tch, Reborn should stop leading that woman on," Verde remarked, pushing up his glasses. "It's not as if he can really do anything anyway."

Tsuna almost smiled at that, knowing the truth in those words. As he listened to the bickering in the background, he glanced over everyone in the room before peering out the window. His eyes observed the white clouds and the bright blue sky before tearing his vision away, already growing tired of the excessive noise. He could only handle so much after all. Still, his mind was more concerned about Reborn than the memory wipe. With Reborn running off just moments ago with Bianchi, he feared for the worst, not for him, but for her. He knew the pink-haired teen was deeply in love with the hitman, but some things just had to be changed regardless of the consequences and Tsuna knew that. He could only hope that Reborn would make the parting nice and slow to appease her.

Bianchi was overly happy, she was finally getting some alone time with her love at long last. She couldn't help but be completely content with the situation despite its supposed seriousness. The moment they stepped outside, she hadn't known what to do since it had been so long since they had been alone. However, Reborn took the lead and wandered away, so Bianchi followed right behind. The pink-haired teen didn't mind trailing after him; her mind was elsewhere as she thought about the various places they could go together. It was rare after all, to have any sort of alone time with the number one hitman considering his job and the household they lived in. There were too many people to have a private or intimate conversation without being overheard. However, despite Reborn being busy training Sawada Tsunayoshi, there was no doubt in her mind that it was a good thing. It kept the infamous hitman grounded to a particular place at all times, which gave Bianchi a idea of where he always was. Seeing Gokudera, her younger half-brother, was a bonus.

The baby was walking beside her, looking as normal as always with Leon settled in his usual spot on the edge of Reborn's fedora. However, the aura surrounding him was different, one that she couldn't identify. Bianchi was no doubt curious at the sudden invitation, but left the hitman to his own devices, knowing very well that he was competent enough to fix whatever was troubling him. It was one of the many things that she loved about him – his strong independence.

"Bianchi," Reborn suddenly spoke up, catching the pink-haired woman's attention. They were all alone on an empty street in the neighborhood. The sun cast it rays over their heads, creating shadows on the cement. "We need to talk."

Those four words froze the woman solid, her eyes widening in shock. Those words, she knew what they meant, any woman would, and how she hated them. Her fingers tightly clenched into a fist, her nails digging into the palm of her hand. Still, she tried to keep a straight face, refusing to allow the surprise to surface on her expression. "W-What are you talking about, my love?"

The hitman simply stared back, his face calm and collected, before letting out a sigh. "Bianchi, we really need to talk." Reborn repeated to clear up the woman's racing mind. This was going to be a hard conversation, he just knew it. Nevertheless, it had to be done - for both his sake and Tsuna's. He could no longer have Bianchi around him like this anymore, not when his heart sung true for the brunet. It wouldn't be fair for either of them. "I know it's hard to listen when you probably know what this conversation is about, but I need you to."

Immediately, Bianchi's attitude changed, taking a step back in horror. "R-Reborn, no. I don't want to listen. I don't want to have anything to do with this. I want us to stay together forever. I love you after all."

"Don't make this hard, Bianchi. We both knew this would happen sooner or later," Reborn huffed from under his breath, yanking his fedora to the side. The shadow that generally covered his eyes tilted and he continued to stare at the other. A small flicker of sadness flashed through his eyes, but then it was gone. "You would be a fool if you thought otherwise." The hitman paused to allow some time for his words to be absorbed into her mind before continuing. "Look, you need to fall in love with someone that isn't me. I can't be the one to complete your life."

Bianchi gasped, her body going still as the words repeated in her mind, and cried out as tears began to form in her eyes. "But I love you, Reborn! I always have since I was young! Reborn, we're meant to be!"

"No," The hitman shook his head at the accusation. "To me someone fits that role and it's not you. I've been in love with someone else long before you were ever born into this world. And it would be wrong to continue to string you along with lies that would never be. It wouldn't be fair for you."

"But you have plenty of lovers! You've never minded us having to share you. I love you, Reborn." The last bit revealed some desperation within her voice, trying to persuade the hitman otherwise.

There was a momentary pause as Reborn glanced down, pulling his fedora down to cover his eyes from view. He couldn't bear to look at her anymore, not like this when she was about to fall apart. "I'm afraid I've already told them all the same thing. I've broken up with each and every one of them. I have no lovers except for one now and that person isn't you, Bianchi," Leon shifted at his movement, crawling around the center of the hat until he got into a better position. "It's wrong to keep doing this. I didn't want to cheat on my lover with anyone else, just like you wouldn't want the same thing to happen to you."

