Title: currently untitled

Genre: Romance/Friendship

Pairings: Harry/Severus, Ron/Hermione (implied)

Rating: M, to be safe

Warnings: Non DH compliant, Dead Dumbledore, Dead Sirius, Slash, possible sex scenes, Weasley/Hermione bashing

Disclaimer: I don't own, or intend to make money from, any of the characters in the Harry Potter universe. The entites, such as JK Rowling and the publishers, are the sole owners of those rights.

Summary: Harry returns to Hogwarts to escape his legions of adoring fans. Severus gives him the DADA post, much to the staff's surprise. Will they get over their past and become more?


About a month before classes were due to start, Harry showed up at Hogwarts, hoping to talk to Severus about getting the Defense post. He was desperate for anything to get him away from the legions of fans that crowded him everywhere he went. He made his way to the gargoyle, before hearing a familiar voice that still sent shivers down his spine behind him.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Potter," Severus said, stepping up to the gargoyle. "Blackberry."

Harry smirked at the simplistic password, but followed Severus none the less. The man had changed. No longer was he the greasy dungeon bat. Harry noticed that his hair was much lighter, most likely from being away from the dungeon classroom so long. His hair was tied back in a simple pony tail today, accentuating his strong jaw and nose. He no longer wore the black robes, but opted for other colors. His skin was several shades darker, making him look less like a ghost and more like a human. Harry sighed appriciatively to the way the khakis and blue button down shirt showed Severus' body.

"Hello, Severus," Harry said, stepping onto the staircase. "I was hoping I could talk you into giving me the Defense post so I can get away from the screaming fans that follow me everywhere."

"You seem to be qualified," Severus said, smiling a bit. "We'll have a chat in my office, and then I'll make the decision."

"Sounds good," Harry said, breathing a sigh of relief. Even one afternoon free of the teeming masses would suit him.

"What exactly is it that brings you back to the school?" Severus said, after sitting at his desk and ordering tea from an elf. His eyes roamed the body before him, taking in every detail.

Since he had last made an appearance at Hogwarts, Harry had matured and grown quite a bit. His hair was longer, just reaching below his shoulders. Somewhere along the way, his eyesight had been corrected and his glasses were no longer a fixture on his face. With his Quidditch hobby, Harry was still somewhat muscular, his broad shoulders and slim waist accentuated in the jeans and thermal shirt he had worn to his meeting. With the sleeves pushed up, Severus could see the bottom on a tattoo on Harry's right forearm.

"Well, I always enjoyed my time here, even with the professors who didn't favor me over the others," Harry said, happily taking a mug from Severus. "I had found out that I have a knack for teaching in the fifth year, with Dumbledore's Army. Of course, it was against school rules, but that Umbridge woman was insane."

"I do remember you and your friends sneaking around quite lot that year," Severus said, chuckling. "Who know your rule breaking would lead to something worthwhile."

"Yes," Harry said, smiling as well. "Also, in my years as a student here, Hogwarts became my home. My life at the Dursley's was nothing more than that of a glorified house elf and punching bag. When I was here, I got everything that I had wanted while I was living with those people. I made my friends, I gained a family, albeit an adoptive one, and I had people who saw me for just what I was."

Severus noticed the sad gleam in Harry's eye at the mention of the Weasley's. He had been rather close with both Ron and Hermione Granger in school.

"What happened with Mr. Weasley and Ms. Granger after you graduated?" Severus asked, noting the slight flinch Harry had given.

"I don't know much past about a year ago," Harry said, sadly. "After I defeated Voldemort, they distanced themselves from me, thinking that I loved all the fame and attention. Last I heard, they got married a few weeks ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Harry," Severus said, disapproval written on his face. "You were always so kind to them. It's a shame to think that they had turned their backs on such a kind person."

"It was really a relief, Severus," Harry said, smiling sadly. "After they left, I found out they were only my friends to become famous in their own right. 'Harry Potter's best friends' and whatever other bullshit the paper's came up with."

"What makes you think that you're qualified to teach these students about Defense Against the Dark Arts?" Severus asked, changing the subject. He had noticed the sad ton in Harry's voice and wanted to steer clear of those subjects.

