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Chapter 3


I tossed and turned in bed until I finally gave up the pretense of trying to fall asleep.

I kept thinking about Bella and the amazing things she did to me. I kept thinking about how much I missed her when she wasn't with me, about her smile and laughter, her deep brown eyes, her full lips… Thinking about her had me ready and alert like nothing else.

I was pathetic and I needed to find a way to tell her I was in love with her as soon as possible, before I went crazy or before someone else beat me to the punch and swept Bella off her feet.

I wouldn't be able to deal with seeing her with another man. She was mine, just mine. We were meant to be together, I was sure.

Maybe I would ask her out and pack up the courage to tell her how I felt about her, or at least let her know that I wanted more than just random meetings every now and then. We could have dinner somewhere like we often did or maybe go to the cinema. All I truly knew was that I needed to be with her. I couldn't keep on living in the agony of loving her and not being able to truly have her.

I wanted to be able to hold her hand, kiss her and caress her in public. I wanted to be able to tell everyone that that amazing woman was with me.

I would find a way to tell her and of making the night special to her.

Deciding that the only way I would be able to stop thinking about Bella right now was to be with her and to touch and kiss her, I picked up the phone and dialed her number.

She would probably still be awake, or at least I hoped so.

"Hello?" Her voice portrayed no signs of sleep and I was happy for that. It meant she would probably be willing to come over and maybe I could convince her to spend the weekend here with me.

"It's Edward. How are you?"

"I'm good and you?"

"I'm much better now that I am hearing your lovely voice." I heard her giggle.

"If you are already complementing me, you want something from me. How can I help you?" I would be offended by that if I didn't know she was kidding.

"Come on, Bella. You know I don't only compliment you when I want something." I complimented her because she was amazing and deserved every single compliment directed at her.

"I know. Now, to what do I owe the honor of this call?" She already knew why I was calling, her but it was part of our game.

Whoever called first had to be the one inviting the other over. It was actually quite interesting to see what the other could come up with.

"I was thinking about you and…" Ended up with a painful hard-on just by doing so. "I was wondering if you wanted to come over and play a little. Or maybe I could go over there." Her answer was immediate.

"Give me 15 minutes to get ready and I'll be there." A mile long smile immediately appeared on my face.

"Excellent. I'll be waiting for you."

"I certainly hope so." She hung up after that and I immediately got up and put some clothes on, anticipating the night we would have.


Not even 15 minutes later, Bella was knocking on my door and I eagerly went to open it for her, wrapping my arms around her once she was inside the living room.

I kissed and caressed her, smiling when she took several steps back to say hello.

"Hey." I completely forgot about everything else when she was with me, including to be a little more polite.

"Hello, love. Can I get your coat for you?"

"Yes." I walked towards her again with the intent of helping her with her coat, but immediately stopped when she opened it.

All she was wearing under that coat was barely-there red lingerie that barely held her breasts and covered her most intimate parts, and of course her high heels shoes.

My eyes immediately trailed up and down her body, appraising my prize. No matter how many times I saw her like this or completely naked, it still amazed me how beautiful and perfect she was.

She could still take my breath away again and make me completely hard by just standing there in front of me.

She took her coat completely off and handed it to me, making me snap out of my shameless ogling.

I took her coat and placed it on a chair before wrapping my arms around her from behind and whispering in her ear.

"You look absolutely eatable and fuckable in that shameless piece of fabric you call lingerie, baby." I felt her shiver and smiled. It was good to know I could still affect her with so little.

"That's the whole point." I chuckled and took her earlobe in my mouth while moving a hand to cup her breast.

"I hope I'm the only one you do this for." I couldn't help myself. Sometimes I felt overly protective of her.

I knew she was allowed to be with other men if she wanted, there was nothing in our relationship that said she couldn't, but I liked to think I was the only one who got to touch her and I felt a surge of jealousy course through my veins just at the thought of her being with someone else.

She was the only one I had been with since we first slept together, after all.

In a weird way, I truly felt like she was mine. I just had to find the needed courage to tell her I was in love with her and then maybe she truly would be.

"You definitely are. You are the only one." I smiled satisfied with her answer.

"The only one you do this for, or the only one you're with?" Curiosity killed the cat, I knew, but…

"The only one I'm with."

"Since when?" She took a deep breath and threw her head back

"Since the first time we slept together two years ago." I groaned at her confession. This was exactly what I wanted to hear.

"That's very good to know because you see, Bella…" I placed a kiss on her neck. "You're the only one I've been with since that day, as well."

She turned her head to the side to look at me and smiled. It seemed evident that neither of us knew exactly what that piece of information meant to our relationship, but it had to mean something.

We had been exclusive, faithful to each other even, for two whole years, after all…

It was another unspoken subject in our relationship for now. I was intent in changing that, though.

