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Once Upon a Time in Thebes

The small cat sat up and stretched himself out as Ra's rays fell on him and his companion. He nudged the sleeping dog with his little pink nose.

"Wake up sleepy-head." He purred, leaping up onto the dog's golden back and kneading his paws into his fur. The dog grumbled and began to stir as the cat began to wash his floppy ears. The dog opened honey-coloured eyes and turned to stare at the small cat sitting calmly on his back.

"You can't let me sleep a little longer?" He whined. The cat headbutted him gently.

"No silly, don't you want to get a good breakfast before the market gets busy?" The dog got up quickly, wagging his tail.

"Well, why didn't you say that? Let's go!" He barked. The cat followed him out of the ruined home that they slept in, carefully avoiding the rubble.

The two animals made their way to the market. The cat led the way to a meat vendor. Mewing softly, he reached up to tap the man on the leg with one forepaw. The kindly old man looked down at the cat and the dog.

"Well hello there. Haven't seen you two in a couple of days. Are you hungry?" The cat mewed in reply. Chuckling, the old man gave them each a small portion of goat meat. "That's all I can spare, sorry." The cat merely purred and rubbed against his legs, while the dog wagged his tail and gave the old man sloppy kisses. They then wandered off to see if they could tempt treats from any other vendors.


The cat sat grooming himself in the cool shadows of the alleyway. His canine friend had gone to sleep not long ago. The cat washed his paws, purring softly to himself. His coat was a glossy black. His ears and tail were tipped with scarlet fur. A splash of golden fur graced the end of his nose. His intelligent violet eyes opened at the sound of a commotion in the nearby square and his ears pricked forwards at the excited babble.

Curious, he crept forward to peer around the mouth of the alleyway. He frowned, there were too many people in the way. Leaping up gracefully, he perched on the roof of one of the houses and peered down, tail lashing in excitement.

There was movement up ahead as people were getting out of the way of something coming through. The cat's sharp eyes picked up a pair of horsed men surrounded by guards with spears. As the horsemen came through the people bowed down low to the ground.

The cat looked at the horsemen with new interest. 'They must be the pharaoh and his son.' He thought to himself. He heard a soft groan and looked down, heart beginning to twinge with pity. The old man was trying to lower himself down onto knees afflicted with arthritis.

Obviously, the old man was not moving fast enough for one of the guards, who moved forwards and dealt the old-timer a blow in the back with the butt of his staff. The old man went down like a ton of bricks.

"Insolent old fool, you will pay for your disrespect." The cat looked to the pharaoh in a panic, sure that he would stop any further harm to the gentle old man. But the pharaoh merely stared at the old man with crimson eyes that were cold and impassive. The cat watched in horror as the guard took a whip off his belt and raised it above his head. Without hesitation he leapt off the building, uttering an earsplitting yowl of rage.

The guard barely had time to look up before the cat had latched himself onto his skull and was clawing and biting at him. The guard flailed wildly, trying to shake off the yowling and hissing creature. Finally the cat leapt off him and planted himself in front of the old man. He was quite the sight with his hackles raised, fur fluffed out making him look twice as big and fangs showing in an angry hiss.

"Mangy little fleabag." The guard reached for his dagger.

"Stop!" Even the cat looked up at the deep, commanding voice. He stared at the king's son, Prince Atem. Like his father he had crimson eyes. His hair spiked up above his head in a tri-coloured pattern that consisted of scarlet tips, black body and golden bangs and streaks.

"Guardsman have you forgotten the sacred nature of cats? If you were to hurt that creature you would have to be punished." The guard gulped and backed off. The prince nodded and urged his horse forward. The pharaoh and his guards moved off.

The old man got up with a sigh and a groan. He looked down at the small cat now twining himself around his ankles.

"That was very brave small one, but you could have been hurt." The cat reared up on his hind legs and placed his front paws on the old man's leg, meowing softly. The old man chuckled and petted the cat's head. "Go on you little scamp, before that big bumbling friend of yours begins to worry." The cat headbutted his hand gently and sauntered off.


The cat sat on a stable piece of roof staring up at the emerging stars. The dog was already snoring below him, but the cat had other things on his mind. The scene in the market today had disturbed him. The fact that the pharaoh was going to let that guard hurt the old man... The cat felt his hackles rising. He thought about the talk that he had heard in the marketplace, that the pharaoh was cruel, that he cared not for the people.

The cat had seen the proof today and he did not like it. But, what could a cat do? Besides, it's not like it really concerned him. As long as he had food, water and a place to stay he would be alright. No, such matters were of no concern to one little stray cat. Weren't they?

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