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The Killing Moon

Chapter 1: Scattered Cherry Blossom


sakura hana nani ga fusoku de chiri isogu

Sakura dashed through the dark forest, branches occasionally clinging to her cloak. Kiba, Lee, Sai and Akamaru were left behind to deal with the masked Akatsuki member that they had ran into as she continued after their goal. She no longer had Akamaru to lead her, but Kiba had insisted he was very close, within a mile at least in the direction she was heading. The only question on her mind at the moment was if he would run away, or would he fight once she caught up to him.

The last time he had encountered anyone from Konoha he was all too willing to fight.

As she rushed into a small moonlit clearing, there, perched on a large branch hidden in the shadows of a tree he stood. She couldn't see him to clearly but the glowing red of his eyes and the silhouette was enough to send her already adrenaline pumped heart reeling. She watched him wide-eyed and still for a moment, but realizing her emotions she bit the inside of her mouth, forcing it to take on take on a solid, determined straight line as she glared at Sasuke. A rust flavor filled her mouth from blood. She could do this. She HAD to do this.

"Sasuke." She called, not even daring to blink.

"Sakura…" His monotone voice was barely a whisper, but she found she had to push back the shiver it caused to tickle up her spine. Giving into her emotions here could be fatal for her.

He was studying her, and she couldn't help but wonder what was going through his head. Was he recalling past memories, or was he thinking about the best way to deal with an 'annoyance'?

His face leveled to her before finally his voice filled the small clearing, this time slightly louder than before. "Where is the idiot?"

"Che. Like I'd tell a member of Akatsuki where he is." She spat, her glare intensifying.

"I'm not returning to Konoha with you, Sakura. I would think you would realize this by now."

If only that was what I was here for... but she stomped out the thought. "That, unfortunately, is no longer an option for you, Sasuke. You attacked a prestigious member of an allied village, and that isn't even touching upon what you did at the Kage Summit. Even if you wanted to come back, Danzo is making it an impossibility."

There was dead silence as she saw his eyes narrow at the mention of Danzo. It felt like minutes passed between them as not a sound was made. Finally, "Then why are you here?" broke the dead silence.

She steeled herself for the answer, and looked back up into his face, noticing his Sharingan was now off. "I'm here to protect those I care for from you." She responded as she threw her tan cloak off and threw it to the side. It it would only hinder her movement. Then she grabbed a kunai from her holster on her leg she took a defensive stance.

"Heh." She could just imagine the smirk on his face which was hidden by the shadows. "And what do you plan to do to protect your precious people, Sakura? Kill me?" He sneered.

Inside she could feel turmoil at the question. Just underneath she wanted to yell, beg, anything but this. Could she really kill the man she loved? But Naruto

"If I have to." She glared. "I don't want to… but if you keep doing this, if you keep hurting everyone who ever cared for you, Naruto… he'd risk his life for you, the village… you need to stop Sauske-kun!"

A flash of movement and he was there in front of her, just a foot away. She took a step back in shock. The light of the full moon lit up his pale features, giving them a contrasting glow to his dark hair and clothing. He was gorgeous, even with obvious cuts, bruises, and blood from an earlier fight. He looked battle worn, and dangerous, yet she could never recall him being more attractive. As he was growing older, and more lost in his hate, he was just becoming even more stunning.

He was looking down at her past his straight thin nose, a smirk indeed on his thin lips. His eyes, though no longer red with his Kekkei Genkai, were ice cold and calculating.

"You really think you can kill me?" He questioned with the emotionless monotone, but the way he tilted his head when he asked added a taunt to it. He didn't think she could do it, and he took a stop closer as if to prove it, practically walking straight into the kunai she held in front of her. She was now desperately holding the kunai and trying with all her might not to shake or even take a step back with the sudden fear that took over as he got closer. She could now see a hint of amusement dancing in his coal eyes, and the smirk playing on his lips grew larger. He thought this was funny.

That smirk infuriated her, and quickly the fear that shook her turned to the shaking of anger. He couldn't take her seriously and he didn't understand the consequences of his actions, or he just didn't care. The boy she had loved had turned into this creature that just wanted to hurt everyone she held dear, himself included. Hurt those that would otherwise give him anything he asked.

What emotion she had tormenting inside her suddenly iced over, a new determination set in. She wanted to smash that smirk off his face.

She swung a fist intending on just doing just that. Unfortunately, but not unexpectantly, he flashed away before she made contact reminding her just how fast he was.

"You want to use the hand with the kunai if you want to kill me, Sa-ku-ra." He taunted now from behind, practically whispering in her ear. She spun around with a roundhouse kick, spinning on the ball of her foot while infusing the other with chakra. She made contact as he attempted to block. That was a mistake on his part, and a bit of a smile pulled at her lips at actually landing a hit on the Uchiha.

The impact sent him flying into a tree through some brush about fifty yards back into the shadows of the forest. A sound of a large crack from the tree she sent him into filled the forest, causing everything to turn silent. Not a bird or insect could be heard.

"I don't need a kunai to kill you, Sasuke." She replied.

Sakura watched, debating whether to attack as he slowly walked back to the clearing and straightened himself, eyes now red once again.