As of today, I was slowly, very slowly, planning a way of telling her just how important she was to me.

As I said, I just needed to pack up the courage. Who knew I could be such a coward!

Bella moved slightly in my arms and I smiled at her, deciding we needed to lighten the mood.

"So the whole point of this is to seduce me then, Ms. Swan?"

"Yes. Is it working? I bucked my hips in her direction in order to let her know just how much it was working.

"What do you think?" She giggled and ran her hand up my leg, stopping near my crotch area.

"I think you are still wearing too many clothes. Take them off." I chuckled at the demanding tone of her voice.

She turned around and immediately yanked my shirt off as I got rid of my shoes and pulled my pants down.

When I was standing only in my boxers, I pulled her close to me again and started to nibble on her neck while unclasping her bra.

It was quickly thrown to the floor, followed by her panties and then my boxers. Standing completely naked, I enveloped her in my arms, brushing our bodies together and caressing every single inch of her skin I had access to as we kissed.

Out tongues were fighting together, exploring each other mouths and I was well aware we were both moaning. I may have even growled when she stroked my erection.

I didn't care, though. I just needed to have her already and I knew just how I wanted it.

When we pulled back for some much needed air, I made her turn around and walk until her front was pressed against the back of my couch and her back against my chest.

She placed her hands on the couch as I whispered in her ear.

"I want to take you in this position, Bella." She moaned and writhed against me, making me grip her waist. "Bend over a little for me, baby."

I didn't even have to wait.

She immediately bent over, making her ass brush against my hard cock. I suppressed a groan and took a step back to look at her.

Bella wearing only her shoes while bending over the couch, her legs slightly parted, and waiting for me to take her was a sight to behold. I could never get enough of it.

I took a step towards her again and placed my hands on her waist, pulling her to me and entering her at once.

We both moaned loudly when I did so, and I could see Bella griping the couch as I tightened my hold on her waist as to control myself.

When I knew she was ready, I pulled almost completely out of her, only to slam back inside again. She moaned loudly and I repeated that action again several times, moving faster and harder, until we set up a pleasurable rhythm.

As I started to move faster, the heat took over me, enveloping my whole body and all I could see, feel and smell was Bella.

She felt so unbelievably good.

"Oh, Bella, you're always so tight in this position." I started to move a little faster in and out of her, building up both of our releases and having the pleasure to hear her moan my name repeatedly.

"Faster, Edward!" I didn't try to be gentle anymore.

I did as she asked me to and started to pound as fast and hard as I could inside of her.

She seemed to like that because her moans increased in volume and she began to buck her hips faster in my direction.

I knew that at this rhythm, neither one of us would last any longer—and I didn't want to finish before she did. Something that, if I were being completely honest with myself, had happened before…

I moved my hand from her waist to between her legs and started to circle and rub her clit with my thumb.

The effect of my actions on her was immediate.

She screamed loudly and tightened around me in a delicious way. I could feel her body shake as her clenching walls pulled me over the edge with her.

I was well aware of her name falling from my lips as I spilled inside of her, without ever stopping my movements in and out of her.

I wanted to provide her with as much pleasure as possible and I knew she liked me to keep moving as she came down from her high. It was highly pleasurable for me, as well.

I only stopped moving when her whimpers and moans ceased and I lost some of the strength on my body.

We stood still for a few moments until I moved so I could pull out of her.

She turned around and leaned in against the couch while wrapping her arms around me, allowing me to lean in against her.

I buried my face on her hair, smelling her strawberry shampoo as she placed light kisses on my chest and we recovered our strength.

"That was so good." I nodded in agreement with her and kissed her cheek, as our breathings came back to normal.

We stood like that for several seconds, lightly kissing each other and caressing until Bella looked up at me and smiled deviously.

"Are you ready for more, Mr. Cullen?"

"I don't know, you tell me, Ms. Swan." She smiled again and ran her hand down my stomach to my erection and took it in her hand, stroking it several times and making me groan at the sensation.

With her doing that, I was definitely ready for more.

"I think we can say you are ready." She stroked once more while leaning in to kiss my neck and then let go of me

"Bed?" I didn't need to say anything else as she understood what I meant.

She kissed me and then nodded against my mouth before taking a step back. She reached her hand out for me to take it, but I shook my head.

"Go, I'm right behind you." She smiled brightly at me and nodded again.

I let her walk in front of me and enjoyed the way her hips swayed from side to side as she did so.

Her round, firm ass stuck up a little in the air with every step she took and I could immediately feel my cock respond to that sight.

Damn! She truly was going to be the end of me. Even though I had just fucked her, I was already ready for more.

I stopped at the entrance of my bedroom and watched as she looked back at me and smiled.