"Well, I did teach the DA in school, I recieved all that extra training in my sixth year, and I did defeat Voldemort," Harry said, a smirk gracing his face. "I think those things would qualify me for the position."

"And you would be correct, Mr. Potter," Severus said, shaking his head. "Cheeky brat."

"Hey, that's what you always called me, Severus," Harry said. "And I never did thank you. I really appriciated that you never treated me like I was something special in school. All I wanted was to be just another student, and you gave that to me."

"It was no trouble, Harry," Severus said, a small smile on his face. "Now that you've grown up, and become somewhat responsible, and hopefully less annoying, I think it would be quite nice to have you around again. Welcome to the Hogwarts teaching staff."

Severus extended his hand to Harry, who took it happily. He shook it three times before releasing his hand and standing.

"Would you mind showing me to my quarters, Severus?" Harry asked, eager to move back into his childhood home.

"Of course," Severus said, standing and leading Harry to a set of rooms.


After a few weeks, Harry and Severus had fallen into a routine. Harry would stop by Severus' office after a long day of planning, just to chat.

"How are the lesson plans coming along?" Severus asked, glancing up from the papers he was reading.

"I'm done," Harry said, sighing as he sank into his chair. "I've even planned three days at the beginning of the year just for the students who want to ask huge amounts of questions about defeating Voldemort and my years here as a student. Merlin knows everyone and their brother is going to want that information."

Severus noticed the annoyed look on Harry's face when he said that and stifled a chuckle.

"Well, you are the 'Boy-Who-Lived' after all," Severus said, putting air quotes around BWL. "Some of the younger students are probably going to be asking for autographs and the like."

"And I'm going to get really annoyed, really quickly," Harry said, sighing. "I couldn't even do the shopping I needed to the other day because idiots kept lining up to get my autograph outside the shops. It's been three fucking years, why can't I get a break from the adoring morons?"

"Celebrity is like that," Severus said, taken aback at the outburst. "Perhaps if I accompanied you, the 'adoring morons' would leave you alone long enough to complete your shopping."

As much as Severus wanted to deny it, he found himself attracted to the young man sitting across his desk, and had found himself willing to do anything for him.

"Do you think you could spare tomorrow afternoon?" Harry asked, glancing up from his newspaper.

"I'm sure I could make time for a shopping trip. I need to stock up on some potion ingredients myself," Severus said, earning a chuckle from Harry.

"Still brewing, are you?" Harry asked, chuckling slightly.

"Of course," Severus said, feigning annoyance. "I do rather enjoy it."

"Alright," Harry said, rising from his seat. "I'm going to go, give you some time with your potions. Meet in the Entrance Hall at two tomorrow?"

"I'll see you then," Severus said, nodding. "Good night."

"Night, Severus," Harry said, before exiting the office.


That night had been interesting for Harry. When he got back to his rooms, he couldn't help but think about the look he had seen in Severus' eyes. He wasn't positive, but he thought that he had seen love in the older man's eyes. The thought that Severus Snape was capable of love would have been laughable in school, but Harry had grown up quite a bit since his seventh year.

With the Weasleys and Hermione all but abandoning him, Remus leaving to live with the werewolves, and the loss of Sirius and Dumbledore while he was still in school had forced him to mature quickly. He had inherited Grimmauld Place from Sirius, a hefty sum of money from his parents, and a number of rare and priceless books from Dumbledore. He had tried his hand at living in the muggle world, to escape the adoring fans he had accumulated in the wizarding world.

"Severus Snape loves me," Harry said, flopping on to his couch. "And I think I may love him."

Harry had figured out that he was gay in his sixth year. He had had sex with Ginny once, before the end of the year and all the things that had happened. It was nice, but it didn't feel right to him. Fortunately, a reason to break up with Ginny had presented itself all too easily after that realization, and his obsession with Severus made more sense now.

Harry had always admired the Potions Professor. The man had grace and self respect. He always treated all students the same, with the acception of his beloved Slytherins, which made Harry laugh when he remembered how the Sorting Hat had wanted to place him there originally.

