Me: god I had to do this I just had toooooooooo

Grey *walks in*: why are you whining

Me: cause I've read too many pokemon mystery dungeon fics and now I have one tooooo

Grey: right any other reson

Me: cause it's kind like Emma Iveli's fic but at the same time not ahhhhh

Grey: what's the same and what's different

Me: Chiyo-chan being a piplub and the fact the have a manager and the fact I used a Naruto charter and that they all see what they really look like through shared dreams

Grey: so their different other wise right

Me: yes oh and to say this I won't tell the charters human/ other species till the dream

Grey: let's start


Prologue: we're pokemon


It was a nice day out for a pokemon in fact one little pokemon a bunnery to be precise though she had on a long pink scarf. This bunnery's name was Nelly she was probably right now the most bored bunnery in the history of bored bunnerys why her older sister and older brother had no errands for her to run usually for her family she did chores and errands the errands would usually be taken by a rescue team if not for she loved to get out of the house and explore so she just went out to the nearest forest. Then she saw some thing 7 lights appeared in three different spot's two by the river two by the lake and three by the secret forest spring she and her siblings discovered last year. Her curiosity got the better of her as she ran to the closest light spot the river.

Five minutes before the lights in the Naruto world hinata was walking from the training grounds with Neji (no there is no incest they were training sheesh). When they herd a noise that sounded like a wounded animal. They turned their heads so see a strange mouse like creature. "mine" said the mouse before disappearing.

"what was that" asked Neji

"I don't know" said Hinata "It was strange" Neji just nodded as the returned home it was only a few minutes later when the whole Hugaya manor herd Hinata scream they ran in her room and she was missing before time stopped.

Five minutes before the light digimon frontier world Kouji and kouichi were to say the least fighting a digimon in the real world. " Grr why wont it go down" growled Kouji who was to say the least mad to say the most he was P off. Kouichi was also wondering this both of them were in beast spirit form and this digimon was probably a LOW LEVEL digimon but he couldn't tell he could tell both his brother and the digimon were P off to the max though. He sighed before using his dark master attack on the digimon which made the fractal code of the digimon appear he slid evolved to Lowemon and scanned the digimon. Then they both returned to their human forms.

"let's go home" said Kouichi

"my house or your's" asked Kouji

"your's" answered Kouichi then the both walked to the Minamoto residence. When they got their Kouji grabbed some snacks while kouichi sat on the couch. They both then went in to Kouji's bed room. Then they saw to lights one then rammed in to Kouji the other kouichi. Kouji dropped the snacks and they both screamed out of the immense pain.

5 minutes before the lights megaman zx/zxadvent world grey and ashe were having a sparing match this was a bad thing why they were near a cliff edge. But that didn't matter why they had a trans and the ability to survive mile long or longer falls. Both were panting hard when the ground under grey cracked this was another bad thing why he was out of model a form and too tired to move as was ashe who was still in model a form why she didn't know nether did he didn't ether. Then the ground fully broke and all they could do was this "GREY" yelled ashe as she tried to stand.

"ASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHE" yelled grey as he fell one arm out like several people in animes have done when they fell mostly girls though. "'' he screamed from the fall till a light hit his back then it was unable to tell if he was screaming from the fall or the pain. When ashe got to the edge she saw her little brother disappear in to a ball of light.

"GREY" she yelled "" no reaction no nothing he disappeared but for how long.

Five minutes before the lights Tokyo mew mew/ mew mew power world. Zoe was feeling great why she just had a cat nap which any of her mew friends and boy friend would know that was a good thing. She was walking to café mew mew the cutest little café out their. But she herd some thing it sounded like some sort of cat she would know better than every one in the world. She ran toward the sound she made it was being made she saw a bit of pink and that's all she saw before a light hit her back making her scream in pain. Now the only person around was dren and booooy was he p off now. Before he left to tell the mew mews and of course lord blue.

Five minutes before the lights legend of Zelda OoT manga world. Sheik was training with link why because he was already done training with his femme counter part. They were right now taking a break. Link since gannondorf was sealed away was working on getting rid of the left over minions and major villains that were still alive. So their they were training. When a small unorganized army of mad dekus attacked. Link by him self would be able to kill them but having Sheik their helped what didn't help was the increasing numbers that separated the two from sight. That's when a light hit sheik if he weren't trained in the way of the Sheikah would have screamed.

Five minutes for the light Azumanga Daioh world. Chiyo Mihama was at home cooking. "cooking is so fun cooking is so fun now it's time to take a break and see what we have done" she sang as the cookies she was cooking finished baking "yae it's ready" she said taking out the cookies and carefully putting them in a bag. She then got some ribbon a small kitty shaped toy and some scissors. She quickly measured, cut, and tied the ribbon with the cat toy and put it with five other bags. Then she pulled out a bag with just a simple red ribbon on it out of the pantry it was WAY bigger than the other bags. Then she started humming the song when a light hit her she screamed but didn't drop the cookies.

Present time Hinata was just wakening up feeling a pain in her stomach but no were else. She stood up and looked around on the ground a few feet away from her was a mouse like creature ,now if the pokemon games/anime/manga had existed in her world she would have known it was a pichu, it's main fur wasn't yellow it's was a silverish gray, the ears and tail black parts were actually a dark blue that was almost black. He grunted as he got up and she could see the crimson red cheek pouches, he also had some lighter fur that made the shape of a scar, and a wired upside down red triangle on his forehead, he opened his eyes and they were a bright green somewhere in-between emerald and lime green. "h-hello a-are y-you ok" stuttered hinata.

"yes I'm fine who are you…what are you" said/asked Grey

"I'm hinata hugaya and what d-do you mean w-what am I and who are you" said/asked Hinata. The pichu sighed a little and got up grunting a little.