She knelt down on bed and gestured for me to walk towards her. I did so and when I reached her, she placed her hands on my waist and started to kiss down my stomach.

I knew perfectly well what she had in mind when she readjusted her position so her face was leveled with my cock and her ass was sticking up in the air, and in all honesty, I couldn't wait for it.

Bella gave the most amazing blow jobs.

She looked up at me with a devious smile on her face before turning her attention back to my cock and sticking her tongue out so she could lick it from base to tip.

I moaned loudly when she did so and moved my hand to her hair, tangling my fingers in it.

She giggled at my reaction and moved to take only the tip of my cock in her mouth. She sucked and lightly nibbled on it while running her tongue along the head, just like she knew I liked it.

She suddenly let go of me and looked up while licking her lips.

"Do you like that, Edward? Do you like it when I take your cock in my mouth and suck on it?" Her breath so close to my cock made it twitch in anticipation and she smiled.

Sweet, quiet Bella could be a true vixen during sex.

"Yes, I like it. I fucking love it when you suck on my cock." She smiled brightly and licked her lips again.

"Good. I like it too." In that moment, she leaned in and took as much of my cock as she could in her mouth in one go.

I cursed loudly when she did and gripped her hair harder.

"Fuck, Bella!" She moaned from around my cock and moved one of her hands to cup my balls as she started to move her head up and down my length.

On their own accord, my hips started to move in rhythm with her mouth, making her take me deeper in her mouth. She kept on moaning every now and then, as I gripped her hair, silently asking her for more.

I bit down on my lower lip to try to keep from groaning out loud, but several deep moans escaped my mouth anyway, letting Bella know just how much I was enjoying this.

In response to the noises I was making, she squeezed my balls, moaning from around me and intensifying the heat surrounding all of me.

When she increased the intensity and rhythm of her actions and allowed her teeth to graze my sensitive skin, I was a goner.

"I'm… Fuck, I'm coming Bella!" I always felt the need to tell her when I was close in order to give her the opportunity to pull back if she wanted to, but she never did. She always kept sucking until I spilled inside her mouth.

She always took all I had to give her.

This time was no different. She moaned again and gave me a particularly hard suck, which had me groaning loudly as I came in her mouth.

She kept sucking on my cock as I spilled inside her mouth and swallowed all I gave her. I kept groaning and probably growling as the pleasure took over me and only stopped when the last wave of my release passed by.

Bella only let go of me then, bless her! It made it all that much pleasurable being inside her mouth as I came down from my high.

She placed a kiss on the tip of my cock and on each of my balls as I let go of her hair.

She placed her hands on my chest and kissed up from my stomach to my mouth as my breathing came back to normal and I wrapped my arms around her in a silent thank you.

When I buried my face in her neck, she made us move so we were lying in bed. She on her back and me comfortably settled between her legs.

I kissed her lips once and smiled.

"You are amazing, did you know what?" She smiled and tangled her fingers in my hair.

"I'm happy to know you think so." I nibbled on her lower lip and groaned when she brushed her body against mine, making my cock harden once again.

It was fucking unbelievable how she could do that to me.

"You have no fucking idea of what you do to me, Bella. Or what I want to do with you." She took my earlobe in her mouth and sucked on it before whispering.

"Tell me. What do you want to do with me, Edward?" I ran my hand down her body to her leg and wrapped it around my waist.

"Oh! I want to do really bad things to you."

"Like what?" I smiled while thinking of what I could do.

"I want to take you in every way possible. I want to make you moan and scream my name. I want to fuck you so hard and in so many different positions, you won't be able to walk at all the next day." She moaned loudly at me words and wrapped her other leg around me.

She ran her lips from my neck to my jaw and then whispered.

"Then do it!" That was all the encouragement I needed.

Before she could say anything else, I started to leave a trail of wet kisses down her neck to the valley between her breasts, to her stomach and hips, to the inside of her thighs and then back up again, paying special attention to what I knew were her most sensitive spots.

I then repeated my actions but instead of kissing her, I opted to lick her, biting down here and there.

She kept her legs wrapped around me as I moved up and down her body, kissing, licking and nibbling on her body.

Soon, she was writhing beneath me, tangling her fingers on my hair and tugging on it as if letting me know she needed more.

I knew just what she wanted.

I turned my attention to her fantastic breasts, taking a nipple in my mouth and sucking greedily on it while my hand moved to cup the other.

When I pulled back, I took both her round, firm breasts in my hands and kneaded them, making them jump up and down and then ran my thumbs over her hardened nipples.

I was completely fascinated with them and with how good they felt on my hands and on my mouth.

"You have such amazing breasts, Bella! I could fondle and suck on them all day long." I took one nipple in my mouth again and nibbled on it before pulling back once more.

This woman had me wishing for weird things.