A few hours later, Harry went to bed, his dreams filled with Severus Snape.


Harry smiled as he saw Severus waiting for him in the Entrance hall.

"Ready to go?" he asked, as he walked over to the older man.

"Yes," Severus said, his now customary small smile gracing his face. "I thought we could go to Diagon Alley, even though the teeming masses are sure to be amassed there."

"That's actually where I was planning on going," Harry said, as they started to walk to the edge of the wards. "I need to stop by Quality Quidditch Supplies and pick up my new broom. Just got in, and I can't wait to try it out."

"You and your flying," Severus said, chuckling. "I suppose it's relaxing to you, as brewing is to me."

"Yeah," Harry said, his eyes losing focus for a second. "It's a relief to be able to just fly around aimlessly for a while, avoiding the idiots who worship me."

It was that second that Severus realized that he had always been wrong when it came to Harry. The young man had never welcomed his fame, and he now openly hated it. When the other students would ask him questions in school, he had seen the flicker of anger over the boy's face, but it had never made sense.

"Am I correct in thinking that you wish you had never been given your fame?" Severus asked, as they reached the edge of the wards.

"Of course," Harry said, sighing. "I was famous before I even knew who I was in this world. I felt overwhelmed when Hagrid took me school shopping the first time. I had all these people coming over to me, shaking my hand and thanking me."

"I suppose it would be a bit of a culture shock," Severus said, feeling sorry for the young man.

Harry sighed and apparated to the Leaky Cauldron, soon followed by Severus.

"I'm starving, mind if we grab a bite to eat here first?" Harry asked, after they had stepped into the bar.

"I wouldn't mind," Severus said, as his stomach rumbled. "It has been a while since I ate last."

"Tom, can we get a private room?" Harry asked, and was answered with a nod.

"Your usual room is free, Mr. Potter. Feel free to make use of it," Tom answered, sending a couple menus to Harry.

"Thanks," Harry said, leading Severus to the small back room.

"Your usual room?" Severus asked, after sitting in a chair at the table in the small room.

"Yeah, I used to frequent this place with Ron," Harry said. "The masses staring at me got to be too much, so Tom started letting us use this room to eat and talk in private. After Ron and I stopped talking, I stopped coming around as much."

After a quick lunch of soup and sandwiches, Harry and Severus found themselves in the teeming masses of Hogwarts students doing their school shopping. Harry groaned, ducking into the neartest potion shop.

"Mr. Potter!" someone on the street called, frowning when Harry disappeared.

Severus ducked into the store after Harry, the masses gathering around the exit.

"I see what you mean about the morons," Severus said, stepping over to Harry.

"Isn't it ridiculous?" Harry asked, looking to Severus. "I wish there was something I could do to get them off my back."

"The majority of the shops here are lacking anti-apparition wards around them. We could just apparate to each shop, before heading back to Hogwarts," Severus said, trying to cheer Harry up.

"That would be awesome," Harry said, his face lighting up. "Did you want to look around here for the ingredients you need before we head out?"

"I'll meet you at the quidditch shop," Severus said. "I come to the particular shop quite often, and I know where the things I need are kept. I'll only be a bit."

"I'll see you in a couple minutes," Harry said, before apparating away.


Harry popped into the front of the store, smiling before his eyes caught Ron and Hermione near the register.

"Bloody hell," Harry muttered. "I get away from the adoring morons to deal with the spiteful idiots."

"I hope Potter doesn't show his face here," Ron muttered, grabbing something he had been saving up for. "I don't think I could deal with seeing him today."

"I know what you mean," Hermione said, her voice hard. "He's so over-rated."

Harry then walked to the counter and got the attention of one of the workers.

"Hey, I'm Harry. I ordered a broom a few weeks back, and I was told I could pick it up today," Harry said, smiling to the man.

"Yes, sir," the worker said, before scurrying off to the backroom. He returned a few minutes later, the broom in his hands. "Here you go, sir. Thank you for your business!"

"Not a problem," Harry said, handing the young man a couple sickles. "For helping me out."

