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The Benefits of Being Friends

Chapter 1


I couldn't sleep. No matter what I did or how hard I tried, I simply couldn't sleep!

More than two months had passed since the last time I was with Edward and it was starting to make me anxious.

I needed to have him with me again. I needed to feel his hands running up and down my body, his breath on my neck as he bit down on it.

I needed to feel his body pressed against mine. I needed to feel his mouth closing around my nipple and his hard erection inside of me, filling me completely.

The simple act of thinking about it made my whole body shiver with anticipation. That man did inexplicable things to me.

I got out of bed and started to walk around the apartment trying to decide if I should call Edward or not. I knew he wouldn't mind me calling and would be here as fast as possible, but I always fought with myself before calling him.

One side of me, the responsible and balanced one, knew I would only end up hurting myself.

The other one, however, kept telling me I deserved at least a few hours of escape from reality and Edward sure knew how to provide that escape.

I knew perfectly well that the side of me that wanted to be with Edward would win the fight. It always did. I craved for him too much to not call or run to his apartment when he was the one calling.

Being with him had almost become an addiction.

Edward and I have known each other since we were little. Our parents were friends, so we grew up together.

The first time we slept together was about two years ago after one of his sister Alice's parties. We drank a little more than we were used to and when he walked me home things kind of unraveled.

Well, I might have attacked him to say the truth, but he eagerly complied with my attack.

When we woke up that morning, we didn't know how to react to each other. We felt awkward and uncomfortable while we sat at the kitchen table, especially due to the fact that we didn't know what it had meant. Our doubts made us dance around each other and the issue itself until I called him up a week after that night.

Much to my surprise, Edward accepted my invitation and without any drinks in our systems I could clearly see how amazing he was.

No one had ever been able to make me feel so good, so wanted, and so satisfied as he had that night. I couldn't seem to get enough of him since then.

That day marked the beginning of our new relationship. Every time one of us was feeling down, lonely or simply needed some sexual release, we would call each other and sleep together.

What this new relationship of ours was, I still couldn't tell. I didn't know if we could be considered just friends anymore or if we were friends with benefits at this point. Or even if we were something else completely.

The only thing I knew for sure was that for the last two years, I had been developing feelings for Edward that went beyond simple lust… feelings that shouldn't be allowed, feelings that I should be able to block.

I was in love with him, I knew that much. I also knew, almost for sure, that he did not feel the same way for me. How could he, after all?

I knew I should have ended our encounters when I realized I liked him. I knew that prolonging them would only make it harder for me when it ended but, truly, how could I put an end to the only thing that got me as close to him as I wanted to be? As close as I was allowed to be?

I sighed and picked up the phone, knowing Edward would probably still be awake. He didn't usually get much sleep.

The phone rang twice before he picked it up. There was no trace of sleep in his voice as I had predicted.


"Hey." I was sure he probably already knew what this phone call was about but he wouldn't say anything before I did. If I was the one calling, I had to be the one asking him to come over. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing too exciting, I'm just reading a book. What about you?"

"I'm currently walking around the apartment. I couldn't sleep."

"I see…" I bit my lower lip and leaned in against the couch.

"Edward, do you want to come over?"

"Do you want me to come over?" It was clear to both of us that I did. He enjoyed teasing me way too much.

"You know I do. I wouldn't be calling you if I didn't…" He chuckled loudly.

"Is this a booty call, Bella?" I bit my lower lip again while feeling myself blush.



"Are you available?"

"When am I not available for you, Bella?" Never actually. Ever since I first met him, he would always be available when I needed him for whatever it was. "I'll be there in about 15 minutes." A smiled appeared on my face.

"I'll be waiting for you."

"I certainly hope so." I could hear him walking around his apartment, probably getting ready to leave. "Oh, and Bella?"


"Since I'm coming over to attend to a few very specific needs of yours, maybe you could do something for me…"

"What would that be?" I raised an eyebrow, wondering what else he could possibly want from me now.

"Wear one of those little outfits of yours for me." I immediately understood what he meant and couldn't help but to giggle while walking to my bedroom.

"I will."

"Good." I hung up and opened the closet door, knowing perfectly well what to wear. I knew he had a particular preference for my blue lace baby doll, so it definitely seemed like the right choice for tonight.


