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Edward's fingers tapped nervously on his steering wheel Wednesday morning as he waited for Bella to appear in the exit doors of the Chicago airport. Her flight was running a few minutes late and he was getting antsy.

Jasper sat in his car a few spaces in front of him waiting for Alice. They'd agreed last night they both wanted to pick up their girls. Friends. His friend.

She'd been gone for four days, and he had missed seeing her greatly. They'd spoken on the phone, of course, but their conversations were always rushed between the recent increase in demands at his shop and her tight schedule in San Francisco.

That didn't stop her from calling on Tuesday afternoon after she'd gotten some anti-anxiety medication. She was adorable when she was uninhibited. It had been a long time since he'd heard her be so carefree. He frowned, however, when he remembered how their call ended that day.

"Oh, sorry, Edward. Alex is on the other line. Gotta go."

He heard a small squeal from Alice just before the line cut dead.

His eyes broke away from the exit doors and he began flipping through the radio to distract himself. He got caught up in his many satellite options and didn't see Bella until she was pulling on the locked door of his car.

He dove out of his side and rushed around the car to settle her down. He wrapped his arms around her from behind, trapping her arms beside her, and pulled her back from the car door.

"Settle down there, Bee," he said. "You get to take it easy for the next nine months."

Bella settled into his chest and he sighed with relief when she stopped reaching for the handle. She slowly spun around in his arms and pushed her face in to his chest. Her hands settled on his mid back, so that they officially embraced each other in a hug.

"Sorry," she muttered in to his shirt. "I missed you," she added.

"Missed you too, Bella. Welcome home. How are you feeling?"

He unlocked his car with the remote in his pocket and opened her door while she told him she was fine, but still a little groggy.

"Where am I taking you?" he asked as they pulled out of the airport terminal.

"My apartment if you want, but I'm free for the rest of the day, if you want to go to your house?"

Edward smirked. He nodded and agreed to take her home with him for a few hours of catching up before he took her back to her brand new apartment.

Her hand drifted down to his radio, and she began clicking through stations.

They were pulling in to the driveway of his home when the sun caught just right on something she was wearing around her neck. A bright gleam of light rushed across his face, and he fought back a smile when he realized the necklace responsible was one he had given her while they were dating.

A tiny single music note with one crystal in the center hung on a thin silver chain. He'd given it to her right after he asked her out. She laughed and asked if he was trying to mark her. Honestly, he just wanted her to have a little piece of him always.

They left her luggage in the car and made their way in to his house.

He felt a rush of embarrassment when he realized his place wasn't in pristine condition. A few Styrofoam to-go boxes from last night's impromptu in-house date with Lauren still rested on his coffee table, various amounts of crumbs surrounding them. A few of Lauren's bobby pins lay next to the DVD case of whatever chick flick they had watched. He caught a glimpse of hot pink lace sticking out from under the couch and he cursed lowly under his breath.

Why did she leave those here?

"I'm sorry this place is such a mess," he said, looking at her with his puppy dog eyes. "I figured you would just want to head home."

"And miss time to catch up on my shows? Come on, Edward. You have to know that I'd be willing to endure any amount of mess for your DVR."

He laughed in relief and nodded. She plopped on the couch and he sat next to her, strategically pushing the lace panties further under the couch at the same time that he collected the boxes from the night before.

Bella didn't notice while she flipped through the shows that he recorded for them to watch every week.

Whatever program Bella had selected faded in to the background as they talked about everything that had transpired over the last few days.

Bella talked about the plane rides and hotels and private drivers and the procedure she had undergone.

"I think I drunk dialed you on Xanax," she said with a snort. "I apparently have no resistance to that stuff."

Edward broke out in to laughter and tried to repeat all that she had told him over their call.

"You were just really carefree. You cursed a lot. But we really didn't talk long enough for me to get anything too good. Alex called when we had been talking about five minutes, and then you hung up on me."

"Oh, no, Edward! I'm sorry about that. Alice talked about him all weekend. She wants us to date so badly."

He got this weird feeling when she said that. Not jealousy or anger. It was more like a chill, as if he was worried for her.

He's a good guy, he reminded himself. He's good for her.

"Do you think you two will get serious?"

He was a little nervous to ask, and Bella's hesitation only made it worse.

"I don't know," she finally said with a little bit of nerves in her voice, too.


"He's a great guy," she admitted. "He's funny and smart and we get along well. I just don't know if it's a good idea to start getting serious with someone at the same time you get pregnant. And he seems a little weird about my pregnancy anyway."