"my name's Grey" grunted the pichu who while walking was limping. He walked toward the river and hinata followed. When they got their grey paled at his own reflection as hinata.

"" yelled Hinata now like I said no pokemon stuff no knowledge on them hinata had become a minum only with a purplish black replacing the blue, and a grayish cream replacing the pure cream and she still had her pupiless eyes that were so pale violet she looked almost blind. Grey sighed they bootlessly were in the same situation. They stood in silence till…

"oh my wow a shiny Pichu and a shiny Minum" said Nelly walking in on the scene both grey and hinata got in a defensive pose all of their er fur standing on end. "woops sorry did I scare you sorry I just came to explore after seeing 7 lights two her two by the lake and three near a place me and my siblings hold dear to each other" she said quickly but slow enough for them to under stand her.

"oh ok" said grey lowering his defensive state.

"umm what did you call us" asked hinata confused.

"you don't know well first I need you names" said Nelly.

"grey" said grey

"hinata" spoke quietly hinata

"well grey you're a pichu and hinata you're a minum" said Nelly "by the way I'm Nelly"

"it's nice to meet you" they said in unison.

"hey wanna go with me to the other places the lights appeared" asked Nelly

"umm ok" said Grey a little hesitantly

"s-sure" said hinata

Mean while Sheik was waking up to find a red penguin creature with tear drop shaped feathers making pigtails on the side of its head looking at him concerned he thought it was a girl. "hey are you ok you look pretty beat up" she as he confirmed just then. If he knew pokemon he would know the creature was a piplub.

"I'm fine" grunted Sheik as he got up in truth though he didn't know he had the worse beaten body a person could have. "who and what are you"

"I'm Chiyo Mihama I was a human but now I'm a piplub" she said some what sadly "who are you what were you"

"I'm Sheik of the Sheikah" said Sheik standing up he grunted and fell over. Chiyo then helped him up their was a lake near by she took him their and when he looked at his reflection he was to say the least shocked. Now Chiyo thanks to her world knows about pokemon Sheik had become a Riolu though he sill had the red Sheikah symbol on his chest but it looked like he was born with it and he still had his red eyes and scarf that covered the bottom part of his face. "wha-"

"Riolu that's what you are now at least" said Chiyo then they herd rustling in the bushes and out came our little trio Grey hinata and Nelly.

"who are you" asked Sheik getting out his needles to his surprise and getting in front of Chiyo who obviously couldn't fight. Grey limped up which cause both Chiyo and Sheik to notice his injury. Sheik let down his defense a tiny bit but not to much.

"were not here to fight" said grey holding up his right…paw "we were just investigating something"

"what would that be" asked Sheik

"seven lights appeared two by the river which were these two, two by the lake probably you two ,and three by mine and my siblings secret spring" said Nelly in a matter of fact attitude.

"should we go see what the other three lights were" said Chiyo "oh and I'm Chiyo Mihama and this is Sheik" she pointed to Sheik.

"it's nice to meet you I'm Grey this is Hinata" grey said as he pointed to hinata then shifting it to Nelly "and This is Nelly"

"it's nice to meet you" said Chiyo-chan

Now with the last three Zoe had just woken up to discover she was a pokemon a cat pokemon the cat part didn't surprise her what did was the pure black shinx that had dark blue eyes and wore a blue hat with a kanji for something she really didn't know what the kanji was. Then next thing that surprised her is that when she looked at her reflection in the spring her fur were it was suppose to be pink was the red-pink of her hair and her eyes unlike a skitty's normally are were open. She looked at the shinx who was next to an all black Poochyana who had a bandana that was a darker blue than their eyes, with purplish brownish stripes on it. "Kouji" said the shinx

"is he someone you know" asked Zoe

"ya he's my brother" said the shinx

"…my name's Zoe what's your's" said/asked Zoe

"kouichi and this is Kouji" said the shinx

"need help wakening him up" asked Zoe

"that be nice" said Kouichi the two got on both sides of Kouji and counted down silently till…

"were being attacked" hissed both Zoe and kouichi to only were Kouji could here it he jumped awake and looked around then…

"were not being attacked are we" asked Kouji who Zoe noticed he has the same blue eyes as kouichi.

"no oh Kouji this is my new friend her name's Zoe" said Kouichi

"…how many people named Zoe are we going to meet" asked Kouji with a sigh and shaking his head. Kouichi shrugged then the bushes shook. All three bristled Kouji got in front of kouichi and Zoe got in a magical girl pose. Then out came the group all three having use to animal instinct calmed down because the sensed no threat. The silver grey pichu in other words grey who was now being supported by hinata tried limping forward but fell.

"is he ok" asked Zoe Sheik who was being supported by Chiyo looked at her.

"he'll be fine if he doesn't walk who are you" said/asked sheik in a some what defensive way.

"I'm Zoe and these are my friends the shinx is kouichi and the Poochyana is Kouji" said Zoe pointing to the respective boys.

"hi I'm Nelly the pichu is grey the minum is hinata the piplub is Chiyo-chan and the Riolu is sheik" said Nelly

"it's nice to meet you" said Zoe during this kouichi went and got grey on his back and Sheik and Kouji got in to a staring contest. Zoe and Nelly got into a conversation which Chiyo after gently setting Sheik down joined they found out that most every one was human Sheik was a Sheikah what ever that was and grey they only knew he's not a actual pokemon. "this is odd were all pokemon" said Zoe

A sky view saw the forest as quite and peaceful till "WERE POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled all the humans that knew what a pokemon was. This was obviously going to be a long day.

Me: that was exciting

Grey(in pichu form): *glares at me*