I took a quick shower and got dressed while waiting for Edward. As I finished getting ready, he knocked on the door and I went to open it.

He looked, as always, breathtaking. I smiled at him and gestured for him to come in while taking a good look at him.

Once I closed the door, he wrapped his arms around me, crashing me to his chest, and started to kiss my neck.

"I see you tended to my little request." I kissed his jaw before letting my teeth gently run along the skin there.

"I did. Do you like it?" He took a step back in order to look at me and allowed his eyes to trail up and down my body.

This would normally make me feel self-conscious and awkward but it was different with Edward. No one knew my body as well as he did...

"I definitely do." He took a step in my direction again and let his hands run up my thighs to my waist.

I pulled him in for a kiss, giving him access when he tried to open my mouth and letting him thrust his tongue inside it repeatedly.

I moaned against his mouth as he began to move his hands along my body. Then, I pulled on his coat, letting him know I wanted him to take it off.

When he pulled back to take it off, I let my eyes run up and down his body while biting my lower lip. He noticed me doing this and raised an eyebrow.

"What is it?"

"Nothing…" He shook his head not believing me and wrapped his arms around me once again. "It's just that you're really good to look at."

He chuckled and I instantly knew I was blushing slightly.

I let him kiss me softly before pulling back to see if I could get him something. It was silly, but when we were like this and I got nervous, I felt the need to be polite.

"Do you want something to drink or eat?"

"Don't be silly, Bella. The only think I want to eat right now is you and you know it." My knees went instantly weak and I had to take a deep breath.

How could this man still affect me so much with so little? I had been with him countless times and he could still make me melt with just a few words…

He placed his hands on my ass and lifted me up so I was sitting on the table where my laptop normally was and he could stand between my legs.

The feel of his hands on my stomach, under my baby doll, sent shivers down my spine and I couldn't help but moan when he kissed one of my nipples through the thin fabric.

He took the opportunity to pull my baby doll off, leaving me only in my panties and then turned his attention to my breast again.

When he nibbled gently on my nipple, I moaned and moved my hands to his hair while wrapping my legs around him.

"Edward…" He pulled back to look at me and took my lower lip in between his, sucking gently.

I started to unbutton his shirt while he kissed me and ran my hands up his bare chest, feeling his muscles clench and relax at my touch.

"Do you want to move to the bedroom?" I nodded and with his help took his shirt completely off.

He then picked me up once again and started to walk to the bedroom while I kept nibbling on his neck and running my hands along his arms.

Once in the bedroom, he lay me down on the bed and I immediately knelt so I could open the button of his jeans.

He kept kissing my neck and shoulder while I did so and shuddered when I brushed his already hard erection while pulling his jeans down.

When his pants were off, he made me lie down on the bed and settled himself on top of me, between my open legs.

He left a trail of kisses along my body that only stopped at my breasts. He took one of them in his mouth and started to suck on it while his hand kneaded the other.

"I love your breasts, Bella. I could keep doing this the whole night…" He took my nipple in between his teeth and bit gently on it, making me gasp.

I could feel that insistent need for him growing in my stomach and between my legs so I moved my hips upward, brushing against him in an attempt to relieve some of that need.

He understood what I wanted and started to kiss down my stomach to my waist. He knelt down on the bed and pulled my panties off before moving to lie between my legs again.

He leaned in and started to kiss the inside of my thighs, leaving goose bumps all over my body.

He looked up at me with a smirk on his face and placed his hands on my waist in order to pull me in his direction before burying his head between my legs. He ran his tongue up my slit several times, causing me to moan and grab his hair.

He then placed one of his hands on my thigh and lifted my leg so it was on his shoulder and his tongue could dart deeper inside of me.

I could quickly feel myself nearing my release as he expertly moved his tongue inside of me. When he moved to suck on my clit, I came undone while screaming his name.

He kissed up my body while I came down from my high and I wrapped my arms around him in order to feel him closer to me.

"Thank you for that." He chuckled and I pulled on his hair.

"You're welcome." He moved his head so he could speak near my ear, making me shudder in the process. "As I said earlier, you're the only thing I want to eat tonight. You taste so amazingly good, Bella."

He nibbled on my ear and cupped my right breast as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of having him so close to me, his hands running all over my body.

When he came to kiss my mouth, I gladly complied and kissed him back with all the need I felt.