"Really? What's he done?"

"He just gets awkward when he talks about it. On our first date he asked if I would still be friends with Esme and Carlisle after I had the baby. He was surprised when I said of course. And when he called on Tuesday, after we had talked about the procedure, he asked what the chances are that it really works the first time. It kind of stuck me weird, the way he said it."

"Well," Edward said, "I imagine it's kind of a weird situation to deal with."

He recoiled a little bit when he realized he was defending Alex. Wasn't it his job to declare no man was good enough for her? Not even himself?

Bella's lips pulled to the side as she thought it over. Eventually, she nodded.

"I guess that's a good point," she acquiesced. "I just figured it should be more awkward for me than for him. But I'm the one who seems to be adjusted to it."

Edward shrugged a shoulder at her with no other advice. A loud sound came from the TV and they both looked to the screen just as an angry housewife flipped over a dining room table.

The two of them burst in to laughter until his abs were sore and Bella had tears running down her cheeks.

"This is the point I would tell you to drink," Edward told her. "But I think I'm going to be awkward about it, since you're probably pregnant" he teased. She punched him in the shoulder and he chuckled at her weak attempt to hurt him.

They watched hours of DVR'ed shows he had recorded just for the two of them, each of them narrating one part or another to each other. They opted out of fast forwarding through the commercials to talk, and Edward couldn't be happier that he finally got to catch up with his sweet Bee.

Weeks passed and he and Bella adopted some sort of a routine. He came over to her apartment every night to give her the injection she needed in her hip. She would cook him dinner in return.

The worst part of it for him was that Bella hated needles. Despised them. So she had to face away from him while he gave her the shots. And she had to slightly rest her upper body to relax her muscles enough to make the injections easier and less painful. And her pants had to be lowered just slightly for her to get them in the right spot.

He'd been bending Bella over a counter and touching her lower back and ass for about six weeks, and he had six more to go. It was torture.

On the weekends, he'd find something to do with Lauren while she visited the Cullen's or looked at paint colors for the apartment Edward wouldn't let her paint. He'd help her with any big projects, like moving in furniture she purchased when they arrived from various shops in San Francisco. He'd moved the couch in with Emmett and made her sit on it the entire time they moved heavy furnishings off the trucks.

She pouted the whole day but reward them with dinner and kisses on the cheek. He smiled at her gratitude and then hauled her off to the bathroom for her injection.

She was just beginning to have some "morning" sickness, and he searched all of Google looking for ways to relieve her suffering. Finally, he found the combination of vitamin B6 and Unisom that at least took the edge off for her.

It was exactly six weeks after her implantation that Edward came to her apartment to find her holding a box and shaking like a leaf.

It was a pregnancy test. While they could rest assured that she was most likely pregnant, Bella told him she worried all her symptoms were in her head. He knew she was terrified of having to tell Esme disappointing news.

He crossed his fingers as she locked herself in the bathroom. He held one of her clammy hands in his while they waited two excruciating minutes for her result.

When the alarm on her phone went off, Bella jumped. Edward reached across her to the dresser and turned it off.

He could see the shaking in her shoulders and put both hands of top of them so that she faced him.

"Look, Bee," he said, "no matter what that stick says, you're going to be fine. Esme is going to be fine. Carlisle is going to be fine. Just don't worry and go grab that test."

He would never let her know, but he was speaking to himself as much as he was to her. He prayed she couldn't feel his hands tremmor on her shoulders.

She nodded eventually and dragged him in to the bathroom with her. He saw the white little stick on the counter and his breath seized. She closed her eyes tightly, so that little wrinkles appeared around her lids, and picked up the test.

She lowered it out of her gaze and turned to Edward.

He broke out in to goose bumps when she raised her arms in his direction.

She handed him the test with trembling hands, unable to look at it herself. He grabbed it carefully, as far away from the recapped tip as he could.

A little pink plus sign sat on the end, and his stomach dropped and his heart swelled at the same time. He looked up at her nervous face, teeth digging in to her lip, water collecting just barely at the bottom of her eyes, and he smiled.

He only got to nod his head once before she jumped on him, loud cries escaping her as she repeated over and over, "Thank God, thank God."

He looked back down the plastic still clutched between his fingers. As he held his sobbing best friend in his arms, he realized he was just as happy as she was.

And then a terrifying realization hit him.

Now two people are the center of my world.