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Ch 3: Allies and enemies


Their group was now in a shared dream and Sheik and Kouji just Would. Not. Stop. Fighting. Grey was getting a head ach from it. "Will. You. Two. STOP." said Grey slowly. Kouji and Sheik gulped they had a fear of both Zelda and Grey due to what they learned about the shared dreams.

"Hehehe you all look to be having fun" giggled a voice they turned to see Shichiyou

"No we are not" said Zelda having learned to fear angry Grey

"Ok any way you learned on your first mission you can still use your powers and Sheik can switch with Zelda if Needed" said Shichiyou

"Any reson you didn't tell us this in advance" asked both the now angry Grey and Zelda

"My sisters now bye" shichiyou said before disappearing then reappearing "Oh yeah by the way I hope sheik and Kouji don't stop bickering soon it's fun to watch and my sisters and I are still debating on the next member". She then disappeared again.

"Great just great" sighed Grey as the canine boys started fighting again.

"T-that w-was c-confusing" stuttered Hinata

"We need to work on your confidence problem" said Zelda

"Why don't we start now I'll help" said Zoe

"Me too" said Grey with a smile

"I'm not the most confident person out their but I'll help as much as I can" said Kouichi walking up "Mostly cause I gave up on trying to keep my brother from fighting Sheik and take some friends of mines advice"

"Really what was it" asked the girls and Grey

"Let them fight some times fighting is the best way to make friends" said Kouichi

"Why'd they say that" asked Hinata

"They used to fight all the time now their the best of friends" said Kouichi

"Wow" said Grey then they all woke up.

In the boys room

"Wolf pup"

"Tamed Puppy"

"Black heart"

"Cross dresser"

Tackle. Bang. The rest of the boys sighed and left the room.

In the living room "They at it again" asked Chiyo

"Oh yeah" said Grey "May I have some tea please"

"Sure" said Chiyo going to the stove till…

"Ahh" came Nelly's voice

"Nelly" all the ones in the living room yelled. The two fighting must have herd because they came out of the room. The group ran out side were Sahara, wearing the scarf, was defending Nelly who had their mail. What she was defending Nelly from wa a Rescue team. The Leader Was an Umbreon, the next members were a Wevile, and an Carnavine.

"Leave her alone" snarled Kouji

"Or what" asked the Umbreon

"Or we'll kick your sorry behind" hissed Zoe

"Stop" yelled a voice they all turned to see three pokemon another Wevile, but female, an Espeon, and Pidgeot.

"Crud it's Team Day" growled the Umbreon "Retreat" the Umbreon ran off then. The other two ran off after the Umbreon. Most members of the group were in shock. Most because Sheik and Kouji started Fighting again. Zoe sighed and went up to the members of Team Day.

"Excuse me um who are you" asked Zoe

"We are Team Day I am Twilight the Leader" said The Wevile making sure to look Zoe in the eyes.

"I am Spirit the second in command" said The Pidgeot, who just happened to be male.

"I am Wave the Psycic of Team Day" said The Espeon in a monotone voice.

'Not the weirdest thing I've herd' Thought The twins after Kouji and Sheik stopped bickering long enough to hear the intros. Wave looked at them and her eyes glowed light blue for a moment.

"Their will be chaos in your future When the male Delta Species comes" said Wave to Team Night "the One of Normal with the Name of Water will be who you shall meet very soon along side her companion the blue fighting type". With that said Team Day left.

"Ok any one else agree that was very creepy" asked Grey

"Y-Yes" said Hinata

"Defiantly" Said the two who Bicker almost all the time before fighting.

"It was very scary" said Chiyo-chan

"At least she didn't predict Death" shuddered Kouichi

"Or our worst fears would Haunt us" shuttered Zoe who looked a bit paler

"Ok now that the dilemma is over we have a few missions" said Nelly "Also I would write that down with the prophecies that you wrote down it could be a clue to it"

"One question Nelly" said Kouichi

"Yes" said Nelly wondering what the question would be.

"What are Delta Species" asked Chiyo-chan. This stopped the bickering from the two who well bicker.

"Delta species are Pokemon who have one or more type that are not their natural type but still have the ability to use their original types moves as well as the type they are" said Nelly "Their very rare though last I checked Windy was the only one in town her Types being Metal and Psycic"

"oh wow" said most the team because after the Explanation the two fought again.

Mean while "Told you" said Shichiyou to two girls sticking her tongue out.

"Well crap Grand mother is not going to like this" said a male. He had blue hair that was streaked with white and had red eyes his skin was peach colored with a slight tint of blue. He wore an all blue with black lines going down the side outfit. The outfit consisted of a hoody, a short sleeve t shirt, slightly baggy pants, and of course running shoes.

"At east you have the true ability to call her that Mr. half" said one of the girls bitterly. This girl had pure white hair streaked with pink, red eyes and peach skin. She wore an bigger, due to being 15 like the boy, all pink and white version of Shichiyou's outfit.

"Would you shut up I swear I'll go insane if you don't" said another girl identical to the 15 year old only 16 with and all red dress that covered her feet.

"Sorry Tal" said the boy

"It's alright Crono" said the 16 year old

"lucky little" growled the 15 year old

"Pal" said Shichiyou "Don't say that about one of our cousins"

"Fine but like he said Grandma won't like this" sighed Pal

"Well next time don't make the prophecies too easy to figure out" sighed Crono

"He has a very good point" said Tal

"Oh heck I think uncle will be mad too" said Shichiyou

"Dad's not mad just a bit upset" sighed Crono

"Well that's good" said Pal sarcastically

"We'll have to delay them for a bit" sighed Tal

"Ok I can do that" cheered Shichiyou she then disappeared.

"May Grandmother help their souls" sighed every one else

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