Penname: StupidLeeches
Title of story: Change of Plans
Main Character(s): Paul/Rachel
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"The Rain Scene" Challenge

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Summary: LOSING CONTROL OUTTAKE. Rachel Black had her life all figured out until she came home on a break from college. Her family is keeping secrets from her but it's nothing like what she'd expect. Paul/Rachel Rated M This is our take on P imprinting on R.

"Rachel! Breakfast!"

"Daddy! I'm on vacation! I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn!"

Having just graduated from Washington State, Rachel Black was looking forward to a few weeks off before she started preparing for graduate school. Unfortunately, her father, Billy, had not received the message. He had been up each morning since she had arrived home, cooking before the sun even peaked over the tree tops. And he wasn't just making eggs for her and her brother, Jacob. Rachel's father was cooking for a small army each morning; eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, hash browns, pancakes, and Rachel's favorite, french toast.

Rachel yawned and stretched, not wanting to leave the warmth of her bed, but her father did not play fair. She could smell the coffee.

Throwing the covers off, Rachel reluctantly got up. She made a quick stop in the bathroom then headed straight for the kitchen; where her father was waiting, coffee cup in hand.

Rachel leaned down to kiss his weathered cheek, "Good morning, Daddy. Thank you for the coffee."

"You are quite welcome my dear. Now dig in, before the boys get here. Any plans for today?" Billy rolled his wheel chair over to the kitchen table, reaching for his own cup of coffee. He didn't want to seem like he was pressuring her to leave the house, but it was easier for the wolves to be themselves when 'outsiders' weren't around. As much as he loved his daughter, this was not a secret he could share with her.

Rachel grabbed a plate, placing a slice of french toast and a slice of bacon on it. She sat down at the table, pouring syrup over her french toast. "Nope, no plans today. I was thinking about going down to the beach later. It looks like it might rain, I miss walking along the beach in the rain."

Growing up, Rachel and her twin sister, Rebecca, used to love playing on the beach in the rain. The sand never turned to mud, but it would clump between their toes. They would squeal and giggle, the sensation both odd and nice at the same time. It wouldn't be the same without Rebecca, but it would be nice to watch the storm roll in.

These past few days had been hard for Rachel. With Rebecca gone away to Hawaii and Jacob busy with whatever, Rachel was starting to feel like an only child. Her lonely walks on the beach weren't helping. However, it was nice enjoying the quiet time. Soon enough Rachel would be back in school, working on her master's degree. She was accepted at Washington State, but was searching for scholarship money before she started back. She had applied for financial aid, but it would be better to have a scholarship.

Billy smiled lovingly at Rachel, knowing this was difficult for her, "That sounds nice dear. You could get an early start if you wanted. Take that old chair of your mother's, the one with the umbrella attached to it. You could sit in it and read."

"Yeah, I guess I could do that." Rachel frowned at the thought of leaving the house again today. She needed to find a scholarship. She had a few weeks yet, but she wanted to get a head start, but what could one more day of procrastination hurt?

Besides, it was clear to Rachel that her father wanted her out of the house. She wasn't sure what he had going on that he didn't want her around for, but the past few mornings, as soon as she finished her breakfast, he was all but pushing her out the door. "I'm just going to take a quick shower."

Billy wheeled back from the table, unable to make eye contact with her, "Of course dear, take your time."

Rachel knew, this meant he wanted her out sooner rather than later. She put her dishes in the sink, figuring Jacob could actually wash the dishes later when he got home. Whenever that would be. She'd been home two days and barely seen Jacob.

Taking a quick shower, she pulled on her jeans, flip flops, a t-shirt, and, of course, her rain coat. Not bothering to fix her hair, knowing it would get ruined anyway, she just pulled it back into a loose ponytail. Grabbing one of her favorite beach books, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and the chair her father mentioned, Rachel waved to Billy as she walked out the front door, "See you later, Daddy."

It was a short walk to the beach and didn't take Rachel long to find her favorite place. She set up the chair in the spot where the forest ended and the beach began. She was still under the canopy of the trees, but able to feel like she was at the beach.