Bianchi didn't speak, knowing very well that Reborn wasn't done and simply remained still as everything came crashing down.

The hitman offered a small smirk, not looking up. "You're young. You'll bounce back once you find someone who truly loves and cares for you, someone that will take care of you and love you with all their heart. I will never fit that role."


Reborn raised his head up to silence her, a sharp snap in his eyes. "You were beaten by someone else by ten years ago."

Those words silenced her, almost as if it was an ultimatum. It was like telling her that everything was finished, and it was. Bianchi stared ahead, unable to say anything else. She didn't want to think about it. What was she supposed to say anyway? It was over. Her love for Reborn had been shattered just like that by the hitman himself. It was almost like everything she had done for him had been for naught. Her mind could barely process this occurrence since it had happened so fast and out of nowhere that she simply remained still in her very spot.

"I'm going to go on ahead." Reborn muttered under his breath and carefully stepped on, leaving the woman in silence. He couldn't do anything but wait for her to piece herself back together. There wasn't anything else he could do, much less say, without further upsetting her. Everything was just basically done and over with and staying any longer would only cause more problems. Reborn almost wanted to sigh, but resisted it and the urge to take a glance back at her as he turned the corner. It had been hard - their relationship had been going on for so many years. It was tough, but it had to be done. And though he knew it had been harsh, it was for the best in the end. With the string that attached them broken, they could now pursue their own true lovers – he already knew who his was.

Despite everything, Reborn still cared for the pink-haired teen and knew that this would help her grow. Bianchi needed to move onto someone else, someone who would be able to really love her back. Sighing, Reborn quickly made his way back towards the Sawada household, refusing to stray too far away from his lover. He didn't want to leave the range so soon, not after the shooting and the years of memory loss. As he came crashing back into Tsuna's room through the open window, his eyes peered up at the brunet on his bed. The rest of the Arcobaleno were absent, having gone home for the day, leaving the two alone in the bedroom. The sky guardian glanced up curiously from the scattered pieces of paper on his bed, ignoring his homework the moment the hitman appeared. Neither of them asked any questions, waiting for the other to speak first, but when neither did, they didn't bother to delve into a conversation. The Vongola boss didn't say a word and patted the open spot beside him, welcoming the hitman to settle against him for comfort.

Reborn followed the movement before joining, cuddling himself up against the teenager after taking his fedora off. His signature hat was placed against the nightstand and he closed his eyes as he took in Tsuna's welcoming scent. After thirty minutes passing with no verbal exchange, Tsuna finally spoke up, "What happened, Reborn? This… isn't like you at all."

The hitman lifted his head, his large black eyes peering up at the other. No emotion flashed through them, nothing that revealed anything running through his mind. Still, the baby didn't speak until a sigh slipped through his lips. "I broke up with Bianchi."

Tsuna froze. "Oh…" So his guess had been correct.

"Yep, it's finally been done."

The teenager placed his pen down and shoved all of his materials to the side, allowing more room for the other. He reached over and pulled Reborn up into his arms, holding the baby preciously in his grasp. It was welcoming and warm for the hitman and he found himself indulging in it. It was something he had wanted for a long time in his shady world, a world where only coldness and darkness existed. Tsuna leaned back against the head of his bed. "It must have been hard. You've been with her for a long time. Did she take it well?" He paused before continuing on, not allowing Reborn to answer that question yet. "Never mind, I doubt she did. It's a hard blow for her after all."

"You are correct on that. I've been with her since she was a child. She was nice to have around since she was so bright." Reborn muttered under his breath. "However, there's someone else that shines brighter than her." With a smug smirk, he peered up at the brunet, watching as Tsuna's cheeks turned bright red. He was glad that despite being trapped in a different form, he could still affect Tsuna's emotions so easily. He hoped that the brunet would never change. He liked having his lover react like this, so familiar to the one in the past and present.

It had been too obvious that his memory loss had changed Tsuna, making him grow up faster to compensate for the sadness and to stand on his own to keep moving forward. Still, at the same time, it hadn't been a bad thing either despite how hard it had been for the both of them. Tsuna had grown up, the one thing Reborn had been wanting since his boss training with the brunet. And now with his involvement with the other, he would help steer Tsuna towards the right direction in the future. He would make sure of it.

"I'm quite glad that my memories of you being cute in the past are the same."

"Reborn!" Tsuna yelped, letting go of Reborn as he threw the covers over his head as he tried to hide his burning expression. "Stop saying such embarrassing things!" Reborn landed gracefully onto the blankets, chuckling in amusement, and poked Tsuna in the side. He really did enjoy getting a reaction from his lover. Tsuna was just too cute not to tease.

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