While waiting for this Youtube Video to finish processing so I can choose a thumbnail and LIVE MY LIFE, I'm going to start the most-waited for story by me: Cinderpaw VS the Internet. Mainly because the internet is slower than usual right now. And my nose hurts.

"Okay, Cinderpaw," Spottedpaw mewed. "Even though we're apparently not related, I'm going to help you out. See, ever sense your diary ran out of paper, you've been super cranky. So why not start a video diary?"

"A what what now?" Cinderpaw asked. "Oh, never mind, sure."

Cinderpaw's Video Diary: Entry 1: Hey, I Think SOMETIMES Spottedpaw is Useful

"Thanks for the insult," Spottedpaw growled from behind the camera. Cinderpaw was pacing in front of it.

"Are you done yet?" Cinderpaw asked.

"No, I need to feed roast beef to the giraffes," Spottedpaw rolled her eyes. "Okay, I'm done. I'll be going now. Have fun!"

Cinderpaw stopped pacing. "Umm....hey! I...have a video diary now! Isn't that neat? HI YELLOWFANG!"

Firestar popped out of nowhere. "Have you seen Tigerclaw?"

"No, why?" Cinderpaw asked.

"He's supposed to train me and Graypaw off screen," Firestar replied.

Cinderpaw groaned. "EPISODE 3! EPISODE 3! I HATE THE INTERNET! Oh, and you, Spottedpaw13. You're making life a living nightmare!"

"Thanks," Spottedpaw13 muttered as she randomly appeared to make Firestar go somewhere else.

"Umm....yeah, the internet was slow today, but that's not too bad. Apparently Spottedpaw13 is playing piano tomorrow at her church...yeah. I have no idea what to say. Do you have any threes?

"Go fish!" Cinderpaw started laughing for no reason. "Okay, I'm slowly going to die of insanity. I suppose giving Firestar his Christmas present only delayed this.

Suddenly, Stripepaw appeared out of nowhere. "Hey, you. Yeah, you. I'm talking to you."

"Who, me?" Cinderpaw asked nervously.

"Yeah, you, sister. Why haven't Nightpaw31 and I appeared in our own sister's evil council yet?"

"The planned people joining are spread out..." Cinderpaw told her.

"Yeah, well, we have important information. And we ain't giving it up OR talkin' in propo Engish until we officially get to join. So it bette' be soon," Stripepaw growled before disappearing in a cloud that said SHAZOM!

"She wasn't kidding about the proper English," Cinderpaw whispered. "I wonder what that information is though. Oh well...Well, I can't stall this anymore. This entry is over-SPOTTEDPAW! GET OVER HERE AND TURN THIS THING OFF!"

"I feel like Freddie," Spottedpaw muttered as she came in to turn the camera off. "Cinderpaw, you should really learn to do this yourself."

"Too bad," Cinderpaw told her.

"I'm like Sam!" Spottedpaw13's voice came from nowhere.

"WE KNOW!" Spottedpaw and Cinderpaw shouted.

Very severely rushed. What do you mean, upload aborted? Curse you Youtube!


Maybe more hate will be in entry 2....oh well. Stay tuned!