Darren woke up the next morning, groggy and unable to remember what was going on. Until he glanced at the table and saw the whethered book of drawings. He wasn't a "morning person", but the thought of being able to see more of the pictures had him excited, so for once he got up without complaint. Harkat was gone, so Daren could look at the pictures in private.

He grabbed the book off the table and skipped through the first five pages until he found what he was looking for. The next picture in the book.

"Drinking; Not The Smartest Thing To Do" was written at the top of the page. Darren burst out laughing at the ridiculous picture. Gavner and Mr. Crepsley were standing on top of a table in the dinging hall, each holding a empty mug of ale. They were what looked like singing, with their mouths opened, and Mr. Crepsley had his shirt almost off, while Gavner was singing into fork.

"The New Vampire" It was a picture of Kurda on what Darren guessed was his first trip to the mountain. He was wearing a light blue, button-up and was looking at his feet. His mentor was a huge vampire with ghostly skin and a large black wrap thrown over his shoulders. Why he chose the beanpole Kurda as an assistant, Darren couldn't even begin to guess. But he also knew that Kurda was a brilliant, maybe that was the reason he became a vampire, and the same reason he was going to be a prince in a matter of months.

"This Happened Way to Many Times," was the title of the next. It was Arra and Mr. Crepsley. Mr. Crepsley had his back pressed up to one of the stone corridors while Arra had his arms wrapped around his neck and was leaning into him. They were kissing each other, each holding the other close. Darren could picture Gavner's face as he walked in on that, again and again.

The next picture was very old. The pages were yellowed on the edges and the bright colors had faded to pastel shadows of what they had been. "Patrick, the First Time I Saw Him" was the name of the picture. It was Patrick Goulder, his black suit blowing in what appeared to be a snowstorm, and next to him was Gavner, a lot younger, and nervous looking. Patrick was smiling at the younger man beside him, his chocolate brown eyes alight with laughter, not paying any attention to his companion's nerves.

"Arra's Place", it was an overview of a city. It was more of a village actually, with small buildings, and one main street that led to everywhere in town. Darren could make out the small shape of Arra as she walked along the path in the dim night light. He looked at the buildings, several of them, even though it was only a picture, looked utterly devoid of life. Only the one on the end that Arra was trudging toward had a light showing in the window. Darren didn't know where the picture took place, but it looked like a sad little place. Sad and abandoned.

"A Proposal", Darren looked at the picture. Seba stood in the background, along with Vanez, and a very confused looking Patrick. But the focal point of the picture was Mr. Crepsley and Arra. She was standing, staring at the red-haired vampire with pure shock, and happiness. Mr. Crepsley was on one knee, looking up at her with hope. Darren realized what kind of proposal this was, a marriage, or in this case, mating proposal.

"He Actually Survived" It was Mr. cRepsley, supporting himself on a door frame while vampires all around rushed to help him. He was covered in blood, with his shirt torn and his face covered in deep purple bruises. Despite all that, he had a spark in his eyes, like he had won the lottery, or the Olympics. He was battered and bruised, but he looked like he had a new life in him.

Darren softly closed the book to the sounds of voices outside. He would look at more later, when he had the chance.