I moved my body beneath his while running my hands along his back and felt his erection pressing against my thigh. I may have gotten my release, but he hadn't yet and I was in no way ready to let him go already.

I wrapped my legs around him once again and moved so the tip of his erection was brushing my entrance. He groaned against my neck and bit down on it hard.

"Bella…" I kissed his shoulder and rubbed against him once more.

"Do I get to return the favor?" I moved my hand between us and ran a finger along his length.

"Later. I want to be inside of you first." He moved on top of me, making his erection press against my entrance.

The feeling of him so close to where I needed him and the way he was talking to me set my whole body ablaze. I was once again desperate for the relief only he could provide.

"I need you inside of me, Edward!" It was incredible how fast he could turn me on.

"Aren't we eager tonight?"

"Well it's been almost two months." He raised an eyebrow at me while moving his right hand down my body.

"That means you haven't been with anyone else since we last were together?"

"I haven't been with anyone but you for a long time." I haven't been with anyone else since we first slept together to be more precise… "Edward, I really do need you."

He smiled but did not bother to tease me this time around. I guess he needed me as much as I needed him. He grabbed my waist and slid inside of me in one of his perfectly smooth moves.

I immediately wrapped my hands around his back as he buried his face on the crook of my neck while moving faster and faster on top of me.

"You feel so good, Bella." I moaned loudly while moving one of my hands down to his ass so I could feel him deeper inside of me.

From that moment on, he alternated between fast and deep thrusts to shallower ones, and that had me going completely crazy.

He was hitting all the right places inside of me and he damn well knew it.

He nibbled on my earlobe, only increasing the pleasure I was already feeling, and whispered in my ear.

"Let go, Bella. Come for me." The knot in my stomach became impossibly tighter with his words and I knew it wouldn't take me long to come undone like he wanted.

It was amazing how even after I had had my first release, he could lead me over the edge so easily again.

With one deliciously deep thrust, he had me screaming his name while my back arched off the bed.

My nails dug on his back and he moaned before biting down on my neck.

My clenching muscles closed tightly around him, making him spill inside of me while he moaned my name.

Once he stopped moving, he lifted his head to kiss my mouth a few times before rolling to the side.

We both collapsed on the bed panting for air and only when our breathing came back to normal did I lay on my side with my back pressed against Edward's chest.

He let his hand that was on my stomach run up and down, sending shocks of electricity throughout my whole body.

I really enjoyed when he did that. The way he softly caressed my body made me feel special and cherished.

When he leaned in to kiss my shoulder, I closed my eyes, thinking about how amazing it felt to have his lips pressed against my skin.

Could he tell how I felt about him when I would close my eyes like this and sigh dreamily? What was he thinking while he was touching me like this? Did he know I only called him so frequently because I needed to have him close to me as often as possible? Did he know it wasn't just about the sex for me? Was sex the only reason he always accepted my invitations? Was sex the only reason behind all those times he decided to call me himself?


I wrapped my arm around Bella's naked form and pressed her back to my chest.

I ran my hand along her stomach feeling her soft and warm skin. I would, ever so often, lean in to leave a trail of light kisses along her shoulder.

Every time I did so, she would close her eyes and sigh. What was she thinking? Could she tell what I wanted to say by caressing her so softly? Did she know how I truly felt about her? Did she know I only attended to her booty calls because I wanted to be with her more than anything? …or did she think I was only interested in the sex?

Granted, the sex with her was amazing but it wasn't what ultimately kept me coming back.

I knew perfectly well how I felt about her. I knew I was in love with her, have been for a long time, but I just couldn't seem to be able to let the words out in front of her.

I often wondered why that was. Why was I such a coward when it came to telling her I wanted nothing more but to be with her?

I knew the answer to that. I had come to realize it was because I was scared. Scared of pushing her away completely, scared of finding out she didn't feel the same way for me and even scared of knowing she did. Mainly, I was scared of losing whatever it was that we had.

Truthfully, I didn't know what we were at this point. Were we still just friends? Were we friends with benefits? Fuck buddies? Was that how she viewed our relationship? Or had we blurred the lines in such a way that we didn't know what we were anymore?

It certainly seemed that way sometimes…

Bella sighed once more and I leaned in to gently bite her neck while letting my hand travel up her stomach to cup one of her breasts. She moaned when I did so and gave me a better access to her neck by moving her head to the side.