One of the reasons why she loved Confessions of a Shopaholic is because the book was everything she wasn't. She had spent the last three and a half years focused on college, working hard to keep her scholarship to Washington State. She liked clothes but she could never imagine spending $300 on just a scarf. Her life was simple, but it was fun to lose herself in the story of someone who lived a much more dramatic life.

Plus, it helped that the main character's name was Rebecca. While she would never act like the main character, it was fun to imagine her twin sister in some of the silly situations that Rebecca Bloomwood found herself in.

Engrossed in the book, Rachel didn't realize that the rain had started already. As planned, the edge of the trees kept most of the rain away from her. It wasn't until the wind kicked up that Rachel realized anything had changed. Placing the book in her bag, Rachel leaned back in the chair to enjoy the storm.

The wind shifted, and some of the rain sprinkled to Rachel's face. She pulled the hood of her coat up to cover her head as she tucked her legs under her.

The rain and wind swirling around her was oddly soothing. The past few days of loneliness and sleeplessness were starting to catch up with her. Each night she would stay up until the wee hours searching online for any and all scholarships. Then in the morning her father would wake her up as early as possible and kick her out for the day. Her eyes were getting so heavy, she felt that she could no longer keep them open. Closing her eyes for just a moment, she quickly fell asleep.

Paul Foster was restless. He was anxiously awaiting the fight that Jacob kept telling him was coming. He knew Jacob wasn't wrong, he could feel it too. Paul quickly finished his breakfast then announced to the group in the Black's house that he was going for a run on the beach.

"What's going on? Did you sense something around the beach on morning patrols?" Jacob, like always, was on edge.

"No. I just need to relieve some tension. You are killing me being so on edge all the time. I'm just going to go for a normal, human run." Paul laughed at the idea of 'normal' in conjunction with him. He quit being normal once the change happened.

Billy wheeled into the kitchen about then, "If you are on the beach, mind checking on Rachel for me?"

"I'll come with you," Jacob interjected.

"Man, I'm trying to get a break from you. I promise, I'm just going for a run. You get some sleep, you look like complete shit. I'll see you later." Paul shoulder checked Jacob as he walked out of the kitchen, turning to address Billy before leaving, "Thanks again for breakfast. I'll let you know if I see Rachel."

Billy grinned and waved, "Thanks, Paul."

Paul chose to forgo his running shoes, deciding just to wear his shorts for this run. Shoes might be nice, but in case something happened and he had to phase, he would be ready; plus he was sick of having to keep buying new running shoes.

Hitting the beach, Paul had a small laugh at the odd feeling of the wet sand between his toes. The rain was coming down pretty hard now, but it didn't bother him. He had grown accustomed to running in the rain.

He ran about a mile down the beach and back before he remembered he needed to check on Rachel. It had been a few years since Paul had seen Rachel, but since she would probably be the only other person out here, he was pretty sure he could spot her.

Paul ran at a slower pace, taking his time scanning the tree line. He finally spoted her hidden just under the line of trees half way down the beach. As he approached, his heart rate started accelerating. Weird. Hovering over Rachel, he was surprised by her simple beauty. She was breathtaking.

Paul didn't have time to further analyze as Rachel started opening her eyes. As she slowly opened her eyes, they met his, dark and smoldering. As soon as she opened her eyes, he knew he needed her. He dropped to his knees in front of Rachel, overwhelmed by the knowledge that she was the woman made for him.

She was his imprintee.

Rachel woke up to the most breathtaking sight she had ever seen. It took everything in her not to gasp. Before her was the most perfect man she had ever seen. The man standing in front of her was dressed only in shorts, his hair soaked and his broad chest covered in small rivers of rain water. All she could think about was how jealous she was of the rain getting to touch him like she wanted to. And oh how she wanted to touch him.

He dropped to his knees and just stared at her. Taking all of her in. Just when she was starting to feel uncomfortable, he stood back up, offering her his hand. Rachel took his hand tentatively, standing up.

"Uh, Rachel, right? I'm Paul." He shook her small hand that was still trapped in his. Rachel's hand felt like it was on fire where their skin met. There was a shock of electricity from his hand into hers, as a small gasp escaped her lips.

