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yaoi fic... mild rape (not that detailed) at the start... never tried writing one though.. this will be my first...

in this fic, itachi never annihilated their clan, but their parents still died... from a tragic mission.

itachi and sasuke are living alone as orphans, in the outskirts of konoha... at the end of the uchiha compound.

sasuke was under training to be a fully pledged jonin, while itachi was an anbu captain.

itachi=seme/uke...sasuke=uke/seme ... give and take... i always believed that give and take relationships are hot...

'.....' thoughts

"....." talking

"nii-san, no matter how many times you'd hurt me... you can't make me hate you... i admit i hated you at first...

but time heals all wounds... i will always need you... i will always want you..."

***let's erase the past***

unang kabanata

"hey nii-san..." the handsome 17 year old raven haired bloke greeted his elder brother as he arrived home one evening.

itachi nodded his response to his younger brother as his obsidian eyes followed the younger uchiha.

he sighed heavily, he reached for his slippers and closed the book that he was reading.

itachi got up and went to the door... he needed to get out of the house now that sasuke was home.

"otouto, i'll be outside..." itachi called out as he closed the door behind him.

it was always like this... itachi needed to avoid sasuke as much as possible. he tried his best to hate sasuke.

but his efforts were useless. he just can't stay in the same room with sasuke even for a minute now.

this all started when he discovered something about him that he never knew could exist.

itachi kept this secret for years, the secret of being madly in love with his otouto, sasuke!


"hey nii-san, a girl kissed me at school today..." the irritated 6 year old sasuke told him one day.

"really, sasuke? who was it?" itachi asked in an amused tone as he stared at sasuke's pouting features.

"it's the haruno girl..." sasuke confessed as his pink lips turned into a frown.

itachi chuckled as he patted sasuke's head "didn't you like it, otouto?" he asked the boy.

"no! it was weird..." sasuke replied as he scowled, his little hands clenched into round fists.

"weird? oh, come now otouto... where did she kiss you?" itachi asked still chuckling as sasuke pointed at his cheek.

itachi's warm gaze roamed over sasuke... his sweet and innocent little baby brother. itachi cursed the pinkette in his mind.

itachi inhaled deeply, 'sasuke why do you have to be related to me?' the depressed boy asked himself.

he had been secretly fantasizing about his brother for the past two months... it had been a surprise for the elder uchiha.

two months ago, as he was going down the kitchen... he accidentally saw his brother sasuke sleeping by the sofa.

he looked so peaceful and relaxed, as his young body curled up into a small ball as sasuke hugged his body pillow tightly.

itachi went near the sleeping figure, having the intention to wake his brother from his afternoon nap as a tease.

but as he looked down, his eyes were mesmerized... as if cupid struck his heart with one of his love arrows that instant.

his eyes looked at the pale cheeks with a hint of blush... then his gaze moved up to the closed eyes framed by long, curved lashes.

he smiled warmly... fighting the urge to caress the silken cheek... he moved his gaze to sasuke's lips, his heart missing a beat.

sasuke's lips were rosy pink in hue, half-parted and was moist and somewhat supple... it was like those lips were calling unto him.

itachi got scared, he backed off and ran back to his room... sweat formed on his temples and dropped on the floor.

itachi breathed with difficulty, he was almost choking... 'this can't be! for kami's sake... i'm a man!' he yelled inwardly.

itachi couldn't believe it... his young mind couldn't comprehend why he wanted to kiss sasuke earlier.

he can't understand why, but just minutes ago something new and complicated was born into him... something he never encountered.

he can't explain why he noticed every detail in sasuke's sleeping face, the contours... the shape... and it was making his mouth dry.

he was afraid to ask information about this new feelings... he was 10, almost a teen... and his young heart was acting weird.

he never considered himself gay... he knew some things about homosexuality... just the basic information though... and he was not gay!

he wondered, 'why does it have to be my brother? kami are you mad at me?' itachi sighed as he looked at the heavens above.

itachi told himself repeatedly...'this is just a mistake, it will pass...' over and over....

