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Song: The Riders of Rohan from The Two Towers

The King

Kia grabbed a large claymore as she and Atem rushed into the shop. At the same moment the front door burst open. Kia lowered her sword when she saw that it was Bakura. The rebel leader was panting and a fierce light burned in his eyes.

"The rebellion has begun my friends." He crowed in triumph as the sounds of battle washed over him. "Care to join us?"

Kia laughed wildly and hooked an arm in his. She tossed Atem a longsword.

"Viva la revolution." She quipped. Aly growled softly in agreement, having appeared with two deadly looking knives in her hands.

"You coming Atem?" asked Bakura.

"I need to make sure Yugi's alright." He replied.

"I'll come with you, see if the pharaoh's around." Bakura said with a nasty grin. "I got a few things to settle with him." Atem nodded and they raced out together, Kia and Aly covering their backs.

A few of the fighting rebels made as if to attack Atem as they ran through the courtyard, but Bakura waved them off. Kia and Aly leapt into the fray as soon as Atem and Bakura were in the inner walls.

Atem and Bakura ran silently through the halls. Most of the servants and nobles were hiding or had fled. Those that they did see turned tail at the sight of their weapons. Suddenly Atem heard his name called. He turned to see Seto and Joey running towards them, swords drawn.

"What's going on Atem?" Seto asked.

"The rebellion." Atem answered. They gaped at him for a moment before slow grins crept onto their faces.

"I think we should go help out, how about you Seto?" Joey asked his lover.

"I think so too." Seto replied smugly. "Puppy, you go down to where the main fighting is. I'm going to go find the biggest supporters of the current pharaoh and...deal with them."

"I think that's a wonderful suggestion." Bakura said with a wild grin. "It will save me the trouble. Atem and I will be down to join you soon as we've checked on his lover." Joey and Seto nodded and took off.

Atem and Bakura rounded the final corner leading to his chambers and stopped dead. The two guards posted by the door were dead, lying in pools of their own blood. Bakura trod softly over to them and dipped a finger in the blood. He beckoned to Atem.

"It's still moist." He said quietly. "They were killed not too long ago." They both froze at the sound of a familiar voice inside the room.

"Soon, soon little whore, I will be free of you and that little abomination you carry." The pharaoh's voice was soft, crazed. Atem reached for the door handle but was stopped by Bakura.

"He'll be expecting that." Bakura whispered. "Do you have a balcony?" Atem nodded frantically. "Show me where it is outside, quickly!"

The two of them ran as fast as their legs could carry them back out of the palace and through the fighters in the courtyard. Atem pointed out the right balcony to Bakura and he took the grappling hook slung over his shoulder out.

Atem watched in amazement as the hook got the balcony the first time. Bakura gave it an experimental tug and then nodded to Atem when it held. Atem strapped his sword to his back and climbed the rope, face grim. Thunder boomed and lightning cracked over his head as he pulled himself up onto the balcony. The storm had come.

He peered into the room and snarled quietly at what he saw. The pharaoh stood over his tied up and gagged lover. Yugi looked terrified and tears flowed freely down his cheeks. Atem unsheathed his sword and rushed in at the next clap of thunder.

The pharaoh looked up at the sound of a blade swishing and jumped aside in time to avoid being beheaded by Atem's blade. This move drove him back from Yugi and Atem planted himself firmly in front of his lover.

"You." The pharaoh growled, a crazy look in his eyes. "I should have known you'd be unsuitable for the crown, weak, mewling little rat!" Atem watched him carefully, eyes slitted.

"I'm not the one unfit, you are." He retorted. "Taxing your people until they can barely feed themselves, dealing harsh punishments for the smallest of infractions. Well, now your time has come, can you hear it?" He taunted, letting his father listen to the sounds of battle below them. "That is the sound of your demise."

The pharaoh screeched with rage and pulled a long knife from his back, rushing at Atem blindly. Atem dodged the blow and brought his own sword up. The pharaoh let out a soft gurgling noise of surprise and stared down at the blade protruding from his chest.

Atem pulled the blade back out and the pharaoh staggered back, sinking to the floor. As he collapsed into death, the pharaoh's hate-filled eyes never left his son's. Finally the light in those eyes died and the king was dead.

Atem panted softly and spat on the floor before the dead man.

"May the gods punish you for eternity for your cruelty." He said softly. He tossed the sword away and went over to his lover. Yugi let out muffled, frantic whimpers at his approach. Atem gently untied his hands and took the gag from his mouth.

Yugi flung himself upon him and kissed him senseless. He then burst into tears and buried his face into Atem's chest.

"Shh, it's ok Yugi, it's ok."

"Atem, he was going to, going to..." Yugi hiccupped softly. "He said he was going to kill our child, and then rape and kill me while you watched."

"Shh, it's ok, he's dead, he can't hurt you anymore." Atem soothed.

They suddenly heard a furious screech from below. They ran out to the balcony. Tea was circling Kia, who merely regarded her with a calm smirk. Tea ran at her with an axe that she got god knows where. Kia sidestepped her neatly and smacked her in the back with the flat of her sword. Tea let out a furious scream and threw the axe. Kia leapt over it and charged Tea, beheading her in an instant.

Atem could see that the tide of battle was turning in favour of the rebels.

"Time to make peace." He murmured to Yugi. Yugi nodded. Atem stood up on the balcony railing.

"ENOUGH!" His deep, booming voice carried over the whole battlefield. Every eye turned to face him, some angered, some puzzled, some triumphant.

"The pharaoh is dead, I slew him myself." Atem paused to let the murmurs die down at his words. "I am pharaoh now, and I wish for the fighting to stop. I am not like my father, I do not conform to his methods, as many will tell you. I swear to be a just, kind ruler, the likes of which my father never was. What say you?!"

There was silence for one long moment and then Bakura stood tall.

"LONG LIVE THE KING!" He shouted. "LONG LIVE THE KING!" Soon the people near him began taking up his cry and after a minute the whole of the courtyard roared its approval as the skies opened up and it rained. The crowd took this as a good omen, a washing away of the evil that had resided so long on the throne, and all men danced under the falling rain.


Months later a baby boy was born to Atem and Yugi. They had been married as soon as the rain stopped and the mess from the battle cleaned up. And as soon as that was done Atem began rewriting the laws that his father had put in place.

Bakura and Seto became his chief advisors. True to his word, Bakura gave the go-ahead for him and Ryou to try to have a baby. Ryou was now four months pregnant and absolutely glowed. Serenity was freed of the title of slave but continued to live with Seto and Joey, not as a servant, but as family.

Kia stayed in her shop in the courtyard, becoming a sort of ambassador for Atem to the other supernaturals. It was rare to find the courtyard empty of some form of supernatural these days. The rains had come and the fields and banks of the Nile teemed with new life, echoing the new life that had come to the kingdom.

And, need it be said, they lived happily ever after.


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