"What a fucking show-off," Ron said, glaring at Harry.

"No one asked your opinion, Weasley," Harry spat, shrinking his broom to place it in his pocket. "Last I knew, people who couldn't afford things weren't allowed into this shop."

"I can afford what I want," Ron said, his face turning the color of his hair.

"Not everyone was left a huge pile of gold," Hermione spat, glaring at Harry. "Most of us have to work for our money."

"Weasley, I'd watch what you say," Severus said, stepping up behind Harry. "Mr. Potter has not only given away approximately half of his money, but he rarely buys things for himself."

"What do you care? You hated him in school," Ron said, attempting to sneer at Severus.

"Things have changed," Severus said, sneering at Ron. "Just like you. You went from a respectable young man to a whiny little boy."

"You're still the vindictive, old bastard," Hermione said, glaring at the pair.

"Unfortunately, you don't know me, Mrs. Weasley," Severus said, his arm draping around Harry's shoulders. "However, I can see that a true friend can be dumped to the wayside when they no longer give you the fame and fortune that you believe you deserve."

Ron and Hermione quickly left after that, Ron forgetting about his gloves he was going to buy.

"I hoped we wouldn't have to deal with those two," Severus said, looking to Harry.

"It was unfortunate, but thanks for sticking up for me," Harry said, smiling a bit.

"It was no problem," Severus answered, removing his arm from Harry's shoulders.

"I just need to swing by Gringotts and grab some money for the upcoming term," Harry said, making his way to the front of the store.

"Unfortunately, we will have to walk up to the bank," Severus said, following the young man. "Gringotts has similar wards to Hogwarts."

"It's alright, I got the majority of my things done," Harry said, sighing. "Did you?"

"I did. I'm prepared to play faithful friend once again," Severus said, smiling to Harry.

"Thanks, Severus," Harry said, stepping out of the shop.

Almost immediately, Harry was surrounded by a large group of adoring fans who wanted to ask him questions. Thankfully, Severus' presence seemed to be enough for them to give Harry a slight berth. He quickly made his way into Gringotts.

"Can I speak to Griphook, please?" Harry asked, approaching a counter. The goblin nodded and left for a moment, before coming back with Griphook in tow.

"You wished to speak with me, Mr. Potter?" Griphook asked, eyeing the young man.

"Yes," Harry said. "I'd like to withdraw abotu fifty galleons from the Black vault, and have the potions books from the Dumbledore vault brought up."

"Right away, sir," Griphook said, before disappearing.

"Dumbledore vault?" Severus asked, looking to Harry.

"Albus left me the contents of his office and Gringotts vault," Harry said, smirking. "I have a number of one off potions books from centuries ago in my vault collecting dust. I figured you could get some use out of them."

"You have Dumbledore's person library in a vault?" Severus asked, shocked. Albus had never let him so much as glance at his potions books.

"Yeah, the books themselves take up an entire vault," Harry said, before turning to the counter.

"Here you are, sir," Griphook said, placing two pouches on the counter. "One contains your money, and the other the books you requested. I shrunk them to allow them to be moved more easily."

"Thank you, Griphook," Harry said. "It's been nice to see you."

"Good day, sir," the goblin said, nodding.

Severus and Harry left Gringotts, got to the edge of the wards, and apparated back to Hogwarts.


"Sweet Merlin," Severus said, the books Harry had Griphook get on his desk. "These must be ancient."

"And their yours," Harry said, smirking. "I have no use for them. I'm still dreadful at Potions."

"You have no idea what this means to me, Harry," Severus said, picking up one of the books gently.

"I'm sure I have a pretty good idea," Harry said, smiling at the older man's happiness. "Just get good use out of them. I'm sure Albus wouldn't mind you looking at them now."

"I'll be sure to do that," Severus said, a true smile gracing his face.

"I'm going to go down to my rooms and maybe go for a fly later on," Harry said, standing up from his seat. "I'll stop by tomorrow evening."

"I'll see you then, Harry," Severus said, turning the pages in the ancient text. "Thank you for the books."

"No problem," Harry said, before exiting the office


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