The Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters had it's own type of unique history involving the many and equally unique students that attended.

John Allerdyce and Bobby Drake pulling the 'pudding and latex gloves' prank went down in history.

Scott Summers' and Jean Grey's wedding went down in history.

Emma Frost arriving and reaping merry hell on said marriage went down in history.

Katherine Pryde hacking into The Pentagon went down in history.

But, a day that would forever be referred to as 'That Day' in varying tones of hushed voice and waggle of suggestive eyebrow defined what exactly 'History' was.

Accounts vary on what actually happened on That Day, but a few things were agreed upon- it involved a diamond the size of a small fist, a motorcycle named 'Selene', several murderers, a revenge plot, a role of duct tape, a red dress, and a kitten name Bill.

And it all started 12:01 am.

That Day.

The clock on the wall read 11:50, the constant ticking of the second hand filling the dark hallway of the Girl's Dormitories in the Xavier Institute, where everyone was asleep, in bed, or getting ready for bed at this late hour.

Everyone except for two…

Logan was irked.

Though the concept of The Wolverine being a tad bit pissy wasn't a novel one, this particular silent rage radiated pure malice. T

here was someone in his house. In his halls. Among his children. Close to his 'kid'.

And it was pissing him off.

The smell that had been flirting with him for the past half an hour drifted past his nostrils again, refusing to be captured and tracked.


He sniffed the air heavily again, scent still evading him. It was almost as if his own scent was so similar to this new one, they blotted each other out.

God. Dammit!

If someone was going to break into his house, he at least expected them to have the decency to have a scent.

How else was he supposed to track them down and stab them to death?

He listened intensely to the world around him from his crouch in the shadows, the sound of the ticking clock nearly deafening on his sensitive ears. But, not deafening enough to drown out the sound of a footfall.


A stinging sensation shot through his arms as the claws that made him a predator snapped out of his fists, his unique healing factor kicking in, stopping blood from gushing from the triple slashes in his knuckles, reaffirming the notion that he was one-of-a-kind. The blades jutting out of his fists glowed dully in the moonlight filtering through the windows as he stepped forward on silent feet.

The feet he was tracking, however, were not so silent.

He heard a heel strike the ground behind him.

He turned faster than a man with a metal skeleton should be able to, pinning the woman… girl… kid… person to the wall with one hand firmly gripping her upper arm, the other pressing his claws firmly against her throat. Denying any chance of escape without injury.

"Who are you?" He demanded, growl rumbling out of his throat. "What the hell are you doing here?"

She didn't even flinch, much to his displeasure.

"What are you doing here?" He demanded again, claws pressing closer against her throat, earning a small ooze of blood.

She simply cocked her head to the side, dark curtain of hair spilling over her shoulder as her equally dark eyes dissected him.

"Odd," She finally said in a clipped tone. "I would have thought you would have been more physically attractive."

"I'm not playing games here, kid!" Logan snarled, more blood leaking from the nick at her throat as he pressed against her neck. "Who are you? Why are you here?" He repeated, only a few seconds from just not caring and sending his claws all the way through her throat.

"Both of those questions have the same answer." Her eyes hardened, the obvious objective behind them sharpening.

"It better be a damned good answer." Logan growled, glaring right into her eyes.

It escaped Logan's notice that the cut on her neck closed up.

A sharp, sardonic smile slid across her lips.



"Well… hell." Logan looked at the twin claws that shot out of her fists.

Rogue started awake as something collided with her door.

"The hell?"She grumbled, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she looked over at her clock.


Who the hell was outside of her door at 11:55 at night?

Rogue had long ago come to the understanding that weird things were going to happen to her so long as she stayed at the Xavier Institute. Hell, weird things would probably happen to her no matter where she went. It just seemed to be her luck.

That's why she hesitated in investigating the sound that echoed from the had sounded an awful lot like 'sniktt'. No, not an 'awful lot'. Exactly. That had soundedexactly like a 'sniktt'.

Rogue sighed heavily and pushed herself out of bed, only the short nightdress she had worn to bed protecting her from the cold night air as she made her way to the door, sighing the dark sigh of someone who knew something weird was about to threw open the door.

…And then promptly ducked under a clawed fist rocketing towards her.

"Who the hell are you?" She shrieked, looking up at the woman coated in leather with her fist stuck in the wall.

"Don't mess with me, kid." She growled in a very Wolverine-like tone as she cocked back her leg and let fly a kick aimed at Rogue while her claws were still imbedded in the wall.

Rogue grunted with displeasure as she had to bend her body at an awkward angle to avoid the kick.

The woman finally yanked her fist out of the wall by retracting the claws, unleashing them again with another sniktt as she launched forward at the Wolverine next to the window, who was slightly preoccupied trying to relocate his shoulder and recovering from slip disk.

Rogue pounced forward, tackling to woman to the ground before she reached Logan, both of them falling to the round in a tangle of limbs.

