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Darren had been constantly busy, learning how to maneuver himself around Vampire Mountain, without getting lost, and working on his fighting skills. He was retiring to his room at the moment, stumbling down the hallway after a long day of physical strain.

He pushed open the small wooden door, and saw that Harkat was not in there. He must be doing something; little people didn't need as much sleep as vampires or humans. It didn't really bother Darren, he just went over to his hammock, and was about to flop down onto it, when something caught his eye.

Sitting on the far table was a thick book. The cover was dark leather set in between thick gold bands on the outside, with a silver clasp holding it together. Darren pulled the note off the top and read the message scrawled in messy handwriting.


I knew that you liked the pictures that I drew, when you looked at them a couple of weeks ago. I thought you had seen all of them, until I found this. It has a lot of older drawings, but I have added a few recently that I had forgotten about. Hope you like them.

Gavner Purl

Darren was surprised, but incredibly happy. He had loved Gavner's drawings when he had looked at them, and had been sad when he thought that was all of them. Being carful no tot break the bindings on the older book, Darren pulled it open to the first page.

Like all the others it had a black label written across the top of the page. "Moonlight Waltzing" All through the picture were vampire couples. Granted there were only about ten, given the small number of female vampires to start with. Darren saw no one he knew until he looked very closely at the couple in the middle of the page. It was Arra and Mr. Crepsley. They were much younger; they only looked about twenty human years old. They were smiling, dancing together in their best clothes, Mr. Crepsley's a brilliant red, and Arra's a black dress. Darren was, by no means, romantic, but the picture was very sweet, it was nice to see Mr. Crepsley so young.

He flipped the page. "Our Mentors" was the name of this one. It was Seba Nile, dressed is his usual red, but his hair was darker, and he looked about twenty years younger. He was standing next to Patrick Goulder. The dark haired vampire was smiling, as he was in all the pictures Darren had ever seen of him, and he was dressed in a black dress suit. The third person in the picture was Vanez Blane, clad in green, with his one good eye looking toward Seba in a thoughtful expression. Darren had no idea what they were talking about.

The third page of the old book was Gavner and Arra. "I Got Drenched" was the name of the picture. Gavner was facing forward, while Arra was standing behind him with a bucket of water, ready to douse the general over the head. Darren laughed, looking at the completely innocent and unknowing look on the burly general's face. Darren could imagine him being drenched in the water like one of those sports coaches at the Super Bowl.

The fourth picture boar the title, "A Fight To Remember", it was Kurda and Mr. Crepsley, standing in the hall of Sport. They were engaged in hand-to-hand combat, something that reminded Darren of karate. Kurda was losing, the look on his face, and the position his arms were in gave it away. Arra was in the background, rolling her eyes at the pair of them, as Mr. Crepsley pummeled Kurda.

The Fifth picture Darren saw was that of Seba and Vanez. It was labeled, "A Friendly Fight", the title made sense once Darren took a closer look at the picture. Seba and Vanez were both standing on the bars, holding long staffs, facing each other in fighting stances. It was weird for Darren to see Seba fighting, the elderly vampire seemed more of a grandpa than anything, so seeing him fight Vanez was interesting, and Darren couldn't help but wonder who ended up winning that fight.

Darren snapped the book shut. As much as he enjoyed looking at these pictures, fatigue was fighting with his brain, and making it hard to concentrate. He set the book back down on the table, determined to keep looking at it tomorrow, and then collapsed into his hammock, unable to stay awake any longer.