She was taken aback by the name, "Paul Foster? Wow, you've really, filled out." Images of a much younger Paul started flitting through her head. He was definitely not the guy she remembered.

Paul pulled her towards him by her hand, needing to feel her close. Rachel gasped loudly at the sudden movement. He didn't pull her completely against him but she felt the heat radiating off of his body.

Rachel's right hand stayed trapped in Paul's, as her eyes traveled across his face, commiting it to memory. She glanced down to his lips, chin and then his neck, as she followed a drop of rain down to his chest. She was once again jealous of that rain, touching his skin like she wanted to. She needed to run her free hand over his abs, to follow the path of the rain water. This wasn't a want, it was bone deep need. She looked at his slick skin, curious where the water went once it hit the waistband of his shorts and disappeared.

Without realizing it, Rachel reached her hand out. She sighed with contentment at the feel of his soft skin over his rock hard abs. Her fingertips traced the dips and curves of his muscles savoring the feel of them. Her hand traveled down, tracing a bead of water to the waitstband of his shorts. Paul grabbed her left hand, tugging it around his waist, pulling her flush against him. He looked down at her, his eyes roaming her face.

Rachel melted at the contact, his hot chest against her now soaked shirt. Rachel shivered against him, both from the rain and from the electricity that was flowing between them. She'd never felt such a magnetism around a man before. It was both exciting and scary.

Paul placed his hands on her hips and tilted his face down to hers. His mouth was hovering just above hers.

"Rachel," he whispered, his breath warm against her face, "Rachel Black."

"Yes?" Rachel placed her hands on his biceps and ran her hands up his arms, slicking the water off of his skin. His mouth was so close that it took all of her strength to keep herself from pulling him down further. She leaned her head to the side and placed her mouth on his neck, sucking the rain drops from his skin.

"Fuck," Paul muttered seconds before he pulled her away from his neck, turning her head until their lips nearly touched. He studied her for a few seconds and then closed the distance between their lips.

Rachel moaned against his warm, firm mouth. Her mind was in disarray, trying to understand what was happening to her. Standing in the rain kissing a man that she only knew by name and face. Needing to touch him and taste him. But for right now, she was enjoying as much of this as she could. His taste, his smell, the feel of his skin beneath her hands. Rachel moved her hands up to his neck and into his soaked hair, taking the short strands between her fingers and tugging gently.

Paul's tongue shot out and flicked across her bottom lip, asking for access, then he deepened the kiss, nibbling on her bottom lip. His hands moved up her back, over her clinging shirt and into her drenched hair. He pulled the hair down as the rain sprayed out around them.

They were both lost, not paying attention to where they were or thinking about who could come upon them. This was right. Something that neither of them expected to happen when they set out this morning.

Paul started walking, not breaking their kiss as he pushed Rachel towards the protection of the trees. When Rachel stumbled he placed his hands on her ass and lifted her, helping her to wrap her legs around his waist. He could get them under the canopy of trees faster this way.

Rachel whimpered into his mouth when Paul pulled her legs around him tightly. She could feel him hard at the juncture of her thighs and it sent her body into overdrive. She wanted this man right here, right now and she barely knew him. Sure, he was her brother's friend, but she knew nothing about him.

Paul finally stopped walking when they were far enough in the forest that Rachel could no longer hear the ocean or feel the storm around them. Paul knelt down on the forest floor, laying her back gently before covering her body with his. It was like he was using his body as a shield, all she could see or think about was him. Her whole world was now this man, Paul Foster.

He slowly pulled back from their kiss, desperate to explore all of her. He kissed across her jaw to her ear. He grinned with pride at the sound of her small gasp when he sucked at the skin just below her ear, marking her as his.

He continued down her neck, lifting her so he could remove her coat, pausing when he heard her moan, "Mmm, Paul, what is this? I...I've never felt like this before."

That stopped him cold. As much as Paul wanted, needed, to be with Rachel, it wasn't fair to her. She didn't understand what had just happened. She felt it, he was certain, but she wouldn't know. Even with one of the tribal elders being her father, she didn't know the legends of their tribe were all true.