"They are so amazing; it makes me want to come all over them." She wrapped her legs around me more tightly, brushing our bodies together.

She smiled wickedly at me and licked her lips.

"I want you to come inside of me first, baby. Please…" I took a good look at her naked body beneath mine and smiled. Her wish was my command.

I teased her nipples with my mouth for a little longer before getting ready to be inside of her.

"Are you ready for me, baby? Is that beautiful pussy of yours wet and ready for me?" Her eyes rolled back as I run a finger up her slick entrance.

"Yes! My pussy is always ready for you."

"Is it now?" She simply nodded and bit her lower lip as I gripped her waist and entered her with a deep, long thrust that had us both moaning at the sensation of being completely connected.

"Do you like this, Bella?" She bucked her hips against mine and moaned.

"Yes! Yes, I like it. I love to have your huge cock inside of me." I stood still for a second letting her get accustomed to having me inside of her and only started moving when she bucked her hips.

I started slowly, increasing my pace as she met my thrust with one of her own.

There really was no feeling like the one of being deep inside Bella, moving in and out of her willing pussy as she held on to my shoulders and moaned my name.

I simply couldn't describe what being like this with her did to me. There were no words.

I moved faster and faster on top of her, entering with deep and hard thrusts that had both of us grabbing onto each other for support.

As I moved maniacally on top of her, Bella placed her hands on my chest and pushed on it. I immediately understood what she wanted and rolled to the side so I was lying on my back with her on top of me.

I knew she loved to be on top.

Without stopping, she sat down on my lap straddling me and with my hands on her hips, we set a rhythm that was pleasurable for both of us.

She kept her hands on my chest for support as she started to move faster and faster on top of me while making little sounds that were driving me absolutely crazy.

In this position, I could see her take me in her warm center repeatedly and that amazing sight only made the heat course faster through my body.

I also loved the way her breasts bounced up and down while she was riding me like this, but I needed more physical contact. I needed to be touching all of her.

I sat down and wrapped my arms around her so her chest was pressed to mine and I could kiss her as we moved together.

I did my best to meet every thrust of hers with one of her own but ultimately, she was the one in control here and she knew exactly what to do. I could feel her walls pulsing all around me as her rhythm increased impossibly more and I knew we wouldn't last much longer.

She then wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned back a little, throwing her head back as she moaned and pushed her breasts up in my face.

I couldn't resist that invitation and leaned in, taking her nipple in my mouth so I could lick and suck on it as my hands helped her with her thrusts.

When I bit down hard on her nipple, I felt her tremble on my arms and as she screamed, her walls clenched tightly around me. I moved my hands to her ass in order to keep her moving as I chased my release.

It didn't take me long to reach it. Thanks to the way she was squeezing me and the extra few thrusts I came hard inside of her, biting down on her breasts again and squeezing her ass as I shook and groaned and growled.

My breathing was suddenly coming out in puffs and I hid my face on Bella's neck as she kept on moving, slowly now, in order not to groan out loud again.

I felt Bella clench around me once more as I groaned her name and then it was like everything went blank as we rode the last waves of our releases.

I collapsed on bed with her on top of me, still amazed by the sheer force of my orgasm. Never had my mind gone so completely blank before.

Bella was gasping for air on top of me as I ran my hands up and down her back and tried to regain control of my own shaking body.

We remained still, not being able to do or say anything for several minutes until we finally recovered some strength and Bella rolled to the side.

I took another deep breath then and ran my fingers through my hair as Bella came to snuggle against my side, resting her head on my crook between my neck and shoulder.

That had been damn amazing!

I wrapped my arms around her body and kissed her forehead, tasting the salt of her still sweaty skin.

"I don't smoke but if I did, this would surely be the time for a cigarette." She giggled and kissed my neck, moving even closer to me.

"I know exactly what you mean." I kissed her forehead again and stayed quiet for a few minutes as she cuddled in my arms.

This seemed like the perfect time to ask her to go out with me.

"Hey, Bella, I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me tomorrow night after work. I can pick you up." She nodded while nuzzling my neck.

"What do you have in mind?"

"I thought we could go somewhere nice for dinner, you know? We could spend a little time together." And hopefully I would find the courage to tell her how I felt.

"That sounds really good. Do I have to dress up?"

"Only if you want. You don't have to worry about that, though. You always look beautiful anyway." She hid her face on my neck, but I could tell she was blushing right now.

I loved that I could still make her blush.

"So? Do you want to go out with me tomorrow?" She looked up at me and smiled.

"Yes, I would love to go out with you tomorrow." I fought the urge to get up and jump up and down in happiness.

Instead, I smiled and kissed her once more before making her move so we were both under the covers and then wrapped my arms around her, pulling her to my chest so I could fall asleep with her in my arms.

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