"Edward if you keep doing that…" She stopped mid-sentence when I cupped her breast once again.

"What will happen?" She covered my hand with hers and brushed her body against mine.

"You'll have to finish what you started." I chuckled against her neck and she slowly brushed her body against mine again.

She moved her hips making my already hard erection press further against her lower back.

How could she have so much power over me?

She moved her hand to my hair and turned a little in order to kiss me properly.

"Well Bella, I hope you are willing to finish what you are starting." I put emphasis in the 'you', letting her know it was her fault if I couldn't seem to have enough of her.

"I am." I smirked and made her move so she was lying on her stomach and I was half lying on top of her.

I kissed her cheek before moving to leave several kisses down her spine to her ass. I ran my hand up her leg and stopped it at her ass as well, squeezing it and hearing her moan.

I smiled to myself and moved up her body again, gently biting her shoulder.

Closing my eyes, I let my hands freely run along her body.

I knew her body better than anything else. I knew it better than I knew myself. I could, even with my eyes closed, tell exactly where every freckle of hers was located, where every scar from her falls were. I could tell exactly where her body would curve even before my hands were touching it.

I prided myself on the fact that I knew exactly where to touch, kiss or bite her to get her to moan, whimper or gasp. I knew her preferences and favorite places to be kissed or touched, just as well as she knew mine.

Knowing I was the only one that could give her that kind of pleasure, knowing I was the one she relied on to satisfy her, made me prouder than anything else could possibly make me.

"Bella, get on your knees and hands for me." She moved a little in order to look at me as I opened my eyes and lifted one eyebrow. When I smiled at her, she did as I asked.

She stood on her hands and knees and I moved to stand behind her, running my hands down her back to her ass, then down her legs.

I leaned in to kiss her spine and slapped her ass gently once, feeling her jump slightly.

"You have an amazing ass, Bella." Her perky, round ass truly was amazing.

No matter how many times we stood in this position, it still amazed me how her pale skin glowed due to the light coming into the room. I lightly slapped her ass once again and let my length brush against her entrance, making both of us moan.

She turned me on so much, I couldn't wait any longer. I needed to feel her closer to me, to be inside of her.

I placed my hands on her waist and pulled her back so I could enter her from behind. We both moaned when I did so and I stopped for a second, letting us both adjust to the sensation.

No matter how many times we did this, I was never quite ready for the feeling of being inside of her. She always felt so wet, warm and tight around me… It was simply amazing and it felt so right…

I felt her move, letting me know I could go on and so I slowly pulled out of her only to thrust back inside.

I set a fast rhythm that had both of us moaning. She would meet every thrust of mine, making me grip her waist more strongly and pound harder into her.

Not long after, I could feel her clenching around me and screaming due to a particularly harder thrust of mine.

"You feel so fucking amazing, Bella!" I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her up so her back was pressed against my chest, then thrusted once more inside of her.

She threw her head back against my shoulder when I did so and I took the opportunity to bite it. In this new position, she tightened even more around me, making me fall down that edge she had me climbing.

"Oh, Bella!!!" She gripped one of my arms while she screamed my name and we both collapsed in bed panting and shuddering.

Bella remained lying on her stomach while I lay on my side and ran a hand up and down her back. She opened her eyes to look at me when her breathing slowed down and smiled.

"That was amazing." I smiled as well and leaned in to kiss her cheek.

"Yes, amazing is definitely the word." Mind-blowing or unbelievable also worked just as well.

I stood still for a few moments watching her every movement until she moved so she was safely cuddled in my arms. She turned so she was also lying on her side and threw a leg over my waist, pressing our bodies together.

I placed one arm under her head and the other one on her thigh, feeling her soft skin underneath my fingertips and holding her closer to me.

She lazily kissed my chest before looking up at me with a somewhat shy expression on her face.

"Are you staying here tonight?"

"I was hoping so. I can go home if you don't want me to, though." I desperately hoped she would say she wanted me to stay.

"No. I like it when you stay." I kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer to me before pulling the covers over us.

"Good. I like to stay." I definitely did.

Having Bella sleeping in my arms was one of the things I craved for the most when I was home alone, trying to sleep. Somehow, the weight of her head on my chest and the feel of her skin beneath my fingertips always helped me sleep.


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