Title: brothers in arms

Disclaimer: not my characters

Warnings: spoilers for season 5; AU

Pairings: none stated

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 365

Point of view: third

Prompt: a companion piece where Michael comes to Sam

"Samuel Winchester," Jessica said. He turned, eyes wide and mouth open. She smiled, gently and sadly, and reached out to raise his chin.

"Jess?" he asked. "But you—" He lowered his head, muttering, "This is a dream."

"Yes," she replied. "But it is still the truth."

Sam scoffed. "You're a figure conjured by my lonely mind," he said. "My desire for the love of my life."

"No," she said. "This is more than that." Glancing around, she continued, "Everyone has it backward—the angels, the demons. Only my brother and I know the truth, Sam. And he is visiting Dean right now, explaining the situation."

Sam straightened. "Who is with my brother? Michael?" Anger tightened his chest. "Is he coercing Dean?"

Jess—the thing wearing her face—shook her head. "Michael is not coercing your brother, Sam."

He froze, staring into her eyes. "What? No—I'm Lucifer's vessel. I have demon blood. I—I killed Lilith. I let Lucifer free."

She raised a hand to touch Sam's face. "Yes, Sam. You did all that. But none of that would have mattered unless Dean turned the first lock in the Pit." She let her hand fall. "He cannot be my vessel because he is stained by Alistair."

Sam backed up, shaking his head. "No, no," he denied. "It's not—you're Michael? I'm Michael's vessel? But Zachariah said—"

"Zachariah thinks he is better than he actually is," Michael told him, wearing Jessica's comforting smile. "Fear not, Samuel. This is good news."

"For me," Sam said quietly. "But not for Dean."

Michael reached out again, but Sam jerked away. "No," he hissed. "Forever no. I will not consent."

"Sam," Michael said. "You will one day call my name and request my help. And I will give you all of me."

"No," Sam said again, desperately. "No, I won't. Not ever."

"You must," Michael told him, so gently it ached. "To save the world from my brother, you must."

Sam said, "I want to wake up now."

"As you wish," Michael replied, and Sam opened his eyes to a motel ceiling, and Dean vomiting into the toilet.

"Sammy," he called after a moment, "we are so very fucked."