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I looked out the window; the endless forest turned into a small town.

I was going to see my cousin. Stay with them, and go to the same school for a year, and it it works out well, stay with them. It's about the worst punishment ever. Not my fault I got into a huge fight with the other school. Not my fault that I beated them to pulp. Not my fault that I'm a delinquent. Seriously, half the school is full of punks, with those hideous mohawks and crazy earrings, nose rings, tongue rings, all sort of rings. Everywhere. Their hair died greena and purple with tattoos all over their body. Compare them to me.

Look at me. Perfectly messy brown hair, two earrings on my right ear, a ring on my forefinger(left hand), ablack choker and a silver chained cross necklace worn around my neck. Sure, I have a tattoo on my left arm. All over actually, but hey. Not those permanant kinds. I'll admit, I don't have the guts to get a permanant stain on my body. Then I have a few dozen chains wrapped around my left wrist loosely.(Yes, left again.) They're punk. I'm just plain gangster. I don't know if gangster's the right word, but who cares.

Seriously. Me. In trouble. I don't see my parents have to be so... stricht. No, picky's the word. I get perfect grades. I don't do anything but beat people, or bullies rather, to pulp. I do the community a favor. God. What do you think, Mom, Dad?

So Mom, Dad. You guys caught me beating a bully to pupl. Yeah, so? That's what I do. You've seen me do it before. What's the big deal this time?

And plus, you should've grounded me instead if you think that it's wrong to teach people a lesson.

I swear. I absolutely swear that this has got to be the worst punishment. I have to go stay with my cousin and aunt for a year. A cousin I've only seen once in my 14 years of life. Once.

I remember that it's a guy, who, from my memory, is a total nerd. I can't go live with my super nerdy cousin! How can I survive? They'll probably be all, "Oh! How beautiful you've become, Tsuba-chan", when they actually think I've gone crazy.

I cannot stand people being all friendly to people they barely know, and I hate the home-y feeling of people's houses. I hate hanging around my family. Those facts about me seem to make me seem strange and anti-social. That's totally stereotype. I'm not.

I may be strange but I have half the school as my friend. Seriously. Anti-social? Don't think so.

What more do I hate? I hate this punishment. Old Man, or rather my dad, says that it's for the best. I don't think so. They probably want to send me away. Chase me away from what used to be our house. They. Mom and Dad, words I've never used. Meaningless, hollow words.

The whereabouts became clearer as the car approached a white and green house with a fence surrounding it.

"Tsubasa. We're here! I can't wait to see Akira after all this time." Old man says from the front seat; one hand on the steering wheel, one hand on his seat belt. He looks like he's ready to jump out of his seat.

I groaned. Great. We're here to see this Akira person. Don't think it's my cousin; probably my aunt, because my cousin should be a boy. Akira's not a guy's name. But I don't like the sound of it. Sounds too home-y.

Old Man stops the car beside the house, he got out of thecar, then opened my side of the door.

I groaned and climbed out, dreading what was awaiting me.


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