"Seems you learned a few tricks." Sasuke stated as the hiss of his blade filled the air. The shine of the metal reflected the light of the moon as he stepped back into the lit clearing.

"I've learned more than a few tricks during your absence, shame you have to discover them the hard way."

"It appears your intelligence has changed for the worst too."

"Ha!" She cracked, not at all amused, but looking at it now it did seem pretty stupid to try taking him on alone. Still, she preferred it this way.

Suddenly he was in front of her, slashing his katana, and she just barely dodged it by going low. She took the opportunity to swipe at his legs with hers before he could pull the sword back and swing at her again.

Seeing him now ready to slash again she jumped back and began to rethink her situation. He was faster than her, much faster. Vaguely she noticed a very light cut on her arm that she promptly chose to ignore since it wasn't very deep, but it still was a sign of how close he had got. She could see she was going to need to conserve her chakra for this fight.

Attacking him head on wasn't going to work. She needed distance.

She jumped back to a tree and with a grunt pulled it up by its roots before immediately swinging it at Sasuke. He easily jumped above it, avoiding it, a raised eyebrow evident of whatever surprise he had at the move or her strength, however futile it was. Suddenly his sword was back in its sheath, and he was going through all too familiar hand signs. She had a second to pull the tree back just in time to knock a giant fire ball into the forest. The burning tree, now covered in flames, quickly followed as she threw it away and charged at him. Perhaps she'd do better now that his sword was away.

In the back of her mind she was debating with herself as to how unmatched she obviously was, but she wasn't about to give up. The people she cared for were in danger if he kept doing what he was unchecked.

Sasuke, still airborne, used his momentum to push himself off a nearby tree and propel himself back at Sakura, intent to dodge her punch when suddenly she disappeared, a poof of smoke and a log where she once had been. He spun around looking for her, noticing a shadow from above only in time to dodge out of the way as she came from the moon, shooting down with a kick, impacting the forest floor with a giant crack, dirt flying everywhere. Under the cover of the settling dust Sakura hid back in the trees, preparing for her next move.

She almost had him there, but his Sharingan was activated making it too easy for him to dodge her taijutsu. She was nowhere near fast enough to compete with those eyes. Also if he chose to draw his sword again she had no chance of getting close enough to land another attack either. She needed to get Sasuke to stay in one place long enough for a hit, or at least predict where he'd go next. She needed to change his advantage in the fight, he obviously had too much control over it.

She threw more kunai at him, which he easily dodged by jumping to the left.

"This is foolish Sakura, you have no hope in defeating me." He stated as he easily dodged the next barrage of kunai. "You never had a chance. You should really just go back to that weak, treacherous village."

This time Sakura threw glowing chakra scalpels which were slightly faster than kunai. He dodged left again but this time Sakura was ready, counting on that move. She was already running at him, swinging a chakra infused fist again and this time made impact while he was in midair. Once again Sasuke was sent into a tree, this time causing him to emit a grunt. She quickly followed it up, pinning his slightly dazed self to the tree as she pulled back her other hand, now glowing red.

He looked up as she plunged the red fist at him, and she saw the all too familiar ebony eyes, calmly watching her, but slightly in pain. It was a look she had seen too often back when they were on a team, he wounded, looking at her as she cried over him. Something in her snapped, and she pulled her hand away at the last second, hitting the tree inches away from him. The negative chakra that would otherwise overload his circulatory system died out, wasted on the wood, and she gritted her teeth.

A moment later she found herself staring up at the full moon as her back slammed into the ground. She was in a daze as her hands were pinned above her head by the wrists, another following to hold her down at the neck as Sasuke appeared above her. He was straddling her, pinning her lower body and making her legs useless to aid her out of his hold as he slowly began to squeeze.

"You hesitated, Sakura." His voice was cold as ever. "A ninja hesitating to make the kill is a likely fatal mistake."

She was desperately trying to hold back the tears of frustration she could feel slowly beginning to escape. He was right; she had no chance at defeating him. All this time, and he wasn't even serious with her. What was worse was he had apparently just got done with a fight earlier, and she still had no chance with him not at full power. He could have easily finished her off with his katana, and that's not even mentioning any of the ninjutsu he knew. All he had thrown at her was a katon.

"Hurry up and kill me." She rasped out, the pressure on her throat distorting her voice.

His emotionless eyes narrowed as he studied her face. "Do you really want to die?"

"If I can't stop Naruto from going after you, if I can't stop you from falling further into your hate, if I can't even protect those I care about, then what is the point of it all? I don't want to watch you destroy everything I care about, including yourself. If you kill me it will at least convince Naruto once and for all that his goal of bringing you back is impossible."

He was silent as he watched her and she again wished he wasn't so hard to read. What could have been seconds felt like hours as he held her down determining her fate.

His chin fell down to his chest causing his bangs to hide his eyes from her sight, and then "You are still so annoying". The last thing she could see was the way the moon glowed in the sky behind his contrasting silhouette of sharp edges, and then the chirping of birds filled the air.

Then the darkness took her.


sakura hana nani ga fusoku de chiri isogu

Oh cherry blossom-

why the rush

to scatter so soon?


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