Paul leaned back on his knees, looking at her for a brief moment before he stood. Holding his hand out to Rachel, he helped her stand. He could tell she was confused by his sudden change of pace. He needed to explain, quickly. "Rachel, there are some things that need to be explained to you, before we this...go any further."

Rachel was shocked. First, this beautiful man appeared out of no where. Second, when they touched it was like she was being electrocuted. Third, he kissed her and just the feel of his lips on hers set her body on fire for him. And now, after all that, he wanted to stop to explain things? Frustrated and confused, she spat out, "What the hell is there to explain, Paul?"

Paul pulled her close, whispering against her neck, "The legends are all true, Rachel. Every one of them. Come back to the house, your father can explain everything. I will be right here beside you, always. I promise. I am yours, now and forever."

The next morning Rachel woke up late. She tried to stretch, but her arms were pinned to her sides by the behemoth of a man that was now sharing her bed. Her full size bed had been perfect for her, big enough to stretch and roll around as she pleased. But not with Paul here now. He was practically laying on top of her, because he was taking up most of the bed.

Not that she minded. Rachel had been surprised when Paul told her that the legends were all true. Of course, she had grown up with Billy telling her the history of their tribe. But never in her wildest dreams would she think that it was all real. But here she was, curled up next to a man that yesterday afternoon, had transformed before her eyes into a magnificent silver wolf.

And this wolf, man, was all hers. As her father had explained, all of the legends were true, including the part where the wolves imprinted to find their mates. The women they imprinted on were perfect for them, more than a soul mate, they were their true other half. Paul, after her father finished his explanation, informed her that he had imprinted on her.

Rachel was surprised by this, not really understanding or believing it at first. But, when she looked over at Paul, she couldn't deny it. In his eyes, she saw that he was speaking the truth and she knew the only place for her was with him, she belonged to him.

Last night, after Paul had kissed her goodbye to go patrol, she had come back to her room, her mind made up. It wasn't an easy decision, but she knew it was the only decision she could live with. Rachel had to be with this man. Just him leaving for patrols had left her feeling like part of her was missing.

Rachel had been up late taking care of everything to ensure that she could be with Paul. She had written a letter to Washington State thanking them for her acceptance to graduate school, but informing them that she would no longer be attending. She withdrew her applications from the scholarship programs she had submitted to thus far. And finally, she had quickly drafted up a resume and cover letter to send to the school on the Reservation, seeking employment as a teacher.

Rachel had been a little sad doing this, as she had been so excited at the prospect of graduate school. But she knew she needed to be here. Not just for Paul, but for her brother as well. She was a part of this now, the secret they had originally kept from her. She understood now, this secret was too important, too dangerous, to even to share with loved ones.

Curled up next to Paul, she knew she had made the right decision. She was made for him. He was her world now, and she would do whatever it took to protect him and protect the secret.

Rachel climbed out of bed, letting Paul sleep a little longer. Walking out to find the kitchen in utter disarray. All of the food that Billy had made while she was sleeping was gone, dishes piled in the sink and on the counter next to it.

Billy came into the kitchen then, looking like he had just woken up from a nap. He looked tired, but was smiling, "Now do you see why I've been feeding you so early every morning? Whatever food is in this house, those boys will eat."

Rachel was shocked, "Daddy, who all was here. How many wolves are there?"

"I think there are ten or so now. Seems there are more added every day. But this was just from Jacob, Paul, and Embry." Billy laughed as he started cleaning the kitchen.

"How can three guys eat so much?" Rachel mused quietly.

Billy just grinned and handed her a cup of coffee, "You'll understand everything in time, Rachel. Paul will catch you up where he can and I'll fill in any blanks."

Rachel just shook her head, kissing Billy on the cheek before turning to head back to the bedroom, "I'll come help you shortly, I just want to rest a little longer while Paul is here."

Billy just nodded, "Of course dear. Take your time."

Today, for the first time since she had come home from school, Rachel actually believed her father when he said those words. Amazing the difference a day, and one beautiful man standing in the rain, could make.

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