The woman recovered first, twisting out from underneath Rogue, grabbing Rogue's wrist as she went before pinning it between the other woman's shoulder blades.

Rogue gasped with pain as her shoulder was ground into the hardwood floor.

"Stay out of the way, kid!" The woman snarled. "You have no idea what I've been through because of that man!"

"I don't care!" Rogue growled, levering herself out of the woman's grasp and kicking her in the stomach.

The woman used the force of the kick to her advantage, flipping backwards, landing next to where Logan was…

…had been a moment ago…

"Lookin' for me, darlin'?" Logan rumbled darkly, stepping up next to Rogue.

The woman rolled her shoulders as she took a step forward. "As it so happens, I was."


Another two blades shot from the toes of her boots as the cart-wheeled forward.

Logan cursed, pushing Rogue out of the way of the woman's wrath.

"Kid," He grunted as one of the claws tore through his chest, but quickly healed up. "Go find 'Ro!" He shouted in an attempt to remove her from this dangerous situation.

"You go find 'Ro." Rogue snapped back, kicking in the woman's knees and then dipping low to avoid a sweep of claws. "I'm busy." Like hell she was going to back down from a fight.

Logan caught the clawed fist with his own, metal meshing together with a clang.

"You have a death wish?" He growled at the woman.

"I'd have to be able to die for one of those." She wrinkled her nose bitterly, kicking Logan off of her and elbowing Rogue backwards into a wall before launching forward into another attack.

"Who are you?" Logan panted, barely dodging another straight swipe at his chest.

"I told you once." She growled, turning sharply to kick Rogue's feet out from underneath of her, sending the younger woman to the ground.

"Ah!" A sickening snap echoed from Rogue's ankle as the woman's heel connected with it sending her to the ground.

"Kid!" Wolverine howled, rushing forward.

"Not so fast." The woman stepped between him and his 'kid'. Which was absolutely the dumbest place in the world for someone to find themselves.

"You have three seconds to get out of the way." Logan growled deeply in his throat, eyes dark, tone beyond serious. "Three,"

Rogue sucked in a pained breath, ankle already three shades of purple, undeniably broken.


The woman ground her heel into the floor, dark smile stretching her lips. This is what she had come for.


The door at Logan's back opened, a little red head poking her head out into the hallway, wondering what all the noise was about.

"Come on, Wolverine." The woman smiled darkly. "Fight me."

Logan launched forward and thrust his claws into her stomach, twisting his fist as he made contact at the same moment as her foot came up, blade going straight through his thigh. Blood spilled everywhere.

"AHH!" Theresa 'Siryn' Cassidy screamed in shock and horror from her spot in the doorway as blood spilled in front of her eyes. Her mutation manipulated the scream as it tore from her lung, going super sonic, waking every soul in the Mansion.

Wolverine and the woman screamed in agony as the shrill shriek assaulted their sensitive ears, both abandoning their attacks to crumple on the ground, hands over ears.

The chime of the clock striking midnight was lost in the screech.

"Teresa!" Ororo Munroe shouted as she tore down the hall, stumbling around all of the students falling out of their rooms, holding their ears as well. "Teresa, what's wrong?"

Teresa's screaming finally cut off when Ororo reached her side.

Logan and the woman started to prop themselves up, holding on to their heads, moaning in pain.

"Who the hell are you?" Jubilation Lee demanded of the intruder, sparks flying off of her fingers.

"Good question." Ororo's eyes started to cloud over.

The woman's eyes narrowed as her head cleared and she flicked her vision around the hall. Too many people. She couldn't take them all. All she wanted was the Wolverine.

A plan. She needed a plan.

Wolverine's 'kid' moaned lightly in pain behind her.

A spark of a grin crossed her lips.

"Look," Logan straightened himself and took a step towards her.

She scrambled backwards faster than anyone could comprehend, grabbing the kid and hauling her upright in front of her chest, two claws held horizontally across her throat.

"Well… hell." Rogue growled, stumbling backwards on one foot.

"Any of you take one step closer," She addressed every mutant standing in the hall. "She dies."

She started slowly walking backwards, half dragging the girl with her.

"Do you realize what you're doing?" Logan matched her step-for-step while everyone else was cowed by the threat.

"I know exactly what I'm doing." She smiled, back hitting the window. "I only want you."

"Logan," Rogue growled. "Stab her."

"Try it," Her grip on Rogue's neck tightened.

Logan hesitated.

"Good boy," The woman's tone was patronizing. "Now, me and kid here are going to go for a little walk." She kicked the window hard enough to shatter it, a warm wind blowing through. "You find us." She locked eyes with Logan. "Come alone or she dies."

"Logan," Rogue growled. "Don't you dare-."

"Done." Logan cut Rogue off. "But, if you hurt her…"

"Death threat, death threat, snarl, growl," She rolled her eyes. "I get it."

"Logan!" Rogue screamed as she was yanked out the window.

The clock on the wall read 12:01.

And without further ceremony, 'That Day' began.

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