*********end of flashback***************

'this is just a mistake, it will pass...' his mind chanted as he walked farther from home.

this chant never worked ever since... it will never work... he kept on chanting this for years now to no avail...

itachi sighed as he kicked a pebble down his path... who was he fooling? no one can ever dictate the heart.

he frowned as he stared at his reflection by the river... he inhaled deeply and continued to frown...

itachi saw an attractive man with coal black eyes and long raven hair swaying with the breeze looking back at him.

he was actually one of the most sought out eligible bachelors in konoha, having quite a number of swooning fangirls hoping for his affection.

itachi was a silent man... serious and anti-social as his senpai, hatake kakashi once commented about itachi's personality.

it was true... itachi never mingled with people that much, only when occasion calls for it... or when he is on a mission.

he was a man of few words and few actions... a person who seemed to be always in deep thoughts.

itachi had one principle in life... 'less talk, less mistakes'... he was reserved, but always had something to say when asked.

itachi threw a stone into the water, and as the ripples blurred his reflection... he gave out a loud sigh.

"gah, kami!... why did you have to do this to me? why me? why sasuke?" he asked no-one... his voice full of distress.

his heart ached for years and no one can help him... he can't tell anyone... he would be ridiculed and be marked as an outcast.

itachi had been carrying this burden in his heart for more than a decade now... oh! the agony of loving his otouto in silence.

sasuke on the other hand was showering... he was used to itachi's coldness... though as far as he can remember, he wasn't this cold.

he could still remember the time when itachi would teach him jutsus and stuff... when their parents were still alive.

'maybe nii-san still couldn't find it in his heart to move on...' sasuke thought as the cold water ran over his tired body.

he closed his eyes and concentrated on relaxing his muscles... he rested his head on the wall as the water poured over his naked body.

after showering sasuke went to his room... he rummaged his closet for something to wear for the night.

sasuke wasn't hungry... he was just extremely tired, his eyes were drooping... so he jumped to bed and in seconds was already fast asleep.

minutes later, itachi silently climbed the terrace by sasuke's room... he had been perched up on a tree, the one growing beside their house.

he was obsrving sasuke, he slowly went into sasuke's room... it was dim and sasuke's pale sleeping body glistened with the moonlight.

itachi stood by the edge of sasuke's bed... he stood there motionless and stared at the sleeping figure before him.

sasuke was sleeping soundly... his body was tangled with the black blanket that resembled a snake against his ivory skin.

itachi held his breath... his otouto was so beautiful in his eyes... and as time flies, the more he wanted to have sasuke.

he knew he needs to keep away from sasuke, for someday soon... all his self-control would vanish... he cant hold his self control forever.

he moved nearer... his steps firm and precise... and noiseless at the same time... he peeked over sasuke's sleeping face.

itachi sighed, as he filled his eyes with his brother's beauty... his hunger can never be filled, his thirst can never be quenched.

itachi's voice came out as a whisper... "sa-su-ke..." he said, feeling the syllables of the name as it slipped off his lips...

then his eyes became alarmed as he saw sasuke stir... itachi got up and quickly hid his form unto the darkness of the room.

sasuke woke up... he had a very strange feeling that he was being watched... he looked around, but found nothing but darkness.

he slumped back to bed... massaging his temples... he had a long day and his body was tired... but his mind was alert.

he tried to go back to sleep... and then suddenly he sensed a small emission of chakra at the corner of the room.

he activated his sharingan and saw that it was his aniki... standing at the corner of his room... staring at him intently...

"nii-san?" his voice croaked as he looked at itachi's direction. itachi moved closer to sasuke "yes otouto... it is i.." came the reply.

"what's wrong?" sasuke asked as he sat up and waited for itachi to reach him. he made room so itachi can sit down on the bed.

"nothing sasuke, just go back to sleep... your window was open, the door was locked and i left my keys... goodnight otouto..." the velvet voice explained.

sasuke nodded as he watched itachi leave his room... sasuke wondered why his aniki was lying... for he never locked the main door earlier.

chapter 1... poorly typed.... sorry this was done in less than 4 hours... rush, rush, rush!