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What would have happened

Reborn and Tsuna begin researching in bringing the memories back for the other Arcobaleno and what the possible triggers for them. They argue that it might be simpler to explain the situation but Reborn brings up a good point that with the memories warped, it's not possible. They would no doubt believe they are the ones that are delusional. People are sent to argue such accusations when they believing what they know to truly be real.

A couple days later, they put their first plan into action. With little trouble and for once heading the way it was supposed to, they managed to get Colonello on their side who brings in some insight they were missing. It appears that it wasn't exactly some outside influence but someone that knew all of them and the Arcobaleno themselves the best. The person had to be someone that was close to all of them, someone they deeply trusted, in order to manipulate them without knowing. There is only one person that fits that role much to many of their reluctance in believing this person could do such a thing in the first place: Luce.

Deciding that it was better to go ahead with this idea, they ignore getting the rest of the Arcobaleno. Eventually, they manage to contact Aria to see if she knows anything about Luce's disappearance, which she sadly doesn't. They exchange information in the meantime and Tsuna meets up with Yuni. They chat for a little longer before Aria is called away for a meeting with another mafia group, taking Yuni with her since she needs protection from outside forces as she is the current heir for the group.

With what little they have, the group continues to search for Luce and while they do so, they manage to get Fon onto their side as well. Some humor occurs and Tsuna meets with his guardians to explain what has been happening. Though they don't completely understanding what is happening, support Tsuna completely in his decisions.

Eventually, after a month, Verde manages to find a small trigger to recognizable sky flames that could only belong to her. While alerting the others, he tracks it down to a small shop in the suburban area of Tokyo and gathers everyone there in full gear, unsure of that they could possibly find inside.

They find Luce still alive in the building and in her baby form, drinking tea with another man like there is nothing wrong. The group is obviously shocked by her appearance and tears are spilled while others stare suspiciously at the other man. Her companion reveals himself to be Kawahira or Checkered Face, the one that had started the Arcobaleno curse from the very beginning. Angered words are thrown around, demanding both for the truth and the reversal of their cursed forms.

Kawahira doesn't say anything at first, shrugging his shoulders as if unaffected by the assured words. "I think you should be asking Luce about her situation before you come after me. You're missing too many valuables to many all the conclusions you desire."

Luce decides to step up after putting down her cup of tea. She explains how she survived the sky curse that would have no doubt taken her life.

"It's not possible to kill me, not that easily anyway. My ancestors protected this world and I was born to do so as well until my very last breath. A curse won't keep me from fulfilling my duty, not until the day I retire and pass it onto someone else. Even if someone manages to kill me, I'll come back. I always do." Luce smiled sadly as she stared into the green liquid of her tea, watching her own eyes peer back. "However, because of that, I can't be remembered. Memories are altered so that no one remembers how I perished and many times, it goes further back to ensure that no one knows how it came to be."

Many tried to speak up, wondering why she couldn't just come back to the group and tell them what happened.

Luce continues. "This is a well kept secret, one that has been ongoing for hundreds of years. There are so few of my kind left and there are many that would no doubt make use of our powers and abilities. It's better to keep it a secret even from the people we care about the most. To ensure the secrets of this world are safe. There are too many people out there that would use the Tri-Ni-Set for their own plans." She pauses for a moment to allow the group to absorb the information. "Did you know that Aria would have been a good candidate to take over for me? But the exposure to the outside world and the corruption that the mafia held changed her. She's still the lovely daughter that I gave birth to but not the one I remembered and I knew about that long before she was even born. So I had to search for a new candidate if something were to happen to me."

Her eyes drifted over the crowd before finally stopping at Tsuna. "Then you, Sawada Tsunayoshi, showed up and I knew you were perfect. I could already see your future, your strengths, and your very heart. You were the one that would take over for me. So when I perished by the curse, I altered everyone that had met you to ensure that when you arrived back to the future or met you later in time, there would be no outside influences that would change your perception."

More words are split over the situation, Tsuna in shock over what he's heard.

"You'll take over for me the moment I decide to end it."

Ultimately, there are more questions than answers before Luce and Kawahira leave in a flash of bright light, disappearing once more. The Arcobaleno and Tsuna tried to chase after them by searching the surroundings but they simply vanished into thin air.

When the group returns back home, the rest of the Arcobaleno and Varia are there waiting. Whatever altercation that had happened to their memories has been lifted and there are more arguments and those trying to get confirmation that what they remembered truly happened. Fong and Verde explain what had occurred to all of them and what they had found when meeting with Luce.

Two weeks later, things have gotten back to a more regular routine. It is during this time that Verde made a discovery that their bodies are growing once more. It's a slow start and with some tests, he manages to predict that their bodies will be back to normal within five to ten years. Tsuna and Reborn have a moment together at the thought of being lovers once more but despite the feelings they share, Tsuna still needs to be trained to become a mafia boss. He's more accepting of the role now, though that doesn't mean he won't argue about the treatment the hitman still gives him.

Ten years later, Reborn is back to his normal size and its well-known among the mafia that they are together. They share a very intimate moment in the bedroom before smiling at each other and falling asleep in each other's arms.


Originally, I was thinking of having Tsuna die as his older self to keep the darkness of the story going but then decided otherwise since I was rushing. However, since I'm not writing the entire story out, I can actually write out that little plot line. This is what would have happened if I had decided to go with this route:

A few days after Tsuna had an official treaty signing with a unnamed mafia group, he is gunned down on the way back home to see his mother. He had stepped in front of his youngest guardian, Lambo, to protect him from the assault and the bullet had lodged itself into his once-beating heart. However, as he faded away, he could only smile and gaze up towards the bright blue sky. The faces of those close to him flashes through his mind, Reborn's sticking out the most, and it is during that time that the shadow that has been following him since his younger years had shifted to peer down from above him. Tsuna had been so busy that he had never noticed that it had finally come close enough to touch him. In his final moments, as he watched his friends cry for him and dash around to get medical attention that wouldn't make it in time, his eyes could see the shadow up close and make out the very features of the being. Opening his lips, struggling to make a sound, he whispered something that couldn't be heard over the noise before finally closing his eyes to pass away.

Reborn, upon hearing the news, is devastated and drives himself into a path filled with death and destruction to keep his mind clear from the thoughts of his lover being dead. He avoids Vongola and the funeral they hold for his beloved Decimo, no longer wanting to interact with a place that held such once happy memories. It was a couple months later that Luce and Kawahira reappear during the time he invades a unknown mafia group. It was there that he finds some peace that he very well needs.

Luce simply smiled, traced with sadness for her dear friend. "You don't think everything is done just yet, do you?" She placed her hands against the middle of her form, looking eerily calm despite the grotesque setting that Reborn had created around her. "I said that Tsunayoshi was meant to take over for me, didn't I? That means things aren't just over yet."

"What do you mean by that?" Reborn demanded. "Tsuna is dead! There's nothing more than that!"

"He died, yes, but death isn't the end of everything." She turned around to look out a blood-tinged window, the sun shining above. "I shall perish in about ten years when Tsunayoshi finally takes over as my successor. He already has the spell attached to him, ready to be activated when I perish. However, when he comes back, he needs someone there to be with him, to help him in this new found world he's been away for so many years." Luce twisted back, "Both Kawahira and myself agreed on this that you would be a good candidate to do that. Will you take that oath so that you will still be there for him when he returns? Will you take a cursed lifetime to be together with your lover?"

Reborn was silent but his mind was already set on the answer before he had thought out about the details. He would do anything to be with Tsuna again and the complications of the matter didn't make a difference to him. Without a single thought of doubt, he agreed. "Yes..."

"So when I die, head back to the place on the mountain where the Arcobaleno curse for all of us began. He will appear there."

Ten years later, he felt the death of his dear friend, Luce, and immediately headed towards the mountain. Reborn mourned his friend, knowing her death this time was permanent, but the idea of having Tsuna back with him overpowered his grief and pushed him forward. He arrived at the mountain and after an hour of wandering, he found the person he had been desiring for years tumbling down the side of a hill. Reborn froze, observing his lover carefully. Nothing had changed, he looked the exact same as he had before he had died. There was confusion in those honey-colored eyes but when they turned to examine the area, Tsuna spotted the hitman and paused. Reborn could just see the information processing in his brain and watched as the brunet broke out into a smile.


Tsuna immediately ran towards his lover and instantly wrapped his arms around the other, holding him tightly as he buried his face into the crook of Reborn's neck. The pull of the brunet's arms forced Reborn to act and he reached up to cup Tsuna's chin so that they could peer into each other's eyes.

With a smirk, Reborn spoke, "I've missed you, Dame-Tsuna." Leaning down, he goes for a kiss, knowing that things had turned out the way he wanted them to.


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